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Publications Icons

Date: Mon 24 Dec 2007 22:49:36 -0000 To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Publications Icons From: "Ishvara" Baba "Toma'ke buddhibale balo ke va' pa're, Buddhi toma'r krpa'y sabe labe..." (P.S. 1028) Purport: Baba, no one can get You by the strength of their intellect. In the past I wasted so much time depending on my little brain. I was foolishly thinking that by my intellect I will get everything. Though I tried hard, I failed desperately. At every step I came to understand my ignorance and stupidity. That You cannot be found within the periphery of intellect. Baba, in the past I adopted the path of hypocrisy and tried to hide my weakness through my tall talks. In that way I ploughed the way for my degeneration. Baba, by Your grace, today samvit (awareness) has come. This much You graciously made me understand-- that without Your causeless grace nothing can happen. And with Your causeless grace the impossible becomes possible. Baba, I am humbly surrendering my everything at Your lotus feet...
Namaskar, Everyone in Ananda Marga wants Baba's discourses to be transcribed, printed, and preserved in the best way possible: 'As they were originally given by Him'. This is everyone's dream and desire. Unfortunately, right now the Tiljala arm is going about this in a faulty manner-- deliberately so. Their continued goal is to put Bengali on top by wrongly transcribing & translating all His discourses from the so-called original Bangla, and by incorrectly asserting that the Shabda Cayanika series is about Bengali grammar etc. This is their own stated agenda and the devious plan of Sarvatmananda. To uphold this, specifically, a certain duo of Tiljala adherents-- i.e. two publications icons-- openly touts the greatness of these misguided efforts, and, side by side, attempts to shut the mouth of any margii who comes forward to oppose this tainted plan of the Tiljala Publications team.
Without any doubt, the real job of any Publications department is to maintain the integrity, authenticity, and originality of Baba's given discourses. The best way to do this, of course, is to recognise and respect the original language which Baba has used to deliver the discourse. That means if Baba has given a discourse in a particular language-- such as English, Tamil, Icelandic, Telgu, or Oriya etc-- then that particular discourse should be transcribed in that very language itself, perfectly capturing Baba's each word and every expression. Plus, any ensuing translation of that discourse should be done directly from that original language-- using that original transcription. This is the rational, reasonable, and logical way to proceed in doing publications work: Maintaining the integrity and originality of Baba's divine expression-- not altering anything in order to push the agenda of a particular language group etc.
However the Tiljala Publications camp is straying far, far from this ideal. Right now, they brag about their 24-person team-- led by Sarvatmananda-- that is fervently working to translate anything and everything from the so-called original Bengali, when in fact so many of those discourses were given by Baba in other languages. This wrong approach they are doing right now as we speak. Proof being that in one of their latest Publications-- Ananda Vacanamrtam parts 9 & 10-- multiple discourses were given in Hindi, yet the order was given to make a 'Bangla original' and use that as the master document for all translations. Yet this is an entirely erroneous way to proceed. If a discourse was given in Hindi then why translate it into Bangla and then re-translate it into Hindi before printing it in Hindi. By this way, so many of Baba's original words are lost and forgotten. But this is what they have done and are doing. And this wrongful approach by the Tiljala Publications team is going on with all the languages that Baba has used in His original discourses. Yet side by side this 24-member staff of Tiljala publications is bragging night and day about what great work they are doing. That is why rational margiis are saying that these Tiljala publications attempts are just like making rasagolla from cow dung. Meaning: Even a sweet dessert like rasagolla will be inedible and disgusting if smelly or foul ingredients are used. Likewise making a divine book of Baba's will be ruined and destroyed if those involved are using the wrong language as the original. Yet that is what this 24 person team is doing, proudly so.
