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Re: Lowly Mentality that Gets Attracted to Ramdevji

From: "Dayananda Deva"
Subject: Re: Lowly Mentality that Gets Attracted to Ramdevji
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2011 22:01:29 +0530



In response to the initial letter on this topic I'd like to add the following:

Years ago, in 1956 when Baba saw the terrible condition of our human society and how the common people were struggling and suffering, He thought that something should be done. He took it upon Himself to provide the foundation for building a healthy, human society.

In such a situation, ordinary people usually join an existing movement in hopes of resolving the issue. Baba did not do that.

Baba knew that the existing social philosophies were useless and outdated. They would not solve the ongoing, complex social problems. Rather such philosophies were detrimental to society and would only prolong the problems. They were poison in the name of medicine. So Baba told the people not to be swayed by such existing utopian philosophies like Gandhism as these philosophies will never resolve the issues in a proper manner.


In response, Baba gave His universalistic Prout philosophy.

Naturally, since Prout was entirely new, there were no followers so Baba inspired margiis to learn about Prout and propagate it. To convince one and all about the efficacy of Prout, Baba delivered thousands of lectures.

55 years have since passed. To date, we Proutists could not propagate the philosophy as was needed. Baba wants that every person on this earth should at least recognise the name - Prout. Still today however, it is not on the "tip of the tongue" of the common people. In the general society, the term Prout is not well known; people are unaware about it.

Why not well known? Not because Prout has defects and drawbacks but because this is a revolutionary philosophy, not an evolutionary one. Prout opposes all kinds of dogmas in all spheres of life. Thus when society itself is infested with innumerable dogmas and special interest groups are very powerful and control the media (TV, newspapers, journals, radio, web broadcasts etc), then propagating Prout is a difficult task.

Even then, Prout is the panacea - not these pseudo-philosophies, in spite of their popularity.

Not propagating Prout and getting allured by useless outdated theories is nothing short of mental bankruptcy. We know well and indeed it is proven that such philosophies like Gandhism are not the solution to today's problems. Rather these pseudo-philosophies will only linger the problem and delay the solution.


We must not forget that Baba has warned us that if we are lazy in propagating Prout then some other undesirable dogmatic theory will invariably fill up that political vacuum.

Indeed, because we are not propagating Prout the public is looking towards outdated dogmas to solve the problem. Even then, those joining outdated Gandhian movements are far worse than those not doing the pracara of Prout. Such persons are active agents in bringing defective movements into power. So they are far worse.

Thus there are three levels: Best is to propagate Prout; neutral is not to propagate Prout; and worst is to join some defective movement based on Gandhism.

It is just like how a kitchen attendant should remain in the kitchen and be alert to ward off wild pigs and raccoons. If that kitchen attend just ends up lazily sitting in the kitchen, that is also manageable. Worst is if the attendant persuades the raccoons and pigs to enter the kitchen. 

Now we all know the status of those who join Gandhian movements.



So-called social leaders like Anna Hazare and Swami Ramdev do not have any concept of how to resolve today's problem. They are motivated by Gandhian principles and Gandhism has nothing to offer. It is just a capitalist ploy. Time has proven this again and again. Now a new universal philosophy needs to be propagated. That is Prout.

It is not the fault of new margiis that they got swayed by Anna Hazare & Ramdev etc, rather it is the fault of we Proutists. We could not convince new margiis from running after these fake movements; we could not inspire them to wholeheartedly adopt our Prout Philosophy and permanently solve the problems in society.

It is just like one sick person, suffering cancer, who seeks out voodoo doctors, snakecharmers, witchcraft practitioners, snake oil healers, and those using magic wands, simply because they saw a big crowd around such persons. But all these quasi methods will not solve their problem. Even then cancer patients run in that direction.

Similarly some earnest people are chasing after Hazare and Ramdev, when in reality only Prout is the solution. As rational margiis we should not get allured by these defective or fake movements.


History has proven again and again that talking about and even starting a revolution is comparatively easy.

Baba says, "It is very easy to talk big about revolution. Audiences may be awestruck and applaud, but to actually bring about a revolution is not at all easy." (Human Society, Part 2, Shúdra Revolution and Sadvipra Society)

To bring any revolution to a practical and positive outcome is a big job. The post-revolutionary period is critical. That is when disaster most often strikes. Why? Due to lack of a proper political philosophy.

For instance, in the post Tsarist autocracy in Russia, they launched the communist revolution but due to the lack of a proper social-politico philosophy, the people suffered terribly in that post revolutionary period. The same thing happened in Cuba in the late 1950's under Castro. The same thing happened in Iran after the departure of the Shah.

In all such cases the society fell into deep turmoil.

And indeed we will witness the same thing in the wake of the recent Islamic revolutions / "Arab Spring" of 2011. The dictators were overthrown only to be replaced by Islamic fundamentalist parties that will suppress the people. This we are all going to see.

Thus in the face of any social change, we have to be very careful to propagate Prout. There is no other way.


Swami Ramdev  has nothing to do with Prout; rather he is himself a religious exploiter. He follows the dogmatic Hindu caste system, the burning of ghee / yajina  and all kinds of dogmatic rituals of Hinduism. In that case what can one anticipate, what can one expect. Such a person like Ramdev is fighting one type of corruption in the economic sphere and side by side propagating another type of corruption in the religious sphere. So his manner is absurd.

Ramdev is both a religious trader and an economic exploiter. His economic empire is valued at 220 million US dollars. In India - or anywhere - such a fortune does not arrive by honest means. It is not magic. This entrepreneurial exploiter sells leaves and herbs at outrageous costs. Just as the Indian captialist companies like Dabur & Vaidynath operate, in the same way the Ramdev ayurvedic company (Divya Pharmacy) is exploiting the people.

