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The Real Well-Wisher

From: "Karma Rasa" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: The Real Well-Wisher Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 22:56:11 +0000 Baba "Egiye calo, egiye calo..." (PS 156) Purport: My brothers and sisters, we should move on towards our goal, Parama Purusa. Today the glorious dawn has come. We should take everyone along with us; no one should be left behind. Everyone is ours; Nobody is alien. We all belong to one family-- Our Father is Parama Purusa. We have to move together on the path which He has shown us. Human society is one and indivisible, no fissiparous tendencies should be allowed to divide it. Baba's divine grace is with us...
Namaskar, By now the news has spread far and wide about the attempted breakaway of NY sector-- where the "NY sector Board of Directors" has tried to kidnap Ananda Marga Inc by changing the by-laws. In sum, these few "directors" are trying to rule the sector all by themselves, wanting to make NY one disparate island-- totally separate from our Global Organisation (AMPS). This is the planned schism being executed by certain so-called leaders of NY sector. Before going into more of the details of this highly illegal and anti-dharmic maneuver, here is one story for all to ponder.
In one village a dispute was going on between two women. The dispute was about who was the true mother of one infant baby. One woman was claiming the baby was hers, and the other woman was claiming that she herself was the actual mother. The dispute reached to the judge in the courthouse. The judge was intrigued by what he was hearing and how two women are quarreling, both claiming to be the real mother of one infant baby. The judge thought to himself, 'How can we decide the answer when the baby is still too young to speak and no witnesses have come forward'. In this manner the judge was contemplating what is to be done; and he adjourned the case. The next day the case resumed and the judge heard in greater detail the claims of both parties. Again the court took recess and then everyone returned to the courthouse to hear the final verdict. On that fateful day when the case had reached its culmination, then the clever judge boldly announced that: 'The court has come to a decision. Because the court is unable to say with 100% certainty who is the true mother of the baby, it has been decided that both parties should be satisfied. So the ruling of this court is to divide the baby in half, and award half of the baby to each of the mothers.' Upon hearing the court's decision, the fake mother immediately started smiling. She was feeling quite satisfied & glad that at least the opposite party was met with defeat. Because of course by chopping the baby in half and essentially killing the child in that process, then at least that the real mother cannot claim to be the victor in the case and get the baby. So the fake mother was of the nasty mind-set that 'If I am not going to get the full baby as a whole then the other party also should not get it.' So with these crude thoughts revolving around in her mind, with a wry smile she expressed her full approval & satisfaction with the judge's decision. In contrast, upon hearing the decision about chopping the baby into two parts, the real mother became totally distraught and started crying profusely. She was loudly lamenting that: 'No, the baby must not be hurt or killed, not under any circumstance. This is my baby and I cannot bear the thought of killing this baby.' And then again the true mother started crying uncontrollably and she was pounding her hands on the table in sheer anguish. Then the judge became serious and pointing towards the distraught mother he proclaimed, 'The final verdict is that since you have true affection for the baby and because you want to save the child, it is the ruling of this court that you are the real mother.' And then and there the judge awarded her the baby and the fake mother was arrested by the police, hand-cuffed, and thrown in jail for cheating, lying, and deception.
By the above story anyone can easily understand that the woman who wants to see the baby healthy and whole is the real mother and in fact the true well-wisher of the child. Whereas the so-called mother who was pleased to see the baby get cut in half had no concern for the welfare of the baby. Just this so-called mother was guided by her own evil intent. So those who are the real caretakers and well-wishers are always concerned with the well-being of the baby. They want to see the child, healthy, prosperous, and whole.
Thus, nowadays, when the "Board of Directors" of NY sector is unabashedly changing the original by-laws and proclaiming that NY Sector will no longer be part of the whole of Ananda Marga, then we can see what type of people these are who are trying to breakaway and rule NY sector. Because with utter disregard for the welfare of this organisation (AMPS) which Baba Himself has created, the Board of Directors of NY want to satisfy their own fancy and take control of the sector-- and separate NY from all the other sectors. They-- the Board of Directors led by the embattled Tiirthananda and his sidekick & foreman Vishvadeva-- are twisting and ripping apart the original mandates of NY sector in order to bring the sector in their grip.
When we all know and feel in our hearts that Baba Himself never supports such divisive tendencies and that His own working style is based on cohesion and unity. Baba says, "The unity of A'nanda Ma'rgiis should not be allowed to be jeopardised for any reason. Unity should be maintained even at the risk of your life." (CC, part II, 'Society' chapter, point #13) And indeed adhering to Baba's aforesaid teaching and keeping our AMPS as a whole, under one roof, is the way to safeguard and protect this organisation. And those who support this dharmic ideal of unity are the real well-wishers of AMPS; whereas those who oppose Baba's directive are nothing but divisive elements.
