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Why This Style

Subject: Why This Style
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 19:51:26 -0000
From: "Gaurishankar Deva"


PS Intro: In many collective gatherings such as general darshan or reporting, bhaktas would address Baba both directly and indirectly. Some of the indirect ways of addressing and referring to Baba were, "By the grace of Parama Purusa it is done", or "Parama Purusa will be very happy" etc. Similarly in this song the devotees is using this type of indirect address to communicate with Baba.

"Caetii ha'oya'y man ja're ca'y se ye go kata dura..." (PS 201)


O' how far that Divine Entity is, the One whom my mind loves most and longs for in this spring breeze. In this loving season, He is remaining very far. My mind, overwhelmed with pain, rushes in hope towards His path of arrival to get a glimpse of Him.

He is my Dearmost. Why does He remain far away. Those who know please tell me why He remains far, please tell me why. I am rapt in His ideation, ensconced in the thought of Him. I am helplessly bound; I have fallen in love with Him. I cannot forget Him.

He is my everything - the heart of my heart. In longing for Him, I die crying in great pain on this lonely full moon night. Although I remain hopeless about ever getting Him, the black bees are whispering melodious songs filled with hope in my ears.

O' Lord, O' my Dearmost, why do You remain far, my heart is restless, please shower Your grace by coming before me...


By Baba's grace one of the most unique aspects of our Ananda Marga is that: Spirituality is the base of life. That is the essence. Each and every margii has their own inner link with Parama Purusa. Plus in our God-centered approach each and every thought, word, & action is prefaced by a spiritual ideation or spiritually uplifting practice-- such as singing kiirtan and / or Prabhat Samgiita before beginning any type of meeting etc. This is the special system which Baba Himself has implemented.

Anyone who attended reporting or general darshan or various kinds of meetings, Baba always insisted on hearing a Prabhat Samgiita before starting.

And this is radically different from the current trends in the common society.


Here Baba explains here how spiritual practices are part of our nitya kriya' or nitya karma. That means sadhana etc is a requisite component of human life-- and cannot be skipped.

Just as the regular intake of food is needed to maintain our existence, similarly spiritual practices are equally necessary for our survival. Without them, we fall into the depths of degeneration-- animal life. This is Baba's warning.

Babas says, "Kriya' is of two types: Nitya kriya' and naemittik kriya'. Those actions which are essential for the preservation of human existence are nitya kriya', whereas those which are occasional and done with some other purpose are called naemittik kriya'. For instance, eating, bathing, resting, spiritual practice are nitya kriya' because without food, drink, bathing and rest, etc., physical human existence become endangered, and in the absence of spiritual practice human psychic degeneration is unavoidable. Hence, in the daily lives of human beings, spiritual practice is indispensable." (TK-2)



In His following teaching, Baba emphasizes the grand importance of spiritual practices. And by His grace our Marga is infused with this divine approach.

Baba says, "Human beings often attach less importance to the spiritual aspect of nitya karma and more importance to the physical aspect. This is detrimental because one should not forget that human life is short. From the very moment of birth one slowly and steadily advances towards death with every passing moment of time. This short period of time from birth to death is human life. Human beings have come from the world of invisibility and at the end of this short span of time will return to the land of invisibility. Those people can be called intelligent who utilised every moment of their short life engaged in spiritual practice." (TK-2)


Those in the general society have no such approach. Rather they start their day by turning on the television or listening to the radio, making some toast, swallowing some coffee, and reading some crude news report etc. Or they engage in some other types of peculiar mundane activity. They have no higher system-- just they drag themselves through low-minded things. And this is how they begin their day. And indeed it continues like that up to their sleep.


In contrast in Ananda Marga upon wake-up we immediately begin our Guru Sakash and ideate on Him-- bringing in a rush of spiritual feeling and vibration. Then comes our Prabhat Samgiita at the time of paincajanya, followed by kiirtan and sadhana. And the rest of the morning is filled with our special bathing system and bath mantra, completing our sadhana lessons, performing asanas, doing svadhyaya and then moving on to our other daily duties. Even then throughout the day second lesson is done before each and every work.


Plus Baba guides us to fill any gaps in time by doing mantra japa, Prabhat Samgiita, or Kiirtan etc.

Baba says, "If you have even only one minute's time, do kiirtan for one minute." ('Bliss of Kiirtan', 17/5/82)

So whenever we have a moments time we should do our devotional singing etc. And on this point, there is no rule with regards to place or venue. Kiirtan can be done anywhere.

Baba says, "In Kiirtan there is no restriction regarding time, place, or person...So do Kiirtan, sing Kiirtan, chant Kiirtan, whenever and wherever possible." (15/5/82)

And not just Kiirtan but all or any of our spiritual practices can be done anywhere or anytime. If we are waiting for the bus we can do Guru dhyana or svadhyaya. Or  when walking to a meeting we can repeat our Ista mantra. Indeed according to Baba this is proper use of our time.

On this point in our Marga we do not suffer from any superstitions or dogma. We do not cling to the outdated belief that our spiritual practices are only to be done once a week in the "sanctified halls" of some church etc. Rather, for Ananda Margiis this entire universe is the thought projection of Parama Purusa and each and every place is suitable for spiritual ideation or devotional singing etc.


A few may be thinking that Prabhat Samgiita should only be sung at special occasions or at a particular time etc. Or that Prabhat Samgiita should not be printed at the top of a political essay etc. But this type of thinking is just people's own confusion.

Baba has beautifully laid down the system that kiirtan or Prabhat Samgiita or any devotional reading etc can and should be done before any mundane activity or worldly work. Even before starting His own reporting sessions Baba would ensure that everyone would sing Prabhat Samgiita. Similarly before our political meetings or even during our Prout rallies we sing Prabhat Samgiita & Kiirtan. Hence each and every activity starts by encouraging that sweet, spiritual flow (rasa). That is our style.

So our devotionally charged or spiritually elevating practices like Prabhat Samgiita are not limited to any time or place. Rather Baba instructs us that we are to incorporate them in our each and every phase of life.


So in our Marga, everything is infused with His divine, spiritual vibration-- from our birth all the way up to one's death. From our practice of jatakarma up to carrying the dead body to the cremation ground we sing kiirtan and do dharmacakra etc. In AM our each and every step is filled with the baseline is spirituality. By Baba's grace the fragrant aroma of spirituality envelops all our activities.

If on this point any are not following Baba's teaching then they are not progressive-minded sadhakas-- rather they are backwards. We should all follow what Baba has done and what He has taught. So all our spiritual practices including Prabhat Samgiita have tremendous scope and play a huge role in life. And of course all rational margiis are well aware about all this. This is not something new.

And by the all-encompassing, permeating aroma of our spiritual practices, then the collective vibration will rise up and our human society will blossom. Such a God-centered approach will bring smiles on the faces of one and all. This is the inherent beauty of our Ananda Marga: Bringing bliss to one and all.


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