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Not to be Forgotten

Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2008 22:20:23 -0000 To: From: "Hariish Dev" Subject: Not to be Forgotten Baba "A'ma'y du're rekho na'ko, tha'kite ca'i ye ka'cha'ka'chi..." (P.S. 495) Purport: Baba, please grace me, please do not keep me at a distance. I want to remain close to You-- side by side. Baba, I am always struggling to maintain my tune along with Yours; this way I am surviving, this way my time is passing. Baba, my each and every moment of the day & night is passing thinking about Your sweetness & Your glory. Even though I am surrounded by hundreds of pains, sufferings, and agonies, I am dancing with happiness, by Your grace. This way You keep me alive-- floating in Your bliss. Baba, when the sky is filled with the torture of the burning desert, when my whole existence is burning due to the heat of the fire, in that circumstance I ask for the refreshing, green shade of Your grace. Thinking about You, Your ideation gives that soft, sweet, cool touch-- and the burning heat changes into sweetness. Baba, please grace me and give me shelter at Your lotus feet...
Namaskar, As the group war and factional infighting rages on, all the forces focus only on their narrow lust for post and power and leave all Baba's eternal teachings by the wayside-- lying in the corner. New books are not getting printed; Prabhat Samgiita are not getting recorded; countless Baba's discourses remain in cassette form only. Plus all of the above are getting lost, tarnished and decayed as well-- all due to neglect in the face of the group clash. Yet these are the very ideological teachings which are to guide the humanity for ages and ages. So it is our duty to step forward and ensure & demand that all Baba's gems and jewels remain in tact and proper. Baba's ideological treasures must not become a casualty or victim of the group fight.
We all know that AM ideology is (a) Baba's discourses, (b) His dictations, and (c) His own example in personal life. The entire thing we call as our ideology. Here then is one Baba story related with the preservation of our AM scriptures and the great importance of ideology. As it is ideology itself which guides human existence to its crowning glory. Baba says, "A'darsha or ideology in the genuine sense is that which we look up to for guidance and inspiration to move in the proper direction...Ideology involves a spiritual sense-- it is an inspiration which has parallelism with the Supreme Entity. Where an ideology exists with proper glamour then its existential value can be fully manifest." (PNS-15, p. 62)
In contrast when life is devoid of ideology, then exploitation and lawlessness rules. And all sorts of negative forces take over. History has witnessed that due to the lack of the propagation of their ideology, many organisations met their demise and got rooted out completely. And tragically, that very scenario is threatening our Marga these days. Due to not following Baba's teachings, groupism and the fight for power have become rampant. Such an extremely negative condition has developed where H and B groups and their various sub-factions have adopted a blind eye towards Baba's teachings. And Baba Himself seriously warns us of the dangers of such an existence. Baba says, "People who follow a path which is devoid of ideology are bound to meet the same fate. Eventually they will destroy themselves by their infighting." (PNS-15, p. 60) So as disciples of Baba it is our duty to implement His ideology and follow His mandates as laid down in His scripture. For it is only in this way that we will reach to the height of human glory and avert imminent disaster.
Here then below is a short history of how Buddhism got divided. And then after follows the detailed account of one scene in Patna where Baba Himself is emphasizing the importance of AM ideology and the safeguarding of our holy scripture. As is commonly known when Lord Buddha died, that time nothing had been formally written as discourses of Buddha. It was only later on that his disciples compiled everything, i.e. whatever information they could gather by their memory or gossip. Those days, society was not so advanced and people were simple. And the number of jinanis and groupists was less in society those days. Because usually, such persons create problems in the field of scripture. And that causes confusion in others' mind. As we have seen in the history. Nonetheless, overall it took around 500 years to divide Buddhism into two factions or parts. The cause of the division was the distortion of scripture. Two groups of disciples quarreled on the point of the discourses of Lord Buddha. And that culminated in the division. So back then it took 500 years to divide. But nowadays society is in so much of an advanced condition when things can move much more quickly. Fortunately, Baba did not allow or give any opportunity for His discourses to be misinterpreted or distorted. Otherwise that would have been one of the causes of the future division of AM. About this point of distortion more is written below in various places. And now directly below is the beginning of the Baba story itself.
