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Formula for Becoming Great Acarya

From: "Daniel Guttirez" To: Subject: Formula for Becoming Great Acarya Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2008 23:47:18 Baba "Sumukhe a'siya' da'nr'a'o prabhu tumi, Nayan bhariya' dekhibo toma'y..." PS 309 Purport: Baba, by prostrating at Your lotus feet I humbly request You to please come and stand beside me. By Your grace I want to gaze upon You to my heart's content. Baba, please come in the fragrant garden in the deep core of my heart where the flowers of various colours have blossomed and the cool, soft, fragrant breeze is mildly blowing. In that sweet and beautiful atmosphere please grace me by coming. Baba, please make my mind exalted; make it vast like the deep blue void. Purify it with the fragrance of the sandalwood and make it glitter like the stars and galaxies above. Baba, please come with soft foot steps in the atmosphere of this soft, cool, fragrant breeze. Please, come with the sound of silence-- the vibration of Your divine flute, the holy incantation of Your omnkara dhvani. Baba, please come in my mind. By Your grace my mind is waiting and longing for You and is filled with the attraction and longing of the spring season. Baba by Your grace my whole being is dancing in bliss with the melody and songs of Prabhat Samgiita. Baba, please grace me by coming with Your most attractive, beautiful, charming smile and the sound of Your divine vibration-- Omnkara dhvani. All this will bring the bliss of satiation and will fill my heart with spiritual intoxication, by Your grace. Baba, please grace me by coming in my heart...
Namaskar, Forget about those old ideals of sadhana, service, and sacrifice. No longer are they needed to garner respect and become a great acarya. Today, a whole new standard has come into vogue. Now it is all about: Money, earnings, possessions, gadgetry, and land-holdings etc. So long as one accumulates material wealth and makes royalty payments to their boss, then one will become one of the great wt's in our Marga. The vaeshyan era is alive and healthy in AMPS.
Because just see, there are people like Citkrsnananda Dada who earns hoards of cash and jewels from his famed industry. And that is enough to become great. He need not teach sadhana or morality, just having his own business is enough to achieve the height of human glory. He pays his fees to his supervisors and he is all set and ready to go. Everyone respects him in the worldly sphere, and still he has the option to walk around in uniform and get respect as a monk as well. So there you go-- material wealth is the only ingredient needed to become a great WT. And with his double-fisted tendency, he can also wear his orange to be honored as a sadhu. So he gets to eat rasagolla in both the ways. But first is through material wealth. On that ground may all applaud him. Hence, Citkrsnananda falls in that upper stratum-- i.e. Bill Gates class-- of Dadas since he has huge wealth: Big bank accounts, stock options, land holding, diamonds etc.
Krsnabuddyananda (KB) Dada is in a slightly similar boat-- but to a lesser scale. Dadaji has a high-paying job with Comcast (a cable & internet company), and so he goes to work Monday to Friday and earns his keep. He commands worldly respect for his title and entrepreneurial quality. He is not a 'Bill Gates' type of earner like Citkrsnananda, but with his day-job salary he is able to pay his AM bosses and keep his RS post in California, even though he never-ever wears his uniform, and rarely attends Marga activities, neither personal nor collective. But on the point of his worldly job and salary, he keeps his title as acarya by paying tariffs to his bosses. Another in this entrepreneurial level is Manavendrananda (MV). This Dadaji made it all the way up to being a Purodha based on his accountant's salary and slick business ways. He has established himself for more than two-decades in the private sector and has paid thousands in kickbacks to his higher authorities. So by day he wears a neck-tie and by night he wears a turban. A great way to double-dip and get top-notch respect, depending on which mode he is in: Professional accountant or sadhu. Muktatmananda Dada does all his internet business as a sole proprietor. He need not attend a 9 - 5 job like KB & MV. But he does well enough through internet sales to sport nice computers, a car, and other wealth. Although not a Bill Gates type of Dada, he is aristocratic in nature that suits him well in this vaeshyan age. He knows how to rub shoulders with worldly figures and does a fine job of paying off his AM bosses.
And in India, respect is mostly given to those Wts-- by other acaryas-- based on who has which level of i-Pod & i-Phone etc. They do not look at the depth of one's sadhana but rather the depth of their pocket, i.e. who can afford which gadgets. This is the formula for becoming a great Acarya. Even the Didis are involved. And that we shall also take a look at. First though, let us see the plight of those lowly wt's who just follow the path of service and sacrifice. They are mostly neglected-- and deservedly so. After all, those Dadas who follow the path of tapasya have no value in today's high-tech society. So they mostly get kicked around by their bosses, and even some margiis feel there is no need to give donations to such Dadas since their overall contribution is little. And there are many workers like this in the Marga. They give their every breath to society, but have little in the material sphere. What is the need to have such persons on this earth.