And on the top-- two of these members, Kirit Dave of California (USA) & Tarak Ghista of Kentucky (USA)-- are jumping up and down exclaiming what a great job they themselves are doing. Indeed these are our 'Publications Icons'. Even they have gone so far as to proclaim themselves as such. When in fact, they are just involved in the sinful misdeed of executing Saratmananda's crooked agenda of placing Bangla on top, irregardless of the original language. That is why these two teamsters-- Kirit & Tarak-- will just go down in history as the pitiful members of this sinful brigade. No doubt Sarvatmananda is the real demon and foe of publications; he is the brain-child of this sinful plan of placing Bangla on top. In turn, Kirit and Tarak became looped into this net of sin-- not because they want to do wrong-- but because they are anxious to get post and be prodded by one group leader. And for that perk, they have become blinded by their desire for name and fame. That is why they are unable to do the job of publications properly. They are happy with their wrong way as it has put their name and face 'on the map'. Such is their blindness. And even worse, if anyone rightly comes forward to point out the defect of their ways, then this icon duo-- Kirit and Tarak-- jump out from their hole and scratch and claw like anything because they feel their prestige at stake. Due to their blindness they do not care what is right or wrong-- just they are addicted to their faulty way. And in this manner they just perpetuate their sinful dealings in the Tiljala publications office. It is a negative and nasty downward spiral, leading to one wrong publication after another.
In the notes after the signing of this letter we will cite and respond to various other erroneous proclamations they make. Because really this icon duo of Kirit and Tarak have been totally brainwashed and duped. They think they are doing doing great and praise themselves as being Olympians, but the basic essence of what they are doing in their cheesy publications department is inherently flawed and diseased. That is why we just pity them: Because they got duped into using their valuable time and energy in carrying out the sinful agenda of Sarvatmananda. All because they are blinded by post & prestige, name & fame. In that case one can have only pity on them.
Once again, let it be known that the overarching goal of this letter and the main endeavour of publishing Baba's books is to maintain the originality, authenticity, and integrity of Baba's divine discourses. And that means preserving Baba's divine expression in its truest form by using whatever language He has used. And by all means, if Baba has delivered a discourse in Bangla then it most certainly should be transcribed in that language and that transcription should be used as the original for all translations. Likewise, if Baba has used Sanskrit, English, Bhojpuri, French, German, Latin, Pharsi, or any other language, then that original language should be used as the original. This is the only way to maintain the integrity of Baba's discourses. In a phrase, Baba's discourses should be kept "as is". To do anything else-- to do any 'doctoring' of His discourses-- such as swapping Bangla as the original language is deliberate sin. And such perpetrators should be pointed out & abused until they mend their horrific and arrogant ways. They have no right to intentionally stain and selfishly alter the original discourses of Mahasambhuti. But that is what the Tiljala regime is doing and they are aided and defended by their two great icons, Kiritji and Tarakji.
By Baba's grace, our Marga will perfectly succeed in keeping the originality of Baba's words and expression, thereby preserving His divine teachings forever and ever for the entire humanity. That is His explicit wish. Baba says, "The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be totally flawless." (NSS: Disc 14) Namaskar, Ishvara P.S. In these below notes we will further look at Kirit's & Tarak's expression to evaluate their ways.
In Brother Kiritji's below line he is proclaiming that he himself is not a groupist: "I [Kirit Dave] do not belong to any of the AM organizations [i.e. groups], and I prefer to serve His mission and work regardless of the organization types." This is what brother Kirit wrote. Yet this above statement is comparable to someone proclaiming he is a vegan when every night he sits down to a big dinner of roasted pig meat. Because Kirit has his groupist boss Sarvatmananda who gives him his each and every order and finances his work. And Kirit has his groupist boss Sarvatmananda who rewards him with all sorts of ribbons and medals. And Kirit has his groupist boss Sarvatmananda who bestows upon him all kinds of postings and titles. In short, Kirit's entire effort in the realm of publications is slanted to the B group agenda and is done to please his boss, then is it not totally inane and ridiculous for Kiritji to proclaim that he is not part of any factional regime-- when he himself has a designated post given to him by one factional kingpin, Sarvatmananda. That is why people are saying that Kiritji's claim of not being a groupist is as ludicrous as one pig-eater claiming to be a vegan. Both things are preposterous.
