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Dhobiya' Pa't

From: Ramdhan "Ramdhan@Indianet..."
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 08:57:21 +0530
Subject: Dhobiya' Pa't



In His AM ideology, Baba scientifically shows what befalls those who chase after name and fame.


In Brahmacakra, human beings have a special place. Before attaining a human body, one has to cross innumerable steps. Every one of us is blessed by Parama Purusa, in getting a human body. And each if us also crossed similar steps in passing through plant life, to animal life, and finally reaching human life.

When people make one journey, then that part of the journey's path which they already crossed, they are acquainted with. And even if that part which they crossed was more difficult than the part which is yet to come, still people will not be so enthusiastic about ascending onto the new path. Rather they will like to remain along the old and familiar path.

Two examples can be given:

(1) People don't like to remove even the difficult dogma which they are used to or adapted to.  With this mentality, they go on observing those difficult to follow dogmatic beliefs and rituals because in the past, they did so.

(2) Human beings came from animal life. And there, in animal life only the senses were dominating. Eat, sleep, and sex. By this way, life after life they passed. So all are acquainted with those things. And they do not like to go ahead in following the path of spirituality, which they are not acquainted with. Rather they easily adapt the path of animality.

So the conclusion of these two points is, that the old path is more easy in spite of having big difficulty in that path. People don't like to ascend and march ahead on a new path. Even if it is more glorious, easy, and charming.

The root cause is, attachment of the previous path. And, fear about the future path.


About the development of human mind and animal and plant mind, Baba is revealing the truth in Ananda Sutram. And there He says, that in the plants, creepers, and shrubs only citta ("done I") is there. And when living beings develop and progress from plant into animal life, then aham (ego/doer I) is also there. And aham is dominating in their existence. And finally in human beings, the three parts of mind are manifest: mahat, aham, and citta.

So in plant life, citta was dominating. And in animal life, aham or "doer I" was strong. And in human form, i.e. in those who are new to human form -- as with animals, "doer I" or ego dominates. And when humans get more advanced, then mind gets more developed, and mahat develops. Which gives the sense of "pure I feeling". And with the effect of mahat, intuition develops.

So in ordinary human beings, aham or "doer I" is stronger than mahat. And those who are developed human beings, mahat or intuition is developed. If the amount of mahat is more than the amount of aham, then that excess part will be intuition. So when intuition develops, then all great qualities come in that person. Devoid of dominance of mahat, ordinary human beings are easily controlled by their aham ("doer I").

And with the dominating effect of aham, generally human beings are involved in their name, fame, power, prestige, respect, personal glory, etc. So such type of people's standard is between elevated humans, and animals. This created world is nothing but the outcome of the divine play of Parama Purusa. So in His cosmic cycle, He made the rule as follows.

Baba says, "Ya'drshii bha'vana'...-- As one thinks, so one becomes." (NKS, Edn.'97, p.195)


People give a lot of value of prestige, name, fame, self-glory. And they constantly engage in this. The goal of such persons is their own unit existence, not Parama Purusa. Then in that case what they want, Parama Purusa gives them. In Ananda Vacanamrtam, Baba says, "Ye yatha' mam pradyante". What people want, Lord grants them.


So when Baba blessed the living beings with AM philosophy and created Ananda Margis, then all kinds of people joined. And everyone has their own psychic pabulum. So due to that some of those who joined AM, wanted name and fame. And Baba blessed them.

Those WTs who wanted name and fame, this type of samskara they made for themselves. And Baba blessed them accordingly. A similar thing happened with Margis also, in their worldly life.

But in the journey towards enlightenment/Anandam, one has to move far beyond the dominance of aham ("doer I) -- name, fame, self-glory. Because where the dominance of self is there, then cosmic ideation is impossible. That's why in scripture it is said, "Yahan kam vahan nari ram". Where there is "I" feeling or worldly thoughts, then ideation on the Supreme is not possible.

So on one side, what disciples want Baba granted. Those who wanted name and fame, they got that. And on the other side, engaging in one's glory or name and fame, is detrimental for sadhana. So Baba graces also, to remove the attachment from these fetters of name, fame, and self-glory.

Baba says, "Abhima'nam' sura'pa'nam'..."

