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Life in the Email Era

Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 10:28:08 +0100 To: From: Antonio Pierotti Subject: Life in the Email Era Baba "Tumi kato liila' kare ja'o, ke bujhibe kii bha'vana'y..." (P.S. 3164) Purport: Baba, there are varieties of liilas which You go on playing. Who can understand the mystery behind all these. As You like, You do. You are dancing in the flow of Your liila and that same flow makes everyone else dance also. Everything is happening according to Your desire. Baba, You are ever-present since eternity; and You will remain up to infinity. All the while emanating with Your unbroken flow. Through Your ota and prota yoga, You remain with everyone-- always. You are ever-effulgent in every nook and corner-- in all the directions. Will this unit mind ever be able to understand Your glory with its own strength? Baba Your grace is the ultimate shelter. And You have graced me and made me understand all this. And as You told, accordingly I will go on fully utilising all the strength and capacity which You have blessed me with. This is the path on which You have guided me-- and I will go on following this by Your grace. Baba, my final desire can only be quenched when I receive a wee-bit of Your grace & assurance that no matter what I will never forget Your lotus feet...
Namaskar, Email forums & internet discussion groups are at an all-time high-- both inside and outside of the Marga. They are everywhere; and they only seem to be multiplying more and more. This is especially true within AM. Now everyone is talking on points of AM ideology, which of course has its benefits and drawbacks. Some margiis and acaryas are writing wonderful letters on AM ideals whereas a few are just putting forth groupist propaganda or intellectual misfiring in the name of AM teachings. The main thrust being that this extreme output of email-- this filling of the e-waves-- puts more and more pressure on readers to apply greater vivek as to which mails to open and which to believe, lest they potentially be led astray etc.
In the past-- in the dark ages of AM-- from 1990 to 2000, things were completely different: Few were talking about AM ideology. And those who were got branded as being dissidents and outcastes etc. Because back in those days, the so-called leaders wanted everyone to blindly follow their administrative directives, whether their policies were consistent with Baba's teachings or not. Surely everyone remembers this. Hence, in that dark era, organisational announcements were made about programs like Mahaprayan or various Jubilees etc, and if anyone pointed out the ideological inconsistencies or dogmas of those programs, then the administration would try and pounce on those email writers-- and victimise them. Under that pressure and for other reasons, in those days the emails forums were slim on ideological talk and instead with filled with silly meanderings about cake mixes and talk about crude movies etc. This was the case on some of our Marga forums. That was then...
Now, however, things are totally different. On the one hand we can say things are flourishing. Ideological & organisational talk is going on everywhere. Many are reading and preaching the gospel of AM and the benefit is that this brings greater awareness. Plus it demonstrates an increased interest in AM ideals. So that is all good.
At the same time, in this "flourishing" of email, there is a lot of questionable, murky, and blatantly false material also being strewn around. That is why many are saying that this is like the fall of communism wherein after the "fall", just about every Ram, Shyam, Tom, Dick, and Harry suddenly had their opinion about what should be done. Such is the case on our AM e-waves these days, or so it seems. And one can waste hours, days, and even lifetimes wading through it all.
By and large however, despite everything, the ideological standard in AM is increasing. Margiis and workers alike have a greater understanding of Baba's teachings. This is what many are saying. And we can see proof of this also.
Because now when some jump on the email and start writing things like, "Bengal is great", "Amra Bengali is the top samaj", or "All funds around the world should go to Bangalistan", then everyone understands that what this person is writing is utter nonsense. Because the ideological standard has gone up. Everyone knows that Baba loves all the samajas equally and He wants for all samajas to grow and prosper, not just Amra Bengali. That is why none get befooled by the false Amra Bengali propaganda by this or that Dada.
Similarly, there are others who go to great lengths to justify the distortion done to Baba's discourse-- AM Revolution. Such theorists adamantly proclaim that it was necessary to delete the portion about margii rights. These days in this email era, there are some selfish souls who post such letters on a regular basis. But again, none get befooled. Because the ideological standard in AM has gone up. Everyone understands well that Baba's teachings are timeless and eternal and that no party with their narrow agenda has the right to distort or cut Baba's original discourses like AM Revolution.
Plus there are so many issues which indicate that field wts and margiis have a greater understanding of AM ideology. For instance: (a) if anyone writes that "expulsion is allowed in AM" then everyone recognises this as a false and unideological statement; (b) if anyone writes that the present day BP elections are following Baba's system, then everyone knows that this is just groupist propaganda because right now the fake BP manual (1997) is in vogue, not Baba's original teachings; (c) if anyone writes an invitation for all to attend the tiirtha programs in either Tiljala or Jamalpur etc, then once again margiis and field workers identify that as junk mail because all in AM know that we do not subscribe to the dogmatic tiirtha philosophy that limits Baba to a particular place because we feel that Parama Purusa resides in our heart; (d) if anyone group sends out their "Fake Ananda Vanii" on the internet, then here again all in AM just toss that Fake Vanii aside as all are aware that only Baba has beautifully given the real Ananda Vaniis which we are to follow; (e) if anyone says that unity should be made by by merging various groups or factions then we know that their recipe is doomed for failure. Because groupism and unity are inversely proportional. The mere existence of groupism in any form means the liquidation of AM ideology. And without AM ideology unity is an impossibility. For more about unity and ideology read this following letter: Note the above letter has recently been updated and contains many new points. (f) and like that there are countless issues and arenas which demonstrate that the ideological awareness in AM is on the rise. So the good comes with the bad. Many truly ideological emails come out on a daily basis and at the same time the internet waves are also filled with intellectual extravaganza and groupist madness as well. It goes in both directions.
