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Subject: Re: “SAMKALPA DIVAS' VS. 'MAHAPRAYAN DIVAS' From:"Panda" Date:Wed, 30 Sep 2009 11:51:27 +0530 To: CC: Baba Namaska'ram. Lord Buddha said idol worship shouldn't be done.After his death his disciples started making idol of Buddha & worshipping him. This is a negative point what historians point out for downfall of BUddhism. Similarly Baba clearly mentioned in CARYA"CARYA that shraddha should be observed within twelve days of death of a person. But after His physical departure a group of followers have been observing anniversary of 21st october in the name of MAHA"PRAYA"N"A. Now the proposal is to observe same day as SAMKALPA Divas. Let's follow whatever Ba'ba' has given in black & white. Let's not add like MAHAPRAYAN or Samkalapa divas. Let's observe A"NANDA PU"RNMA" as instructed by HIM in Carya'carya. Thanking you Narayan Panda ----- Original Message ----- From: Subramaniyan K To: Sent: 29 September, 2009 2:24 PM Subject: Re: “SAMKALPA DIVAS' VS. 'MAHAPRAYAN DIVAS' Baba Namaskar, Baba's birthday can be celebrated even for whole month or 10 days or in a more excellent manner to remember Baba's birthday. But, it is not happening and only [the dogmatic] Mahaprayan is more highlighted with 5 days kiirtan. Here I am...certainly against doing anything to observe Baba's physical departure day. It should be a just normal day. We can do 5 days kiirtan on Baba's birthday (Ananda Purnima) and 21st Oct should be a just historical day. How Lord Shiva and Krsna's death day is ignored by Hindus in the same way 21st October also should be ignored by margiis and max celebration should be there on Baba's birthday. Subramaniyan

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