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Prout: Save Money with Psycho-Economy

Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 06:39:17 -0400 To: From: dharma@eco-net... Subject: Prout: Save Money with Psycho-Economy Baba "Aja'na' Pathik eseche..." - P.S. 4490 Purport: The Parama Purusa Ajana Pathik has come. He has filled this mortal world with the love of flowers and fruits. For Him no one is distant, no one is alien, everyone is His own-- close and intimate. He has wiped away all the tears and removed the suffering of everyone. Baba has come riding on the chariot of effulgence. He is associated with one and all through His ota and prota yoga. He is pulling everyone with His divine attraction and with the blessing of His varabhaya mudra. Today Baba has come. The whole world is inundated with His love-- His grace....
Namaskar, This letter contains something for everybody-- how to save money and be healthy by paying heed to Baba's Proutistic teachings of psycho-economy.
The ills of capitalism are fast rising to the surface: Inflation, energy costs, mortgage lending, collapsed banks, 'bear market', corporate buyouts etc, etc. These terms make the headlines every day. However, there is one aspect of this materialistic, free market economy that is causing great harm yet going largely unnoticed-- or at least is going mostly undiscussed. Probably because it is accepted as being 'alright' by most of the people, by the general public. Namely, as we know, today's capitalistic system is based on the profit-motive, not on consumer needs. In result, corporations or businesses make piles of money by convincing susceptible consumers of buying products which they do not need. And the chief outcome is that that business is praised, honoured, and heavily rewarded $$$, what to speak of rebuked and rectified. That is one side of the story. The other is that countless consumers waste what little money they have by purchasing those unneeded & often harmful products, such as cigarettes, alcohol, junk food, coffee, pornographic videos, gambling etc. Or in countries like the USA, people buy more of what they already have in order to keep up with the rage of fashion. That is why people have 50 or even 100 expensive, name-brand shirts in their closet, when really only a few cheaper, yet high-quality varieties are needed. Or sometimes like with computer parts, they are all manufactured in the same place, and then various companies put their own labels on those items. But consumers-- do not see this-- only they chase after that company label, and pay two or three times the price for the very same item. So in one way or another people are lured into buying, buying and buying things which they do not need-- or pay more for what they could really buy for less. Nearly everyone is ensnared in this debacle. All because companies take extreme measures to convince the innocent public that to get ahead in life or to enjoy living then xyz product is a "must-have" item, or be left out in the cold. This is the awful environment in today's capitalist system. And most are unaware about it or too helpless or stuck to do anything.
Tragically, this is the on-going issue in today's economy: Consumers get duped into buying products either which they do not need or that will not be beneficial for them, either mentally or physically or both. But because of massive advertising, good citizens have been brain-washed into purchasing those things. Sadly, it is most often our youths-- our teenagers-- who fall prey to this. Teens buy sexually-laced movies and videos, designer clothing, extraneous gadgets, and so many things which they think they need in order to look 'cool', 'hip', 'modern' etc. And while for years and years this practice was going on primarily in the US, now because of the internet and the growing Asian economy, this negative trend has spread all around the world. Outside of teens in general, the second most affected population is probably women, with teenage women being the most victimised, overall. But in one way or another everyone is affected. Most certainly even you and I, to some or more degree. Below please read more about this systemic problem as well as Baba's perfect solution: Psycho-economy.
