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Charge Columbus with Genocide

From: "Will Chaucey" To: Subject: Charge Columbus with Genocide Date: Wed 14 Oct 2009 05:41:36 +1000 Baba "Toma'r a'ma'r bha'loba'sa' keu va ja'ne, keu ja'ne na'..." (P.S. 1423) Purport: Baba, You love me and I love You. This very fact is not commonly known. Baba, about my and Your love, a few may recognise but many not. Some believe that love between the unit and the vast is indeed possible, but some do not believe this eternal truth. When the garland is prepared with only an insignificant thread, some think that it is just a collection of flowers. While others can understand that this garland represents the very sweet feeling and deep loving relation for Whom it is made. Nobody cares to recognize that on even small dew drops the whole sun is reflecting. In a similar way, the unit carries a deep loving relation with Parama Purusa. And in its little heart, Parama Purusa remains close by. How much energy one little molecule can assimilate, the ordinary intellect does not realise-- nay cannot recognise. The little flower which is dancing keeping the nectar in its heart, that is the entire sweetness of the flower and its meaningful existence. In the same way, the beauty of human beings is to carry the loving feeling for Parama Purusa in their heart. That is the Goal of life. And then life becomes successful...
Note: All reporters and ideological contributors should check their email accounts as there is important mail waiting for them there. Namaskar, Once again Columbus Day - Oct 12 - has come and gone. It is a national holiday in the US and Columbus himself is seen as a veritable hero in many lands amongst most of the population. Unfortunately, our history is not correct. Much of our global population did not get the right account about Columbus and his fellow explorers / exploiters. Today, the harsh ways and demeaning tactics of Columbus et al have been made known, thus more are sympathetic to the terrible fate that has befallen native populations. Even then, it is not enough. More awareness is needed and our history needs to be properly updated. Baba's call is that we should fully reconsider and rewrite history. No longer should it be a one-sided perspective of kings and conquerors but should reflect the struggles and glories of the common people. (Reference: Let History be Rewritten 29 January 1980, Patna). By His auspicious advent and His divine vibration, the world is awakening to the truth - justice is slowly being served - gradually light is coming and darkness is being lifted, by Baba's, grace. With increased recognition & respect to native peoples around the globe, one can only come to the conclusion that "great explorers" like Columbus be viewed in a new light. Specifically, Columbus should be charged for his brutal crimes instead of being hailed and revered for discovering the "New World".
As mentioned, due to Baba's divine vibration, in the last few decades, things are changing. There is a growing dialog about "celebrating" Columbus Day, or not. Should it be known as a a glorious day of discovery or a black day which triggered countless atrocities. Today, more and more are sympathizing with the latter. Even then not all that much has been done in the practical field. There remains a huge hill to climb. After all, for generations and generations, all over the globe there has been tremendous propaganda about the so-called greatness of Columbus, especially in the "New World" (i.e. western hemisphere) and in lands colonized by the western European nations. Up until very recently, from Indonesia to Canada and from the US to India, in schools everywhere it has been taught in an undisputed way that "Columbus discovered America", especially in the Euro-American lands and colonies. Thus Columbus has been championed as a hero for centuries. The statement - "Columbus discovered America" - was generally accompanied by the following myths: (a) Prior to Columbus's arrival, there were no people living in the "New World" (i.e. the United States) - or maybe just a few; (b) prior to Columbus's arrival, the US was just mostly empty space; and (c) with great courage Columbus navigated the Atlantic ocean and founded this totally new place. These were the great lies that were propagated all around. Columbus is then seen as great discoverer - who understood the world was round and therefore opted to sail west to India from Spain. In that manner Columbus became the founder of the USA & North America. A land that no one knew even existed. That is the common history that is taught and hundreds of millions of people have been indoctrinated into this belief. But this is totally false. There was an established population and thriving community of native peoples living all across North America. Some historians claim that there were as many as 100 million people or more inhabiting that land. Baba has also recognised that long ago a population of Indians came west and formed the famed Mayan civilisation in the Americas, far before Columbus. Baba says, "The Mayan civilization is a transplanted Indian civilization. It migrated to Central America