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Negative & Cowardice Approach

Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 23:06:29 -0400 From: Donald_G To: Subject: Negative & Cowardice Approach Baba "(Tumi) ga'ne esecho, pra'n'e chonya' da'o..." (PS 3304) Purport: Baba, by Your cosmic grace You have come to me in my song. By Your sweet grace You came in my mind while I was singing Prabhat Samgiita. Your blissful arrival has stirred my entire existence. Baba, now please grace me a wee-bit more by giving a soothing touch to my aching heart. Baba please come very close with Your smiling face and blossom Your effulgent Self deep inside my mind. O' my dearmost, please grace me by coming closer and still more close in my dhyana. Baba, You are so charming and enchanting. The entire day has passed in Your ideation-- thinking of You. Now the effulgence of the evening sky is glittering. All the 24hrs are moving in Your sweet flow. Baba, since You have come to me then why not remain with me forever and make me Yours. Baba, please keep me as Your very own-- up to eternity. Baba, You are bliss personified. By Your august presence this illuminating evening, which thrills my whole being with goosebumps, should remain up to eternity. By Your grace let this blissful occasion of Your divine arrival last forever. O' divine Entity please be gracious and let all my devotional longing and loving memories float endlessly in Your tune by Your grace. Baba, with Your divine compassion You have come and showered me in Your bliss. Baba, Your presence is beyond comparison. Baba, You are mine...
Namaskar, By now, all in AM are aware about the alleged case of plagiarism as one senior family acarya / margii professor wrote a book wherein he directly copied Baba's exact sentence(s). The book in question is Prof Dhanjoo Ghista's, "Socio-economic Democracy and the World Government" (2004). One other controversial aspect of the book is the term "collective capitalism". The phrase itself is used in the subtitle and is a main theme of the writing, yet this is not part of our AM approach. Hence letter further addresses (1) the alleged case of plagiarism and (2) points out how the very use of the term "collective capitalism" undermines the propagation of AM ideology.
A few people who reside in Prof Ghista's camp insist that the term "collective capitalism" is helpful because it "enable[s] people to move away from free-market capitalism to collective capitalism, as a start (because people may not be ready for a radical change)". So in essence, at best, Prof Ghista & Co are using the term collective capitalism as an intermediary step to move from capitalism to Prout. This is their stated justification. But in our Marga, Baba never employs such goody-goody techniques-- regardless of the backlash or situation.
For instance, from the very get-go Baba adamantly opposed the dogma of casteism and insisted that people renounce their caste entirely. In result, there was huge clash between AM and the traditional communities of India, but Baba did not budge one inch. Nor did He compromise the matter by saying that a person can keep their caste for ten more years or that AM embraced "partial casteism". Rather Baba emphatically rejected casteism in its entirety. Baba says, "We will not deviate an inch from our ideology." (NSS, Disc: 14) Unfortunately, in his book, Prof Ghista uses his self-coined phrase "collective capitalism" to "soften" the transition from capitalism, as a compromise with ideology. Effectively, he is making a pact with the exploitative machinery of capitalism. This is the type of compromise he is making-- as if this is part of the strategy of Prout. Yet this cowardly compromise is in no way part of our Prout platform. Baba 100% denounces the greedy ways of capitalism. Baba says, "To fight capitalism is therefore within your goal...capitalism is anti-dharma and the actions of capitalists are also anti-dharma." ('Talks on Prout') Thus there is no scope to be making "compromises" or "adjustments" with capitalists in the name of Prout, and there is no scope to introduce fake terms like "collective capitalism" as a means to "enable people to move away from free-market capitalism to collective capitalism, as a start (because people may not be ready for a radical change)". Tragically, Prof Ghista could not follow in Baba's dharmic footsteps. Rather he went against due to his cowardly ways.
Let's take the next example of how Baba refuses to make a pact with anti-social elements. From the very outset, Baba took an uncompromising and unflinching stand against the sheer negativity of communism. And those days communism was rolling like thunder across this earth. The communist cadres were dominating all aspects of society. Yet Baba courageously attacked communism at its core. Our Marga fought communists tooth and nail. There was no compromise and never did Baba uses a phrase like "hybrid communism" to describe Prout in hopes of appeasing communists. Baba does not advocate a slow, gradual transition away from communism. Rather Baba totally rejected the nastiness of communism. Baba says, "Communism is irrational and inhuman – it is against the human psyche." (PNS-17) So that is what we are to do in AM. Project Prout by taking a strong stand against anti-social elements like casteism, communism, religious fundamentalism, and capitalism. On so many occasions this is exactly what Baba has done, each and every day of His life. Yet in his book, Prof Ghista shies away from taking a dharmic stand and instead attempts to make friends with the capitalists by using the fake term, "collective capitalism". This is his unmanly way; it appears he suffers from some type of fear complex. Otherwise what was the need to go against our AM way of life by making a pseudo pact with capitalists.
