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History of the Birth of...

Date: 17 May 2011 14:19:58 -0000
From: "Subhash Deva"
Subject: History of the Birth of...



We all know that since 1990, we have been living in an era when those at the helm issue their own fake Ananda Vaniis.

Over the years, much has been written about why these so-called vaniis are fake - and some of those points will be appended below.

What has not been talked about much is why our respected Dadas did like this. What propelled them into thinking they should create these Fake Ananda Vaniis. What are the historical forces at play?

                                     HISTORICAL CONTEXT  

After 1990, there was a major vacuum of power in the organisation. Someone was bound fill the void.

Of course we all know which Dada held the reins in those early days immediately after Oct 1990. We need not mention his name here. Rather we should be aware that he and every leader since has followed in this "tradition" of creating Fake Ananda Vaniis.

We should understand what started this trend as well as why it has been continued up till this very moment.

                                              POWER TRIP

Please excuse me but the first and foremost reason why a few of our Purodha Dadas issued Fake Ananda Vaniis was power. Unfortunately, such Dadas harbored an intense urge to capture, maintain, and expand their rulership. They had to demonstrate that they deserved to be in that seat. Perhaps the best way to protect their power was to exercise it. They felt the need to flex their muscles.

To that end they did so many things:
1. Invented the dogmatic salute to PP Dada as if PP is Baba Himself;
2. Changed Caryacarya to include the dogmatic Mahaprayan program;
3. Manipulated countless bhukti pradhan elections;
4. Curtailed margii rights;
5. Victimised and expelled any and all who opposed them;
6. And so many more things they did, including issue Fake Ananda Vaniis.

Indeed creating Fake Ananda Vaniis complements their overall agenda of demonstrating their power and justifying their hold of the top chair.

First and foremost our respected Dadas thought: "I have power so I must use it, lest I lose it."

This negative mentality gave birth to the notion of creating and making Fake Ananda Vaniis.

                                    ULTERIOR MOTIVE AT WORK

Once they came up with this notion that by (mis)using their new found power then they will best be able to keep it, they went one step further. And this is reflected in their creation of Fake Ananda Vaniis. They did not just create Fake Ananda Vaniis; they created Fake Ananda Vaniis with their own ulterior motive in mind.

Basically here we have a two-step process:
1) Such Dadas made these Fake Ananda Vaniis as a means of exercising their power on the throne.
2) They thought that they should "flavour" or "spice" these Fake Ananda Vaniis with their own selfish agenda. They had an ulterior motive in mind.

They promptly then began making Fake Ananda Vaniis that suited their political interest and whim.

For instance, while Baba's dharmic and original Ananda Vaniis are filled with spiritedness, courage, and the idea of actively fighting exploitation, in contrast the Fake Ananda Vaniis invented our respected Dadas aimed to make margiis passive - even indolent. Such leaders critically withdrew all the pra'na (i.e. life-force and fighting power) when making their Fake Ananda Vaniis.

But don't just take my word for it - see for yourself.

Here are but a few examples of Baba's dharmic expression in His original Ananda Vaniis:
(a) "...Inspire those who are liars and criminals to live honest lives by pointing out their defects..." - Ananda Vanii #8
(b) "...Yours should be a pauseless struggle against corruption, hypocrisy and animality." - Ananda Vanii #11
(c) "...Live for your ideology Die for your Ideology." - Ananda Vanii #14

Now compare that with the Fake Ananda Vaniis that our purodhas have made:
(a) "everything is to undergo changes and you should be ready to adapt yourself, to adjust yourself with those changed phases." (Fake Ananda Vanii January 2005)
(b) And like that over the years - & even in 2011 - so many of the Fake Ananda Vaniis satisfy their own group interest of pacifying margiis and / or blindly supporting their group.

Here the point is that Baba's Ananda Vaniis are based on truth and righteousness whereas the groupist Fake Ananda Vaniis played into their own personal agenda.

So when the various Dadas come into power they create Fake Vaniis to meet their own ends. As sad as it may seem, in His below teaching, Baba best describes this nasty trend.

Baba says, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." (Ananda Vacanamrtam, part 33, Yatamána, Vyatireka, Ekendriya and Vashiikára)

                                            THEIR BOGUS LOGIC:

                          BABA'S ANANDA VANIIS ARE OUTDATED

Of course, our Dadas could not tell the world that they were making Fake Ananda Vaniis as a means to express their dominance. That would not be received well.