Day in and day out Tarakji likes to argue and defend how Shabda Cayanika is about Bengali grammar. Tarak wrote: "If one is rational, one will clearly see that Shabda Cayanika, Varna Vijinana, etc deal with Bangla grammar." So Tarakji likes to make this proclamation. But it is unfortunate he could not understand Guru's teachings. In Shabda Cayanika Baba is focusing upon Sanskrit grammar. Yet because, Sankrit is the mother of all languages, He invariably talks about nearly every language of the world from Pharsi to English to French to Tagalo to Korean to Japanese etc. Countless languages are discussed. Yet the topic and starting point is Sanskrit. That is why no one can correctly claim that the book is about Japanese grammar or Bengali grammar. That is one foolish idea. But the Tiljala Publications department printed on the back cover of all the Shabda Cayanika books that: "Ostensibly, Shabda Cayanika is a series devoted to the linguistics and philology of the Bengali language." So this is nothing but their erroneous and arrogant claim and it is unfortunate they have tainted Baba's book in this way. In Shabda Cayanika, Baba uses Sanskrit grammar as a baseline to touch so many languages. But it is only the Tiljala camp that had the audacity to say that the book is about their language. And because Tiljala gives Tarakji his food and bread, he is totally blinded by their way of thinking. That is why he becomes so easily unnerved and cries out again and again that the Shabda Cayanika book is about Bengali. It is a shame and a pity that he cannot grasp Guru's greater idea. Such are the ill effects of groupism. Because beyond that, Tarakji is a bright fellow but due to his penchant for the Tiljala regime he cannot understand the essence of Shabda Cayanika.
Here Kirit tries to say that the Tiljala faction is not responsible for the false proclamation on the back of the Shabda Cayanika book. Kiritji wrote: "The passage you quote (about SC being Bengali word discusison), was not written by Sarvatmananda ji, but by a person of Non Indian origin from the West. I am certain he had no personal interest in unduly crediting Bengali language." Unfortunately, what Kiritji fails to understand is that Sarvatmanadna is the main King of Tilajal and the head of the Publications Dept. And as the publisher he is giving the order and final approval for each and every aspect of those publications. It is not that Sarvatmananda is suffering from dementia like PP Dada. Sarvatmananda is not just some rubber stamp like PP. Rather Sarvatmananda is a conniving leader who gets his work done by others. Proof being, that at this very moment Sarvatmananda is materialising his plan through Kiritji. Yet when Kiritji cannot recognise this about himself then how can he be expected to realise it with others-- he cannot. Main point here is that Sarvatmananda is actively behind all such publications.
Although there are countless false and hypocritical statements to be analysed by these two publications icons-- how many are we going to address here. Just perhaps one more thing will be said that this duo of Kiritji & Tarakji are like gang members who boldly jump up to defend their gang boss when he is attacked. In that case all logic, rationality, and reason is shot to the wind, and they fight tooth and nail to defend their boss. That is what gang-bangers do and sadly that is what Kiritji and Tararji are doing. This is their knee-jerk reaction when they see their factional chief come under fire, irregardless if those points are justified or not. All in all K & T are like two dogs sitting at the feet of Sarvatmananda-- licking his feet, totally unaware about how much harm he is doing. Just due to their blindness & ignorance, K & T are betraying Guru. Verily these publications icons are a slur in name of Ananda Marga. Because as much as we just want to have pity on them, in the end it has to be said they are deviants going against Guru's word and the path of dharma.
**************************************** Process of Channlisation
Baba says, "If people have a healthy body and mind their glandular system will remain balanced and they can easily channelise their physical energy into psychic and spiritual activities. This process of channelisation is the only way to check the mental flow towards crude propensities." (AFPS-9, p. 35)

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