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In Support of our Youths

From: "Daniel Guttirez" To: Subject: In Support of our Youths Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 11:28:48 +0000 Baba "Toma'r bha'laba'sa' bu'jhe nijeke khunje peyechi..." (P.S. 4504) Purport: Baba You are so gracious. By enabling me to understand Your love I could search for my true self. Earlier I was confused about who I am and I was always feeling sad and pessimistic about my future. But now, by Your grace, in my heart I feel Your love-- I feel that I am under Your shelter at Your lotus feet. Baba, now, by Your grace, I understand where I am; my life has become meaningful. Baba, You are the polestar of my life. By Your arrival, my whole existence is just moving towards You. It is so blissful. Baba, when I get fatigued & tired by involving in the work, and when negative thoughts ruin my peace and tranquility, and when the clouds of hopelessness come-- in that dark hour I take shelter in Your divine love. Baba, my mental sky, my air, my breath, my entire existence, my everything is dancing according to Your sweet melody. My hopes get fulfilled by Your samvit (force of awakening). From the divine land, one unknown angel is beckoning me; O' my dearmost Parama Purusa, You are that very apsera' (angel). I have understood this truth in my meditation by Your grace. Baba, by Your grace, I am completely ensconced in Your love and now I understand that I am completely sheltered in Your lap...
Namaskar, Getting stuck harmful in habits is a common problem these days with many people, but especially so with teenagers because they are more impressionable. That is to say, they are more susceptible to falling prey to the negative aspects of their surroundings.
Generally speaking the formula is, 'If one's company is good then people are involved in good works; and, if one's company is bad then the tendency is for many bad habits to develop'. And because the present social environment is filled with so many degenerative behaviors, that is why many people get negatively affected.
In this circumstance Margii parents, family members, and friends may not know exactly how to solve the problem. Many of the cases may happen like that. That is why Baba's direction is that at the earliest possible moment a proper human society should be formed. Because if only a single house is clean, and all the surrounding houses are dirty and filled with flies, then the foul smell from those flea-infested houses will certainly reach to the clean house also. So until a proper human society is not formed, it is our duty to solve the problem to the best of our ability and thus help our youth, young members of the family, and one and all. And we should guide them and goad their minds in the proper direction. We know that in the natural course of evolution, human beings have come step by step progressing from animal life. So animal tendencies are still active in many people. That is why ordinary human beings easily get attracted to negative practices. Actually it does not need any special training to do negative works. You will not find many educational institutions which teach about robbery. Even then in the present society robbery or theft is quite common-- because of people's natural tendency towards degeneration. So in this condition it is the duty of those who have a more developed mind to help others progress.
To solve this problem of negative habits and addictive behaviors, Baba's teaching is to guide and engage the mind in positive activities. So simply trying to solve the problem by singing the chorus of negativity such as inviting the patient to watch pseudo-culture movies or adopt "less negative habits" like cigarettes in the place of cocaine-- these types of "solutions" will not do. Rather it will create more temptation. Instead the best approach is to engage people in positive things like music, art, discussion groups, sports, and healthy competitions in social service. These are the the types of activities that can help in such circumstances. And this is Baba's explicit teaching as well.
Baba also guides us that at the same time if a person does sadhana then a positive result will come very soon. Because even inborn criminals can be changed to positive with the help of sadhana and asanas. So if any guardian is facing such a problem then this is the solution. Because diversity is the law of nature; all are not the same. And by following Baba's guidelines, then everyone will get the opportunity to progress rapidly and not get caught up in negative habits.
Here I conclude with this Ananda Vanii from our Beloved Guru. Baba says, "...So no human being should ever belittle or slight themselves, rather they should make rigorous efforts to become worthy mediums (media). The wise and intelligent ideate less on their defects and demerits and more on the Supreme desideratum." (Ananda Vanii #66) brotherly yours, Dinesh
On and off again various margiis have raised the question of how to care for and hopefully cure a laokik family member or non-margii friend from one or another addictive behaviors such as drug use or gambling etc. Unfortunately these problems are not isolated incidents; but rather are common ailments of the present society.