during the rule of the Pallavas of South India. Thus the transplanted Mayan and Indian civilizations existed side by side." (AFPS-3) As Baba makes clear - there were long established communities of people throughout South and North America. There were the Mayans and so many other native peoples. What happened to those people? How long were they here? Where did they go? What is their story? This part of the history is not commonly told in the general society. All people understand is that, "Columbus discovered America", as if before his arrival no one was here. It is not discussed how Columbus and his crew - and those other so-called explorers who followed in their footsteps - burned and butchered those native people. They systematically started a genocide that would continue for a couple hundred years until finally an entire continent was essentially bereft of all native people. Any and all remnants of their existence were eliminated. For these reasons and more, Baba has given the edict and warning, " Let History be Rewritten" (29 January 1980, Patna). Baba says, "I suggest that in the writing of history there should be a radical change. The history written so far is a history of kings and monarchs. It should be thoroughly overhauled and completely rewritten – rewritten in the interest of humanity and the universal well-being of the human race. If the chronicles of history merely describe who succeeded to the throne and when, who plundered the neighbouring countries or kingdom, and who became a minister, they will be of no importance whatsoever, nor, indeed, of any interest to the common masses. If human beings are to profit from the study of the annals of history, they must reflect the weal and the woe, the hopes and aspirations of the masses." (AFPS-4)
Unfortunately, the brutal history about "Columbus Day" is not widely known, yet it stands as a microcosm of a ruthless exploitation and terrible genocide that has happened almost everywhere. Around the globe, local people have been viscously attacked by invaders. Here is the basic formula: 1) Intimidate, terrorise and kill as many native people as possible. In the US, the native Americans were hunted, burned alive, cheated, raped and by and large decimated until this one proud community of people was reduced to a mere few. 2) Commandeer all their treasures and resources. The Euro-Americans quickly turned not just the Americas, but lands the world over, into their own backyard and pillaged those places for their resources. 3) Impose a dominant culture and language. In the US, the brutal history for centuries is that the dominant white population would systematically abduct new borns, infants and small children of native populations - all done to exterminate the native culture. They would put such children into military camps, and not allow them to speak their own language or learn the history of their people. Plus those innocent kids would be sexually molested, indoctrinated into the way of the dominant group, converted to Christianity and arrested, beaten, and tortured if they speak out. Their parents were left to cry in misery. This happened all the way up to the 1950's. By Baba's grace when He gave the divine teachings of AM, the vibration changed. Then sun started shining and a new awareness was born. Baba says, "The Supreme Spirit within humanity, neglected for ages, has awakened today. This awakening will initiate a new chapter in human history. You will all be the pioneers of the new trend." (Ananda Vanii #1, 1 January 1956) 4) Humiliate the local people - break their morale - and impose a huge inferiority complex. The US Federal government and armies taught the native people to look upon themselves as sub-human. And not just in the US, but in so many colonized lands, the dominant European invaders forced local people into this degraded outlook. 5) Use the native people as a free or cheap labor force. 6) Finally, wipe away their history and hail those who defeated them. Such a formula has been applied by the dominant European culture(s) all over: Australia, South Africa, United States, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Brazil and wherever the Europeans went such as Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Bolivia etc. Almost everywhere. time and time again they conquered the people and imposed their own language and culture, and left the native people sunk in feelings of inferiority and woe. Christopher Columbus is the grandfather of this heinous trend. The European explorers tried hard to do this in India but they could not get complete success. Otherwise India would have been much different. Instead it is one of the only countries still in tact after the arrival of "explorers". So this is not a one time event. Over and over again, native peoples have been crushed by an invading dominant culture. By years of false history and the manipulation of cultural values, people were led to believe that the European culture is the uppermost. That's why the Christian religion became so dominant all over the globe. And the celebration of Columbus Day stands as perhaps the so-called crowning jewel of this horrific aspect of human history.