In the dizzying array of today's advertising battlegrounds, general citizens are bombarded with thousands and thousands of advertisements each and every day. Of course, the more television one watches, the more newspapers one reads, the more internet surfing one does, the more one is prone to getting exploited. Because those advertisements and media messages goad a person to look or act in certain way; and, the general people get lulled in that direction, knowingly or unknowingly. And this pull is only further emphasized by countless movies, books, billboards, and subtle and not-so-subtle messages from fellow consumers etc. Verily it is everywhere and nearly everyone is caught up in this mess, whether they wish to admit it or not. Some people may not have the money to purchase what they desire, and they are also caught up-- because they will suffer from an inferiority complex, thinking that they are a low-life for not having that expensive car or costly home or expensive shoe etc. So nearly everyone gets caught up-- one way or another. But again, our teenagers are often hit the hardest. In fact, one sexually provocative novel for teens recently sold 20 million copies-- and this is in an era when hardly anyone ever reads anymore or buys books. Just imagine how many more are reading those same passages online. Because teenagers are such an impressionable and innocent group, they are regularly targeted by corporate advertising departments as well as by individual scammers trying to make a big sell. The problem with all of this is that families end up spending whatever little money they have on items that they really do not need for their survival, or on things that are harmful for them. Because people purchase things which they have the psychic urge to buy based on crafty advertising etc. And most of the time, such purchases lead to the degeneration of mind as well as degrading habits & life practices like on-line pornography, crude cosmetics, skimpy clothing, etc. And this may even force a family to go into debt or forgo the purchasing of basic essentials of life like food, rent etc. This is the very grave and real problem which burdens hundreds of millions-- if not billions of people-- on a daily basis.
So what is to be done in the face of all of this. By Baba's grace Prout philosophy has the exact answer: consumer education-- true consumer education. Not just issuing a cheezy Q & A pamphlet about how to shop like many consumer advocacy groups publish, but rather giving a pointed analysis with graphic demonstrations and protests that will awaken the masses as to what is going on and how they are getting exploited, befooled, and duped. This highly important aspect of the Proutistic enterprise is known as psycho-economy. Baba says, "Psycho-economy...endeavours to eradicate exploitative and unjust economic practices, behaviours and structures. It will counter all economic and psycho-economic exploitation and make people aware of how capitalists, in their singular or collective roles, exploit society and create unhealthy, artificial demands which not only poison the mind but encourage dangerous habits detrimental to psychic sanctity and expansion. The first and foremost duty of psycho-economics is to wage a tireless fight against all degenerating and dehumanizing economic trends in society." (PNS-12) Only psycho-economy can start to open the eyes of the people as to how they are getting 'taken for a ride' day in and day out by cunning, ruthless capitalist exploiters.
Right now, in all the materialistic-oriented countries, which are growing in number day by day, the whole concept of what it means to be human is getting lost. People measure themselves based on how their hair looks, what they own, how they look, what brand of clothing they wear, and so many other useless and superficial measuring rods. The whole society is falling in this direction because of living under a mass-media blitz, 24/7. This creates the desire of buying useless items and going into debt by overspending, or it creates in people the inferiority complex that they are not as good as others simply because the name-brand of their shirt is different. Here below Baba warns us of what happens when there is this degree of psychic bankruptcy on the planet. Baba says, "If there is a lack of prama' in the psychic sphere, then many omissional and commissional mistakes and defects are bound to enter into their art, architecture, literature, philosophy, science and other branches of human knowledge. Dance may lose its rhythm, painting may lack proportion, music may lose the harmony of its melody and rhythm, and in the various branches of literature there may be an overgrowth of the parasitic weeds of immature expression." (Prama-1) And that is exactly what we are seeing now. Each and every aspect of human life is infested with crude ways of living and being, and capitalist exploiters are making billions by selling these degrading things to the public.
So perhaps the first policy of our psycho-economic statutes that needs to come forth is teaching everyone what it means to be human. Humanness is not based on what you wear or what type of soap you use, but is based rather on sadhana, service, and sacrifice. It is these qualities that create a true human being. But capitalist blood-suckers have imposed their will on the public in a totally different way. Such that a person is someone who has a new i-phone, mercedes-benz, swimming pool, etc etc. This foresaken, materialistic recipe leads to the degeneration of mind and the gross and vicious cycle of selling one's soul by investing more and more in superficial, material ornaments.
