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Caught in Eddies of Life and Death

Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2011 22:04:21 -0000
Subject: Caught in Eddies of Life and Death
From: Satiish K Deva"


Baba's below teaching is quite meaningful for every sadhaka - and every non-sadhaka too.

Baba says, "Those who do the sa'dhana' of desire, who knowingly direct their propensities (vrttis) towards external objects become crude....Their condition is then degraded to the level not merely of animals, but of matter - of wood, stone, etc." 

"Actually, such snobbish materialists are far inferior to animals like asses, etc. They repeatedly face rebirth and continually bind themselves to the chain of slavery; they can never attain the ultimate liberation. As a result of their crude thoughts, they take the form of animals or straw, trees, etc. Through the centripetal action of introversive prakrti, they regain human bodies, but they again become involved in crude activities and attain sub-human bodies. Thus they fall repeatedly into the eddies of life and death; repeatedly they are caught in the dreadful pit of death. They
remain only half-alive, fearing death every moment of their existence. This becomes their destiny. Truly speaking, such beasts in human form are lower than animals...." 

"...Therefore human beings must clearly understand their true responsibilities and act accordingly. They must proceed towards perfection by making proper use of their mental endowments and resources. They cannot sit back smugly after realising through rationality where deathlessness can be attained. In order to be established in it they will have to follow the path of integration and suffering instead of the path of analysis, and absorb themselves in the sa'dhana', of the internal instead of the external." (Subhasita Samgraha - 4, 'Matter & Spirit')

By Baba's grace we are all sadhakas and are hence fortunate to have gotten such a blessing from Baba. He has graciously taught us Brahmavidya, and our AM philosophy guides us that cycle of creation is His cosmic connation. Parama Purusa Himself has created this system and human life is the only experience where one has the freedom and consciousness to
do something on their own, in a limited way. Whereas animal life is purely for exhausting samskaras - nothing more. Certainly in human life one has to face the samskaras of their previous life, but one can do good deeds also and advance on the path of pure spirituality without creating further samskaras. 

Baba's above quotation nicely describes how the samskara theory works in the practical realm and how it is highly beneficial for keeping the mind focused on God and how to across this ocean of bhava (bundle of samkaras). One should know how to lead life accordingly and guide others. There is no other way. Avoiding this truth means inviting more problems. Atheistic people generally do not believe in the samskara theory but by Baba's grace we can understand and know how it really works.        


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