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How to Preserve Your Spiritual Vibration

Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2012 22:04:59 -0000
From: "Citpavan Deva"
Subject: How to Preserve Your Spiritual Vibration



In His magnificent manner, Baba being the Parama Purusa graces us in innumerable ways. This letter focuses on a key way to maintain your spiritual flow.


One of the most visible ways to receive His grace is by His physical touch. We all know that while in physical form, Baba would touch sadhakas as a way to bless and grace them. This we have all seen or heard about on countless occasions. By His mere wish, His touch would put aspirants into samadhi and or cure their ailments etc. By His touch, sadhakas could feel His grace as bliss. In countless demonstrations, Baba has shown this.

After all, who has not heard about how Baba would regularly direct various persons like Dasarathji to grab onto His toe and by doing so Dasarathji would then be able to see past, present, and future of anybody - by Baba's grace.

Then there countless sadhakas who felt His grace merely by attending His divine darshan and seeing Him. In that case there was no "physical contact" per se. Yet even then they could feel His touch and receive His vibration.

The spectrum continues: When doing His dhyana, we can come in contact with His divine presence and feel His closeness - His grace. Whenever the mind is pointed in sadhana, one will feel His divine touch. Innumerable sadhakas have experienced and continue to experience this regularly in sadhana.

Then in dream also He bathes us in His divine effulgence. So there are multiple ways in which we feel His grace and receive His vibration - and all are of value. Or more specifically, He has innumerable ways to shower His infinite grace and bliss.

Here below Baba clearly states that one will feel His presence in sadhana and other devotional practices.

Baba says, "There cannot be any peace, any happiness or any beatitude till the aspirant comes in tactual contact with the Supreme Self." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 12)

The whole point is we can feel His presence through all kinds of psycho-spiritual practices. Parama Purusa is everywhere, and one can always gain His sweet touch.

Baba says, "Parama Puruśa is infinite and omnipresent; therefore His hands and feet are spread in all directions. As this entire creation is His mental projection, it has no absolute existence to Him. He does not require any physical hands or feet; even without them He can get any work done or go anywhere He likes, through mental imagination." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 33, Purusatattva)

That contact brings waves of sweet, blissful vibrations. By touch, spiritual wavelengths are transferred. And that touch most definitely happens in sadhana and dreams. That is Baba's teaching and so many experience this.


Just as we receive His vibration through His touch - of which there is an infinite amount, we can lose that divine vibration by touching others as well. To maintain a strong spiritual flow, Baba advises us is to minimize our physical contact with others.

Baba says, "Do not shake hands with anyone." (Caryacarya - 1, chap 7)

Baba says, "Unrelated men and women should not, as far as is possible, touch each other." (Caryacarya - 1, 95 Edn, p.49)

Touching others is not just a physical or psychic or social expression. By touch, spiritual energy is also transferred - i.e. it can be lost. That means the sweet vibration we derive from feeling His touch in sadhana can be lost by physically touching others.


On this point everyone should experiment for themselves:

1. First, set aside some time to do long kiirtan and sadhana in one quiet and lonely place.

2. That day you will feel a surge of vibration; continue your practice until you distinctly feel His touch which brings feelings of deep tranquility and bliss.

3. Then leave your sadhana place and touch normal citizens etc. Then you will feel for yourself how the spiritual vibration wanes. The psycho-spiritual flow gained from sadhana will dissipate.

4. But remember, if you experiment with this without first purifying the mind with lots of kiirtan and sadhana, then it will not work. Because if the mind is not cleansed, if it is dirty, then there will not be any sweet vibration to lose. In that way, one will not feel differently by touching others. Whereas if one does sadhana sincerely with pointed concentration, then one will feel a distinct loss of psycho-spiritual energy when coming in physical contact with others. It is akin to having your clean clothes become soiled from the dirt.

5. Finally, after involving deeply in sadhana, if you refrain from touching others, then you will maintain your psycho-spiritual energy, by His grace. And you will build upon that base and it will multiply in your next session of sadhana.

So this is one very good psycho-spiritual experiment to see how sadhana really transforms your existence.

If you practice this for a day or so, you will see how the tranquil vibration of sadhana will linger on and on, from day to day, from one sadhana session to the next. In contrast, if you engage in touching others, then the opposite will occur. There will be no sweet lingering feeling, all that energy will have been wasted away and one will start each sadhana session from the ground level. So sadhana will be about just replacing what you lost rather than building upon and growing from the last sadhana session.


So in our own practical life we should try to follow the word and spirit of Baba's above guidelines - as far as possible. This is something for us all to experiment with and gain an inner understanding of. Along these lines here are some points for everyone's consideration.              

