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Bogus Logic

Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2009 08:46:37 -0000 Subject: Bogus Logic To: From: Satiish K Bhatia" Baba "Pratham jiivane, tumi a'so niko, ta'r la'gi, mane kono klesh na'i..." (PS 379) Purport: Baba, You did not come close to me in the dawn of my life; but I do not have any agony in my mind about why You did not bring me under Your shelter that time-- why You did not come close to me and become very intimate. For that I do not have any mental anguish or suffering. But I do have repentance in my heart for why I did not search You that time. That is why my heart is burning and crying all the time. The fault is mine that in my early years I did not search You. For that I have deep remorse. Baba, that time You were so close to me-- living side by side, always. Even then I did not call You or try to search for You by learning sadhana. I did not care about that back then. Just my days and nights passed in vain, doing various useless pursuits that time in the early stage of my life. Yet, now in the twilight of my life, the more those early remembrances sprout in mind, the more pain I feel. Baba, by Your grace everyone comes onto this earth for a short span of time, for a calculated period. And there are so many works to do. Yet fruitlessly people waste their time blaming God for their misfortunes-- but there is no benefit in this. Because everyone is facing their own samskara. When they remove the umbrella of vanity, they will realise that Your grace is showering eternally. Baba, You are ever gracious; what You do is best for me. My only desire is to always remain under Your shelter...
Namaskar, People often think that if they have logic on their side - then everything is well and fine. Then they feel that their stance is justified and correct. However, this needs our special consideration.
The Sanskrit word "yukti" means logic. The root "yuj" means to unite. And when one unites themselves with a particular thought process, that is their logic. However, such logic can be right or wrong. Because, everyone has their logic - even those on opposite sides of the same issue. For instance, pro-choice advocates and anti-abortion activists both have their logic. Pro-choice'ers say that a woman has a right to make a decision about her body and that there is no loss of human life whereas right to lifers argue that one cannot kill a human life yet abortion does just that. So both sides have their own logic - and the debate roars ahead in that way. Another hot topic is gay marriage. Those for it proclaim that every human being has the right to marry while those opposed say that marriage is to be done only between a man and a woman. Here again, both sides have their logic. Likewise, politicians "on opposite sides of the aisle" have their own logic about issues from health care to the economy. Meat eaters and vegetarians have their logic. Convicted criminals and court justices both have their logic. Everybody has their logic. In the aforementioned cases, both parties are not correct. One may be correct or neither may be correct. It depends. Yet both have their favoured logic on the very same issue. Here the point is that logic can lead one to the wrong answer. Period. So we have to be careful - logic itself is not to be trusted 100% - we must ensure that our quest for truth goes beyond simple logic.
At present we have similar issues in AMPS. There are topics on the table for review, and various parties have their logic. So on any given issue - court cases, land disputes, book rights etc - each of the groups has their chosen logic. They all have their ground to stand on, claiming their view or logic to be correct. To escape this predicament - to follow the path of dharma - we have to then go beyond just plain logic.
