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Mantra: Must Know the Meaning

Date: 08 Aug 2008 23:01:14 -0000 From: "K Lingappa" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Mantra: Must Know the Meaning Baba "Nu'tan diner nu'tan su'ryat pu'rva a'ka'she ut'heche a'cho..." (P.S. 1308) Purport: Baba, by Your grace, today the new sun of the new dawn is rising up in the sky. With the feeling of fear and shyness, the Cimmerian darkness of the night has disappeared. O' human being, throw away the staticity and dogma of the past, and embrace the effulgence of the new dawn. The divine Entity with the divine effulgence has come to your doorstep-- with new form and color, showering love on all. O' human being, the creatures of darkness have disappeared. The Parama Purusa who is the nucleus of this universe, that very Entity is the greatest One. Ideating on Him go on doing His service...
Namaskar, The following is part and parcel of various seminar series and an integral part of our sadhana. By Baba's grace we should all have proper clarity on this point. Baba says, "Caetanyarahita'h mantra'h....akot'ijapaerapi." (DT-1, p. 51) In the above shloka Baba is guiding that one should know the meaning of their mantra and repeat it with proper ideation, otherwise their approach will be futile. Those who do not know the meaning of their mantra then for them their mantra is almost dead-- no use. Here following are more points: 1. Without knowing the meaning of one's Ista mantra then mantra caetanya will not be achieved. That means one's mantra will not vibrate or become "live". 2. In that case, proper ideation will not come. 3. Instead, the mantra will remain dry-- just like parrot type of repetition. 4. For example, if English speaking people who do not know Hindi are told to repeat niibu', then in their mouth saliva will not be generated. But if the same English speaking person is told to think about eating a lemon then automatically their mouth will produce saliva. The only reason being knowing the meaning of a particular word. Then it works otherwise not. The Hindi term niibu and the English term lemon are the same thing. Hence knowing the meaning is necessary to achieve the desired result. 5. In our AM sadhana system, there are many different Ista mantras, and the meaning varies from one to another. 6. Each and every sadhaka must know the meaning of their own Ista Mantra. 7.In our system of sadhana certain of the Ista mantras are repeated in their original order while some particular mantras get repeated in reverse order. In that case then only does it bring the proper result. So sadhakas should know from their acaryas how their personal mantra works. One should know their own mantra and its style of repetition: standard way or reverse order. 8. To get proper result one must know all the specific details related with their own mantra. 9. The selection of the mantra is done depending upon a sadhaka's samskara and according to a particular formula given by Baba. 10. Similarly there are various Ista cakras so that must also be assigned. And everyone must know their own Ista cakra. And in His historic discourse from 1984 Agra DMC Baba told to all that there are 4 Ista cakras: (a) Anahata, (b) Vishuddha, (c) Lalana' (tip of the nose), (d) Ajina. According to one's own samskara one should keep the mantra at any one particular cakra. These are for first lesson. Baba told like this to all. 10a. Thus in first lesson there is no Ista cakra that is above ajina cakra or below anahata cakra. 11. And not only is there a mantra with first lesson, but in the lesson of dhyan there is also a mantra. 12. So all this should be known to each sadhaka regarding their own personal meditation practice. 13. Unfortunately there are many acaryas who themselves are unaware about all these things because they give more emphasis and importance to earning money than to doing sadhana. And not only that but they do not like to admit or accept their deficit so they just continue to misguide others by giving false answers and wrong teachings. Hence in this regard margiis should be careful and alert. Note: If anyone has any confusion about their Ista Cakra or Ista Mantra then they should not start haphazardly guessing and practicing it in the wrong way. Because that will be harmful. In that case, best is to communicate with a proper acarya. Namaskar, Karun

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