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In Case You Did Not Read This

From: mybeloved baba
Date: Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 3:04 PM
Subject: Fwd: Ananda Sambodhi land resold- more WTs involved in land sale

Ananda sambodhi land sale has created huge waves in entire world. Ananda Marga world is shocked. Only a few WTs are not shocked. We are going to reveal a few more names who are involved in this land sale. You will be shocked to learn those WT names. One senior WT dada went to court and obtained entire copies of most infamous land sale. Anybody can obtain these copies under RTI (Right to Information) Act of Indian law.

This land sale conspiracy was hatched under the intelligent guidance of Ac Nigamananda Avt. But you will be shocked to learn that nowhere his name appears in the land sale deed and court papers. He is so intelligent that he pulls the trigger on the shoulder of others.

Details of Power of Attorney:

Dated 6th Feb 2010-

Power of attorney was prepared in “District Register office” Ranchi. General Power of attorney Token no is 341. Power of attorney no is 2124/ 280/ 2010.

G.S Ac Dhruvananda Avt has signed the Power of attorney in the name of R.S. Kolkata Ac Navarunananda Avt.

Prepared by Ac Citsvarupananda Avt, Central Office Secretary

Witnessed by Ac Shubhadrananda Avt, Head Quarter Ranchi

Witnessed by Ac Nirmeghananda Avt, S.G (P.U) and member of Purodha Board.

Drafted by Advocate Mr. Sunil Kumar Ranchi

Details of land and buyer:

Total Area of Land is 5 Acres and 51 decimel. This land was sold to Mr. Mritunjay Roy son of Jagbandhu Roy, Palashdiha, P.O- Asansol (north). Land was registered at sub-divisional and additional sub registry office at Asansol, Dist Burdhwan. Quarry no is 5091/ 2010. Registered market value is 528864. (Sold at cost of 5 Crores)

Part of land resold to Sumit Agarwal: Mr Mritunjay Roy sold one Acre and 5 decimal land to Mr Sumit Agarwal Son of Sajjan Kumar Agarwal, 181, Arihant Apartment, 2nd Floor,34, Dak hind Hari Road, Calcutta – 48.

Office address of Sumit Agarwal- Omkara PolyPlast Pvt Ltd, 9th Floor, Pamec Street, Calcutta- 700017.


1.    Why land was sold?
2.    Where money has been deposited or spent?
3.    Whether “G.S. Authority” is being misused due to ailing G.S Ac Dhruvananda. GS may not be knowing all these developments.
4.    Whether so called  P.P. is being blackmailed?
5.    Why and how so called P.P. agreed about this land sale?
6.    What Central Committee is doing? Whether Central committee is formed only for eye wash?
7.    Who is working on behalf of Purodha Board and Central committee?
8.    What action has been taken by S.G. VSS on the security of Ananda marga properties.

There are many eyebrows raised than questions. Who will reply above questions?

At His Feet,


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