Only through Baba's teachings on psycho-economy can humanity escape from this harmful loop. Baba says, "Human society today has reached the stage of degeneration and, as a result, is lost in the wilderness of economic bankruptcy, social unrest, cultural degeneration and religious superstition." (Prama-1) Thus only by becoming aware and awakened to the capitalistic strategies can we lift out of this crude era. Only by breaking this bondage of slavery and regaining our purchasing capacity can we fight this capitalist onslaught. So we should all understand and teach others about it means to be a victim of capitalism and the consumer society-- i.e. purchasing things we do not need and basing the value of life on material gains. All this is nonsense. As Ananda Margiis, we have a far greater ability than the common people to slip out of this trap. But even for us it may not be easy. We have to take an honest look at how we are living. So the whole process of education is two-fold. People need to be taught the real value of human life and spiritual practices as well as be guided as to how to avoid the psychic trappings of those capitalist exploiters. Both aspects are needed.
As soon as one opens their eyes even a wee-bit, then the first thing they will realise is that they have a lot more money in their pocket than they did before. And secondly, they will feel mentally free from the oppressive wave of capitalist advertising. This is an absolutely huge topic so cooperation amongst all is needed. All should write in with their thoughts, comments and experiences. I could not possibly write it all here, now.
By His grace we will burst this false bubble of capitalism and provide real socio-economic values that promote the true fulfillment of human life-- the realisation of a spiritual ideal. Baba says, "By propagating spirituality, implementing PROUT and rendering selfless service to suffering humanity, you will be able to elevate the standard of human beings in a very short time." (PNS-18) Namaskar, Dharma
*************************************************** Fate of Egotistical People
Baba says, "It is only when the human beings, become puffed up with vanity and misuse the power granted to them by Parama Purus'a, that He steals everything from them. Hence, He is called Darpaha'rii - the stealer of vanity...Vain people suffer a similar fate when their vanity is destroyed as the balloon faces when its air is let out. But, does Parama Purus'a snatch away everything from everyone? No, He takes away only when the unit beings try to create obstructions in the flow of His creation." (APH-4, p.247) Note: In the above teaching Baba warns us about the fate of arrogant people. As we know the ultimate antidote is developing a devotional link in life and surrendering to the sweet will of Parama Purusa. Then in that case arrogance will not get the scope to crop up. Unfortunately some in our Marga overlook their devotional practices and instead get wrapped up in their own plans and programs. Such persons can be easily recognised as all day long they tell, 'I did this or I did that... I delivered one lecture and all were amazed... I created one project... or I should be the ruler...' and on and on they go about their own unit deeds & desires-- intoxicated by their little accomplishments and imposing their will on others. To lovingly rectify such persons, Parama Purusa describes above what dramatic intervention He takes. Looking around today, we can see how some in our Marga have already undergone this thing and others are going to experience the same similar fate.

Ignorance of Some Central Wts

Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 12:39:27 From: Sudarshan To: Subject: Ignorance of Some Central Wts Baba "Tumi yadi na'hi ele more ghare ye keno alas prahare..." P.S. 4485 Purport: Baba, You are the most loving One. Yet if even in Your spare time, You have not blessed me by coming to my home, then what is the need for me to go on living on this earth. What is the use of my life. Why I continue to remain here. For whom should I continue to live. Please tell me. Baba, in the dark as well as in the light, always I look towards the path of Your arrival. I go on searching You in the garden, in the forest, in the mountains, hillsides, and on the seashore-- everywhere. Baba, days are coming and going; every morning my day starts with the hope to have You and every night it ends in hopelessness. The stars and planets are moving in their path and they are telling Your tales in my ears. With my heartfelt longing for You, in all the various ways whatever I know every moment, I request You to please grace me by coming. With my mind, heart and body I do sastaunga pranam to You again and again. Baba please come. Baba my life is for You, otherwise it does not have any value-- no meaning. Baba You are the Essence of essence; You are my everything...
Namaskar, This entire discussion examines why some top Dadas are not aware about the stated ideals of AM ideology. In countless discourses Baba has clearly told us that sadhana, devotion, and spirituality are the most important things in life, yet we often hear some central Dadas say that Baba only cared about the work. How did such a dichotomy develop - how is it that they so misunderstood Baba's message. An analysis of the above may give insight as to how after 1990 the ills of groupism, not the sweetness neo-humanism, seeped into and ultimately saturated our organisation, AMPS. Kindly write in with your thoughts and opinions.