The whole scene is just like the internet in general-- one can read all day long about things that may or may not be true and accurate. Indeed one can fill their entire lifetime with reading material but not necessarily get the facts straight. So that is why when viewing our Marga email forums etc, then letters need to be evaluated one at time and one should then make educated decisions about which forum to read and which ones to take less seriously. There should not be any bias in this regard. Because after all it is not about establishing the greatness of any particular forum but rather developing a crystal-clear understanding of Baba's teachings. Whichever mails lead in that direction then that is the way to go-- irrespective of who has written them and on which net they appear.
The only way to untwist it all and maximize one's time, understanding, and growth is to read Baba's books first. And that is what He wants also. Because by reading and studying His discourses and by doing sadhana, then one can develop a pinnacled understanding of AM ideology. In that case in this Internet era, one can easily recognise those mails which are ideologically meaningful with those that are basically rubbish. So reading Baba's books and involving in AM spiritual life is the best antidote to the current trends of this overloaded email era.
Baba has lovingly bestowed His grand teachings of AM upon us and by His grace we will serve His will by understanding His divine decrees and propagating His message. Baba says, "Now it is our bounden duty to carry this message to all nooks and corners of this world. The wind is blowing in our favour. We should carry the message to each and every particle of marrow of this living world." (AFPS-8) Namaskar, Omnkarnath
This current "flourishing" of email is reminiscent of the fall of communism whereby afterwards each and every fellow had their own opinion and theory about what was the need of the day. Similarly, in this aftermath of the dark ages in AM, now theories and strategies for building AM can be found on every street corner. And who has time to read all this stuff. Especially when much of it is off the mark.
And side by side, by Baba's grace there are many margiis and field workers who regularly contribute devotionally inspired and ideologically charged materials to our Marga emails forums. So this also has to be recognised.
*************************************** The Advent
Baba says, "Now when the society is in a degenerate or depraved condition, where fissiparous tendencies dominate, where the static principle dominates, it becomes impossible for Parama Purus'a to remain unaffected or unassailed by human sentiments and human cries and human demands. Then and then only does He come in the form of Ta'raka Brahma. 'Ta'raka' means 'the liberator.' And that Ta'raka is the Ba'ba' of the created world. For Him devotees sing, 'Ba'ba' Na'ma Kevalam'." (AV-12, p.44) Some confused people think that without fulfilling His promise Taraka Brahma Baba has left the earth. In the next category up, some mediocre persons, those who have a little bit better standard of thinking, know that Parama Purusa cannot go astray from His vow. So for them they think the whole thing is shrouded in mystery and they have to think very deeply to unravel this knot, rather than outrightly accusing that Baba did not fulfill His promise. They feel that accusing Him would be very bad. So considering all these various aspects, they remained quiet. In contrast, those who have deep devotion-- agreya buddhi (i.e.pointed intellect)-- in their heart they realise Baba's Supreme stance. And they understand that just as the style of Lord Krsna was different from that of Lord Shiva, similarly why should Baba follow the old pathways of Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna. Such as driving the chariot in the battleground with His own hand. Devotees of this category feel in their heart that this time Baba has established a completely new standard: That the grace of Parama Purusa is all that is needed to complete any task-- anything. There is no need for His physical involvement; He need not hold the reign of the chariot. Rather the chariot is moving by His divine grace and it will go on moving. In this way they think. So by His grace heaven is getting established on this dusty earth and very soon it will be quite apparent to one and all.

About Prout Leadership

Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2000 23:46:53 -0000 From: "Motilal Pandey" Subject: About Prout Leadership To: Baba "Toma'ke bha'lo besechi, tumi shudhu mane acho..." (P.S. 2562) Purport: Baba, I love You; only You are in my mind. You are my dearmost One and You alone are mine; You are the only moon in my mental sky-- mental plate. Baba, except You, everything else in this entire universe is temporary. Everything comes for a short time and then get lost into thin air, into the oblivion. Baba, only You are beginningless and endless; only You remain permanently-- eternally. Baba, nothing lasts forever in this world. At the end of the day, night falls and the light of day gets engulfed by the darkness. Similarly, the darkness of the night vanishes with the advent of the brilliant new dawn. Thus everything in this world is changing, transient. But the constant pouring of Your divine effulgence continues on and on-- it knows no limit; it knows no end. Baba, I am loving You; You are always residing in my mind; You are my only polestar. Baba, You are my Goal; You are my everything...
