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ADDENDUM- Ac Diary: Spirit of Being WT

Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 15:32:18 -0400 From: Donald_G To: Subject: ADDENDUM- Ac Diary: Spirit of Being WT
Namaskar, Here following are some points of addendum to my earlier posting of 12 Mar 2008 on this very topic of madhukarii and ajagarii vrtti. You can find that initial letter in its entirety at:
1. As important as it is for our wholetimers to adhere to the codes of dedication and renunciation as expressed in the madhukarii vrtti and ajagarii vrtii discussion from Senior Acarya Diary, it has to be added that margiis' support is needed. That is to say, if our workers are not to fall prey to materialistic desires and, more importantly, if they are not going to think about their own existential problems in order to better serve the society, then it is the duty of family margiis to make arrangements for the welfare of our workers. This is part and parcel of the system of coordinated cooperation which Baba has outlined for us. So the overall idea is that workers must adhere to the codes of madhukarii and ajagarii vrtti-- by not using more than they need and by not spending their days chasing after food and material goods etc. But this cannot happen in isolation. They must get the financial support of family margiis. Then then system can work properly. At the same time, if our workers are not dedicated to the ideal of serving humanity and instead pass their time in idle or materialistic pursuits, then no family person is going to feel inspired to financially support that Dada and their social service projects. Thus the two must go hand in hand. Our workers must be dedicated to the service and welfare of the society and we margiis must be ready and able to support our Wt cadre through financial contributions, other resources, and by participating in those service projects. Then the system will be complete. Of course, we have had a falling out in this entire process and that is outlined in the initial letter on this very topic. Primarily in that certain Dadas are wholly involved in material wealth and not involved in serving the society-- i.e. they are not at all involved in the spirit of madhukarii vrtii or ajagrii vrtii. And in order for the system to be revived it is going to take the cooperative efforts of both family margiis and wts. None should think that that Wts must follow strict codes of renunciation and that we family margiis have no supportive role. Rather all must work together and this is generally understood within our Marga, only this point was not expressed in my earlier letter so i wanted to make the point clear here.
One final aspect of this entire discussion is that we can catergorise our margiis and workers into one of the following basic classifications. On the Margii side: 1) Unmarried margiis who are only involved in their own existence and do not participate in regular or ongoing social service projects. This is the lowest category of margii. 2) Family margiis who are completely immersed in their unit family and have little or no time or resources to help with the development of society. This is also low, and just slightly better than the prior category. 3) Family margiis who neglect their family responsibilities because they are totally engaged in serving the humanity. This also is not the ideal way. 4) And of course the best is those family margiis who neatly balance their unit family responsibilities with those of the greater universal family. This is highest way of life for family margiis-- and although not an easy stance to attain-- this is the ideal that Baba has given. Of course, those single margiis must either be students who are involved in their studies or they should be deeply involved in social service projects, failing that their lives are not in accordance with our Ananda Marga. On the WT Side: 1) The lowest category of WTs are those selfish workers who chase after material wealth for their own indulgence. Neither do they follow ajagarii or madhukarii vrtti, nor do they care about the society. Such wts are basically pashus-- animals. 2) The next grade of Wts live in the spirit of either madhukarii or ajagarii vrtii-- as they are not blindly chasing after material gains-- but they are not involved in serving humanity. 3) Then of course there are those Wts who are living in a proper way and this has two subsets. The first are those wholly involved serving the society and living according to the dictates of madhukarii vrtii, and the second are those living a service oriented life and adhering to the higher code of ajagarii vrtti. These are the only two acceptable ways for a worker to live on this earth.
