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Re: Scam of GS #5

From: "Prabhakar Deva" prabhakar.d1@roots...
Subject: Re: Scam of GS #5
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 12:04:44


== RE: SCAM OF GS ==

~ Part 5 ~

Note: This is the fifth letter in this series. Please find links to the four earlier letters. - Eds

Brother Mukesh Bhat wrote:

"It has come down to this: Not all the dadas, didis and margiis who loaned GS Citsvarupananda money are believing his story. Some are saying that GS did not get scammed by anyone, rather he himself fabricated everything and engineered his own scam on us – the margiis and dadas etc.

Now a huge commotion is erupting across Delhi sector and news of this entire scandal is fast spreading around."

I have been following the account of this GS financial scam and am astonished by the sums of money involved - and the way the whole thing was handled.

What a blunder! GS Dada Citsvarupananda took loans from many, many margiis & Wts and lost everybody's money; then GS told them he got cheated. Who knows what really happened. All that can be said is that such type of Dada is so greedy.

When under the spell of greed - the brain itself does not function - and in that way he lost all that money. 


It could be that GS Dada Citsvarupananda is greedy - in one of two ways:

(A) Some say he was enticed by getting 25 crores rupees so he foolishly gave large amounts of money to an untrusted party in hopes of getting a big return. That is one form of greed.

(B) Or, others say all along GS had the plan to keep that money in his own pocket. That is to say, he took a loan of lakhs and lakhs of rupees from generous margiis and Wts with the sole intention of duping them and keeping the money for himself. Such a plan is also founded in greed.

In either case, the mind-set is not proper and certainly not befitting of an acarya - let alone the organisational head, i.e. GS Dada. When motivated by greed, then these types of scandals are common - unavoidable.


That is why Baba has delivered a stern warning about the dangerous and sinful nature of greed.

Baba says, "Whether in the material world or in the intellectual world, the predominant tendency that makes today’s people, both individually and collectively, rush headlong without control, is the instinct of greed. The propensity of greed, if not controlled by rationality, or benevolent intellect, or spiritual practices, will lead to premature death. Nothing can save human beings from this. This instinct of greed has brought the present humanity to such a state that people no longer consider anything as sinful. Rather, they consider the “sin psychology” as a mental weakness, and the worst of sins are being glorified as the height of intellect, not only indirectly, but also openly. The omniscient Shiva observed the rampant expansion of materialism and its dangerous consequences and clearly stated, Lobhah pápasya hetubhútah [“Greed is the root cause of all sins”]." (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Shivas Teachings – 1 (continued), Disc: 10)


Along with the many who already have been mentioned in previous letters, here are more who have been burned by this GS financial scandal.

Dada Mantracaetanyananda (RS Ranchi) was also cheated by GS. Dadaji gave 20,000 rupees to GS Citsvarupananda, yet RS Dada is not getting that money back. Although GS Dada has assured him that, "So long as you keep quiet, I will pay you back. But if you complain, or create any commotion, or talk about this, then I will not pay you back." That is the way GS Dada is handling the matter, at present.

Not only that, but Puna DSL also loaned GS Dada 25,000 rupees, and Didiji has not seen that money since. Who knows when Didiji will be paid back...if ever.

It seems that GS dada did not spare anyone - neither Dadas, nor Didis, nor so many margiis. All became victims of GS Dada's money scam.

Prabhakar Deva

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