"An inflated ego is like drinking wine, self-aggrandizement leads one into the deepest hell, and social status is like the excrement of a pig. Give up all three of these and only sing the glories of the Lord." (AV-23, p.105)

So Baba says that to engage in one's own self is not at all good-- rather it is negative.

That is why Baba guides us that name, fame, such mundane glory is just like feces of the swine. So those disciples who desired, they got name and fame from Him. And as a Guru, He has to help everyone for their spiritual development. So in due
course when such persons make some progress in spirituality, then they get a blow by their self-created samskara of the past. At that moment their prestige, name, and fame pulverizes in front of their own eyes.


Whereas in the case of non-Margis, usually the loss of respect happens only in a future life. Just like in the case of Stalin, Gandhi, and present day so-called very respected political leaders, etc. When after their demise people evaluated their work, then their reputation went from heaven to hell. During their own lifetime they had their glory. But later on after their death, people understand who they really were.


But in the case of Ananda Marg, the panoramic picture is completely different. Because when people start doing sadhana, then the exhaustation of samskaras is quicker than for non-Margis. Those Dadas who have big name, fame, and prestige, when they move one or two steps ahead in their forward movement, then all their prestige smashes and is ground to dust. Countless examples can be given. Every one of us is aware about that.

Most of those Dadas and Didis who got huge honor and respect in AMPS in the past, now in light of the current situation one can see how their prestige became one with the dust. Madhavananda in his own time, was a magnified / glorified personality. Now he is treated as a veritable demon.

Similar is the case of Vishokananda, Prakashananda, Vimuktananda, Tadagatananda, Nirmalananda, Avtk Ananda Maetreyii, and so many such people who once stood in the limelight. But are now part of the blackest history. Many Dadas and Didis names can be found in old AM books, as publications secretary. Most of them now you may not find anywhere in this mortal world.
Either they became defectors, or they left and started leading degenerated lives. But those days when their name got printed in Ananda Marga books as the publisher, then they were feeling very great.

Because of all these reasons, sincere Ananda Margis do not give any credence to the post-holding people. Rather, they give more value and respect to those Dadas, Didis, or Margis who have ideal conduct.

Because the situation in our AM is unlike the general society, where post-holders get large respect. Our tantric AM society is unique. Baba has given the scale of character with which one can measure who is who. On the basis of conduct, one should treat others in course to give respect. The concluding idea then, is that, conduct is the ideal scale.


So this whole history gives a few teachings teachings.

(1) In the spiritual journey, name and fame is not a good thing.
(2) Those who got name and fame, their prestige got smashed to dust in front of their eyes.
(3) Those who have respect today, they should be careful.
(4) Better one should not have yearning for name, fame, and respect in the Ananda Marga tantric system. Otherwise, it will yield the same fate.



Dhobiya' Pa't: This is the Sanskrt phrase used to describe the process how washermen clean and dry the clothes. First they submerge the clothes in the river water and then lift those clothes out of the water and raise them overhead to quickly air dry. And while in this position the clothes feel as though they are flying high in the sky. And then the next moment, in order to dry them, the washerman sharply smacks those clothes down on the massive hard rocks-- whereby a loud cracking noise can be heard. And this entire process culminating in the harsh smacking of the clothes onto the rocks is known as dhobiya' pa't. Likewise when self-serving people gain huge public prestige then they feel like they are flying high in the sky; yet invariably the next moment their misdeeds get exposed and their whole public image gets smashed into the dust. In that sense their position or their fate is no different from those clothes which the washerman vigorously whips down onto the hard, unforgiving earth.


Certain Dadas/Didis names who are still visible around us on the world map have been mentioned in the below notes & referenced indirectly in this entire letter. Because such Dadas themselves have witnessed their glory reach up to the heaven only in the next moment to find it burning in the hell. And now common Margis are realizing and feeling repentence about the way they were giving honor to those Dadas. So this Baba's teaching became true:

Baba says, "...People realize, "My God, what a great mistake I made! I worshipped a monkey taking it to be a god! What a great misfortune I have brought upon myself!" (LOI, ed.'87, p.84)

Such Dadas were getting praised by one and all yet later it was discovered that they were the ones who actually ruined the scriptures, took away the Margis' rights, and so much other nonsense they did. And now they lost all their prestige and all their respect. This is the case with Sarvatmananda & Pranavatmakananda and certainly Rudrananda etc.