In this following teaching from the discourse 'Vya'tireka-1', Baba is guiding us that the best way to cure addicts from their negative behaviors is not to remind them directly of their addiction but to engage their mind in healthier and higher pursuits. Please read the following quotation: Baba says, "The best psychological cure for addicts is to put them in an environment where they will be unable to think of their object of addiction for any length of time. To proclaim, "Don't do this, it's bad," is futile, for it is a negative approach. If you say, "Don't drink wine", you are still injecting the concept of wine into the alcoholic's mind, thus making it impossible for him to forget it and kick (quit) his bad habits. You are giving alcohol negative publicity, and it again becomes his mental object. Thus whenever he gets the opportunity he will certainly drink it again. And it may be that this negative approach encourages the alcoholic to become even more addicted. It is a defective approach." "These days the sign "No smoking please" is placed in many public places, but it will not reduce the amount of smoking. If society wants people to stop smoking, its approach should be to divert the smoker's mind to other objects. A chain smoker should be encouraged to get involved in various pursuits such as music, dance, songs, culture of fine arts, etc., for if the mind remains engaged in these things it will forget its object of addiction. But the person who thinks, "I'll stop drinking wine the day after tomorrow-- no, let me see, why not tomorrow", can never kick the habit, for wine remains the mental object. The mind will try to materialise whatever it thinks about in the external world - this is its nature." (APH-6, p.373-74)
One other important point to be aware of is that Baba tells us not to think about past misdeeds. We should forget about them. That is why HE has designed human beings to have both eyes in the front-- so that we may look forward and march towards the Goal. Thinking about past negative events will cause those things to come again and again; this is the concept of AM. So to think over and over that "I am sinner -- I am sinner", this psychology is not good. If any negative habit is there then one should try to avoid that and engage in higher pursuits. That is why we have seen in Dharma Samiiksa that if anyone committed something negative then always Baba first gave atonement. And then guided their mind toward different social service activities. Only if HE found that after this still people also went on thinking and engaging in those same negative things, then He became very furious. Because according to AM philosophy the human mind has tremendous quality: What way the mind thinks, the whole personality can metamorphose in that direction. So if an honest person thinks about his past misdeeds like stealing then that negative habit will again appear. That is why Baba has given the system of pratyaha'r, 'offering of one's mental colors'. And this is exactly what we do in Guru Puja, so this also one of the important practices. All along His teaching in countless places BABA has guided the entire society on this very point because in certain religions like Christianity they give a lot of preference to remind about their past sins. And most of the time that sin is unknown-- what they did they do not know. This thing is present in small or big form in most of the religions. Because of this also AM has given completely new ideas. So our way in AM is not to condemn people for their sins or wrong actions. Baba says, "In ancient times people were made outcastes on trivial charges of social crimes. We do not subscribe to such beliefs." (AV-5) Rather our viewpoint is to rectify people and free them of their old habits so they may progress.
In the following quotation Baba shows the path how we may overcome various social ills and guide people along the path of welfare. Baba says, "There are certain common and natural tendencies in human life. Those tendencies are of either a degenerating or an exalting nature, that is, they are either of a depraving or an elevating nature. We should encourage the elevating tendencies and discourage the depraving tendencies. In certain portions of this world, depraving tendencies such as pornography exist. Protesting will not stop or check it unless we also do something positive to check it. If we do something positive, it will create a new stir in the human mind. Pornography and other depraving tendencies will be completely discouraged and checked. That will be our course of action. We have to create new literature, new books, new music, new songs...we have to create a cultural stir. These are our immediate duties. We have to chalk out a programme and act accordingly." ('Rule of Rationality', PNS-12) End note: Baba has given the solutions to all the problems, so if ever anyone wants solve any problem they should refer to AM teachings and see what Baba says.
******************************************** Special Formula of Tandava
Baba says, "Tandava: As long as a dancer remains above the ground, he derives much benefit; when he touches the ground, then those benefits are assimilated by the body. That is why in the tandava dance there is much jumping, because jumping requires the practitioner to remain off the ground for a fairly long period of time." (NSS, p. 23)

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