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Bogus & Dangerous Logic

From: "Vinay Deva"
Subject: Bogus & Dangerous Logic
Date: Tue, 03 May 2011 10:38:44 +1000


                       == BOGUS & DANGEROUS LOGIC ==

These days a few people are giving the pitch that since Baba adopted Kinshukji as His son then we should have full faith and trust in Ac Kinshuk Ranjan Sarkar as the Purodha Pramukha because Baba has chosen him as His adopted son. Indeed they claim Kinshukji is the only one fit to be PP. Because after all, there are billions upon billions of people on this earth, yet Baba specially selected Kinsukji as His only adopted son - not anyone else. 

This is the logic that some are giving for why we should respect Kinshukji unquestionably as the most deserved one.

But this is totally 100% bogus logic.

On that ground - by that reasoning - we should bring back Uma Dutta (Sarkar) onto the scene and grant her more respect than Kinshukji. Why? Because Baba specially selected Uma as His wife and everyone knows that the wife relation is more close then that of son. There are so many marriageable sisters in India yet Baba decided upon Uma.

Thus if anyone adheres to the bogus logic that Kinshukji deserves unquestionable respect just because he was Baba's adopted son, then certainly they must accept that Uma Dutta (Sarkar) is even more deserving because she was Baba's chosen wife. That is the so-called logic those defectors were using.

That is why rational thinking margiis just call this bogus logic. That Kinshukji was adopted by Baba does not mean we have to accept his superiority or greatness.

Indeed this is the crude psychology the defector Vishokananda was pitching back in 1970/71. But Baba does not approve of this type of dogmatic thinking. Proof being that in due course He delivered His philosophy of neo-humanism that does away with all narrow sentiments.


With all due respect, here my intent is not to say that Kinshukji should or should not be PP nor comment whether he is qualified or not. Ac Kinshukji may indeed be worthy. But that worthiness must be based on his spiritual endeavour, penetrating intellect, and all-round good conduct. The fact that he is the adopted son of Baba is not the determining factor.

                                         THIS IS THE WORD OF GOD

Whenever any leader - religious or otherwise - wishes to impose their selfish agenda, yet lack rational justifications, they resort to the phrase: "God says," or "God told me", or "This is the word of God".

This is what the Muslims did when they wanted to establish male dominance. Those mullahs declared in the name of God that 3 women are equal to one man. By this way they could impose their irrational doctrine. They just repeated that again and again until finally all those females firmly believed in this dogma. Such mullahs had no courage to say outrightly that "I believe that that 3 women should be equal to 1 man." This they did not do. Rather they put forth their crude desire in the name of God. That is the way they established their dogma.

Likewise, the Hindu priests advanced the edict that God has declared that only brahmins are holy and all others are lowly. By this way they got their way and imposed their illogical rule upon all. Similarly, white Christians said in the name of God that white people were meant to rule over others. By this type of bogus logic they established their supremacy - all done in the name of God.

Indeed in the middle ages, the phrase - "This is the word of God" - is the only slogan they raised and with this phrase alone they ruled the earth and dominated the masses of people. By this way those rulers imposed their crooked edicts, laws & rituals.

Here the whole point is that when any dominant leader cannot prove their point with logic, then they resort to the phrase, "This is the word of God." By that way they impose their illogical edicts.

Thus when any person declares that only Kinshuk is Baba's adopted son and therefore only Kinshuk deserves to be Purodha Pramukha, then we should be alert. Our eyebrows should raise and we should question, "Really this is so??". All right thinking people will naturally understand that this is nothing but bogus logic no different from what those priests and mullahs declared in the past.

And further down in this letter I will explain why it is not only bogus logic but dangerous too. The short answer is that this type of false logic stifles the human intellect. People are forced and trained to blindly obey irrational edicts; their power of critical thinking becomes dormant; and in result, human progress is thwarted. That is why it is dangerous and all this will be discussed in greater detail below.

                                                BABA'S WARNING

In Baba's below teaching, He guides us how the religious exploiters got their power in the past by imposing illogical dogmas on the people - all done in the name of God.