The overall theme of this addendum is that the whole approach to madhukarii and ajagarii vrtii is based on coordinated cooperation between margiis and wts. The workers must be selflessly involved in serving the society and the margiis must be ready to support the wts in a multitude of ways. Then and only then can our Marga live up to Baba's high ideal. Namaskar, Divyajyoti

Ac Diary: Spirit of Being WT

Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 23:48:18 -0400 From: Donald_G To: Subject: Ac Diary: Spirit of Being WT Baba "Ceye gechi, ha't petechi, deva'r katha' bha'viniko..." (PS 2734) Purport: Baba, I have an infinite number of desires-- there are so many things I want. Each and every day I place countless demands before You. I always extend my hand and ask for one or another mundane or worldly thing from You. Baba, it never comes in my mind to offer anything to You or serve You. This I never think to do. Rather, I always harbour the desire to get something from You. I just demand this or that from You. I am completely neglectful about my own duties. I do not care about what I must do; I just overlook my responsibilities. Baba, I request You again and again to give me everything, i.e. this world and beyond-- everything. O' Baba, I have an infinite array of desires and longings. There are so many things that I ask for. My mind is extremely extroverted. I am just caught in the serpentine noose of avidya maya. I never listen to Your divine call which is always resonating in the deep core of my heart. Baba, I rush headlong towards this crude material world, day in & day out. The Divine Entity who was sitting in my heart-- I have pushed Him far, far away. My heart has become dry. O' my Dearmost, the evening of my life has come. Now, in this late hour, I realise my blunder: My whole life has been wasted. O' my Lord, the night is not very far away; it is coming fast. Baba, please remain with me always. Do not leave me alone. I am yours. Please do not forget...
Namaskar, We can say that two of the pillars of the entire WT system in AM are dedication and renunciation. These two sterling attributes keep the ideal of our sannyasi order as something very great. The other day this was emphasized when one Dada was giving his talk after dharmacakra. Specifically, Dadaji told us about the special teaching from Senior Acarya Diary about aparigraha where Baba is describing (a) madhukarii vrtti and (b) ajagarii vrtti. In both these approaches-- of madhukar and ajagar-- our wts are to pay strict adherence to the path of renunciation and not run after worldly fancies like money etc. That is Baba's firm guideline from Senior Acarya Diary. Unfortunately, nowadays in our AM society, so many of our wts are running headlong after money and other mundane riches from shining new laptops to Rolex watches etc. But such crude pursuits spoil the whole personality and degrade the mind. Thus in theory our wts are to fully adopt the path of renunciation. That is Baba's guideline and up through the 1980's it was like that-- wts were following. But since 1990 and up to this very hour, in the practical sphere, something entirely different is going on: The spirit of renunciation is mostly gone. Various Dadas have just become businessmen and get their respect on the point of making money etc. And, side by side, some margiis just became habituated to seeing certain Dadas wheel and deal in the financial realm; so people literally forgot that renunciation should be the main quality of our acaryas-- not business, power, or post etc. In the dirty society these things are something great, but not in our Marga. To refresh our minds of the spirit of renunciation and in the hope of getting things back on track, here are some of Baba's special teachings which I heard from Senior Acarya Diary about madhukarii vrtii and ajagarii vrtii.
The literal meaning of 'madhukar' is 'black bee' also known as 'madhup' or 'bramara' or 'ali' in Sanskrit. And the speciality of the madhukar is that it never collects or hoards any extra food. It hovers around those flower blossoms and only eats what it needs for its basic survival-- and then leaves empty handed. That madhukara does not depart with a whole bunch of extra nectar, not even a single drop more. And Baba says that our Wts are to adopt this same approach when dealing with worldly things like money & riches etc. Our Dadas are to take only what they need at that very moment to survive, and not get caught in the greedy chase for more and more money. Rather they are to help and think about others. And this will bring about a beautiful result all around. So none should feel frustrated or upset after reading the above. Rather we are to remember that this is Baba's divine teaching about madhukarii vrtti from Senior Acarya Diary and by following this our Marga will grow strong. So we are fortunate; and, not only that, Baba guides us that there is an even more refined and greater method for our sannyasis to follow. And that ideal way is the path of ajagarii vrtti.
The term 'ajagar' refers to that very large snake known as the python. And the sense is that a python never moves anywhere to procure its food. It stays put in one single place, always. And it only eats what comes across its path. It does not spend its entire life traveling all about in search of food. So in the realm of sannyasihood, our AM monks are to adopt a similar approach while living on this earth. They are not to indulge in an ongoing quest for more and more wealth and money etc. Rather our AM sannyasis are to adjust with whatever they get for their existential needs and dedicate themselves to infusing energy within others and serve all through our AM social service projects etc. They should not waste their energy and time thinking about their own self and self alone etc. According to Baba, this is the real dharma of an AM sannyasi. So we should all accept His teachings with a cool mind and think twice when we see our wts frivolously running headlong after money. Because, by that way, they have lost their dharma-- according to Baba's teaching in Senior Acarya Diary about madhukarii vrtti and ajagarii vrtii.
