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Watch Out For This

To: Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 23:19:48 -0800 From: "Hank Tomasson" Subject: Watch Out For This Baba "Adrira ma'jhe tumi himagiri, pus'per ma'jhe pa'rija'ta..." (P.S. 1685) Purport: Baba, You are the Greatest among the great, the Sweetest among the sweet. Amongst all the mountains, Your status is like the towering Himalayas. Amongst all the flowers, You are like the most brilliant parijata flower. Baba, with Your own hand You are touching and playing the strings of the viina of my inner core-- which is situated in the depths of my heart. With Your soft, loving touch You are arousing the divine ecstasy in my mind. Baba, You have brought me on this earth again and again. And You have inspired me to love You in infinite ways. My whole existence has always revolved around You; but even then I could never be satiated to my heart's full content. Now You have brought me again on this earth. And by Your grace I have brought a basketful of love for You. It is in my heart. O' my Lord, please remain along with me always-- day and night, always. Among all the things which are dear, You are the Dearest. You are my Priyatama, the innermost One of my heart. Of all the things which I love, You are the most dear. You always reside inside my heart. Baba, what way You are, it is impossible to explain through language. I do not have any words to express Your glory. So I do sastaunga pranam to You-- thousands of times, infinite times, again and again. Baba, please keep me at Your lotus feet..
Namaskar, In each and every age the ruling class imposes its values on the entire society such that the common people chase madly after those things. That's why in this present era of extreme capitalism the whole society is blindly running after money and other materialistic prizes. Because the vaeshyans are in power so crude things like money and automobiles etc spell "success". No doubt we Ananda Margiis are aware about the theory behind all this, even then in our personal day to day affarirs we should be careful not to get dragged into that flow. That means as sadhakas we have to exercise great caution when comparing ourselves with others. Or more precisely we must not fall into the trap of comparing ourselves with others exclusively on the point of materialistic gain. Because our human personality is three-fold: physical, psychic, and spiritual. But because the common mass is primarily submerged in degenerated materialistic life, so naturally then they only chase after crude physical wealth. But as Ananda Margiis we know the special secret that we should gain strength in the psycho-spiritual realm. So we should not compare ourselves with others on the point of money, material gain, etc. Because that invites the beginning of an inferiority complex, especially when comparing oneself with a rich person. For example, if we compare our own financial level with others' economic status then the tendency is to invite problems. One may even fall into the depths that "except me, all others have a very successful life". Because they have better material gains such as their property, house, cars, clothes, luxury items etc.
But if we compare ourselves on the point of human potentialities -- that is all one's physical, psychic and spiritual development-- then surely as an Ananda Margii our lives are far better than those engaged in the ways of general society, i.e. those eating tamasik foods etc, etc. As Ananda Margiis we have far more mental purity than materialistic-minded, crude people. Because our basic aim in life is service-- service to Parama Purusa and service to the society. And we always try to keep away from dogma. So surely we are not lower than those common citizens in the mental sphere. And of course when comparing in the spiritual realm, then there is no comparison. We are moving on the divine path of Tantra sadhana. Our Guru is Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, the Taraka Brahma. When He graces anyone then He accepts them as a disciple and He teaches them sadhana, in which case moksa is guaranteed. So the spiritual life of each and every disciple of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is guaranteed success. The sense is that common society is basically crude and dogmatic. Here I am not boasting about our greatness-- we should not develop a superiority complex. Both superiority and inferiority complexes are bad.
My sole point is that as Margiis we have all sorts of noble qualities, then why should we feel inferior with others by seeing their money and property? And why should we throw ourselves into their flow by competing with them in the crude mundane sphere only? Rather one should train the mind to think that 'my path is not only in the physical sphere, but all round, in the physical, psychic, and spiritual spheres'. Then surely, one will not suffer from inferiority complex. Because in the spiritual sphere, surely being Ananda Margiis we are more developed than those materialistic, dogmatic people -- those living in the general society.
We also know that in so many discourses Baba says that Western society is completely imbalanced. So much attention is placed exclusively on the physical sphere while the psychic and spiritual spheres are completely neglected. That's why countless psychic diseases are there. What to say about aged people, even small new-born babies start suffering from psychic diseases. These days doctors are administering tranquilizing medicines even to young children. The sense is that in Western society, psychic diseases are rampant. And it is occupying childrens' minds also. From small babies to senior citizens, a higher percentage of people in the materially developed than among poor countries are in big tension, terrible condition. But the condition of margiis all around the globe is far better. Our duty is to show others the right path. Not to fall into their pit. If mindlessly we throw ourselves in the competition with crude society in mundane sphere, then the consequences and resultant will be completely negative-- drowned in the desperate ocean of materialism. Which is why common society is suffering from all kinds of psychic diseases. So by throwing ourselves into that degenerated approach we will invite that disaster.
