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Power of AM Sadhana: My Own Experience

From: "narayanpanda"
To: "amglobal"
Subject: Power of AM Sadhana: My Own Experience



In Ananda Marga, we all do sadhana. And everyone acquires power or spiritual force from their sadhana. Though we never think or we never should think about such results.

We are blessed to have a Guru who is Mahasambhuti and He has all the power and He controls any power we may acquire from our sadhana-- so that we do not misuse it. On some occasions, when confronted by obstacles or avidya tantrics, we can get a glimpse of the force of our AM sadhana. Such an account is written below.

At the same time, we all know that the true measuring rod of our sadhana is our devotional closeness with Baba and the depth of our neo-humanistic love for His creation-- as well as how content we feel in the heart and mind. So in review, in AM Baba controls all the powers, otherwise sadhakas will be overwrought with vanity etc; but if one has a lower guru like in avidya tantra, then the followers get and misuse powers because the guru cannot control them. In AM, however, our sadhana is diverted towards Him so He controls everything.

Here then is a personal experience recounted below which reveals the importance of our sa'dhana' and how His grace is everything.


I was initiated into our A'nanda Ma'rga sa'dhana' on 30th Sep' 1978. Then in the month of Feb '79, the students of our college went on strike, so I went to Siliguri DMC. There, by His grace, I had personal contact with Ba'ba'.

Since I was charged & inspired by Him to do dharma pracara, after returning from DMC I went to Sundergarh to do praca'ra instead of wasting my time in participating in the strike at the college.

I was at the house of Shrii Narahari Choudhury, a senior margii brother in the village of Shankara', nearby Sundergarh district headquarter. There I met other margii brothers Shrii Biranchi Narayan Ray (the then bhukti pradhan of Sundergarh district), Shrii Shvetabasanta Pandey from Sambalpur, Shrii Pradhan (originally from Cuttack but working in Sundergarh) etc. And one sannyasi brother, A'carya Vibha'vasu, who was DS of Sambalpur (at that time he was Brahmaca'rii).

All of us started by bicycle along with mrdanga (Indian drum), kubuji etc at 6 am from the house of Choudhury Dada. We crossed a jungle full of Sal trees & reached a village (I forgot the name) where we found a kiirtana mandapam (outdoor kiirtan site that has a roof) that had been recently constructed for the occasion of holi festival.

We immediately started chanting Ba'ba' Na'ma Kevalam with the help of mrdanga (Indian drum) & karata'la (hand symbols) & moved around the mandapam as we did akhanda kiirtana.

After some time, we found that the villagers had assembled there. We sat for meditation & performed Guru Puja'-- and they watched us the whole time. Afterwards, one or two of us started talking to the villagers about Ananda Marga sa'dhana'.

In the meantime, I saw a man dressed in semi-saffron colour blowing his special instrument (a pipe that is tubular at both the ends & in the middle it is swollen-- especially used by snake charmers). This man was begging alms. He was moving around about 100 to 200 meters from our gathering.

At some point, while this man was crossing our gathering, a margii brother Narahari Choudhuri Dada called him & asked in front of the whole gathering, "What's your profession?".

The man replied, "I'm a snake charmer. I catch snakes in the forest with the help of this instrument."

Narahari Choudhuri Dada then asked, "What more do you know ?"

The man replied, "I know maran'a (dying), ma'ran'a (killing), ashiikaran'a(hypnotizing), ucca't'ana…"

Then Chowdhuri Dada asked him, "If you know maran'a (killing), can you kill this person", pointing towards the then A'carya Vibha'vasu Brahmaca'rii-- posted as Diocese secretary of Sambalpur district.

I was surprised to hear from the snake charmer that definitely he can kill him (i.e. A'carya Vibha'vasu). I went on observing to see what was going to happen next.

The snake charmer then picked up some dust & one straw that was on the ground & started murmuring some mantra. Then he started blowing his instrument in order to strike down A'carya Vibha'vasu. But alas, the instrument didn't make any sound. So the snake charmer applied his full strength & he blew, blew, & blew..., but alas, no sound came!

Everybody was amazed to see what was happening-- strangely, somehow, the snake charmer could no longer play his instrument.

In trying, the snake charmer's face totally became red. Until finally he gave up and stopped trying to play the instrument & instead requested us to rectify it.

Our sannyasi brother asked the snake whether he knows how to withdraw the avidya tantric mantra which he had recited earlier. The snake charmer replied that he knew. Then the snake charmer again picked up some dust & straw and murmured a mantra in order to withdraw the earlier mantra. After this, the snake charmer picked up his instrument and again started blowing into it & surprisingly it made the sound as before.

Later on I asked Ac Vibha'vasu Brc what he did when avidya tantrika applied the mantra then what did you do. Then replied that I did nothing special I just recited my mantra as every margii does during sadhana and surrendered to Baba.

Then I understood just how powerful our mantra is.

Baba says, "What is the medicine? The medicine is, do kiirtana or devotional chanting. Do kiirtana for one minute or repeat your guru mantra, and that “ghost” will instantly vanish into thin air. So under no circumstances should you be afraid." (AFPS-5, Are Ghosts Hallucinations?)

Our Choudhuri Dada then asked the snake charmer to beg apology & Choudhuri Dada forced the snake charmer to take an oath he shouldn't apply these avidya tantric mantras to hurt anybody. After agreeing to this, the snake charmer left the place.