Yet, year after year, in the US and throughout the so-called New World, Columbus day is revered as a national holiday with big parades and fancy events. Government offices are closed, banks shut down, the Post Office is closed - all done in honour of Christopher Columbus. Again, awareness of the horrors created by Columbus is growing, but there remains far more unawareness than awareness. And certainly, no government is prepared to charge Columbus with a crime(s).
Due to Baba's divine will, a strong vibration has been generated and since the mid 20th century, the tamasik forces are being defeated and a proper humanity is being formed. By His grace a greater awareness is coming. Here are some examples of recent developments, due to His grace and the rise of human consciousness. "Canada's apology follows a similar one by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to the Aboriginal peoples in February of this year. Like in Canada, young Aboriginals were taken from their families, often by force, and sent to schools and homes where they were often abused, exploited, and prevented from speaking their language or practicing their way of life.The United States has a similar legacy, but has yet to apologize." (June 16, 2008) The US Federal government is "considering" apologising for these actions, and in fact a committee in the US Senate did issue an apology on Aug 10, 2009, stating, "Apologizes on behalf of the people of the United States to all Native Peoples for the many instances of violence, maltreatment, and neglect inflicted on Native Peoples by citizens of the United States." Why are such apologies and recognition needed? A proper history is needed to give respect to those who have been treated as downtrodden as well as to ensure such atrocities are not repeated. By seeing Columbus not as a hero but rather as an aggressor, no sane person will appreciate his misdeeds wherein one human group destroyed another. Just as no one appreciates Hitler, similarly Columbus and his fellow invaders cannot be gloried. Their true colour will be seen for what it is. This will not be the victory of one race but rather the victory of morality and neo-humanism.
The ruthless exploitation of native peoples is a common equation. Break their backbone - make their situation pathetic - bring economic and cultural ruination - lead them into the depths of addiction, frustration, and despair - and on the top make "scientific studies" that prove that this is a genetic phenomenon, not a social one. This is the systematic way native populations have been exploited - and Columbus is the forefather of all such exploitation. Indeed the very journals of Columbus and his fellow explorers stand as proof of what vile acts and atrocities they committed. There is no denying their history. By Baba's grace their anti-human ways are being recognised and overturned, step by step. Baba says, "Human culture is one, though there are some local variations in its expression. But a particular group which is motivated by socio-sentiment to exploit others, tries to destroy the local cultural expressions of other groups. It forcibly imposes its language, dress and ideas on other groups, and thus paves the way for exploitation by paralysing those people psychologically. This is how people guided by socio-sentiment perpetuate exploitation in cultural life." "This is occurring throughout the world. Is it not your noble duty to save these simple and persecuted people from exploitation? Certainly it is. Those of you who did not understand this before, now do understand it clearly; or you will come to understand it later from others. Human beings must be saved. Why should innocent people be forced to live like sacrificial lambs? This must not be tolerated...Hence it is the bounden duty of every rational person to save innocent people." (NH-LOI)
By Baba's grace, the days of glorifying Columbus are coming to an end and he will be charged with the real crimes he committed. That will set a tone that all people should be respected and remind our humanity that local people should be protected. By rewriting this history to reflect the truth, such crimes will not be repeated in the future. Baba says, "Only by writing such a history will human beings one day prove not only to this world but to the entire universe, that Parama Purus'a was justified in creating human beings." (AFPS-4) Namaskar, Vinay
******************************************** Surgery and Ancient India
Baba says, "There is a very interesting example of surgery. The cousin of Krsna (the son of the sister of Lord Krsna's father) was Jarasandha, the king of Magadha, with his capital at Rajgir. At the time of the birth of Jarasandha, the child bad to be cut out of the womb. People saw this child and threw it in the cremation ground. Then there came a very famous non-Aryan (raksasii) lady doctor known as Jara. She stitched the child in a proper surgical operation and saved it. Since the lady Jara joined (sandhi) the pieces of the child's body, the name of the child became Jarasandha. This proves that the people were well acquainted with surgery." (MHB, p. 24)

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