The main problem is that logic can be formulated around any group, party, or personal interest. Let's take the case of mahaprayan. If we were to walk into the Tiljala campus, then they can give all kinds of logic as to the importance of mahaprayan. Because their desire is to earn money, make Kolkata the epicenter of AMPS life, enhance their group prestige etc, for all these reasons and more, they have huge interest in making mahaprayan a success. They may even say that Baba is gone because we do not see Him with our crude eyes anymore. So they have all kinds of logic and more about this particular point is addressed in the next subheading. Yet we all know mahaprayan to be a dogma. Such is the problem with logic. Thus we need to ensure that logic is not just based on private interests, but rather represents universal welfare and spiritual values, i.e. sarva jana hitaya.Then that logic will lead to the proper answer, otherwise not. Then it will just be bogus logic, nothing more. For instance, Baba Himself has said that: 1) Parama Purusa is everywhere and in everything; Baba says, 'There is no place which is inaccessible to Him. If a person is at a particular place and has to move to some other place, he will have to travel. But the Lord is everywhere, and He in reality does not have to move. In other words, He has so many feet that He is able to reach any place and be available at all places at all times." (AV-30) 2) Parama Purusa is timeless; Baba says, "The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings – That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed Brahmavidya' (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and form of Anandamu'rtijii. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its majesty." (CC-2) 3) Parama Purusa always resides in our heart; Baba says, " When you are established in devotion, you get Parama'tma' too. Then you will experience yourselves that Parama'tma' is seated in your heart, you will not have to go elsewhere in search of Him." (SS-19) 4) In addition, Baba has outlined all the needed celebrations in our Marga and in no place did He mention that mahaprayan should be celebrated. Rather He specifically warned against observing mahaprayan. Thus for any logic to be correct on the issue of mahaprayan, then it must be in keeping and consistent with Baba's above teachings. It must be in concert with apta vakya, i.e. the eternal truths as given by Baba. But the dogma of mahaprayan runs totally contrary to all of Baba's stated principles. The groupist mahaprayan celebration mandates that Baba is gone forever. That is their position. In contrast, in countless discourses Baba says that He is always with us. Both stands cannot be correct. Since Baba's every word is supreme truth and by definition apta vakya, then that must be accepted and any other logic discarded. In that case, all sincere Ananda Margiis will adhere to Baba's dharmic teachings and not listen to any other groupist logic in favour of observing the dogma of mahaprayan. Because the logic in favour of mahaprayan is just bogus logic guided by group and party interest, separate from the truth of universal welfare.
Relative logic is based on sense perception: what one learns from the world using their eyes, nose, ears, tongue, and hands etc. This is by definition limited and mistake prone. Various groupists saw Baba with their crude eyes and then when their crude eyes could no longer see Baba, they declared that He is gone, and voila - mahaprayan. So their dogmatic logic of mahaprayan is based on their crude sense perception. So we should never get trapped by this materialistic approach. Day in and day out people are led in the wrong direction by sense perception. Baba says, "Whatever people say they “know” about an object is only their sense perception, and not real knowledge. And that sense perception remains unsubstantiated." (AMIWL-8) Those then who claim that Baba is gone and give their logic of mahaprayan are totally misguided, fooled and blinded by the limitations of their crude sense experience. Sadhakas of the Marga should instead rely on more subtle ways of knowing. Guided by intuition and devotion, such bhaktas can feel in their heart that Baba is there. In that case, how can one claim that He is gone. That is why no true Ananda Margii follows the dogma of mahaprayan. The dogma of mahaprayan(MPD) is nothing but the brainchild of dry groupists who got befooled by their own petty interest and limited sense experience. Such is their pathetic condition. And indeed when their logic for MPD is measured against the touchstone of divine truth and realisation, then very quickly their logic falls on its face and is proven totally false.
To get the truth, logic must be grounded in rationality, universal welfare and spiritual sentiment. Then that logic will lead one in the right direction. Unfortunately now in AMPS, each and every group has their own distinct logic, i.e. bogus logic. It is not just the B team that suffers from this syndrome with regards to the dogma of mahaprayan. All groupists give their phony logic based on narrow sentiments. 1. There are some who will give tons of logic how it was appropriate to change the by-laws in NY sector. Such persons are not guided by any welfare motive, but rather by their own group and greedy sentiment. 2. There are some who will detail with all kinds of logic how expulsion is a needed and proper tool for keeping our Marga clean. But such logicians are just guided by their personal desire for power etc. That is the basis of their bogus logic, not AM teachings. 3. And there are people who will justify all kinds of things: Fake Ananda Vaniis, scripture distortion, eradication of margii rights, fake BP manual etc. There is no end to their logic. But such logic is not correct and not in accordance with the dharma of AM. Their paltry views are just the outcome of group sentiment etc. In each and every case, on each and every issue, we have to see if a particular view is based on rationality and represents universal well-being, i.e. sarva jana hitaya. Then and only then can it be accepted as proper and true. Then that logic is beneficial. We should never be swayed by the logic of groupists. Theirs is just bogus logic and will not lead one along the path of welfare.
