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Baba's Guideline: When Extremely Busy, What To Do First

From: "Satyajiita"
Subject: Baba's Guideline: When Extremely Busy, What To Do First
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2012 21:32:43



Life is full of ups and downs and unexpected situations. We all face uncertain times and tough conditions that make life overwhelming. However, even then we will not be at a loss for how to proceed.

Baba has graciously given us all the right practices and solutions, and addressed every circumstance.

In one particular discourse delivered in Madras (25 June 1966), Baba gives us an exact 4-step sequence for what to do when we are in an extremely difficult moment.

By following His below guideline, we are sure to be successful and maintain proper adjustment and equipoise even in the most challenging and unexpected situations.


So many unexpected and extreme situations arise in life. So many things occur that are beyond our ability to plan - that take us away from our daily routine. This can happen in the case of various incidents related to birth, death, or life etc.

It could be anything where one is so busy that they are taken away from their normal routine and do not have time for their regular sleep, eating, bathing, and sadhana routines etc.

So many unexpected and extreme situations arise in life. So many things occur that are beyond our ability to plan - that take us away from our normal schedule.

Now in this 21st century, life is extremely busy. People are on the go all the 24hrs. So when one big, unexpected event occurs, then life becomes beyond our ability to manage. We cannot attend to our regular duties as we are fully focused on dealing with the task at hand - whether it be a birth, death, or something critical.

It is in that very extreme circumstance that we are to strictly adhere to Baba's guideline. Then we will be in accordance with dharma and in the best position to gain success and serve others.


When common citizens are overwhelmed with life, sleep deprived, and too busy to take care of their basic duties such as eating and washing due to a critical dire circumstance, then when they get a spare moment the first thing they do is eat.

This is the common way most people proceed - or if they are plagued by more undesirable habits, they will have a smoke or a drink (i.e. alcohol).

In Ananda Marga also, when submerged in a crises or tough situation - while none of us will smoke or drink - some may eat food as their first recourse.

But this is not the proper approach. Baba's guideline is something altogether different.


In His highly unique discourse, Baba gives us the following formula for how to proceed in such situations.

When overwhelmed by a life circumstance and when thrown from our daily routine, Baba guides us that the first thing we should do is sadhana.

So sadhana is the #1 priority.

Baba instructs us that even if we have not eaten or bathed or done any of our regular duties because of unforeseen circumstances, then as soon as we get even as little as 5 minutes free, then we should do sadhana.

We are mental beings, and by doing sadhana even for just 5 minutes our mental equipoise will be restored. So Baba gives top priority to doing sadhana.

Then if we have a little more time then we should bathe.

So taking a bath is the #2 priority.

That means if we have 10 minutes time we are to address our physical body and attend to basic human hygiene. Taking a bath, according to the Ananda Marga system will allow us to further revitalise ourselves. In that case we will do a 5 minute bath, and reserve 5 minutes for sadhana.

If we have 15 minutes, Baba says we should take some time to nap.

So taking a nap or getting a little sleep is #3.

The main point is that sleep repairs the body, so taking a few minutes to nap will restore the body and settle the mind. It allows a person to come back to their normal flow - reach a state of balance. This period of napping might just be for a few minutes, but it is very important to do. In that case, one will nap for 5 minutes, take a 5 minute bath, and then do sadhana for 5 minutes.

If a person has 20 minutes or more, taking food should be incorporated into the plan.

So eating is #4.

Taking food is the final step of this unique sequence which Baba has given in this 1966 English discourse in Madras. By eating, Baba means taking sentient food in a calm manner, chewing thoroughly, and keeping the mind in a positive state.

So these are Baba's step-wise guidelines for how to proceed when encumbered by difficult life circumstances wherein one is thrown from their normal routine.


Here is a brief outline and review of how to conduct ourselves when we get a break from a hectic and busy period.

(I) 5 MINUTES: Do sadhana only;

(II) 10 MINUTES: Take a bath (5 min) and do sadhana (5 min);

(III) 15 MINUTES: Nap (5 min), then bathe (5 min), then sadhana (5 min);

(IV) 20 MINUTES: Nap (5 min), then bathe (5 min), then sadhana (5 min), then food (5 min).

So sadhana is the #1 priority because only sadhana is listed in all the above scenarios.

If we have no time for anything else, then at least sadhana should be done. If more time is available then we can add the following duties in this order or prioritization: #2 bath -> #3 nap -> #4 food.


Much of the world's population is unaware of Baba's teaching(s) so when they get embroiled in a difficult situation, they do not know how to proceed and their whole life falls into turmoil. In that case, it is not just a single event, but their entire course of life gets negatively affected. In addition to the problem at hand like an accident or family death etc, they may get sick, suffer from exhaustion, or fall prey to depression. Or not knowing what to do, they may even get in a fight, injure someone, or unnecessarily abuse a loved one. All these things may happen in that crucial period.