Many may remember when Baba came out from the jail in 1978, He used to live in 176 Patli Putra Colony, Patna. And margiis were permitted to go there morning and evening to attend general darshan. So either in the Baba's Quarters or in the rented jagrti, Baba used to give darshan on a regular basis. The following story is about one special occasion when Baba was very unhappy because His discourses were not getting recorded regularly. So Baba was furious about this and HE was scolding our Central Dadas including PA Dada Ramanandji. When BABA came that day, first of all HE scolded those Dadas and HE refused to give any discourse. And then BABA told one very significant thing, which we never heard from HIS mouth either before or since.
First though it should be clear that usually during His discourses BABA is speaking in part for the audience who is present there. HE solves the questions of the margii audience. That means whatever questions margiis have, BABA reads their mind and during the time of discourse HE gives the answer as a part of the discourse. So the discourse and reply, both are accomplished at the same time. In other words those margiis who were present as the audience of BABA, BABA speaks for them. But not only that. Because that very day in Patli Putra Colony, Patna, BABA told something else in addition.
Baba told in a roaring and thunderous voice and in furious mood Baba scolded the Dadas. And He abused then that, "I am not only speaking only for five, ten, or twenty persons those who are sitting next to Me. But also I speak for entire humanity. Present and future generation." Immediately then while scolding those Dadas, Baba demanded, "Where are those discourses!! Show me the cassettes containing the discourses which I delivered since coming out from the jail." Then BABA abused them, "Hey, tell me the headings of those discourses! Otherwise I will not spare you! I am speaking for the whole humanity, and you people did not record! So those discourses are all gone. Since coming out of jail I delivered more than fifty discourses. Produce all those cassettes next to me!!!" Dadas were terrified because nothing was recorded. And because it was not recorded, so Dadas were speechless. They were only telling with folded hands, "Baba! We will be more careful. We will be very sincere. We will not make any mistake in future. And everything will be recorded promptly. We did blunder. In future such things will not happen." And here is another thing. No doubt it was looking as if Baba is truly furious, but in reality He was just playing His liila to make everyone understand the seriousness of the situation.
And we could see that time also that when in soft smiling way Baba was looking towards margiis. And BABA consolingly told them that "It is not the mistake of you margiis. WTs are at fault. Those who were responsible for recording and protecting My discourses. They are the main culprits." Baba continued, "Because you margiis are not responsible, that's why I am not angry with you. But I am angry with WTs. So I will not talk with them." Then in very charming mood HE expressed, "Because you margiis have come here, so I will sit among you and chat for some time. And today I will not give any discourse. I am angry." BABA then told many things, but I don't recall all of those now. But that day in Patna HIS presence was so charming and attractive. To each and every margii brother or sister, in a smiling way HE was asking everyone individually about their well-being. Baba was in such a lovely and pleasant mood. So that day in Patna sitting next to BABA and gazing towards HIM, we felt and understood that BABA's anger is only superficial and external. From inside HE never feels angry. I think, only for discipline's sake HE shows anger. But internally HE is always Kalyan Sundaram.
By the above account we can all understand that BABA is very strict with keeping His discourses intact. And by this above illustration of the Baba story in Patna, anybody can conclude in the same way. Because scripture has a significant role in guiding the whole human society. Same thing we also saw when BABA was living in Lake Gardens, Kolkata. And regular discourses of Shabda Cayanika were going on every Sunday. Then many such occasions occurred when BABA expressed His full fury. All because the previous Sunday's general discourse had not gotten printed and distributed among margiis. The reason for HIS fury was obvious. If His discourses do not get printed, then there will be scope for alteration, or getting lost entirely. Whereas if they will be printed and distributed among margiis, then naturally they will be spread all around. And there will not be the possibility of distortion in future by crooked groupist people. Even if they get some congenial atmosphere to do so, they will not succeed. Because the book is among everybody, so distortion is not possible. For all these reasons, BABA used to be very strict about the recording and publishing of HIS discourses instantly. Those days, even during His very busy schedule and also in HIS ill health, while lying on the bed, BABA used to listen to the proofreading with Dada Vijayanandji and make the corrections on AM books.
