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Baba Story: Ac Naginaji Did Not Participate

Subject: Baba Story: Ac Naginaji Did Not Participate
Date: Tue 11 Oct 2011 21:41:36 +1000



Ac Shambhu Prasad Verma of Muzafarrpur shared the following story.

The date was 23 Oct 1990, and all the margiis from Muzaffarpur had already left to Kolkata to participate in the program.

Shambhuji's desire was that all margiis should reach Kolkata and the organisers should have His physical body placed on the veranda. All Ananda Margiis should then collectively do sadhana followed by guru puja. And in their puja everyone should request Baba to keep His physical body until sadvipra samaj is established. Shambhuji felt that this should be the collective request put forth. This was his plan and desire.

With this in mind, Shambhuji went to see Ac Naginaji and requested Naginaji to join him on the journey to Kolkata. He suggested they go together to Tiljala.

Naginaji listened intently and told, "No, I am not going there."

"Why not?", Shambhuji inquired.

"For me, Baba has not gone anywhere. If I go it will be very detrimental for my
all-round growth and development", Naginaji replied.


Naginaji explained, "Baba always comes in my dhyana in a very charming and smiling manner. If I go there, Baba's image will permanently changed in my mind and it will be impossible for me to again bring back that smiling face."

"Above all, my heart does not believe that Baba can leave me. I am trying to think this through intellectually, but I in my heart I just cannot conceive this idea that Baba has left me. Day and night - all the 24hrs - I feel Baba's presence always. Then how can I believe that Baba is gone and that He has left me. I cannot. That is why I have no interest in going to Kolkata to participate in that program."

Hearing this, Shambhuji was shocked. Such a big program, and Naginaji does not want to go there.

Shambhuji tried hard in all kinds of ways to convince Naginaji but Naginaji did not budge and would not go. The talk went on for some time and Naginaji's conclusion the entire time was that, "Baba is with me - for me He has not gone anywhere."

By all this we can understand that Naginaji does not appreciate fake mahaprayan. This so-called mahaprayan is based totally on one's own standard of realization. If anyone realises in their day to day life that Baba is with them, then they will not like to go to Kolkata to participate. And indeed why should they go?

In contrast, those who cannot realise this supreme truth and do not feel the existence of Parama Purusa in their heart on a daily basis, then they try to fill the gap by some mundane ritual like so-called mahaprayan. So they attend the program in Kolkata etc.

But how far can such a dogmatic way satisfy the vacuum in the heart? It cannot. The heart can only be satiated if one pracices all the lessons of sadhana, especially dhyana. Then a sadhaka will receive the grace of Parama Purusa. One will feel His presence in their heart and realise the futulity of running around in the external world searching for Him.

That is why Naginaji told Shambhuji says, "I am not going to go there - Baba is with me - for me He has not gone anywhere."

AM-GLOBAL Correspondent


Ac Shambhu Prasad Verma: Family acarya initiated in 1950's and worked in Muzaffarpur.

Ac Nagina Prasad Singh: Family acarya initiated in 1950's and worked in Muzaffarpur.


It is the accepted international standard and our way in AM not to copy another's work and publish it in your own name. Baba Himself has given a very strict rule on plagiarism.

Baba says, "It is not possible to guide others merely with cheap, superficial knowledge, like a half-baked pandit who reads a half-a-dozen books and then spouts a few mouthfuls of grandiloquence, and who has obtained a doctorate degree by plagiarising others’ works." (PNS-10)

Our goal is to follow Baba's teachings on plagiarism. That means the author's name must not be deleted so someone else can post the story in their own name. That is wrong and unethical and dishonest - and against Baba's system.

Here the point is about authenticity and accountability. It is not about getting personal credit per se. When a story can be verified by the proper sources then that story will be deemed as authentic and trust. That is why a proper citation is needed along with the original author's name.

Some complain about this and say that stories cannot be patented. It seems their inner desire is to disregard Baba's teaching and steal stories according to their own whim. This is the reply to such persons.

If there is a serious car accident or a presidential debate in the town hall or any other incident or happening, then all kinds of reporters are welcome to come onto the scene and write their account. There is no monopoly or patent on the situation itself. All are welcome to report on it. But what is not tolerated is if one writer steals another reporter's story and prints it in their own name. That is unethical and indeed a crime.

Similarly all are welcome to write their own account of an incident like DMC or a demonstration. 5, 10 or 100 sadhakas are welcome to write their story. But that does not mean that one person can steal the account written by one bhakta and then post it in their own name. That is what is called plagiarising. And Baba is totally 100% against this.

So those who steal and justify by saying there is no patent on that Baba story are totally, totally wrong. Theirs is just a senseless approach. Indeed they are shameless.

Again here the matter is that Baba stories are indeed universal. There is no limit to the number of people who can write their own account of a particular event. But what is expected is that their work will be original and not a stolen copy of the hard work of someone else.

That is Baba's exact teaching and we should all honor and abide by this ethic. This is the standard in our Marga as well as in the international community of writers, educators and journalists etc. So no one should steal anther's story. If anyone wishes to cross-post a Baba story then they must include the original writer's and email header, as well as that entire story and notes. That is Baba system. - Eds. 


"Toma'r a'ma'r bha'loba'sa' keu va ja'ne, keu ja'ne na'..." (P.S. 1423)


Baba, You love me and I love You. This very fact is not commonly known. Baba, about my and Your love, a few may recognise but many not. Some believe that love between the unit and the vast is indeed possible, but  some do not believe this eternal truth.

When the garland is prepared with only an insignificant thread, some think that it is just a collection of flowers. While others can understand that this garland represents the very sweet feeling and deep loving relation for Whom it is made.

Nobody cares to recognize that on even small dew drops the whole sun is reflecting. In a similar way, the unit carries a deep loving relation with Parama Purusa. And in its little heart, Parama Purusa remains close by.

How much energy one little molecule can assimilate, the ordinary intellect does not realise-- nay cannot recognise. The little flower which is dancing keeping the nectar in its heart, that is the entire sweetness of the flower and its meaningful existence. In the same way, the beauty of human beings is to carry the loving feeling for Parama Purusa in their heart. That is the Goal of life. And then life becomes successful... 

Surgery and Ancient India

Baba says, "There is a very interesting example of surgery. The cousin of Krsna (the son of the sister of Lord Krsna's father) was Jarasandha, the king of Magadha, with his capital at Rajgir. At the time of the birth of Jarasandha, the child bad to be cut out of the womb. People saw this child and threw it in the cremation ground. Then there came a very famous non-Aryan (raksasii) lady doctor known as Jara. She stitched the child in a proper surgical operation and saved it. Since the lady Jara joined (sandhi) the pieces of the child's body, the name of the child became Jarasandha. This proves that the people were well acquainted with surgery." (MHB, p. 24)

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