Here is Baba's strict warning about division where He openly exposes the clouded mind-set of those wrongdoers who want to split the organisation. Baba says, "One human society is divided into different nations, and one nation is divided into different religions; religions also have different castes, and castes also have different sub-castes -- what kind of situation is this? We have only learned how to divide and subdivide humanity, and we never learned how to unite the people. This is all due to the defective teachings of dogmas...Dogmas are psycho-physical diseases." (PNS-9, p.46) So when this clash is going on in NY sector and divisive elements like Tiirthanandji and Vishvadeva are trying to misguide others along the path of rebellion by cracking NY sector away from the rest of AMPS, then we know that their minds are stuck in the depths of dogma. Veritably by their harmful actions and proposed plannings and defective outlooks Tiirthanandji and Vishvadeva have exposed themselves terribly. And sure enough it is black actions like theirs that Baba is warning us about.
By Baba's grace the divisive parties will never get success. Rather their time will come and go and they will bury themselves in the mud. By this way all will understand that such "directors" like Tiirthananda and Vishvadeva are anti in nature-- totally against the welfare of our AMPS and AM mission. Here following is Baba's divine blessing where He give His full-fledged assurance that our AM family will thrive and remain as one. Baba says, "The entire society of A'nanda Ma'rga is founded on a common ideal, the goal of becoming one with Brahma...the unity in a society founded on the ideal of Brahma will be everlasting." (PNS-3) Namaskar, Karma Rasa
By their false actions the former NY SS Tiirthananda and the long-time opportunist Vishvadeva are trying to manhandle AM in NY sector and bring everything under their belt. And this deceitful approach they have done all under the veil of tip-top secrecy-- neither telling the margiis of NY of their negative intentions nor making any announcements to the other sectors. Just in the warmth of their own feces these two have indulged in their smelly tactics whereby they want to ruin and kidnap AMPS in NY. That is why throughout NY sector and around the globe good margiis are totally rejecting the inherently defective and selfish ways of ex-SS Tiirthananda and the opportunistic Vishvadeva. Actually as we have seen, these two persons have a long history of always wanting to grab more and more power and control. This is one disease they both suffer from. Some are telling they (Tiirtha and V'deva) do like this because their sadhana is extremely low and devoid of a proper devotional outlook they divert their crude energy to playing in the mud through subversive organisational politics. So that is one theory floating around these days about why these two lost souls are trying to wreck our organisation. Investigate the matter and decide for yourself. For everyone's knowledge and awareness here is the full list of members of the Board of Directors for NY sector. But again the top gunners are ex-SS Tiirthananda (a.k.a. Nirgungananda) and V'deva. The rest are mostly passive in their manner, i.e. more blind & stupid than anything else. Board of Directors of Ananda Marga Inc. U.S.A:
Former-SS, Dada Tiirthananda SOS, Dada Rainjitananda Dada Phalashuddhananda Vishvadeva (Eugene, OR) Arjuna (Los Angeles, CA) Vinay (Texas) Valmiki (Asheville, North Carolina)
Some of the above members are suffering from serious medical ailments like brain cancer while others are drowned in deep-seeded marital issues and family problems etc. This is the personally tragic and unfortunate circumstances a few of the above Board members are finding themselves in. On the organisational side, one unnatural outcome of this being that Tiirthananda and Vishvadeva have stuffed more control of the board into their own selfish pockets. Without their greedy fingers in the pot, none of this breakaway planning would have ever happened. Thus the amount of really rotten eggs is primarily 2 in number: Tiirtha & Vishvadeva.
Here again is Baba firm direction and warning about maintaining unity within the structure of our AMPS organisation. Baba says, "Unity among the members of any society or social structure is absolutely necessary otherwise the structure will start disintegrating. Lack of unity among the members of society because of too much self-interest in the individual members, the formation of groups for economic or social advantage...not only brings about the downfall of society but also completely wipes it off from the face of the earth." (PNS-3, p.42)
************************************************** Good Teaching
Baba says, "Those who wrongly worship Parama Purus'a in the form of clay, iron, or other material substances, are ultimately transformed in Prakrtiliina*. And those who run around externally in hopes of finding Parama Purusa outside, they also be come Prakrtiliina." (15 May 1982, Hindi Section) Note: Those who are searching Baba in one or another holy land, they should be especially careful about this above teaching. *Prakrtiliina= This is one type of microvita which is under punishment of reaping of reaping its own negative samskaras.

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