Just in case you thought only Dadas had the ability to run in the fast-track, here are a few Didis who would have something to say about that. Although Central America may be mostly poor, Didi Prema lives the high-life. She has a day-time job that pays quite well so she can well afford the 2 or 3 cars that she has, as well as her many computers. And while much of Central America has trouble putting food on the table and often wts have little in the way of food, Didiji has enough smarts (and money) to keep a well-stocked frige (i.e. refrigerator). Some say it can hardly close because it is so full. Of course being WT does not mean one must be poor, but Didi takes it a step further by hardly attending to do any AM work. She is never in uniform and spends plenty of time on the volleyball court, that is whenever her loaokik mom is not visiting her from Chile. And this is all well and good because with her salary Didi is able to stay in the good graces of her authorities. Avadhutika Ananda Anuraddha also has her worldly style that keeps her above the fray. With her Barbie-doll fashion and beauty parlor visits of getting perms (special hairstyling), she is able to walk-the-walk and sashay her way into the global corporate society. She is right at home sun-bathing by the pool of 5-star hotels and mixing with the social elite. She knows well how to play the vaeshyan game. Indeed, one would not even think she was a nun-- that is how good she is at materialism. Indeed she keeps herself arms distance from poor margiis and prefers to stay at the Hilton etc. Some even comment that she takes her cues from celebrity icon queen Paris Hilton. Of course, the few times Didiji is in uniform, then she spruces it up a little bit by getting rid of her inner veil and often using her acarya belt as a hair tie. That orange streak in her hair helps highlight the color in her cheeks. So she is never shy on the point of fashion.
Of course there are more Dadas and Didis who keep on the up and up. We do not mean to ignore those who have also reached the great heights of materialism. They should also be highlighted and respected. So if you know of any Dada or Didi who is really a walking reflection of vaeshyan fashion and ideals, then please do send an email about it. I would hate to overlook anyone worthy of consideration. After all, how dynamic! Becoming a tantrika without have to deal with tapasya and instead just living the high-life. That is really the best of both worlds. And whoever has achieved such status should be duly recognised and honoured. So please tell if you know of Dadas with sports cars, as Vishvarupananda was driving, or if you know of Acaryas who have their own private condo, girlfriend, rolex watch, or the like. That will be great to know about! After all, what is the need to follow Guru when one can follow materialism instead. That is the great boon of being an acarya in the present moment. Grab some cash, pay off your bosses, and get ahead in life!!!
Despite the great respect such above workers command in AMPS these days, here following is Guru's vivid evaluation of such wts.
Mana na' ra'unga'ile ra'unga'ile yogi ka'par'a' Saffron and red do not a yogi make With mind undyed he remains a fake.
Baba says, "Dye your mind with His colour. Those who have not done so cannot attain Him, for this very coloration is Prema or Divine Love. The differences in colour are signs of distinction; without these differences there is identity. No external sign of Sa'dhuta' or virtue is necessary. Became sa'dhu within. Behind the external show of virtuousness of many so-called sa'dhus exists a pharisaic state of mind. Preserve the true dignity of the word, Sa'dhu." (SS-3)
Mu'r'ha mu'r'ha'ye jat'a' va'r'ha'ye masta phire jaesa' bhaesa' Khalrii upar kha'k la'ga'ye Mana jaes'a' to taesa' With shaven head or matted locks And ashen body a Sa'dhu walks With the swaggering gait of a well-fed buffalo. And crude mind filled with thoughts mean and low.
Baba says, "That is why I say that you must bring about a revolutionary change in the flow of your judgment and thought, and see how, after overcoming your fascination with external colour, your mind becomes tinged with the His glorious colour." (SS-3)
By Guru's grace, there remains many good wts in our Marga-- acaryas, who through their hard work and commitment to sadhana, sacrifice every moment for AM ideology and the welfare of others. Many wts are like that. And it is only some or more rotten apples who have fallen prey to materialism. Sadly it is they who get the best treatment from their bosses. But such ignoble ways will not last long. A new era is on the way. Namaskar, Dinesh
*************************************** One Should Know
Baba says, "It is the duty of every sa'dhaka to propagate dharma so that humans will not make a mistake but will follow the path of spirituality." "Humans are endowed with intellect and the faculty of judgement. So if they do not act properly or fail to follow the path of spirituality, they are no better than animals." "Those who utilize their spiritual potential are intelligent but those who do not, and live like animals, will be born as even more inferior creatures in the next life." (Kolkata, 6th November, 1978)

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