They sell things like cow urine and take in huge profits. To run such a business it does not need billions of dollars investments. The initial investment is quite meagre and the returns are huge. And on the top, Ramdev is using his "stature" by exploiting people's spiritual sentiment. The prana dharma of India is spirituality so the people naturally give huge respect to monks. Capitalizing on this sentiment, Ramdev exploited economically and now he wants to become a great political leader. We will see.

Let us just remember this rule of thumb: Without ruthless exploitation, one cannot become super wealthy overnight.


While Ramdev is stuck in all kinds of dogma and Prout stands for dharmic justice, there remains one critical point that neatly contrasts the two.

Ramdev is solely raising the banner of anti-corruption. He wrongly thinks that if a few corrupt leaders are removed from the Indian government then things will be fine. Such is his shallow outlook.

In contrast, Prout raises the banner of anti-exploitation. Baba wants that all forms of exploitation should be rooted out at the core, including the abhorrent greed of capitalism and the ingrained defects of Hindu dogma. Thus Prout wages a merciless campaign against both economic and religious exploitation.

Ramdev will never support such a stance, primarily because his entire personae and his own institution is based on economic and religious exploitation.

Raising the banner of anti-corruption is comparatively cheap. One merely needs to point their fingers at a few politicians and that is all. This is commonly done by people like Ramdev and Anna Hazare. They think by creating an oversight committee (i.e. Lokpal bill) then the society will be fine. By this way they dupe the masses and gain followers.

But their approach will never bring justice to the world. For that one must have the courage to wage a war against all forms of exploitation - and not be party to it as Ramdev is.


This type of makeover of starting an anti-corruption (not anti-exploitation) is not new. Due to lack of historical knowledge, people do not have any idea that this is a very common phenomena - and it never works.

So they get cheated again and again - every generation become enthralled by a new "leader". Society gets befooled and ultimately cheated to the bone.

A generation ago, or longer, millions of Indian students gave up their degree studies and joined Jaya Prakash Narayan's call. Within a short time, that movement fell into utter turmoil and the lives of those students got destroyed. This is big scar in India. And here again a whole new generation of people have become involved in yet another pseudo-movement.

Such type of movements come to the fore and become very popular. The leader's aim is to get power and then they become a tyrant and an exploiter, or a variation thereof. Just look at what happened with Gandhi. He became popular and then divided India. That division became a wicked cancer and still that cancer is ruining the lives of countless innocent people. Thereafter Vinod Bhave delayed revolution by creating the Bhudan land movement. Baba describes this in Human Society, part 2, The Vipra Age. And then of course we have the Jaya Prakash Naryan movement that was detailed in the first letter in this series. In all such cases the raised the banner of anti-corruption and in all such cases their movement created more problems and could not solve anything.

So this type of anti-corruption movement is not a new tactic. After Indian independence, this has happened so many times based on Gandhian prinicples. Now again these people are fighting to pass their famed "Lokpal bill" and that itself is very defective- just a utopian idea that is not going to solve the problem. As Ananda Margiis we will never support such a defective platform.


Now this ghee burning monk - Ramdev - who is an adherent of yajina dogma is calling upon people to follow him. He supposedly has the answer. Yet in this scientific era he thinks that burning clarified butter will not pollute but rather purify the air. Ramdev's entire manner is burdened by such contradictions and blindness.

We should use our viveka - not the crowd mentality. This is not the solution.

The conclusion is that people should read the history and see what happened to those adhering to similar baseless movements in the past. Everyone should clearly learn what happened to those who are driven by faulty philosophies. What was their fate. A proper philosophy is needed to truly resolve the problems and that proper philosophy is Prout - not any Gandhian movement.

Baba says, "PROUT is the panacea for the integrated progress of human society. It aims to bring about equilibrium and equipoise in all aspects of socio-economic life through totally restructuring economics. Without PROUT, socio-economic emancipation will remain a utopian dream. Only PROUT can save the world." (AFPS-9, Economic Dynamics)



How ironic is it to lead hunger strike in a country where more than 40 percent of children under five are malnourished.

At the same time Ramdev's usually sports a very luxurious lifestyle - far above the level of the common person.. Ramdev travels in a private jet, stays in a five-star luxury hotel, and has the money for fancy arrangements and safety measures before going on a fast.

Who can say then that really he is the leader of the people in the true sense of the term.

"Bha'loba'si toma'y a'mi, keno ta' ja'ni na'..." P.S. 2329


  Baba, I love You but I do not know why I love You. You go on pulling my heart-- but what is the mystery behind this, that I do not understand. Baba, You are the divine effulgence of my dark heart. By Your grace I will never allow that effulgence to get extinguished. Baba, I will always keep Your love in my heart.
  All the love I have in the deep core of my heart, and all the hopes and longings I have in my mind, all my desires and aspirations are revolving around You. And they get expressed through Your songs, dance, melody, and rhythms. Baba, You are my everything.
  Where I am, where I will go, and from where I have come, all these types of useless questions never come in my mind, by Your grace. Baba, I do not even want to know these things. Just I am fully depending on You-- that You know everything and that everything is in Your control.
  Baba, You are always ever gracious on me. I love You; my whole existence
is Yours...

Most Loving

Baba says,
"That Entity who is the most beloved of all, that Entity is one's Is't'a."

"Is't'a means Parama Purus'a, but why is He called Is't'a? The answer is
that by attaining Parama Purus'a one no longer has any unsatiated hunger or
unquenched thirst."

"Is't'a means the most beloved of all entities."
(BABA, 04 July 1979)

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