Namaskar, These days most everyone is understanding the clear and simple fact that in order to be an ideal Proutist one must be a spiritualist. That is one must be an Ananda Margii. Still though, floating out there on the horizon there might be one or two dogmatic type or so-called Prout leaders who get confused and proclaim that any of the various pseudo-reformists from the materialistic society are great Proutists. But such talk is only their delirium and has nothing to do with Baba's divine teachings on Prout.
In His Prout system, Baba has declared that sadvipras are the leaders of the society and that such sadvipras are to be developed in all the spheres of life including the spiritual realm. Baba says, "Sadvipra leadership is the ideal form of leadership. Such leaders will be physically fit, mentally developed and spiritually elevated. With their help and guidance, revolution will be materialized." (PNS-21) So to be a leader of the Proutistic society one must be a sadvipra and to be a sadvipra one must be firmly established in our AM spiritual way of life. And about this point Baba furthermore says here below that to be a sadvipra one must be exemplary in all regards and represent the moral and spiritual teachings of Ananda Marga in their every dealing and action. Baba says, "Only those who by their nature adhere to the ten commands [of yama & niyama] in their normal and spiritual conduct are the sadvipras." (I & I) And here again Baba guides us that those spiritually evolved sadvipras play an essential role in the growth and development of a Proutistic social order. Baba says, "Such a morally and spiritually equipped Sadvipra has to perform fundamental and vital duty to society." (I & I) Here is but one example how Baba expects sadvipras to oversee the progression of the social cycle. Baba says, "The bounden duty and dharma of a sadvipra shall be to protect the honest and the exploited and bring under control the dishonest and the rapacious exploiters." (AS, 5-2)
By all this it is quite evident that only those well-versed and practiced in the teachings of Ananda Marga will qualify themselves as sadvipras and that only sadvipras can be the true leaders of Prout. In that case where is there scope for crude materially oriented social reformist to take on a leader role in Prout. The answer is that it is not possible. Such communist-minded persons, or leftists, or pseudo reformists can never carry the flag of Prout and lead the humanity forward. Baba says, "Those who want to bring about the revolution of the proletariat only with the help of the working class, will come a cropper. The proletariat-minded people do not understand their own problems, nor do they have the courage to dream of their solution...That is why I say such people do not bring about proletariat revolution-- they cannot. To depend on them is not only undesirable but the height of foolishness." (Prout) Here below Baba defines who is capable to establish the Proutistic society. Baba says, "To bring about a real revolution is not at all easy. The pioneers of revolution will have to be what I call sadvipras...Such strictly disciplined, ideal sadvipras alone can be the missionaries of revolution. They alone shall carry the message of revolution to every corner of the earth-- right into every vein and venule of human existence. The flying colors of the revolution, the banner of victory, shall remain in their hands alone." (Prout) Namaskar, Motilal Note: I kindly request others to also write their thoughts and ideas on this important topic. Note 2: Here below are more points which establish the fact that to be an ideal Proutist one must be an ardent follower of Ananda Marga.
In His dharmic Prout discourse, 'Your Mission', Baba gives the step by step guidelines for building up a Proutistic society. And Baba's initial directive is to do sadhana. Baba says, "Your first duty is to observe morality and to do intuitional practices. Without this you cannot have mental determination." (Prout-18, p.1) So to be an ideal Proutist and to establish Prout, sadhana is an indispensable ingredient. Only when one has acquired the requisite strength from ideating on Ista can one fight for dharma. Otherwise without that they will get kicked by the exploiters and then immediately lose their patience and mental balance. The key point being that without spiritual shakti, fake leaders always cry and give up.
So without spirituality one is just one fake type of social leader or mock Proutist. And such type of fakes will exploit just as much if not more than the blood-sucking capitalists of today. Because devoid of spiritual values, in their superficial dealing they will put on some false display of Proutistic type of ideas just for the sake of grabbing the power and the result will be hellish. Baba explicitly warns us about the ways of such persons. Baba says, "You will come across many such people that are not farmers or laborers themselves but they shed a flood of crocodile tears for the woes of farmers and laborers, carefully hiding their own mean intent. These knaves who once used to drench their breasts with tears for the woes of these people, forget them in a trice, the moment they get a good job or attain some power in hand. It is then that their real colors reveal themselves. " (SS-3) So no margii should get befooled by such duplicitous persons.
And like this there are numerous points already expressed on this topic which point in the direction that one must be an Ananda Margii to be a true Prout leader.
****************************************** Eating Time
Baba says, "The bananas we eat when they ripen, such as ca'npa', marttama'n and ka'nt'a'lii, are called ka'nca' kala' when they are unripe, and those bananas that are cooked as a vegetable when they are green [plantains] are called ka'nckala'). Rambha' means 'ripe banana'." (Varna Vijiana, Disc 10) Baba says, "Roasted bel, or ripe banana peeled and fried in ghee, can be taken as breakfast or a snack. These foods serve as both food and medicine." (YT) Note: One small variety of banana-- ca'npa' banana-- is very beneficial if eaten in the morning hours. But if that same banana is eaten in the afternoon or late hours, then it causes cough and cold etc. Obviously eating that type of banana at those times is harmful to one's health. Most other bananas are okay anytime. But in general its nature is cold so those suffering from such diseases should refrain from eating them in the late hours.

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