When Parama Purus'a comes in human form He must attend to many duties. Baba, as the Taraka Brahma had two chief roles: Preceptor and president. As the Sadguru or Preceptor, He graciously laid down the tenets of dharma so all could advance on the path of spirituality and attain liberation. As president, He labored intensively to build an organisation that could carry out all kinds of plans and programs in order to best serve the society. Both of these roles were done side by side, but somehow a few central workers could not grasp the completeness of Baba's approach.
During DMC, reportings, or RDS, Baba would spend long, long hours taking report about the work. He might spend 6, 8, or ten hours daily in this way. There was a huge emphasis and tremendous pressure about meeting targets and doing work. All remember this well. The flow was so intense and demanding that Wts were often nervous and scared, fearing that their output was not enough and that Baba would be furious with them. Of course Parama Purusa is always loving and His outer display of fury is just part of His liila. Even then it was all quite convincing and many workers were just anxiously thinking work, work, work - especially central wts. In their sadhana, in their time during DMC, they were consumed with the idea of achieving their quota of opening schools, feeding the homeless, printing newspapers etc. Because they knew that if they did not meet their quota, they might be demoted, lose their avadhutaship, or be publicly scolded. This was a regular occurrence. In contrast, Baba would not demote them if they only spent 5 minutes in sadhana, skipped certain lessons or slept through paincajanya etc. Demotion primarily came from not meeting one's work targets. Thus even though during DMC time, Baba was delivering countless discourses about how devotion is the highest thing in life, karmiis are second-rate, and that sadhana is the best use of one's human existence, some of our central workers were fully consumed with the notion of doing work and work only. They thought this was the be-all and end-all of their time on this earth.They wrongly thought that this was all they needed to do - or that this is all Baba wanted. They did not pay heed to all of Baba's grand teachings on dharma and spirituality.
At this point some may be thinking that Baba taught central workers to only do work and nothing else, and that therefore Wts are not at fault for not adequately learning AM philosophy and not understanding that devotion and sadhana were so important. But this is not true. Baba is the Supreme Guide. He has graciously given ample opportunity for all to move on the spiritual path and properly learn AM teachings. In PC, in dharma samiiksa, in countless books, He always stressed the importance of kirtan, sadhana, and spiritual life. He even instilled the system of seminars, so that every worker could grow and learn. At each reporting session, a seminar series was presented - often by Vijayanandji or another Dada. So Baba gave ample scope for those central workers to grow in the proper manner. Whatever shortcoming or misunderstanding they have today is due to their own negligence.
Let's take a quick look at why Baba placed such a huge emphasis on work during His daily life schedule and interactions. None of His discourses tell that work is everything, but during His latter years, it is quite apparent that work was a main facet of life. We have to remember that Baba's time on this planet was extremely limited. He spent only 35 years involved in organisational life, from 1955 to 1990. And in that period, He had to found, present, and manifest (in one form or another), all the needed plans and programs to guide the humanity far, far into the future. In essence, with extremely limited resources, He had to present the entire structure of Ananda Marga - albeit in miniature form. He had to demonstrate everything: master units, schools, food distribution, RU clubs, samaj movements, system of reporting, hospitals, children's homes, newspapers, politics, and countless other types of projects and innovations. If He did not display something of everything at least in small form, then surely it would have been forgotten by the humanity entirely. So everything needed to come in physical manifestation, to some or more degree. Thus huge work was the call of the day and those central workers lived in the whirlwind of all that activity. Baba's energy was tremendous. This no one can deny. Some may contend that Baba could have used His grand powers to do those projects and make the organisation grow, but then all would have concluded that everything happens due to His magic, and no one would have gotten the lesson that discipline, determination and hard work are needed in life. Thus during the 35-year tenure as organisational President, Baba needed to infuse a strong work ethic. There was no other way. It was a unique time.
