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Sinful Thoughts in Sadhana-- Part II

Date: Sat, 08 Aug 2009 05:27:43 -0000 To: From: Subject: Sinful Thoughts in Sadhana-- Part II Baba "Ya'r asmita', shes'a hoye geche, se toma're pa'y hridi bhare..." (PS 1130) Purport: Baba, this grand creation of Yours is colourful. In this world, there are some arrogant & egoistic people who are so fully consumed by asmita'* that they think they are everything-- above all. Drowned in their own ego they can never get You. Baba, by Your grace, only those blessed devotees who are not suffering from the disease of ego and vanity can attain You. By Your sweet will, by surrendering unto You those sadhakas get You to their heart's content-- to their full satiation. Baba, You graciously fill their whole existence with Your divine love. You accept their everything and by Your divine compassion You give Yourself to them and they become one with You. Baba, You have filled this entire universe with Your divine Presence. Even in the cimmerian darkness-- in those bleak moments of their life-- those blessed sadhakas feel Your divine presence everywhere. It is Your grace. And by Your charming smile they realise that even the disparate evening star is saturated with Your endless love. Baba, in the crimson dawn and in the golden effulgence, by Your grace they bath themselves in Your divine form and blissful tune and they dance in divine ecstasy. Baba, by Your grace, no tragedy can befall such sadhakas; there are no disasters in their life. Baba, by Your wish in their life there is only the presence of the sweetness of Your divine love songs. Baba, by Your Supreme benevolence those aspirants have gotten You up to their full heart's content--with the charm and sweetness of the essence of nectar... ASTERISK NOTES (*): *Asmita'= Here below Baba gives quite an elaborate and colourful explanation of the Sanskrit term, asmita'.
Baba says, "As asmita' is devoid of any discrimination, people with this mental defect lose their power of discrimination. First, they think that since they are so great, there is no need for them to learn anything from others. As a result of this, their further progress comes to a halt. Secondly, the arrogant attitude of this asmita' banishes from their minds the humble psychology of the learner. They lose interest in learning anything useful; so not only in the world of knowledge, but also in the world of practicality, they become misfits in life because of their mountainous accumulated ignorance." "It is not that arrogance of this sort simply obstructs their progress. The human mind, like the human body, is dynamic. No one has come to remain here; everyone is moving -- for movement is a must. Now, the mind whose further progress is blocked will also have to move this way or that; so when one must move, but the path of progress is blocked, one is compelled to move along the path of degradation. Thus the arrogance born of this asmita' will lead people towards their downfall." (NSS, 'Shivokti-6')
Note: Here is the link to the first part of this discussion. Namaskar, It is well known and commonly understood that the path of yoga is the process of elevating the mind to that divine stance. By one's selfless service and by one's devotional sadhana and by His ever-flowing grace, the sadhaka quickly moves towards that Cosmic Nucleus-- Baba's divine lap.
However, along the way on this journey, due to one's own shortcomings and inadequacies, so many difficulties and trials, so many undesirable thoughts and impure actions, may attempt to set one back on this journey. Those obstacles may be internal or external-- but nonetheless they may come. And if and when they do, the very existence of those obstacles creates an impression on the mind: They colour the mind. In that condition, when one sits in sadhana, it can sometimes happen that those undesirable thoughts-- those mental colours-- invade one's psychic arena. In that case, instead of meditating on Him, one is entangled in all those impure ideas. As Baba describes below, this phenomenon can happen to any sadhaka. Baba says, "When human beings rush towards the Supreme, they may sometimes think, 'I am a sinner. I have committed so many sins that I am immersed in sin'. The particular mental colours of the sinners' minds are the combination of so many thoughts of sin, which may leave a profound mental impression." (NH-LOI)
Thus if mind becomes filled with so many colours-- when the mind is affected by various defects or attachments-- then there is a distinct need to rid the mind of those things so that one may advance with renewed vigour towards Him, towards the Goal. In that case, what is one to do? As Baba guides us in innumerable discourses, we are to offer those mental colours to Him and surrender ourselves at His lotus feet. And this of course is our practice of Guru Puja.
It can happen though that instead of properly adhering to that cleansing and purifying process of doing Guru Puja, one or two confused sadhakas may end up thinking again and again about those sinful thoughts. That is, instead of surrendering themselves at His lotus feet and offering those undesirable thoughts unto Him, in their confused state and in their wrong way of doing Guru Puja they may involve their mind again and again in dwelling upon those negative ideas, in which case the mind becomes more degenerated. Needless to say, this defective approach should be avoided as one has strayed far from the systematic and devotional practice of Guru Puja. The root problem is that if when doing Guru Puja one plunges oneself in the thought of those sinful things as opposed asking His grace and surrendering them unto Him, then the mind cannot go towards the Guru.
That is why our approach in Guru Puja we always see Him graciously sitting before us, look upon His divine countenance, and ask His grace. The sadhaka may say: O' Lord please take this problem, I do not want it; just I am a little unit being seeking Your eternal shelter. Let this be Your problem. Baba, please grace me by taking it so that I may move ever onwards towards You.
Here below in perfect fashion Baba guides us how to systematically move ahead in the process of Guru Puja-- whereby one can rid the mind of useless thoughts, become colourless, and merge in Him. Baba says, "In A'nanda Ma'rga Sadhana, the method of withdrawing the mind from degrading tendencies, and absorbing oneself in the colour of the Great, is called Pratya'ha'ra Yoga (the yoga of withdrawal) or Varn'a'rghyada'na (the offering of colours). All people have a particular attraction for one or another object or activity and as soon as they become attracted to an object, then their minds become coloured with the colour of that object. You can withdraw your mind from the colour of that object and dye yourself in His colour by offering Him the captivating colour of the object that has attracted you: this is the real Pratya'ha'ra Yoga. The word Pratya'ha'ra means 'to withdraw-- to withdraw the mind from its offer Him the colours of different objects which have dyed the mind. When this practice of offering your own colours-- your own attachments, becomes natural and easy, you will then merge in Him. Then you will have no need for any colour, for you will become colourless-- you will go beyond the reach of any colour. Your unit-ego will become one with the Cosmic Ego." (SS-3, 'Vibration, Form, & Colour')
By His grace, here again Baba is specially describing the divine process of Guru Puja-- so ultimately we attain His eternal shelter. Baba says, "'By surrendering all the colours of my mind to You, I want to become colourless.' This surrender to the Supreme Consciousness propels human beings towards Him...This very psycho-spiritual phenomenon is operating behind the process of varn'a'rghyada'na [offering of colours]: 'O Lord, make me colourless so that I may move towards You without any hesitation'." (NH-LOI, 'Inner Asset') Namaskar, Virendra

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