If a person ideates on Parama Purusa and takes His teachings to be true, then that sadhaka will merge in Him and be one with AM ideology, in thought, word, and deed. There will not be any difference. But if one gets glued to groupist logic, then one will stray far from the universal values of AM and become permanently plastered to their group. They will bind themselves to the dogmatic logic of group sentiment. That will be their miserable fate. And there will be no escape. No one should meet such an ugly destiny. The only way to save oneself is to wholly divorce oneself from the logic of all groupist policies like the dogma of mahaprayan and instead follow the great teachings of Parama Purusa in the form of AM ideology. Then one's position in life is safe and secure. Then one will float in His bliss, otherwise not.
By Baba's grace He has given us perfect and pure teachings in all the realms of life. His ideology will lead us to the goal. One should keep all groupist logic - i.e. bogus logic - off to the side, or better yet in the trash bin. We should only follow His teachings, the ideology of Ananda Marga - the path of divine intuition. Baba says, "Logic is a psychic survey. Such a survey may or may not be correct, therefore it is futile to follow logic blindly... This psychic survey, embedded in relativity, may or may not be correct. Intuitional vision is the best logic. Intuitional vision should be your guiding ideology." (PNS-15) Namaskar, Satiish
It is worth taking a moment to compare the (mis)deeds of both Rudrananda and Sarvatmananda as it gives deep insight as to how to prevent our AM society from further harm. Essentially, Rudrananda is after power and he has done some nasty things - no doubt. But when his time on this earth expires, "Rudranandaism" will be gone. His negative legacy will be nil, i.e. not long lasting. Because he has only chased after post and power for himself and after his time on this earth that chase will be done, without any real lingering effects. Of course, here we are not wishing or waiting for anyone's expiration, rather our aim is their rectification. So the above is a mere analysis, nothing more. Then there is Sarvatmananda. In stark contrast, his actions will have a long(er) lasting effect and will probably stand for some time after his life terminates. Why? Because "Sarvatmanandaism" is focused on systemic manipulation of organisation and ideology, not just his personal lust for power. Sarvatmananda also has the goal of Bangalisation & WT superiority. To that end he has ruined the BP Manual, invented Fake Ananda Vaniis, founded the dogma of Mahaprayan, ruined countless Hindi and English discourses, invented expulsion as a weapon, eradicated the ACB, and indulged in countless other horrific activities. That is why Sarvatmananda's "legacy" will be far worse than that of Rudrananda. It will take time and effort to clean-up the mess made by Sarvatmananda whereas the dirt created by Rudrananda will get swept away at the time of his own death. That is the chief difference between the two.
On personal basis, I have no ill will against either of these Dadas, rather I think fondly of them as my elder brothers. Only my comments refer to the repercussions of their misdeeds. We should be cent-per-cent vigilant not to let anyone distort or change Baba's eternal guidelines. In this critical time, that is our main duty: To keep Guru's teachings in tact.

Defining Greatness...

Date: Fri, 09 Oct 2009 11:42:26 -0000 To: AM-GLOBAL From: J.Young Subject: Defining Greatness... Baba "Loke bale tumi dekha' da'o na', tave ele kii kare..." (PS 1893) Purport: O' Parama Purusa, people are telling that You are not visible. When people say like that then how is it that You have come here in front of me and I am seeing You. O' Parama Purusa, people are telling that You do not care about logic and reasoning. That there is no explaining how You manage Your affairs and that Your liila is beyond logic. Then how is it that You have graced one and all & You are showering everyone with Your divine nectar. How has this started happening. Baba, whenever I see You then I always request You to make me Yours. And when I say like this, then I see with my own eyes and I hear with my own ears how You come close and shower me incessantly with Your infinite grace. Baba, I am so meagre; You are so vast. I am bound up by my own limitations. Even then You love me. Baba, by Your sweet touch all the negativity and impurities get removed; and everything becomes pure. By Your grace, the fragrant flowers blossom in each and every nook and corner of my mind. Baba, people are telling that You are invisible and that You cannot be seen; but by Your grace You have come to me. O' my dearmost Baba, this is all due to Your cosmic grace and infinite compassion...