Because a certain section of Wts came into AM due to contact with the organisation - as opposed to through philosophical or devotional inquiry etc - some central workers & others just learned that work is everything - and they hardly ever even opened a book or studied Baba's discourses. This may sound surprising, but it is true. That is why some central workers are literally ignorant about AM ideals or what Baba is truly telling in His discourses. One time two senior margiis in my unit were listening to an audio tape of Baba's discourse and one very senior worker came in and asked about it and expressed in a surprised manner that, "I did not know Baba talked about such things." When in fact Baba was merely emphasizing the importance of devotion - something He has done hundreds of times. Meanwhile, that senior Wt himself was present at that DMC and so many others. Yet he could not get Baba's main message. Thus his was an entirely different experience where work was the main theme, not the importance of spiritual cult. And still today various Dadas talk like this - work, work, work. Sure they may "lend importance" in their talks to doing maximum sadhana, but often in their own life they never practice in such a way, not even for one day. And not only that, if they see someone involved in doing deep sadhana, they may harass and abuse that sadhaka for being lazy. This is not uncommon. So such top workers engage in more and more work - neglecting their sadhana - and that brings vanity - the feeling that "I did something great" - and in result they get degenerated, working more for their own personal gain than for neo-humanistic ideals. Baba says, "People of action are also not free from vanity: “I did this, I did that – I built this road when I was a minister I constructed this bridge when I was in the Public Works Department” – this is how people become mad for their little “I”." (AMIWL-11) Baba says, "Those who think that they will get Him through the actional faculty are finally engaged in actional infighting. “I did this, I did that, I’m not an ordinary man” – like this." (SS-21) Thus work and work alone is not a healthy way to move ahead on the path, rather one will fall terribly. Yet we see various Wts engaged only in this way, falsely concluding that this is what Baba wants.
A few did in fact recognise that Baba's time was also a phase of work - giving all the teachings and providing the practical examples. For instance, before 1990, Dada Vijayanandji used to tell that sadhana and intuitional life are for the people in the future, not today. Now is the time for work. Then in 1990, Dada Vijayanandji decidedly changed his course. He began openly telling in seminars that now the time for sadhana has come. To understand Baba we must do more and more sadhana. How far he himself changed the style of his own life, I cannot say. But certainly none can deny that Vijayanandji had this special insight that maximum sadhana must be practiced to implement AM teachings and do pracara. So He clearly recognised that 1955-90, and in particular, from 1978 -1990, was a distinct phase where work had to be done in an extreme way.
Unfortunately, the more prevailing myth amongst workers - both before 1990 and after - was that there was little or no need for sadhana. More than a few central workers thought in this way. They often recount how Baba just asked about work and they also foolishly smile and say that mukti and moksa are in my pocket and that He will give it in the due course, so just forget about sadhana and blindly and tirelessly do the work. All these things they tell. We may have all heard one or another top Dada speak or behave in this way. However such Dadas clearly have a mistaken understanding. (Note: Mukti and moksa are in the pocket and Baba will give it, but only to those deserving. So none should lose faith or worry. Here the point is that skipping sadhana and engaging in groupism is not a recipe for attaining salvation.) See here below how Baba says that all must engage sincerely in sadhana and that the Guru will not give out mukti or moksa without proper effort in spiritual practice from His devotees. Baba says, "To deserve the grace of the sadguru one has to follow the system of intuitional practice with devotion and faith, and not assume that the great preceptor will freely give everything without any effort on the part of the disciple. Other people think that since they are the disciples of a great preceptor and since the sadguru has come to elevate the fallen, the preceptor will take them all along when leaving, in the same way as a cowherd gathers together all grazing cattle before leaving the pasture at dusk. This way of thinking is not correct. A great preceptor does not come into this world to herd his disciples like cattle. The great preceptor comes to liberate people, to elevate them to divinity. People must make a sincere effort to carry out intuitional practice (sa'dhana'). Idle dependence on the preceptor cannot obtain emancipation." (AMEP, 'Intuitional Practice and Its Necessity) Thus, without sadhana, one cannot advance on the path or get liberation. That is Baba's teaching. Yet some Central Dada openly preach how only work is needed and in the due course Baba will grant liberation. But this is not correct. Baba does not grant liberation or salvation to undeserving disciples who overlook spiritual life. One must make proper efforts in sadhana.