So they opted to hide their real motive behind the creation of Fake Ananda Vaniis; and they instead created their own logic which they would share publicly. And this is what they said.

Some of our senior Dadas told that Baba's original Ananda Vaniis were old and outdated like a last week's or last year's newspaper. This was their false justification.

They further told that Baba gave those Ananda Vaniis on that particular day for those people present - as if Baba's Ananda Vaniis had no long-term value. Their basic message was that Baba's teachings in those Ananda Vaniis were no longer relevant. Hence we have to create fresh and new Ananda Vaniis.

This is the false and bogus logic which those inventors of the Fake Ananda Vaniis gave. And again their baseline message was that Baba's Ananda Vaniis are outdated.

                                   BABA'S TEACHINGS ARE ETERNAL

                              INCLUDING HIS ANANDA VANIIS

Here is the reply to such Dadas who claim that Baba's original Ananda Vaniis are no longer relevant to today's world.

All Baba's teaching were given on a particular day and date. But those teachings are not limited to that particular period. His spiritual guidelines never get old - they never lose their value.

Baba says, "The books in Ananda Marga philosophy are all absolute knowledge. The proper mark of identity of absolute knowledge is that it must be universal, rational and psychological." (APH-4, Prápta Vákya and Ápta Vákya)

And indeed Baba's Ananda Vaniis are His spiritual guidelines that appear in book form.

Let's take a closer look:

On 1 January 1976, Baba delivered Ananda Vanii #44:

Baba says, "Be firm on sixteen points. Unite all the righteous forces. All the tall talks of the evil forces will be silenced." (Ananda Vanii #44)

According to some Purodhas, the above original and true Ananda Vanii given by Baba is now irrelevant. That is their justification for creating Fake Ananda Vaniis. But this could be nothing further from the truth.

Baba's original and true Ananda Vaniis were relevant for that very day as well as far into the future as well. Baba's Ananda Vaniis are timeless. Right now, the way to bring about dharma and silence the evil forces is to follow 16 Points strictly. That was true on 1 January 1976 and it is true today, 35 years later. And that same Ananda Vanii will remain true and relevant in 100 years and beyond.

That is why Baba's Ananda Vaniis are timeless and meant to be used again and again. Indeed He has blessed us by giving His collection of original Ananda Vaniis that address all kinds of circumstances and situations yet also hold eternal value. This is the special quality of the Ananda Vaniis. It is not that those Ananda Vaniis were only meant for that day or for those people in attendance. Those Ananda Vaniis are not like old newspapers. Rather Baba's Ananda Vaniis are 100% dharmic that are relevant across time, space and person.

Here is another of His original Ananda Vaniis.

Baba says, "It is action that makes a person great. Be great by your sádhaná, by your service, by your sacrifice." (1 January 1964, Ananda Vanii #20)

This Ananda Vanii is also pure and blemishless and not at all affected by the passage of time. There is no need for groupists to create Fake Ananda Vaniis. Already Baba has given a wonderful collection of 74 original Ananda Vaniis that are as perfect and relevant today as they were on the day they were originally given.

So the notion that certain Dadas needed to create Fake Ananda Vaniis because Baba's Ananda Vaniis are old and outdated is totally bogus.

                                MORE ABOUT THEIR BOGUS LOGIC

Indeed if we accept the bogus logic that Baba's Ananda Vaniis are old and outdated because they were delivered on a particular date for a certain limited audience, then we have to accept that logic for all of Baba's teachings: yama and niyama, neo-humanism, Prout, microvita, Prabhat Samgiita, Ananda Sutram, kiirtan, samadhi, etc. All those topics should also be tossed aside too. After all, they were also given on a particular date to a select group of attendees.

Of course no rational Ananda Margii will agree to this. Because we know that all Baba's teachings are timeless, including His original Ananda Vaniis.

On every topic which Baba addressed, He is speaking for the whole future of humanity, not just for a certain group at a particular juncture of time. Baba is speaking for all that is why He would insist that His talks be recorded, printed and published. Why? Because He was giving timeless teachings for the entire humanity.

So those who give the bogus logic that Baba's Ananda Vaniis are outdated are totally off-base. This is just their false manner to wield more power.

