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Sex Scandal: Why Not writing to....

From: "Aaron Tenning" To: Subject: Sex Scandal: Why Not writing to.... Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2009 23:51:44 -0800 Baba PS Intro: This following song expresses the deepest love towards Parama Purusa. This is Kevala Bhakti. "Ke go tumi ele a'ma'ri mane, lukiye chile korn gahane..." (P.S. 840) Purport: O' Divine Entity, who are You who has come in the abode of my mind. With Your august arrival, the sky, wind, and the whole atmosphere has become spiritually charged and filled with Your divine vibration. High in the sky the moon's smile has brought a surreal atmosphere of sweet love. Baba, up till now, in which unknown and secret place were You hiding. Baba, by Your grace, today in the soft and fragrant breeze of this spring season, my restless heart only yearns for You. There is no end to the longing of my aching heart. Baba, in the melodious chirping of the birds, in the isolated corner of my mind, please merge my heart in Your heart-- make them one. Baba, by Your grace today I have forgotten the old tale of crying and laughter. Now all the obstacles have been removed by Your grace. My one-pointed mind is rushing only towards You. Baba, today by Your grace I will try to please & serve You up to Your heart's content by singing Your song. Baba, by Your infinite grace You have advented in my heart and taken away everything and made me Yours...
Namaskar, Recently a report was posted about the alleged sexual misconduct of some WTs in GT sector. To read that letter visit:
In reply so many responses were given. Various margiis from GT sector confirmed that the report was "absolutely true", others stated that it was important as it clearly enumerated certain Wt conduct rules, and many others expressed their thoughts as this letter was widely circulated around the globe. In addition, one worker put forth this suggestion: "Allegations of wrong doing 'must be submitted in writing' to the higher authorities." - (Written by one senior WT posted in GT Sector) And it is this last comment that is the subject of this letter.
First off, let us readily clarify that it is Baba's system that we write our higher authorities to report any wrongdoing in the organisation. However, Baba's directive is based on the premise that those higher authority figures themselves are moral and following AM ideology. Then writing those higher authorities will yield a proper result. Unfortunately, when our organisational higher authorities are themselves involved in unethical dealing, groupism, financial swindling, and the curtailment and elimination of margii rights, then writing the higher authorities about problems in the organisation will not work. Rather it will be like an ordinary Chinese peasant writing the upper echelons of the Chinese government about the ongoing problems in China. In response those government officials will come crashing down on that peasant and the reported injustices will be entirely overlooked. Unfortunately, similar is the case in AMPS - and here is the proof.
Let's take a closer look at the situation as to why margiis choose not to write higher authorities about the misdeeds going on in AMPS. When margiis see any WT go against their acarya conduct rules then that margii has the distinct right to take silent action. And the organisation and the involved WT are to respect that margii's right and investigate the situation in a fair manner. But instead what happens, if any margii takes silent action against a worker, then a huge uproar ensues. The organisational authorities become furious that a simple margii has the audacity to take such action and the involved WT makes explicit and silent threats towards that margii. That is the practical result we see happening if and when silent action is taken. That is why no margii wants to take silent action against a worker. It is not that all workers are perfectly adhering to their codes of conduct. That is not the reason why no margii is taking silent action. Rather any margii taking silent action will then be looked upon as an enemy and their existence in the organisation will be scarred for life: They will lose their post, their friends, their ability to come to dharmacakra etc. A huge backlash will result - all because that margii exercised their right to take silent action. So no margii wants to do that. No one wants to take silent action for fear of what will result. Yet now that a huge scandal has erupted in GT sector, one worker is requesting margiis to write to the higher authorities. But writing the higher authorities is one step beyond taking silent action. In that case, who will want to take that big and dangerous step of writing higher authorities: No one. Why? Because instead of a proper investigation being put in place regarding the alleged worker wrongdoing, the innocent margii will be treated like a criminal and banished from AMPS life. That is why no margii is writing and that is why the suggestion for someone to write the higher authorities is foolhardy.
Who can forget what happened to Respected margiis Bhatji of Sirsi and Dayananda of Shimoga. They were global ACB members but when they wrote to the higher authorities of AMPS about organisational impropriety, then they were kicked out from their post, banished from dharmacakra, sneered at, spit at, and victimised to no end. Witnessing that, no margii dared to write higher authorities. Because if the above abuse and torture could happen to a global ACB member, then what will happen when a simple margii writes. Will they be killed in the street?!? And like this there are so many cases in each and every sector, and each and every bhukti. When an injustice is done, the margii reporting the injustice is victimised severely. In that case, everyone understands that it is organisational suicide to write the higher authorities. Thus when one respected worker suggests that margiis should write higher authorities about acarya misconduct in GT sector, who is going to think that this is a viable solution.