Tadgatananda and Nirmalananda, Krsnananda, and Prajinananda were treated as great in those days, around the '70's. And they used to hold big seminar lectures, and were talking on philosophy etc. They were treated as unparalleled intellectuals. Even today you can see their names in old Seminar Notes. But now people read those names with different feeling. Because, they became defectors.


These types of examples are not one, two, or three. There are more than a hundred. But the central idea in each case is the same. That because of their domination of aham tattva - I feeling - they wanted name and fame, and they got it. Everything is changeable in this world. And in sadhakas' life, change comes quickly. So these dadas' and didis' fame turned to infamy. Their saintliness became proved as notoriousness. But by this way, society got benefit and they did too.


Sarvatmananda and Pranavatmakananda tried to push their names as being the saviours of the archives etc, and especially Pranavatmakananda wanted to bind his name with stories about Baba known as Samsmaran, but all their negative dealings got expoesed how they distorted the scripture and ruined Baba's various discourses. All these negative deeds these Dadas did so now their name has just sunk.


See the following slokas in Ananda Sutram, which explain the evolution of mind as living beings progress from plants to animals to humans.

Here below in sloka 1-14, Baba reveals that as rajogun'a comes to dominate over tamogun'a, the aham or sense of doer-ship, evolves out of the citta.

"1-14. Citta't gun'a'vaks'aye rajogun'apra'balye aham." (AS, ed.'96, p.12)

And then in the following sloka, Baba explains that with further evolution towards the subtle, mahat or "pure I feeling" evolves out of the aham, or "doer I".

"1-15. Su'ks'ma'bhimukhinii gatirudaye aham'tattva'nmahat." (AS, ed.'96, p.12)

Then in the following three slokas, Baba explains that in plants, citta dominates, in animals, aham or "doer I" dominates, and in highly developed beings, mahat dominates.

"1-18. Mahadaham'varjite anagrasare jiivadehe lata'gulme kevalam' cittam."

"[In undeveloped living organisms, creepers and shrubs where aham and mahat have not yet evolved, there is only citta.]"

"1-19. Mahadvarjite anagrasare jiivadehe lata'gulme cittayukta'ham."

"[In undeveloped organisms, creepers and shrubs where mahat has not yet evolved, there is aham as well as citta.]"

"1-20. Pra'grasare jiive lata'gulme ma'nus'e mahadaham' citta'ni."

"[In developed organisms, creepers and shrubs, as well as in humans, there is mahat, aham and citta.]" (AS, ed.'96, pp.13-14)


Here in the following sloka, Baba explains that when mahat or "knower I" exceeds aham or "doer I"/ego, then intuition emerges.

1-17   "Aham'tattva mahadpra'balye bodhih."

"[When the mahat is greater than the aham, the bodhi (intuition) evolves.]"

"Purport: If the dimension of the mahattattva be greater than that of the aham'tattva, the surplus part of the mahat is called the bodhi [intuition]."


"Maner ma'jhere base gopan kotha' shon'o, kichui luka'no ja'y na'..." (P.S.


Baba You are sitting in the mind. You listen to all the talks & tales and feelings of the heart. Nobody can hide anything from You. What anyone thinks, You know. Baba, You are everywhere-- in each and every iota of this entire universe. Indeed You are so vast & You have manifested Yourself in such a grand way, that beyond You there is no existence of anything. 

Baba, You even listen to the very small talks of the mind; You take care of even the most meagre and ordinary matters-- just like dust particles. You cannot forget or ignore anyone, and You do not remain oblivious of anything. You take care of everyone. You love one and all. The galaxies & stars which are floating in far away distant places, even those objects are not beyond Your touch. For You everything is close by; nothing is far. And You take care of everything.

The spring which has lost its beauty & the flower which has just bloomed, nothing gets forgotten. Everything has equal importance to You. You are everywhere. There is no place where You do not remain. Except You, there is nothing.

Baba, You are sitting inside the mind and listening to all the feelings and longings of the heart. Nobody can hide anything from You. Baba You are infinite; Baba, You are everywhere...

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