                            ONE OTHER NEGATIVE REPERCUSSION

Another harmful outcome of the Fake Ananda Vaniis is that those born or entering the Marga after 1990 will only be exposed to such Fake Vaniis. Their whole life will pass surrounded by these groupist fabrications and they will not even know that Baba has created a vast and remarkable collection of original Ananda Vaniis. They will miss out on this entirely.

Yet Baba's original Ananda Vaniis are not only timeless but they are highly applicable to a whole range of situations and circumstances. Baba was able to uniquely deliver a message that was addressed a particular topic or theme in a timeless manner.

That is why we can really say that Baba's collection of original Ananda Vaniis will never become old. They will never be like yesterday's newspaper. They will always provide a fresh, dharmic and vibrant message - relevant to all kinds of events and human advancement.

So it is a real shame that some are filling this earth with their Fake Ananda Vaniis. We should not allow this to happen a moment longer.

                                            BABA'S BLESSING

By Baba's grace He has endowed us with a great collection of original and true Ananda Vaniis that provide the whole humanity with a set of timeless teachings. We must not allow anyone to push Baba's Vaniis aside as they invent Fake Ananda Vaniis.

Fueled by their own self-interest and lust for power, some Dada have created their own logic for why Baba's vaniis should not be used. No rational margii will be duped by their false justifications.

Now we all know that Baba's original Ananda Vaniis are perfect and true across time, space and person. These are the Ananda Vaniis we are to use - again and again - and their value is eternal.

Baba says, "What comes from Parama Puruśa is ápta vákya...As devotees, you should follow only ápta vákya. You should remember that the Sixteen Points are your ápta vákya..By the Grace of, by the compassion of Parama Puruśa, you have received the ápta vákya guidelines, and it is your duty to adhere strictly to the teachings and gospel of ápta vákya." (Ananda Vacanamrtam, part 2, The Excellence of a Bhakta)



In review, Baba's true Ananda Vanii messages-- which He has given twice annually on New Year's Day and on Ananda Purnima-- are very precise and pointed like an arrow. They are complete discourses in and of themselves. They are not part of any larger discourse and they are not just a quote or partial paragraph. Instead, Baba's true Ananda Vaniis are 100% full & complete and stand as is. Plus they are unique and new in their own special way-- never a repeat of previously released material.

In contrast, the Fake Ananda Vaniis are just a quotes selected by groupists from a previously released discourse. To understand that quote one must read the entire discourse. That quote is not meant to stand alone. To read just that quote is misleading and ambiguous. That is why those are Faike Ananda Vaniis.

Baba's original Ananda Vaniis are complete and unique unto themselves. They are pointed, timeless discourses that have universal application across time, space and person.

                                               PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Jhainjha' jadi a'se jujhite shakati dio..." (P.S. #1783)


 Baba, You are my Saviour. If in my life a hurricane or typhoon comes, then You please provide me the strength to fight and face that negative situation. And give me the strength to struggle and persevere.
 Baba, if ever in my life lethargy and frustration comes, then please provide me strength to hold onto Your feet. And to go on moving on Your path.  Baba, by Your grace I am treading on Your path. You please color my mind with Your color in all situations. During both pleasure and pain.   
   With Your divine grace, if my mind becomes radiant then it cannot be covered by staticity during times of cimmerian darkness. Please grant me strength to follow Your dictates.  
   Baba, please grace me and give me the force to go on marching on the path of effulgence, in an undaunted way moving ahead. And please give me strength by Your grace, to jump up and take on ever-new tasks to serve the downtrodden people.   
   And please bless me by Your Varabhaya mudra. So in my life, I never feel fear or cowardice to fight against demonic forces. Baba, in all the circumstances I am completely depending on Your grace. Without Your grace, nothing is possible...

                     Who is blessed one?

Baba says, "The man who is intelligent should, from his very childhood,
move along the path of proto-spirituality. The sooner a man starts and
moves along this path of psycho-spirituality, the better it is. He is the
blessed one." (AV-12, p.75)

Note: With the start of this happy new year we should once again reflect
how Baba has graced us by providing us all the tools and teachings for
moving along the path of spirituality. So again with renewed vigor we
should be more firm and more sincere in our adherence to Sixteen Points.

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