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Really Top of the World

Date: Apr 01 2008 23:34:09 -0000 (GMT) From: Pradiip Bauer Subject: Really Top of the World To: Baba "Tandra na've ankhite manda'loke jadio..." (1728) Purport: Baba, drowsiness falls on my eyes at the time of darkness and I lose the path-- surrounded only by dogma. So when I cannot see my Goal properly, when I forget You, then by Your grace please wake me and bring me on the proper path. O' Baba, o' my lord, please wake me with the call of Your divine flute; please remove my slumber. You are my God of gods. I do not have any other entity except you upon whom I have any hope. You are my only hope. Please remove all the Cimmerian darkness which surrounds me. Baba, by Your grace my bondage of attraction with these worldly things is shattered. Now You have graced me the song of liberation-- that is the only tune I hear. Baba, when I feel drowsy and remain lethargic on the path of movement, then please grace me and bring me back on right track-- bring me close to You...
Namaskar We all know that democracy is not optimal, but until something better comes along-- that is, until Proutistic society is formed-- the democratic system stands as the best option thus far. This fact every A'nanda Ma'rgii knows. Nowadays in the present world there is one ruling democracy that claims itself as the top, above all others. Hence not only do they think democracy is the best system of all time, but they also think that theirs is the greatest representation of a democratic state. In an attempt to put things into perspective, let us take a look and see how far their claims are correct, or not.
On many points the USA thinks itself to be better than other nations. From economics to Hollywood, and from sports to medicine, the US thinks itself to be far higher than others. But there is one sphere of life in which the USA especially claims itself to be head and shoulders above the rest-- towering high, high above. Namely, the US considers itself to be the ultimate democracy, or the 'Father of Modern Democracy'. With this egoistic concept in mind, they brag that in their land the great principles of democracy shine through in a unique way. This is the height of their audacity. Note: Here the "they" & "their" refer not to the common people & certainly not to the margiis but to those tall-talking US politicians and political animals-- and anyone else who is riding their "high horse" about the so-called greatness of US democracy.
And often is the case, that other countries & peoples cower down in front of the "mighty" US, thinking themselves to be inferior. While there are still others who silently or noisily oppose. But even then, the common feeling around the globe is that on the point of democratic freedom, the US is the golden land. Because this is what the US propagates and this is what the other countries are led to believe. Hence, side by side, with unflinching pride, the US tries to impose its system on all other countries-- as if their democratic way is the best & unbeatable.
But upon closer examination on any number of points & issues the US approach to democracy is way off the mark. For example if anyone commits a crime in the US-- even a more or less harmless crime where they made a mistake but did not necessarily hurt anyone else-- then that person automatically becomes scarred and even stigmatized for life. Even after completing the prescribed atonement and allotted punishment for that crime, still that dark mark gets carried with them year after year-- all the way up to their death. Of course rich persons or politically connected individuals who have no feeling of repentance for their wrongdoing often can "buy" their back their freedom. So this stands as yet another blatant loophole of US democracy. That is another scenario. But here the point is that in that "great democratic land" of the USA where everyone is supposed to get social and economic justice, a rectified person cannot even come close re-entering society. They cannot get a proper job nor become a trusted member of society. Because their record has become permanently stained. So living a normal humane life is basically out of their reach. As they are denied so many basic rights and opportunities. This is the common trial for those outcasted persons: They are forever looked upon as being criminals. Under such conditions, when their own country has turned their back on them and they have no where else to go, then those struggling souls inevitably then revert back to their life of crime. This is the regular injustice that goes on night and day in the US. Where having been deprived of good opportunities, those ex-cons lose hope and jump back into their old habits just so they can survive. And in that way, with no other direction to turn, they fall again in their downward spiral. Hence there is a flagrant duplicity in US democratic life. Because instead of being a land for all people, the "powers-that-be" that run this democracy mercilessly turn their backs on those who erred in the past. Such persons are deprived of the little help & encouragement they need. This is the inhumane way in which the US democracy works inside its borders. What hell they have done in Iraq, Afghanistan, and countless other places in the name of promoting democracy-- that everyone already knows. Yet within the US borders this democracy is also just a namesake. That is the point of this letter. In contrast many other countries around the globe do a wonderful job of rehabilitating ex-cons and criminals. Those who have truly rectified their behaviour really do get a proper opportunity to re-enter mainline society and become contributing members. But in the so-called great democracy of the US, this is rarely ever the case. Rather those past criminals are left to sink on their own.