The reason for doing such work even in HIS ill health was very clear. BABA did not like to give any chance for the misrepresentation of HIS teachings. In the past history, not any Guru did like this. Even Lord Krsna was also not very much concerned about the writing of His teachings. There was not so much fear about further distortion those days. People were simpler then. But by seeing the alertness of BABA about His own teachings. And printing, proof reading, and keeping them in the book form. And cassette preservation, etc. All these give the evidence that times have changed and we should not allow scriptural distortion. Nor should we allow the H & B factions to continue to spread their poison of groupism. As one neo-humanistic family let us rally round HIS grand ideology and spread His word throughout this entire universe. This entire story about Baba then guides us that how His teaching is very important for our individual and collective development in all realms: physical, psychic, and spiritual. So it is our fundamental duty to protect His teaching / ideology.
Here following is Baba's special blessing: Baba says, "Advance as a vanguard leading the way for others to follow. This is the true spirit of life, and this is the path upon which your glory will be established." (AV-8, p. 99) Namaskar, Hariish
At the time of Lord Buddha in India the common public was unaware about the ideology. That is why the Hindu religion got rooted out and, in turn, the people accepted Buddhism. And just opposite happened at the time of Shankaracaya. Buddhism got defeated by Shankaracarya's philosophy because that time different Buddhist factions were quarreling amongst one another due to their groupism and narrow interest. And because the common public was not aware about the teaching of Buddha and his ideology. So Buddhism got rooted out. This then gives the clear picture how ideology and awareness about it plays a big role in the rise or fall of any organisation.
It is also true that no matter how much you protect something but still devious persons always try to ruin the things with their poisonous bite. This happened recently with even the printed book Tattvika Praveshika and also the AM Revolution discourses got altered by Sarvatmanandji, Pranavatmakanandji. And they also curtailed Bhukti Pradhan rights by distorting the BP Manual. Anyhow they got caught red-handed and now margiis are more alert. But still this discourse has not been repaired as the Rudranandji faction has no interest in correcting this alteration.
THE FOLLOWING IS BABA'S ORIGINAL AND TRUE VERSION OF THE "ANANDA MARGA: A REVOLUTION" PARAGRAPH ABOUT MARGII RIGHTS THAT WAS FIRST PRINTED IN TATTVIKA PRAVESHIKA BOOK AND THEN LATER INCLUDED IN PROUT NUTSHELL-11 ENGLISH (1987): "Ananda Marga does not discriminate between a family person and a sannyasi (renunciate). The place given to a family person in our Marga is greater than the place given to a sannyasi, based on the reason that the former is not dependent on anyone for his or her maintenance, while the sannyasi has to depend on others. A family person is like a strong tree which is self-supporting, while the sannyasi is like the vine which twines around the tree for its support. A family person therefore deserves more respect than a sannyasi, according to the trend of thought in Ananda Marga. This itself is a revolutionary idea. No philosopher or thinker, whether eastern or western, had ever dared to declare a family person as deserving more respect than a hermit or a sannyasi. It needed the courage of a revolutionary to say so." (PNS-11, p.7) HERE BELOW IS THE DISTORTED VERSION OF THE AM REVOLUTION PARAGRAPH AS PRINTED IN THE MOST RECENT EDITION OF ZY FIND (ZY SEARCH). "Ananda Marga does not discriminate between a family person and a sannya'sii (renunciant). It required the courage of a revolutionary to say so." This above distorted version is based on the altered version of Prout Nutshell-11 Bengali and Prout nutshell-11 Hindi (1993). THE REPORT HAS ALSO COME THAT THOSE IN CONTROL ARE AIMING TO USE THIS DISTORTED VERSION IN THE NEW UPCOMING PRINTING OF THE ENGLISH PROUT BOOK, PNS-11. SO WE SHOULD ALL BE AWARE & READY NOT TO LET THIS HAPPEN.
*************************************** Multiple Health Benefits of Black Pepper
Baba says, "Black pepper stimulates the secretion of saliva, increases hunger, and helps to enhance digestion. Plus it makes the nerve fibers alert. Furthermore it is a medicine and remedy for lethargy and melancholia." "If you make a paste by mixing the top layer of milk with black pepper and apply it to the face it prevent acne." (SC-8) Note: People should also be aware that black pepper, especially coarse grain black pepper, should not be applied directly on the food when one is eating. Rather it should be prepared with the food. That way in the cooking process the black pepper will mix with the water and get distributed evenly throughout the dish. Whereas if one eats raw black pepper directly on their food then it enters the body in a very concentrated form which the body cannot digest. If the black pepper is extremely fine like dust, then one can eat it directly but best is to hydrate it in water first and then let it sit for a while in a container and then sparingly put that sauce (i.e. pepper water) on your food.

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