As sadhakas to whatever degree possible after doing sadhana, one should not touch others right away. Certainly, in our family lives we have small children etc, but to whatever extent we can, we should try not to come in physical contact with others immediately after doing sadhana.

In addition, sadhana should not be done with a cat or dog in our lap. Nor should we hold our small babies in our arms when doing sadhana. Best is to be alone when doing sadhana, and not touching others.

And if we all think further on this there are probably numerous other approaches regarding physical touch and sadhana etc.

Overall, the above are a few of the many ways to increase one's sadhana and spiritual flow. These lifestyle tips help to retain one's devotional vibration. We should all be vigilant in sadhana and receive His divine touch. And then do our best to retain that sweet vibration right up through the next sadhana session. This builds spiritual momentum.

Whereas if we do sadhana and then randomly go around touching everyone, then that subtle energy just drains out.


So this point of touching is an attainable reality not just a mere fantasy. It is for the welfare of all sadhakas - you, me, everyone. It is a universal point of spiritual life from which we can all benefit.

Yet to truly understand this point of not touching others, sadhana is needed. Otherwise, if one is not doing sadhana properly then how can one understand this subtle spiritual topic. It will be beyond the grasp.

Since long, many advanced sadhakas in Ananda Marga have advised other aspirants to refrain from having physical contact with others, as far as possible. The point being that less or minimal touching helps one to progress in the higher realms. And indeed this is Baba's guideline as well. After performing samadhi demonstrations on sadhakas, it was forbidden for anyone to touch that sadhaka who was swimming in the bliss of samadhi.

So we should all see for ourselves and try to realise this eternal truth.


As we progress in sadhana we can feel His touch - His divine touch - more and more, thereby submerging our entire existence in His bliss.

"When the sa'dhaka clearly feels the thrill of divine existence around him at the time of sa'dhana', the state of bliss as experienced by the sa'dhaka is described as dasha'. When the sa'dhaka feels the existence of the divine world around him, as also the source from which the divine existence comes, the state of bliss the sa'dhaka experiences at the time of sa'dhana' is bha'va. Again, when the sa'dhaka feels the closest proximity of Parama Purus'a, even within his embrace, that bha'va is called maha'bha'va."

"At the time of dasha', the sa'dhaka feels bliss within and falls down, and during bha'va, the sa'dhaka feels proximity to God, feels great bliss and falls down."

"At the time of maha'bha'va, the sa'dhaka feels the tactual presence of Parama Purus'a and falls down. At that time, every nerve-cell, every nerve-fibre and every pore of the human body feels the divine touch." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 33)

at His feet,
Citpavan Deva


Baba says, “At the time of initiation or shortly afterwards, those who do not have a Sanskrit name should be given one by the ácárya/á. The word deva should be suffixed to the name…the more the usage of deva as a title, the better it is. The Sanskrit name should be used in all worldly dealings.” (Caryacarya-1)


As far as possible every sadhaka should refrain from touching others after sadhana and in between sadhana sessions. At the same time, there are some circumstances where one must come to the physical support of others. For instance, if an elderly or disabled person needs physical support and without help they will fall, then we must come to the aid of that person. They need physical service and support. So there are particular occasions where we will have to touch others. Yet, we should also remain vigilant and be strict on such matters and not touch others when it is not warranted or needed. By that way, we can best maintain and enhance our spiritual approach and thereby best serve others. The more the mind is linked with Parama Purusa, the more that sadhaka can selflessly serve and guide the society.


"Tumi ele, a'lo a'nale, a'ndha'r du're sare gelo..."  P.S. #1036


Baba, You have come and brought a showering of grace and divine effulgence along with You. By Your auspicious advent, the thick fog of cimmerian darkness has been vanquished. And all the fear which I had has disappeared in a flash - by Your grace.

Baba, You are so magnificent. With Your soft, sweet smile You have told me, 'Look towards Me and remember that I am the Fear of fear. By taking My
name and ideating on Me, then fear itself gets terrified.'  

Baba, You also have said to me, 'By taking proper ideation look towards Me.'  

O' my Dearmost Baba, You have also lovingly told me:

'You must not forget that in this cosmic play the divine rule is not that there is only effulgence and no darkness. Or that there are only rose flowers and no thorns; or only high tidal waves of bliss and no stretches of sadness. This Divine play has both qualities, side by side - darkness and light.'      

'You should also always remember this divine truth: That I (BABA) am always along with you, all the time, in pleasure and pain. I love you - you
are Mine and I am yours. Remove and throw away all the loneliness and inferiority complexes from your mind. I am ever-gracious on you.'  

Baba, You Yourself have blessed me like this. Baba You have come and showered Your causeless grace on me... 

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