Some other key points have to be noted. Without proper sadhana and spiritual awakening, nothing good can happen. 1. Without sadhana, one cannot really understand AM ideology. 2. Without sadhana, one will be prone toward selfishness (lust for post, power, money, name, fame etc). 3. Without sadhana, one will gravitate toward dogma, not dharma. 4. Without sadhana, one will neither be able to preach the real ideals of AM nor inspire others to come onto the path. Thus, as many margiis and field workers realise, sadhana is an absolutely integral aspect toward the establishment of Ananda Marga. All Baba teachings and discourses lead in this direction, and those with experience in sadhana clearly understand this - yet the fact remains that this basic teaching has escaped some of our top central workers. They may say they know it, but their actions speak otherwise.
There was a time when we all thought that our central workers were gods in human form, hand-picked by Baba Himself. Many of us thought that such top Dadas were not subject to following Baba's teachings like Sixteen Points etc. We thought that whatever our central Dadas do will turn into gold and we need not think further about it. However, that myth has long departed from the minds of Ananda Margiis and today - now as we speak - we are seeing the up-close example of what happens when people lose sight of Baba's teachings, as has happened to some central workers. Such Dadas did not properly learn Baba's guidelines from the get-go and just involved in work until finally they got totally degenerated, clouded up in their own vanity. That is why today all such Dadas are involved in vicious wars for power. They have [A] built up groupist armies, [B] ruined countless projects, [C] invented so many dogmas like (1) Mahaprayan, (2) curtailment of BP rights, (3)scriptural distortions, (4) expulsion as a weapon, (5) Fake Ananda Vaniis, (6) ruination of the ACB etc, [D] resorted to killing other workers, [E] spent millions on court cases for their own power, [F] and so much more. They have essentially torn down and destroyed everything that Baba created in the physical sphere - jagrtis ruined, Ananda Nagar neglected and turned into a war zone, not to mention that the entire family feeling in AMPS has been nearly washed away. That was perhaps the strongest, most tangible force we had, and they sucked it dry. Indeed, the scene today is a perfect example of how NOT to establish Ananda Marga. Baba has given so many great teachings, but some of our top Dadas could not understand or realise even one sentence from Baba's thousands of discourses. Such is the ignorance of these wts and the proof is their current behavior. One need not believe the words in this letter to understand the point. Just simply look out your window and see what those top Dadas are doing and see what has become of our Marga. That is enough proof that they missed the boat with regards to understanding His teachings.
By His grace He has given everything in life. Now is the time for strong sadhana then everything will be alright. Those top Dadas should toss aside their groupist weapons and do sadhana. If they have become too degenerated and cannot concentrate in meditation, as some have admitted, then they should pray to Baba to be merciful and express repentance for their misdeeds. Then He will surely grace them. As we involve more deeply in sadhana then all the high ideals that Baba talks about will readily manifest in our Marga. Then we will have a true AM family that will bring smiles all over the world. Without sadhana, nothing good will result, as has been proven by various top Dadas thus. All they have demonstrated is their ignorance of how to live a life based on AM - now is the time to reverse this awful trend. Baba says, "So the victory of all human beings is possible only through dharma, only through spiritual practices. It is our duty to perform dharma. It is our duty to perform sa'dhana'. It is your duty to inspire yourself." (AV-31) Baba says, "For human beings spiritual practice in individual life is mandatory. Without sa'dhana' one cannot expect to make any progress." (APH-5) Namaskar, Sudarshan
************************************************ Impending Danger
Baba says, "The common masses cannot easily realize that they are moving towards their annihilation. So intelligent people should point out their mistakes and inspire them to move along the path of progress. Just as motorists are warned about a road under repair with the signboard “Danger ahead”, similarly those moving along the wrong path should be warned of the impending danger by the well-wishers of society and guided along the proper path. To render this service is everyone’s bounden duty." (Paos' Pu'rn'ima' 1958 DMC, Trimohan, Bhagalpur)

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