If we follow Baba's above mandate, however, we will always keep the mind in a proper flow, whereby everything will turn out as best as possible. The situation will not be compounded by other problems due to our own negligence.


By His system of prioritization, it is quite clear that Baba gives great importance to sadhana. As we know, in so many discourses Baba tells us that sadhana is the main thing in life.

Baba says, "The main purpose of human beings coming here to this earth is to do spiritual practice...Sa'dhana' is the main theme of life. Whatever you do in the world, you should do it with a view to promote your sa'dhana' and help the sa'dhana' of others. Human beings come to earth to practise sa'dhana', to move closer to Iishvara, the Supreme Goal – to come closer to Parama Purus'a [Supreme Consciousness]. Thus, the deeds of human beings will not be like the deeds of animals. Whatever human beings will do, they will do in such a manner that the progress in their sa'dhana' will go on accelerating." (Yoga Psychology)


By Baba's grace, as Ananda Margiis, as disciples of a Tantric Guru, our lives are most blessed. He has given us the exact procedure to deal with every event in life - even unexpected ones. By this way, we can get success in every circumstance and always abide by the tenets of dharma.

So always remember: First is sadhana, second is bath, third is relaxation, and fourth is food. That is the hierarchy of importance. If we keep this system in mind and follow it, we will be in the best position to handle every and any situation that comes in life.

in His Lap,


If a person is dealing with the passing of a family member or moving to a new region of the country or undergoing any sort of unexpected or big life change, then their routine may become disturbed. There might be a natural or man-made calamity such as a fire, flood, earthquake, accident, rescue and relief operations where one is deeply involved in serving others etc. Or one might be engaged in arranging a large-scale event or gathering like Ananda Purnima etc.

In all such instances, one may find themselves with a shortage of time. Instead of attending to their duties in a proper manner, they may just eat food when they get a moment's opportunity. For such persons who find themselves in unexpectedly busy circumstances, Baba has given the above teaching and system of prioritization.


   Baba says, "In Tantra, sádhaná has been given the utmost importance. What is sádhaná? Sádhaná means practical effort. An    effort to what? An endless effort to move towards Puruśottama, the Nucleus of the Cosmic Cycle." (Subhasita Samgraha - 11, The Intuitional Science of Tantra)

   Baba says, "To attain Parama Puruśa, to become one with the Supreme Reality, He must be made the summum bonum of human life. But the attainment of the Supreme Reality is not possible overnight. For that the sádhaka [spiritual practitioner] will have to undergo the systematic and methodical process of spiritual sádhaná for a long period, till every nerve-cell, nerve-fibre, every bit of his physical existence is divinized. Sádhaná, after all, is a scientific process by which the entire psycho-physical existence is divinized." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 33, Bhusuku and Brahmabháva)

   Baba says, "the very purpose of our human creation is to follow the true dharma; is to maintain spiritual practices in this very life, and to become one in Him. So dharma sádhaná [means that] by following dharma we follow our sádhaná, we follow our spiritual practices. By following the spiritual practices we become one with Him. That is the final victory. That is the final goal of all human beings on this planet. Men, women, everyone, we are all marching towards that unique goal. That goal has to be realized. In order to realize the goal, you have to continue your spiritual practices. You should practise what you have been asked to. So do not forget your nature. Do not try to follow animal nature. [But at the same time] you have got to eat, you have got to sleep; that is [your] nature too. Having proper restraint over your animal nature, try to follow the true human nature..."
   "So from this day you have been given the chance. Do not waste your time anymore. Do not waste your life anymore. Take it, this opportunity, and try to know that Supreme Consciousness which is in hiding. By knowing Him you know the whole universe; you know everything. That is the final goal of all of us. So dharma has to be practised in human life. Not tomorrow – today. Whether you are a family person or [a single] person, everyone will have to perform dharma sádhaná. Dharma has to be performed; sádhaná has to be performed." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 31, Dharma Sádhaná)


Introduction of Prabhat Samgiita #3702:

This following song is the expression of that type of devotee who is very close to Parama Purusa. And in their intimate communication to Parama Purusa sometimes they express as follows:

"Be-daradii bandhu ghuma bha'unga'o pa'she a'si..."  (P.S. 3702)


O' heartless One, Parama Purusa, O' my Bandhu, please remove my drowsiness by coming close to me. You can see that when I try to think about You and try to do sadhana then drowsiness comes. I waste my time as while doing sadhana I dose -  and You do not care. You know very well that except You no one is mine. My everything is You. I get everything in You. I call You heartless One, by this way I get a little satisfaction. Even then, You know I love You. Out of my deep love for You, I call You - heartless One. You are merged in all my activities. If there is anyone I love, You are that Entity. If there is anyone I am proud of, You are that. My whole existence belongs to You. You are my prana of prana (heart of hearts). In my mental lotus, Your image is always present. Baba, I surrender to You countless, infinite times doing sastaunga pranam...

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