It is just like when some crude film star heroes use certain things like a particular pseudo-culture dress style. Or, smoking in a special style. Like those film heroes who release the smoke from their cigarette, and they throw the smoke with their mouth toward the sky in such a round circled way. Then teenagers get attracted towards that thinking it as a grand idea. So without considering the matter, teenagers in their innocence blindly follow those pseudoculture fashions. And those who are rational minded people, think that what is this nonsense. In consequence good people never engage in competing with others in pseudo-fashions. Thus engaging oneself in comparing oneself with others only in the material sphere is a sort of blindness. Because it is commonly known that those who place too much importance on the physical sphere, one or another way in their practical life, they neglect or lag far behind in psychic or spiritual enhancement. And we know that human life devoid of spirituality is just animal life. So the basic idea is, that there should be competition but not only in physical sphere. For healthy competition there should be physical, psychic, and spiritual competition all together in a balanced way.
If we follow the life of a true Ananda Margii, then there will not be any need of incurring unnecessary loan for mundane requirements. Rather, strictness on santosa will solve the problem. So if any margii or WT, if anyone is incurring loan for their regular worldly needs, that should not be appreciated. This type of action should be discouraged. Because according to AM teachings, all margiis belong to one family. So it is our duty to help others. We should not allow anyone to fall into the bottomless pit of debt. And by that way we will save them from unnecessary hardship and a tension filled life.
In His Shabda Cayanika discours Baba further guides us:
Divasasya's't'ame bha'ge sha'kam' pacati yo narah Anrn'ii aprava'sii ca sa va'ricarah modate
Baba says, "The person who is able to get some vegetables to eat at least once a day, who incurs no debt and who has no need to leave home to earn a living, is really happy." (Shabda Cayanika - 1, Disc. 1) The above teaching describes three causes for happiness. All are important and among these three, one point is "Not remaining in debt". So this gives the idea that remaining in debt is highly detrimental. Incurring debt means inviting negativity, restlessness of mind. So the sense is that we should not blindly compare ourselves with the common people on the point of material gain. Those who do so, many of them end up taking loan-- thus inviting terrible problems. Please write your own experiences and advice on this topic. Namaskar, Hitendra
If we see other Ananda Margiis taking loan and going into debt then we should not remain passive. Rather out duty is to come forward and address the issue. Taking loan unnecessarily and incurring debt is very bad. So here Baba guides us not to allow such things to happen to other Margiis. Baba says, "Every Ananda Margi, when he sees any other Margii acting against the principles of Yama-Niyama, will have to make him shun this habit either by sweet words or by harsh words or by dealing even more strictly; and thus will have to make the society strong." (Guide to Human Conduct, p.27)
Some margiis in various units, are facing terrible economic conditions. Mostly they were working in the Prout department. And some senior Prout Dadas inspired them that "Take loan. The banks are all going to collapse." So without thinking deeply, some margiis did take a loan. And now those margiis are facing a very critical conditions. The interest has multiplied exponentially, and now those who took those loans are feeling serious economic crisis and tension. Means tension has permeated into every aspect of their life. So taking loan and developing anxiety on the point of economic debt, ultimately this leads to the destruction of the entire personality.
In the west, running after materialistc values and forgetting one's inner self is one of the main causes of mental depression. This is the central underlying factor. And all other factors are revolving around this main cause. Hence they are subsidiary factors while the main cause is falling prey to the materialistic way of living and comparing oneself with others primarily on this negative basis. This externalised and defective outlook leads to all kinds of complexes and psychic disorders including mental depression.
Those who follow a devotional approach-- i.e. who follow the path of Ananda Marga-- never fall prey to psychic diseases, and certainly not depression. Because a devotional outlook wipes out all complexes and brings bliss into the life.
************************************** Capacity of A'tma Baba says, "Till you have a human body go on doing great work. After death in absence of the brain the mind cannot function in which case one cannot do anything. But the unit consciousness (atma) can still work. It has the capacity to work in subtle form." (Delhi DMC 1984 Discourse) **************************************

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