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Re: Way to Improve Sadhana #5

Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 14:38:14 -0600
From: gaungadhar
Subject: Re: Way to Improve Sadhana #5


~ Part 5 ~

(This is the 5th letter in this series. Links to the prior four letters are appended below. - Eds)

"As a human being, you do not know what you need. In that case, people wrongly ask Parama Purusa for mundane things...With that mind-set, people ask for all kinds of worldly desires: To marry a particular person, or request a particular job, or social status, only to watch those things crumble into the sea. In that case, they only invite more problems for themselves. It is just like how a child desires to touch fire - having that desire fulfilled will bring pain and suffering."

Just look back over the course of your life, i.e. the last 10 or 20 or 30 years, and examine the things you desired and asked for. Mostly those are useless things which you are no longer interested in. This shows that human beings do not know what they need.

Also, human beings lack the knowledge of the future. They do not know what is going to happen. In that case also, how can you ask for what you need. You cannot. Only Parama Purusa knows the future and what your needs are. A person might ask the goddess Laksmii to grant them a mountain of worldly wealth by tomorrow. Yet that worshiper may die today itself before tomorrow ever comes, in which case their request is utterly inane and useless. All because humans do not know what the future holds.

Best then is to ask for devotion - nothing else.

Because devotional life is vastly different.

In devotional life, the bhakta is not asking for something mundane but rather something else: for Parama Purusa Himself. Baba approves of this 100% as He Himself has written thousands of songs wherein the bhakta is requesting Parama Purusa for His closeness and love.

Plus in His discourses Baba has given the following directive, i.e. permission to ask Him for devotion.

Baba says, "The only thing you may ask from Parama Purus'a is that He may guide your intellect along the path of bliss; and you should demand nothing else." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 3)

Thus no one should think that asking devotion from Him goes against Baba's proclamation in Ananda Sutram 3-11. In that sutra Baba is guiding sadhakas not to ask for something mundane from Parama Purusa. Always, bhaktas can ask Him for more devotion. That is part of the process and part of the path unto Him.


There remains one and only one condition when a sadhaka may ask for something mundane. If one is deeply involved in the struggle for dharma and serving Him, yet all their energy is exhausted, then one may ask Parama Purusa for more energy to complete His work. The sadhaka may say, "If You approve of what I am doing then please grant me more energy so I may continue to serve You and carry out Your will. Or, if You feel otherwise, do whatever You feel appropriate - Your wish is my desire."

That is the only time when one may ask for something other than devotion. This is Baba's explicit teaching.


Here in more expansive language, Baba clearly addresses this issue of how to make requests of the Lord - as well as how not to.

Baba says, "'When people beseech the Lord to fulfill all their selfish desires, this is called apara'bhakti. “Oh Lord, I am your devotee, help me to pass my examination… Oh Lord, my daughter has attained marriageable age – help me to find a worthy suitor… Let the bridegroom be ideal, let me not spend much on the wedding…” This type of showy devotion that simply asks for mundane objects, is no devotion at all, because it demands everything except Parama Purus'a. Such devotees never say, “Oh Lord, be mine… I want You and only You.” They always say, “I want this, I want that.” In fact this is no devotion at all. When one asks only for Parama Purus'a, this is the true devotion, para'bhakti." (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life - 1)

Thus, the only thing we are to ask for is parabhakti, the feeling of His loving closeness each and every moment of the day and night. This is what we are allowed to ask for; and, by His grace He will always satisfy such a request. All that is required is the requisite longing - and that everyone has.

So if, to date, one has not made such a request of Baba, then one should ideate and do so immediately. That will help one's relationship with Him grow very quickly. One will feel His presence always and dhyana will be sweeter.

Baba says, "His love is perennial. It is always there. It is for you to tap His love. It is up to you because the chance has been given to you. Now it is for you to realize that and open everything. Then you will be able to enjoy the complete love and devotion which has been showering on you for time eternal." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 31, Dharma Sádhaná)




"Toma'te a'ma'te kaveka'r paricay, a'r keu ja'ne na', tumi ja'no..." (PS 2632)


Baba, O' Divine Entity, this sweet relation of ours is eternal. Since ages and ages we have been together. Baba, how long this intimate relation between You and I has been going on, nobody knows; Baba, only You know. O' my Dearmost, in the very beginning You were all alone - there was no one for You to love, and nobody to love You. So You created this expansive liila. In that way the jiivas sing and chant Your divine glory, and You shower Your grace and love the devotees. Baba, this intense closeness between unit and Cosmic is known to all. Baba, You also know & accept this very fact.  

There is such a loving feeling and affectionate closeness between the devotee and their Lord. At any cost, the unit cannot remain without the Cosmic Entity. And in absence of the unit, the Cosmic Entity cannot exist either. Baba, the sweetness and beauty is due to both - the unit being and the Supreme One. Each are loving the other. Baba, then why are You remaining distant and far away from me. Why are You not allowing me to come close. Baba, You know that both unit and Cosmic merge together to become one, then why do you not accept this very truth.  

Baba, You are omnipresent. You are present in all the lokas; You are beyond the lokas; and You are in the divine world; Baba, You are everywhere. You are present in the rhythmic expression, divine horripilation, and bliss - each and every moment. Baba, You are hiding in my mind; You are playing Your divine liila with my mind. In spite of hearing and knowing my mental thoughts and feelings - the tale of my heart - You do not listen. Baba, I want to come close You , why are You not allowing me.

Baba, O' my Dearmost, please bless me by giving me shelter at Your lotus feet...

Note: The above Prabhat Samgiita reveals how Parama Purusa created this grand universe to have the company of His devotees. The song further
expresses how the bhakta cannot live without Parama Purusa and that Parama Purusa cannot exist without His devotees. So both are mutually depending upon each other; and in their own way both are thinking that the other is something very great - superior. This is part and parcel of the wonderful message of the above Prabhat Samgiita. And this same unique idea Baba is beautifully explaining in this below excerpt:

Baba says, "When there were no devotees, God had no name -- He was nameless. When there came to be devotees, then God became named God. I was saying in Delhi that the fight between God and devotees is an old fight, a sweet fight. And what is that fight? God says to devotees, 'It is you who are superior. Because of you, I have been named. Had it not been for you, who would have called me by the name of God? Even if I was God, I was not 'God'. Because of you, I have become God.' And devotees say, 'You are the base of my life. In Your absence, the existence of my life becomes jeopardized. You have created, and You alone are the base.' Devotees consider God to be superior, and vice versa. This fight to make the other superior has no end." (SS-21, 'Na'm & Na'mii')

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