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Our Special A'dharsha

From: "Daniel Bromberg" To: Subject: Our Special A'dharsha Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 23:36:47 +0000 Baba "Mor din cale ja'y a'sha-nira'sha' toma'r tarei priyo..." (PS 3507) Purport: Baba, my days and nights are passing in the hope and hopelessness of longing for You, O' my dearmost. Baba, when I see that You are not coming then my life is sunk in hopelessness. But when I think about Your divine grace then with deep hope I think that I will get you. Baba, in this way all my time passes. O' my most supremely benevolent majestic One, when I think about You sometimes I cry in the agony of not getting You and sometimes I smile with my empty hopes-- dreaming of Your blissful arrival. Baba, I always keep my eyes fixed toward the blue sky of my mind. There I look for You in Your divine abode. Baba, I am calling You with tears in my eyes; please give a little response to my call. Baba, the black fog permeates each and every pore of my mind. By coming in a most sweet, charming, and attractive way, please grace me by wiping away all the cimmerian darkness from my mental temple. O' my dearmost Baba, by Your divine grace make me pure and blemishless. Baba my life is passing in Your divine attraction. Please shower Your causeless grace on me and make me Yours...
Namaskar, Certainly most Margiis are aware that our Sadguru Baba has referred many times to Buddha's teachings. Of course some of the teachings within Buddhism are terribly misguiding & totally dogmatic. And Baba has pointed those out and either corrected them or rejected them outrightly. Yet in particular there are 2 distinctly, highly beneficial teachings from Buddha which Baba refers to on numerous occasions. And in so doing Baba graciously provides us with a more dharmic explanation of those teachings. Because that is Baba's usual way-- to give perfect explanations of teachings which otherwise were inadequately explained or followed in a dogmatic way. So in that endeavour, Baba has highlighted two of Buddha's preachings.
One is the "Cakuna samvaro sadhu" shloka. The teaching is that spiritual aspirants should have control over their motor & sensory organs, and mind. One should not indulge themselves in crude literature or expose the motor or sensory organs to anything that is negative. Then in that case one can move in a straight line towards the Cosmic Consciousness. The second teaching of Buddha which Baba refers to frequently is, "Samyak Darshan, Samyak Samkalpa...Samyak Ajiiva..." The meaning is proper philosophy of life and proper pabulum of mind, proper determination, proper occupation etc. So in this teaching the first point is proper philosophy of life.
By Baba's grace, we Ananda Margiis have a proper philosophy of life. And from the beginning of one's spiritual movement one should have proper knowledge about the path. Then they will develop and their own life will be better. And there will be greater scope to guide others. If, however, someone does not have proper understanding of Ananda Marga philosophy, then unknowingly they will almost always misguide others. And they will create problems in their own life also. So strictness in Adarsha is key. Baba says, "Observe non-compromising strictness and faith regarding the sanctity of A'darsha (Ideology)." (Point 11 of 16 Points) To strengthen the philosophical knowledge Baba has graciously given us various practices, systems, and programs like: svadhyaya (reading and understanding of AM scripture), classes, retreats, seminars, etc. In this way we-- acaryas and margiis alike-- can become acutely aware about Baba's teachings and the importance of scriptural knowledge. Ananda Marga's philosophical teachings are just like the practical notes and observations which are the result of some significant laboratory research. Here 'laboratory' means 'mental laboratory'. And 'practical notes and observations' means 'AM philosophy'-- AM ideology. And in His Historic June 1990 discourse Baba emphasizes the idea that methodical knowledge of spiritual science is needed. Because it helps in pinnacled movement to reach the Goal. Devoid of some basic knowledge of Baba's teachings, generally people are not able to manage their own spiritual life properly. And if they are in position to guide others, then they may mislead only.
Here following is Baba's blessing that we are to lead all along that path of dharma. Baba says, "Utilizing the vibrations created for eternal time by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji through janusparsha and varabhaya mudras, take yourself and the entire universe ahead along the path of all-round welfare." ('Concluding Words') Namaskar, Dharma
Since 1990 various acaryas and one or two margiis have come forward and written their own books on Ananda Marga. However instead of elucidating & elaborating upon Baba's divine teachings, many of these so-called writers just exposed their own misunderstanding of AM ideology. Here we are not talking only about one book but many. And already most margiis are aware about which Dadas have written defective books-- so there is no need to mention anyone's name here. But one good thing is that this negative practice is step by step coming to a halt. Because general margiis and field acaryas are more and more aware about Baba's teachings so they can easily recognise when any writer is off the mark and strays from the path. By Baba's grace the standard of our Marga is increasing day by day and more and more are interested in getting the remainder of Baba's original teachings published rather than some flaky book written by some xyz Dada. Because Guru's teachings are the top-most so what He has given should be printed in its entirety first. And only when all His teachings have been published properly then others can come forward to write their own things if they have such a strong desire. Till that time however, maximum attention and emphasis must be placed on printing Baba's original discourses. And that is the dharmic rallying cry being put forth by margiis and field Wts these days.
*************************************** Sadhana Point: Steps For Better Sadhana
Baba says, "Moksa karanasamagryam bhaktireva gariyasii." Meaning: "Bhakti is the best way to moksa or salvation, the approach of bhakti is the best." (AV, part 6) Following is the sequence for better sadhana practice: (a) Half bath or full bath (b) Left nostril open (c) Shasha'unga'sana (hare pose): a few rounds (d) Shavasana (corpse posture): briefly (e) Sing Prabhat Samgiita (f) Sing Kiirtan loudly and dance Lalita Marmika (g) Sastaunga Pranam (h) Bhutashuddhi (i) Asanashuddhi (j) Cittashuddhi (k) Generate longing or devotion for Parama Purusa / Baba; (Note: this is the last phase of cittashuddhi.) (l) Repetition of mantra with meaning, longing & devotion to become one with Parama Purusa / Baba. (Note: This point is applied in first and 6th lesson equally.) (m) Other various lessons (n) Guru Puja (o) Final sastaunga pranam Note 1: Regarding points (e) and (f), only listening to Prabhat Samgiita or kiirtan is not sufficient as that will not bring about the desired result. Rather one should sing Kiirtan & Prabhat Samgiita with their full heart. Because by singing the mind gets more involved in comparison to just listening. Note 2: Generating devotional longing is a highly significant aspect. It is the most important step of our sadhana. If one does everything but this point is lacking then sadhana will be futile or dry. And if the arousal of devotion is done successfully then one can reach one's goal without any delay. I came to know from various acaryas that this point is in acarya diary.

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