This entire process should proceed in a step-wise fashion. First the organisational heads should learn to accept silent action in a cool-headed manner. When it is seen that such authority figures can accept silent action in a rational way such that no margii is victimised, then margiis can consider writing high authorities. Until that time, writing higher authorities will remain nothing but a silly dream. Margiis will think it is too dangerous to take silent action, let alone write the higher authorities. As a reminder, here is a past letter about the problem of writing higher authorities:
The way things stand now, the prospect of writing the higher authorities is quite grim. Since 1990, with regards to the freedom of expression, our Marga is little different from communist China, Russian totalitarianism, African War-Lords, and the Catholic Church. In all the above mentioned dogmatic and suppressive regimes, no one is allowed to say anything about any injustices. Doing so is to invite victimisation and in some cases death. That is what practically results when some courageous person steps forward. And that is how those crude regimes have kept their power generation after generation. That is why you will never see a person in Rwanda or Zaire write a letter to the local general or war-lord about an injustice in their locale. Because they know that the backlash against them will be extreme and that in the end nothing will result except the covering up of those injustices. Yet this is no way to build a society. Suppression just invites more and more exploitation by the leaders until finally terrorist or guerrilla forces take to action and there is fighting in the streets. So the road that our Marga is presently on is not good. Rather our higher authorities should learn to accept and respect the voice of margiis and not condemn margiis to hell for pointing out injustices.
In AMPS, Baba places immense responsibility upon the leaders. And He also states that the leaders must ultimately answer to every injustice in that society. Baba says, "Today there is catastrophe and misery in human society and there is one reason: the defective leadership of society." (AV-31) Until the leaders in AMPS understand their vital role, there will not be justice in the Marga and no one will like to write higher authorities about worker wrongdoing, such as the recent cases in GT Sector. Our leaders have immense scope to guide the society, but only if they themselves are moral and willing to listen to the people, i.e common margiis. Without that their leadership will just be a misuse of power where they suppress all expression and hide all wrongdoing in order to keep the chair.
Until the climate changes in our Marga, the suggestion to write the higher authorities will remain impractical, if not dangerous and foolish. Baba says, "To take leadership in society you must be established in yama and niyama in just such a strict way." (AV-31) Namaskar, Arjuna
The Dadaji who so graciously offered the advice - "write to higher authorities" - has been working in GT sector for years and years and he is quite familiar with the wrongdoing(s) going on there. Please read the following excerpts from a letter written by senior margiis from Bogata, Colombia to Central Authorities including GS Dada, CWWS, etc. Their writing clearly shows how Dada Maheshvarananda is "in the know." "Since 2007 when the long-lasting immoral conduct of the two dadas Divyapremananda and Japamantrananda was disclosed before Ananda Marga SS dada and SWWS didi..." "Divyapremananda’s case is even worse. He has insulted, verbally abused, and even threatened the lives of Didi Ananda Shraddha as well as the margii sisters and brothers who disclosed his reprehensible conduct to AM authorities. He has gone as far as to filing a penal court case against these margiis accusing them of defamation (as if everything they have said were not true)...." "The only help we have received in this period came from Venezuela. Dada Maheshvarananda believed us from the beginning. You may or may not know that he was in the committee that had to decide whether or not to bring Divyapremananda back to the Region after his time in a Spanish prison for drug-dealing. So he very well knows Divyapremananda’s past with drugs and repeated wrongful involvement with women. Without his help, we wouldn’t have been heard by AM Sectorial and Central Organization." So, by the above letter, it is clear that Dada Maheshvarananda is well aware about the sexual misdeeds of these Dadas. After all he was a member of the committee that reviewed this Dada's wrongful conduct. And Dadaji is also aware that those margiis who chose to write the higher authorities faced severe backlash, torture and torment. Hence Dadaji knows of Divyapremananda's sinful sexual misconduct with sisters and Dadaji knows what ongoing hell the margiis had to withstand after writing higher authorities. Furthermore, Dadaji knows the very act of writing the higher authorities did not sufficiently resolve the matter. Yet, now in public, Dada Maheshvarananda denies the veracity of the sexual misconduct claims against various Dadas in GT and he is still demanding that margiis write to higher authorities, when he is fully aware that any margii who writes to those higher authorities will be threatened, abused and victimised. And on the top, justice will not be served - the conduct of those sinful Dadas will not be rectified nor properly addressed by organisational heads. Thus we all have to think. It is for each one of us to decide the standing our Dear Dada. Indeed all of the above, not only makes one question the integrity of Dada Maheshvarananda but we also must ask ourselves what kind of friend he is, as he is asking margiis to place not just their hand but their head in the fire by "writing higher authorities."
******************************************* Futility of Materialism
Baba says, "Materialism is the sign of shallow knowledge. Due to lack of proper understanding and ignorance people become materialists. Human beings should study more and acquire sufficient knowledge. Then they will understand that in materialism there is nothing." (DMC 84 Delhi, SS-16 (H))

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