Namaskar, In each and every sphere of life Baba has set the gold-bar standard. In all the realms He has beautifully defined what is the top-rung of achievement, as well as how one gets there. Included in this is Baba's special explanation about greatness: What makes someone great. No doubt in the mundane society-- whether it be in the field of politics, business, sports, or education etc-- people have their own small-minded views about who & what is great. But in Baba's own revolutionary approach, He has given His unique and dharmic teaching on greatness. And, needless to say, His grand definition of 'greatness' stands on a plane all its own-- far, far above.
Here following is Baba's special guideline about vastness & greatness, the link between the two, as well as what it means to be great. Baba says, "This Supreme One is called brhat. The word brhat literally means 'One who is very vast, who is beyond the scope of all limitations, who is immeasurable and unfathomable'...Brahma literally means the Entity who is Himself very vast, and whose ideation makes others vast like Him."
Brhattva'd Brahma Brm'hanatva'd Brahma
"Brm'hanatva'd means making others vast. He himself is very great, and hence He is called Brahma; but this is not enough. Besides that He has the capacity to make others equally great like Him." (SS-11) As Baba explains in His above teaching, one of the qualities of Parama Purusa is that He Himself is vast (brhat). And not only that but He has the capacity to make others vast. So, according to Baba's revolutionary view, being vast does not mean just being some big or large entity; in addition, one must possess that special ability to make others equally vast. That is the unique requisite which Baba outlines in the above shloka. And-- per Baba's guideline-- same is the case with greatness... As He directs us, vastness or greatness does not come all by itself; nor does it exist in a vacuum. To become 'great', one must have that special talent of being able to make others great. This is the exceptional quality of those who are really great. Thus only those who have this unique ability to raise the standard of others to the level of greatness can truly be called great. This is Baba's teaching.
So while Brahma is unquestionably the Greatest of the great, in their own way humans can also achieve a certain level of greatness. Because those who follow a God-centered philosophy are drenched in spiritual thought and service-mindedness. And when others come in their contact then those common people naturally feel inspired and get uplifted. Because by seeing the ways and conduct of a true sadhaka, then others will also grow. And not only that, those selfless sadhakas are ever-ready to help others advance. In that way God-centered aspirants can bring lay people up to their high level. And, according to Baba, those who do like this are indeed great.
Thus becoming vast or great does not mean becoming big like one huge banyan tree. Because although a banyan tree is enormous, it gets that way by sucking up all the air, sunlight, water, and nutrients for itself. That banyan tree does not allow even single a blade of grass to grow underneath it. So this type of crude expression of bigness is not something admirable-- not something great.
Unfortunately in today's materialistic society, there are so-called great people all around. They are adorned on the cover of various magazines, propped up on stages, applauded at sporting events, and praised by the size of their wallet. Means in this present era there are so many who are called as great-- for one reason or another; yet none reach up to Baba's standard of the term, not even close. As we see all around, whether in the field of business, entertainment, or law etc, in cent-per-cent of the cases those materially-minded people only become "great" by sucking the blood of others. Only by stepping on the heads of others and by clawing and scratching for each and every inch did they get "to the top". And such 'greats' retain this regal status of theirs by throwing dirt in the eyes of others. And they certainly do not help to elevate the standard of others. Rather the opposite. So these so-called greats in the crude society have nothing to do with helping others to grow or expand. Rather they achieved their measly status by hoarding money, grabbing a high post, & garnering a lot of prestige, etc. So their greatness is only standing on fleeting worldly credentials. And they enhance their "greatness" by attempting to collect more of those worldly prizes than anyone else. So their approach is totally selfish-- where the key point is making oneself look better than others.