When Baba began opposing casteism, communism, and capitalism, then those isms were at their full-blown glory. Nobody dared oppose those things. Now the climate is totally different. For years, many social thinkers and even most of the general public is fed up with the greed of capitalism. People are losing their homes, losing their jobs, losing their retirement and savings, etc-- all because of the defects and greed of capitalism. Today, capitalism is not at all a glorified term. Rather, it is like one broken automobile that has lost all its power and is just sputtering down the road, coughing on its own filthy exhaust. That is the state of capitalism today. Even then, even in this conducive environment, Prof Ghista is afraid to denounce capitalism and instead makes a goody-goody agreement with capitalists. So many non-sadhakas have the requisite courage to oppose capitalism, but this much strength or will power our margii professor does not have.
Another defect he has is that throughout his book, "Socio-economic Democracy and the World Government" (2004), Prof Ghista fails to use so much Prout terminology. For instance, you will not see the terms "social cycle", "vaeshya", "ksattriya", or so many other Prout words in Prof Ghista's book. Rather those words are conspicuously absent. That is why many readily state that Prof Ghista has sold out and forgotten Prout. In contrast, Dr Ravi Batra's writings are filled with Prout terminology with innumerable references to Baba's works. Hence Dr Batra has successfully educated so many about the dharmic principles of Prout. On this point he is to be commended. Whereas Prof Ghista is just floundering in his own goody-goody ocean of compromise.
Now to the next phase of this letter. Here in clear-cut terms is the case about the alleged plagiarism in Dhanjoo Ghista's book: (1) Here is the well known rule in publishing about plagiarism: "Direct copying from original sources. Most commonly, this involves using one or more sentences verbatim from your original source (with or without footnotes). This is completely unacceptable. If you copy your source text you *must* put the passage in quotes or offset the passage. However, extensive quoting of this nature is generally frowned upon in scientific writing and indicates that you have made little original contribution to the work." (2) Baba's original sentence: In the commune system, society is reduced to merely a production-distribution mechanism under a regimented system of control. (PNS-14, 'Cooperatives') (3) Prof Dhanjooji's sentence: n communism, the society is reduced to a production-distribution mechanism under a regimented system of control. (Socio-economic Democracy and the World Government, p.3) (4a ) Clearly Prof Ghista has breached the writing ethic as his work clearly falls into the category of plagiarism according to the above definition: "Direct copying from original sources. Most commonly, this involves using one or more sentences verbatim from your original source (with or without footnotes). This is completely unacceptable." (4b) Acts of plagiarism by a professor result in: - Loss of one's tenured position at a university; - Revocation of contract with publishing company. (5) Merely mentioning the name PR Sarkar in a remote place in the book does not suffice. That is not enough to justify copying a sentence word for word. (6) Each and every devotee wants that Baba's books should not be lost or stolen. As I am concerned, I know that everyone else in AM is also concerned. I think all will consider this. As Ananda Margiis, we should not open the door for other writers to take Baba's words and print them in their own name. We should protect the sanctity of Baba's books at any cost. (7) Up till now, not a single Guru's teachings has remained safe. Not Lord Krsna's, nor Buddha's, no one. Baba has given us measures to protect His teachings and we must do so. (8) I certainly appreciate Prof. Ghistaji's years of dedication and service but what he has done will create a negative trend. (9) Finally let us remember Baba's teachings from His discourse, 'Taking Shelter in Satya is the Essence of Sadhana', 25th of November, 1978 Bombay. In this discourse Baba gives stern advice to sadhakas as to how to address this matter. Baba says that a snake outside one's house is dangerous; but a snake inside one's house is still more dangerous. One should direct one's efforts strongly toward removing any snakes inside one's house. That is, those who are one's so-called close persons-- if any among them are insincere or crooked or ready to fall to the temptations of momentary pleasure rather than adhere steadfastly to dharma, then these are the persons one must oppose first in life. This Baba speaks very strongly about, and it is not an easy guideline to follow. One must oppose those in one's own house if they are not sincere and strong adherents of dharma. (10) I think, nay expect, that now every Ananda Margii is ready to take this issue seriously.
By Baba's grace we are to fight in an uncompromising way against all injustices. We should not walk in the cowardly footsteps of Prof Ghista who writes to appease big name capitalists. Nor should we sit quiet when someone plagiarizes Baba's books, irregardless who that somebody may be. Baba says "Struggle is the essence of life. Yours should be a pauseless struggle against corruption, hypocrisy and animality." (Ananda Vanii #11) Namaskar, Divyajyoti
In all spheres of life Baba has taken an uncompromising stand. Whether it be against casteism, capitalism, communism, the dowry system, women's rights, or whatever, always Baba advocates the path of dharma. He never takes a slow, gradual approach. Only in the case of land management reform does Baba advocate a step-wise pattern of change. When fighting against the dogmas and injustices of the world, Baba takes a firm, uncompromising stand. Baba says, "If you have a firm resolve to realize your goal, you shall become great. Without a firm resolution, you cannot achieve anything." (AV-1) Unfortunately, it seems that Prof Ghista does not have that needed firm resolve.
*************************************************** Summum Bonum
Baba says, "The spiritual progress of microcosms is never possible without devotion. If you have devotion, you can call Parama Purus'a to you; He will certainly come to you, rather He must come to you. For this, you may or may not have anything else, but if you have devotion, you have everything. By dint of that, one attains Parama Purus'a, one becomes identified with Him. This is the summum bonum of human life." (SS-18, p.45)

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