Baba says, "With the intention of permanently securing for themselves an exalted position in the eyes of the ordinary people, some vipra leaders have declared themselves to be the incarnation or the appointed prophet of God. Through their own so-called scriptures, they have indirectly let the common people know that no one can achieve the same proximity to God as they – so that an inferiority complex will remain forever in the minds of the masses, and due to this inferiority complex the masses will always follow their teachings, either out of fear or out of devotion." (Human Society -2, Vipra Age)

Here it is quite obvious that just as religious exploiters made the common people feel incompetent, inferior, and unworthy because they were not selected by God, similarly, those advancing the notion that only Kinshuk is deserving of being PP because only Kinshuk was adopted by Baba, are employing the same strategy. Their claim is that, "Only Kinshuk was adopted by Baba. No one else can be on par with Kinshuk." That is the message they are giving.

In that case what is the difference between what is happening now in our Marga and what transpired centuries ago in the dogmatic religions.

                                 NOT ONLY BOGUS, BUT DANGEROUS TOO

No doubt this type of logic is bogus, and it is dangerous too. You may ask, "Why dangerous?". As stated above, the danger is that is totally thwarts and suppresses one's critical thinking skills. One cannot question the veracity of the statement, one must just accept it blindly.

In the past, those who questioned the dogmatic religious edicts in the past were made to suffer until finally those people either died or became blindly obedient to the church etc. They just followed those priests - suppression.

Baba says, "The very attempt to find the path of rationality was considered blasphemous." (Prout Nutshell-16, Religious Dogma - Section A)

And this manner of blindly following became habit forming and ultimately became one's nature. It spread to all realms of life. Not only did they blindly follow the religion but they adopted that blind approach in the economic, political and social spheres as well.

In the materialistic nations this became so ingrained in the people's psyche that today the common person cannot even think and decide on their own what should be done, purchased or bought. When they go to the store they cannot even think for themselves. Rather they eat, wear and do what those elite sponsors say.

For example, if a movie star, or pop singer, or famous athlete etc endorses a particular product, then that is enough for swarms of people to instantly chase after that product. That is why companies are willing to pay millions for stars to endorse their products. Because then the public will chase after those items in hoards. They will all purchase it - whether it is a good produce or not.

This loss of critical thinking reaches such an extreme that literally people are unable to muster any original thought. They cannot think for themselves, and instead depend 100% on those so-called leaders. That is the sad shape of the masses in today's materialistic nations. Their mentality has become totally shudra: a blind pawn of the ruling elite. In that case exploitation reigns.

And it all started with one religious dogma: "Mine is the word of God so you must obey - you are in no position to question anything." When those cunning rulers did not have logic on their side then they made their proclamations in the name of God.

                                        BLIND ACCEPTANCE

The illogical rhetoric that Kinshukji as the adopted son of Baba is therefore the only one fit to be PP begs a blind obedience from the mass of margiis and field workers. One is in no position to rationally evaluate Kinshukji as a possible candidate and secondly people feel inferior because they are not as close or favoured by Baba. They just have to accept it blindly.

So really this dogma creates an awful mess. It starts as something seemingly innocent - "Hey, let's have Baba's adopted son be PP" - and then slowly spreads like a noxious poison to each and every pore of the human mind. First it imposes an inferiority complex that says that if you are not Baba's adopted son then you cannot be PP. And secondly it inculcates the negative culture of blind obedience wherein one's critical thinking skills dissipate to zero.

That is why this logic - of making Kinshuk PP because he is Baba's adopted son - is not only bogus, but extremely dangerous as well.


Here below Baba warns us that we should not fall into sentiment and follow, irrational  dogmas like "PP is the adopted son of Baba so he should be PP". We should not think in that defective manner; that will be our undoing. Rather we should firmly hold onto the path of rationality. Then we can decide in a clear way what is the best way to proceed.

Baba says, "If someone moves along the path of sentiment instead of the path of rationality, there is a hundred percent probability of great danger. Those who move along the path of sentiment do not discriminate between the proper and the improper, but merely silently accept all superstitions surrounding the goal towards which they have been running. Even the least question regarding propriety or impropriety does not arise in their minds, because they are moving along the path of sentiment."

"Now as a human being, what should one do? One should follow the path of rationality. Rationality is a treasure of humanity that no animal possesses. And those who possess the inner asset of devotion within their hearts and follow the path of rationality in dealing with the external world, must be victorious. They alone can accomplish worthy deeds in this world." (NH-LOI, Disc: 3)

Vinay Deva

Note:                                 OUR SANSKRIT NAMES

Baba says, "At the time of initiation or shortly afterwards, those who do not have a Sanskrit name should be given one by the ácárya/á. The word deva should be suffixed to the name...the more the usage of deva as a title, the better it is. The Sanskrit name should be used in all worldly dealings." (Caryacarya-1)

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