Seeing this event, almost all the villagers present there that day took initiation. It went up to 7pm. Then we came back to Sundergarh.

This event shows that no avidya force can affect a sadhaka initiated to Ananda Marga sadhana system introduced by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii, who protects His disciples.

Narayan Panda


PS Intro: This song expresses the highest realm of devotion where the bhakta internally feels that the whole universe is dancing in His divine flow, where everything is revolving and rotating around the Supreme Nucleus, Purus'ottama, Parama Purusa.

"Vishvadola'y dol diyecho liila'y bhuvan na'ce..." (PS# 2777)


Baba, You are so gracious, You have made this whole universe sway in the swinging of the swing. Everything is dancing in the flow of Your divine liila. Baba, in close and far, and in all the ways, You have inundated this whole universe with various tunes, melodies, and rhythms, and in flow of Your song. Baba, everything is revolving around You and dancing in Your bliss.

In this ra'saliila, by Your grace, that divine flow has made everyone forget all the differences and distinctions between themselves and others. Now everyone feels that everyone is their own-- that all are part of this same universal family. Baba, by Your grace the boundaries have been shattered, the doors and windows are open; everyone is mine-- ours; all are one. All the dogmas and bondages have been wiped away by the divine swing. Now there is no time for bickering and infighting. Having forgotten, all fear, shyness, jealousy, and hatred, now there is only one flow, moving towards You, rushing headlong towards You. The whole universe is dancing in the divine flow, by Your grace.

Baba, this whole universe is nothing but the display of Your grand liila. Everything is possible in this universe by Your grace. Everything happens according to Your wish. If you desire, the positive can become negative, and the negative can become positive. "No" can become "yes", and "yes" can become "no". The impossible becomes possible, and the possible becomes impossible. Your desire is everything. In this divine moment, when everything is blissful and flowing in Your rasa, then there is no question of crying about the problems or requesting a solution. Rather everyone's heart is satiated in the divine flow. Everyone's mind is fully content and floating on the waves of the divine bliss. This is the time to go on dancing in the eternal flow of ra'saliila.

Baba, Your divine liila is unparalleled, the whole universe is dancing in ecstasy, I surrender at Your lotus feet...


In His diverse and colourful manner, Baba expresses His divine teachings in various ways: Devotionally through song, theoretically through philosophy, and a mix thereof using both devotion and theory. It depends on each and every sadhaka, on each and every human mind to decide which one they prefer at any given point in time.

So in His above Prabhat Samgiita, Baba is explaining His ra'sa liila in a purely devotional manner. And now in this below quote He is explaining His ra'saliila using a mix of devotional expression and theoretical philosophy. So this quote stands as another way of expressing nearly the whole of this Prabhat Samgiita.

Baba says, "When devotees realise that all beings are created from a'nanda, exist in a'nanda and return to a'nanda. This realisation causes a radical change in their outlook - no longer can they differentiate between rich and poor, highborn and low-born. They observe an ocean of a'nanda flowing within and around all created beings. 'Rasa vae sah'- all are flowing in the same rasa, the same ocean of bliss. In that divine flow the devotees see Parama Purus'a dancing with each entity. In philosophy, this dance is called 'ra'saliila' [divine play in the flow of bliss]. It does not mean that someone is actually playing a flute with all the humans and cows dancing around him. Rather, it means that all the entities of this beginningless and endless universe are floating in the ocean of cosmic bliss." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-7)

Baba's above guideline is a mix of devotion and philosophy and in this next quote He is explaining the overall concept of this Prabhat Samgiita in a more theoretical manner, in philosophical parlance.

Baba says, "Knowingly or unknowingly everyone is moving around Him. Everyone is bound to move, otherwise they will lose their permanent shelter, they will dissociate from their permanent nucleus. This movement is a natural propensity born out of love for Parama Purus'a. Love for the Supreme is a natural propensity. Intelligent people develop their natural propensities through their sa'dhana', their constant endeavour. The outlook of such people is called Ra'dha' bha'va." (Namami Krsnasundaram, Disc:15)


The above song is related with the life of each and every sadhaka. When sadhana is good then one realises the essence of this song. Then all hatred, fear, and shyness dissipates and people forget about their differences with others and see everything as an expression of His divine flow. On that occasion when their mind is immersed in His bliss then this feeling of ra'saliila is dominant in their mind. So this song is not something beyond the reach of common sadhakas. This song shows how one looks at the world and behaves with others when they are having better sadhana. By His grace, at some point or another, this is something we have all experienced.

Advent of Mahasambhutis

Baba says, "Lord Krsna came about 3500 years ago, when the war of the Mahabharata took place. People's individual qualities then had not taken a collective shape. People did not know the art of living collectively...they fought among themselves because they had no collective sense. Lord Krsna thought that if He combined all there would be collective spirit in the true sense of the term. Then alone all human faculties would get expanded. He tried to make people understand, but they did not understand, because there was no collective spirit in synthesize them all Lord Krsna was born."

"Lord Krsna wanted to bring about a social synthesis, the seed of which was sown by Lord Shiva." (Discourses on the Mahabharat, p.6-7)

Note: In the same way Baba took advent to form one synthetic human society. But unfortunately, groupist leader in H, B, & NIA are doing just the opposite. They are engaged to balkanize and disintegrate it. But what Baba has planned, i.e. to form one human society, that is going to happen. Because it is His wish.

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