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Fake Mahaprayan Issue: Don't Lump Together

Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 12:57:09 -0000 To: From: "Bhavanath Rajpal" Subject: Fake Mahaprayan Issue: Don't Lump Together Baba
Namaskar These days many in AM understand that mahaprayan is one dogma. However in criticizing the dogma of MPD, we must not abuse our Ananda Marga practice of kiirtan. Rather we are to point out the hypocrisy of mahaprayan. 1. In order to sell cigarettes, advertisers in some countries picture healthy soldiers and famous athletes, as if by smoking such soldiers and athletes became victors and champions in their field. While the message and approach of that advertising campaign is faulty, it does not mean that soldiers and athletes should be abused. Rather those tobacco companies should be lambasted for their hypocrisy and deceitfulness. 2. Similarly, Hitler used the swastika to promote his nefarious misdeeds and still today some use this symbol for their harmful agenda. We are to oppose their ways, methods and outlook - not the swastika itself. 3. As we all know, Baba's form and photo is very important. We meditate on His image and if someone is abusing that sentiment to legitimize their dogma then we should not discard or abuse Baba's form and image/photo. Rather we are to address that dogma. Our duty is to unmask that dogma and abuse those culprits who are trying to legitimize their false agenda and befool innocent people. 4. When criticizing idol worship we do not abuse or blame God Himself, we attack those priests who invented that dogma of idol worship. We do not abuse and break those idols nor do we blame God Himself. The dogma of idol worship and God are two different things. They should not be lumped together. It is not hard to differentiate between these two facets. Every devotee can understand such matters. Similearly, we criticize the dogmatic tiirthas of various religions but we never criticize the God that is related with that dogmatic tiirtha. We abuse those who invented and propagandize about that tiirtha dogma. 5. In addressing the dogma of Mahaprayan, we should not abuse our kiirtan mantra or practice. We should only describe how dogmatic people want to legitimize their belief and dogma by attracting others with kiirtan. We should criticize their approach but not the kiirtan itself. 6. This following example brings greater clarity to the issue. In a pro-gay parade if they start chanting kiirtan to attract margiis to join, we should not abuse kiirtan but rather the strategy by gay people. Likewise, if to attract margiis certain bars play kiirtan to lure us to drink alchol, then should margiis rush to that place. The bar should be criticized, but not the kiirtan itself. 7. Fake MPD is like that. Certain powerful, greedy avadhutas created this kiirtan programme to allure innocent and naive margiis to their invented dogma of mahaprayan. It is just like how people put sweet glue to attract flies and kill them. Or how carnivorous plants emit a sweet arome attract bugs and eat them. 8. Here some naive margiis get attracted by kiirtan and get caught in dogma of MPD and then they become permanent recruits of that dogma. In that case, kiirtan should not be blamed, rather the crafty priests. 9. Furthermore, to promote their dogma of MPD, they have made a tomb and collected Baba's personal belongings in hopes of generating money by showing Baba's collection of walking sticks etc that are part of the museum. We must not abuse Baba & HIs belongings for the misguided actions or some opportunistic Dadas, rather we are to point out those introducing such dogmas. Those belongings have their historical importance in the museum. But we do not think that Baba is tied up in that place or limited to the walking cane or tomb itself. All these materials things are important for history. We must have respectful feelings for those items but we cannot think that those physical belongings represent Baba as a whole Personality. 10. It is similar to your grandfather's photo. You have respect for picture so if someone spits on it you will feel hurt because you have feeling for your grandfather but at the same tim you know that the photo is not your grandfather himself. Similarly margiis have respect for those walking canes etc but it does not mean that we think that those walking canes are Baba or that He is bound to that material thing. 11. Baba is omnipresent yet certain conniving groupists try to convince others through their rituals that Baba is there in Tilajla. In such a case, in our response those rituals should be abused not Taraka Brahma Baba, nor His articles which are in the museum. Baba knew beforehand what would happen that is why in various discourses He already gave the answer. And that is that Parama Purusa is not bound to any place or material article; He is everywhere, especially in the hearts of devotees. He has repeated this idea in countless discourses. 12. We should not drown ourselves in atma samaj tattva - principle of selfishness. We should not glue ourselves to the things which match the self-interest of a group, clan, geographical area, community, or financial program etc. No one should get stuck in this way and overlook what Baba wants. That is selfishness. As sadhakas, we should aim for sama samaj tattva - the principle of social equality - and follow Baba's guidelines and ideal that He presides in hearts of devotees - not in a particular city or groupist headquarters etc. We must not tie Him to a particular place. Namaskar, Bhavanath
Firstly, in order to legitimize their hypocrisy, some crooked people are trying to use kiirtan on that very occasion of the death fo their father & deceased relatives etc. They arrange similar programs on the anniversary of those yearly shraddha ceremony of their deceased relatives. They know well that shraddha is not an annual ceremony so they mask their anniversary shraddha ceremony under the guise of kiirtan. And they invite people on the point of kiirtan not for anniversary of the death. Secondly, some dogmatic wts wanted to make Baba Quarters around the world as tiirtha sites. In that way they started various rituals as if Baba exists there itself. So here we should be careful to oppose that dogma yet we should not oppose Baba Himself and / or the materials and belongings which He used. We should not confuse those materials as being Baba. They are two different things. The shoe which He used is not Baba Himself.

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