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News: Boxing

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 11:55:22 -0000 From: "Motilal Pandey" Subject: News: Boxing To: Baba
Namaskar, Since Pranavanandaji's passing three months ago, a battle has been going on here for control of the school, "Himalayan Institute of Integrated Therapy", in Kullu. Ranchi, EC & B group have been trying to gain control of the school. And each faction sent a few of their workers to Kullu just after Pranavananda's passing to take over the school. Around that time, Dr Jitendra Singh of SUVA, representing EC group, also came. But, at that time, there was no resolution of who should get the school, "Himalayan Institute of Integrated Therapy". (Note: Unfortunately the cowardly founders of the school did not use the name of Ananda Marga in the title of the school, due to their ulterior motive.) Then just 2 weeks ago, we got the report that again Dr Singh came to India, just for one week with the sole intention of visiting the Kullu school & to convince local Margiis not to hand over the school to Ranchi group. As some may or may not know, Dr Jitendra Singh has put a lot of money into the school, "Himalayan Institute of Integrated Therapy", at Kullu - as have his other Laukik family members. They all financially supported the Kullu school. Anyone who has come here and visited the school know there is a lot of computer equipment & other other costly items on site. Dr Jitendra Singh came to Kullu primarily because he is worried that he will lose his investment in equipment at the school. He still harbors the bitter taste of what happened with the hospital at Ananda Nagar which got captured during the group clash. To keep the school, Dr Jitendra Singh tried to convince one EC group Dada to go there & take charge but that Dada wasn't interested. In the end, still today there is boxing going on for who will control the school at Kullu. Now is the time the general society needs neo-humanistic teaching of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, and these people are extremely busy in infighting, wasting their precious time and resources which could have been used for serving suffering humanity. Let Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji give these people viveka and vaeragya so that they can understand the truth that Baba wants samgacchadhvam in true sense. Namaskar, Motilal

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