Here below Baba warns us about such awful outcomes where people become crushed by crude systems like US democracy. Baba says, "Having been subjected to much social injustice and criticism, some people think, 'Now that I have stepped onto the path of vice, now that I have fallen down, I will not stop until I reach the deepest hell'." (AV-7) So in His above teaching, Baba shows how even well-intentioned people lose all hope and revert back to their "old ways" when they do not get proper scope to become participating members of the society. Hence in their anti-humanistic manner, the US recklessly pushes so many back onto the path of crime and misfortune-- until they reach the deepest depths.
In our Marga, Baba guides us to take a totally different approach-- one that is reflective of neo-humanism and encourages the positive development of the individual-- no matter who they are. Baba says, "Social pressure does not mean declaring anyone an outcast or ostracizing anyone or stopping the supply of anyone's basic needs. This is not proper social pressure; rather it is a useless approach, having no positive effect on people. On the contrary, it merely strengthens the determination of the sinner to sin. What is proper social pressure? It is to find the good side, the noble aspects, of a person's character, and help bring about a change in his life." (NHNS-1, p.20) So Baba's guideline is that we should always seek out the bright spots of any individual and help them to cultivate those qualities more and more. By this way even depraved persons can become totally transformed. This is the neo-humanistic way of AM. In contrast the US democratic system pushes people in the opposite direction by permanently labeling them as being "unfit" for the society. And that produces a horrible result-- both for the individual and the society. Whereas Baba's neo-humanistic perspective serves to uplift the people whereby they can become not just normal citizens but even wonderful assets of the society.
The main point being that in Baba's holistic approach all get the scope to move ahead. None are left behind. Everyone remains part of the collective flow.
'Samanam ejati iti sama'jah'
Baba says, "'Moving together' means that all portions of society, all portions of the collective body, should have the spirit to move ahead." (AV-3) Thus Baba's ideal is to always encourage and help one and all to partake in the collective flow whereby all can realise their potential. And while Prout has yet to be established in any country, there are a variety of nations which do quite good work of rectifying persons who committed a wrong and help them to get back on their feet and advance. So this is quite admirable. Far below that is the US approach which gives up on its prisoners and wrongdoers and permanently marks their fate keeps them on the fringe and ostracized. And on so many other point US democracy utterly fails to live up to its name.
By His infinite grace & compassion Baba guides us to help everyone to continually grow & develop. Baba says, "Encourage everyone to build their career in a nice way. Let none get the opportunity to think that their life has become useless." (Ananda Vanii #19) Namaskar, Pradiip
By Baba's below guideline anyone can see how benevolent and rational our AM system of justice is. Baba says, "In our A'nanda Ma'rga capital punishment, whether social or physical, is not permitted anywhere. The only punishment in our Ma'rga is disallowing offenders from taking part in social functions for a fixed period. After the period is over the person starts taking in all social functions as usual." (PNS-3, p.45) So everyone gets scope to re-enter society and become full-fledged participants once they have undergone their punishment and rectified themselves. But in the beleaguered and dusty ways of US democracy, countless people are left to rot and are pushed back onto the path of destruction. All because they are not given a chance nor encouraged to show their goodness.
******************************************** Good Teaching
Baba says, "Those who wrongly worship Parama Purus'a in the form of clay, iron, or other material substances, are ultimately transformed in Prakrtiliina*. And those who run around externally in hopes of finding Parama Purusa outside, they also be come Prakrtiliina." (15 May 1982, Hindi Section) Note: Those who are searching Baba in one or another holy land, they should be especially careful about this above teaching. *Prakrtiliina= This is one type of microvita which is under punishment of reaping of reaping its own negative samskaras.

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