That is why what is usually called 'great' in this materialistic, vaeshyan era is completely opposite to Baba's spiritual, neo-humanistic approach. In capitalism 'greatness' is achieved by pushing oneself above others, and in our dharmic spiritual approach greatness means raising others up to a standard of excellence. Hence in the true sense, those selfish persons who pose as being "great" are not really great-- not at all. Because their 'greatness' comes from sucking the blood of others. They are unable to make others great, just they prop themselves up by stepping on the heads of others and reaping the fruits of their existence. So simple and innocent citizens get exploited and suppressed when they come in contact with such so-called great persons. That is why we can never call any selfish, materialistic person as 'great'. Because they are unable to lift others up to a higher standard-- rather they push those people down into the depths of degradation.
Unfortunately nowadays a similar trend exists in our AMPS. Because if we look around then we can see that those so-called great Dadas suppress lower-posted workers and / or margiis. Means top-dog Dadas reach the height of their glory by pushing down on the shoulders of general members. They force margiis to remain in a subservient position and do not allow margiis to grow. This is evidenced by the curtailment and eradication of bhukti pradhan rights, the strangulation of margii rights, the manipulation of the ACB etc. In all spheres those great Dadas - no need to mention names - just impose restrictions on the margiis to satisfy their selfish greed for power and post. And within their own ranks they just create 'yes-men' all around them. Any Dada with a brain got pushed aside and anyone who they keep as their close must become a 'yes-man'-- a no-brainer. This is the unfortunate formula these days. So to attain their greatness, such top Dadas suck the blood of junior wts and general margiis and exploit them up to the bone. That is the be-all and end-all of their greatness. Meanwhile in this dark era, those who are really great are temporarily hidden somewhere-- remaining unknown. So in the materialistic era of the general society and in this groupist era in our AMPS, those who are deemed as "great" function in a way that is totally opposite to Baba's divine equation of greatness. Thus all around so-called great people are nothing but exploiter-types, with not an ounce of benevolent motive in their blood. Whereas Baba' divine recipe for greatness means working for the welfare of others and making them great. That is how to see who is really great.
By Baba's divine grace, soon the humanity will be led by truly great personalities. By Baba's grace that day is fast approaching. Baba says, "We are proceeding from darkness towards effulgence, from imperfection along the golden steps to perfection. No obstacle on the way will be able to stop our advancement. Pushing aside and smashing all obstacles and impediments we will move along our destined path...The chant of our forward movement will be our vocal expression, the very pulsation of our life." (A'nanda Va'nii, #72) Namaskar, Jagatmitra
Nowadays those with post are looked upon as great persons. Presidents and Prime Ministers get huge respect and royal treatment wherever they go. Side by side in this extreme vaeshyan era, those with any sense understand well that from behind, these presidents are controlled by top-moneyed persons. Some may think that Presidents are merely moderately influenced by those corporation heads; but in reality those deep pocketed vaeshyas are selecting and deciding who will be president. This is the well known fact nowadays. But for the shudra-dominated public they are not aware about all this so they just give full respect to the President and they think the President is controlling everything. When the reality is that politics is controlled by money. This is how the general society is moving. But amongst the common people, post is everything and the capitalists recognise this that is why they are purchasing & controlling those postholders. If postholders were meaningless positions then those with money would not bother about that. In AMPS, post is given a similar amount of respect. So groupist Dadas work behind the scenes and totally manipulate and control those sitting in the chairs of the PP post and GS post. This is the on-going reality since '90.
Becoming vast or great is not measured by accumulating huge money or high prestige or some other material thing etc, the vastness which Baba is referring to in His famous shloka is about helping others to improve and become great. And on that basis alone is what makes someone really great.
In crude vaeshyan era people think that those with money are great and in other eras they have their own mundane parameters-- such as physical might or intellectual cunning etc. But in our God-centered approach the ones who are great are those who make others great.
********************************************* About the Wealthy
Baba says, "It must always be remembered that the value of money lies in its proper use. If more money is accumulated than what is necessary, it becomes valueless for want of use. To the extent that you keep idle and valueless money with you, to that extent you become responsible for the injustices done to the hungry and the naked. Your valueless hoard will have to be made valuable by providing opportunities for use by others. Those who do not know the right use of money on the basis of the exchange of mundane resources are in fact the enemies of society." (HS-1, p.41)

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