Here none should get confused and think that following madhukarii and ajagarii vrttis means that our sannyasis are to wear only tree bark and live bereft of even a single penny. None should take it in that extreme sense. The main spirit of Baba's guideline is that our Wts must not chase after money and live a luxurious life. Because if that happens then the standard of our Marga will fall and AM will never progress-- the common people will not cooperate with us or support our work. Because when so many of our Wts in various sectors live far above the economic standard of the general society-- like Rudreshvarananda was doing in Africa, i.e. Burkina Faso, where the impoverished people do not even have food to eat or pure water to drink and they just walk around half-naked and barefoot in an emaciated state with despair written on their face, yet Dadaji was living there in high-style with his private jeep, personal airplane, air-conditioned condo, & imported bottled fruit juice etc-- then common people will never rally around AM. And this happens not just in Africa but in so many places and on all such occasions the people will disregard AM. Either they will think that we do not need their help as our Dadas have far more then they have, or they will think that our Dadas are just a xerox copy of Bill Gates, or those people will outrightly despise us, reasons being obvious. And sure enough, if we think deeply, we will see such type of luxurious living is an abuse to the saffron sannyasis dress and our saffron flag-- since the saffron colour is symbolizes renunciation. So we should follow Baba's teaching of madhukar and ajagar and win over the support of the general public. Otherwise our Marga will always be on the outside looking in-- never at the center of the action. Never fulfilling our mission. Hence, the ramifications of embracing renunciation and adhering to the codes of madhukarii and ajagarii vrttis are far reaching. And if we fail to do so the consequences will be terrible. Let us also remember that this is not just a social topic but also a spiritual one because by this way the door of sadhana opens and one will rush towards the divine and not money.
Those AM workers sincerely following madhukarii vrtti and ajagarii vrtti neither chase after money, nor property, nor clothing, nor computers, nor stereo systems-- nothing, only Parama Purusa. So a true wt will take proper ideation and just have the bare minimum that is needed to survive & execute their work of serving others. Side by side, one is not to harbour the desire of getting more. According to Baba, this is not only the ideal way, but the only way for a true AM sannyasi to live. Anyone going against this system is a fake sannyasi. That is Baba's pointed stance & strict warning. So that means our wts are not to stockpile funds in their bank accounts, nor are they to keep unaccounted money (i.e. black money), nor are they to wear fancy Rolex watches, or keep anything that is above and beyond what is needed for their basic subsistence. Here we should not forget this is Baba's teaching from Senior Acarya Diary and this is not some dogmatic belief from pre-historic Hinduism nor the fantasy of some crooked jinani, nor some impractical expectation by some day-dreamer which is too lofty to be attained. Rather the highly practical and ideal teachings of madhukarii vrtti and ajagarii vrtti come from our Guru, the Taraka Brahma Lord Shrii Shrii Ananamurtiji who has graciously given this in Senior Acarya Diary. And indeed those wts adhering to this dharmic code of ajagarii vrtti are truly great. They are the real seers, sadvipras, and well-wishers of humanity. Their minds are crystal-clear and pointed towards Baba's teachings, and not drifting towards worldly allurements etc.
Tragically in the present era, the large majority of our Wts are chasing after money, gold, & mundane wealth and always grabbing for more. Because just see when there are Citkrsnananda type of Dadas roaming this earth and just filling their Swiss bank accounts with millions and millions, then who can believe that he is living a life of renunciation. And failing that, then the whole value of being a WT is gone. And it is all the more appalling since there remain so many AM Dadas and Didis who live hand to mouth and are literally starving. Yet Citkrsnananda type of Dadas are just gallivanting about in high-style not caring about anyone else. In that case, such type of a person has become just a depraved businessman, nothing more. And there are countless WTs in this very position-- running and gunning after money and hoarding wealth. But Baba has issued a firm warning about this. Baba says, "A mind which runs after money moves in very crooked ways...due to the crudeness of its objective, the movement cannot be straightforward: it is crooked, extremely crooked." (HS-2) Unfortunately the Citkrsnanandas & Pranavatmakanandas of the world and so many others just get stuck in this fanciful chase after money-- thereby ruining their mental outlook. In which case their ability to help in the establishment of the AM mission is just about nil. By their misdeeds they are making a mere mockery of the sannyasi dress and our AM flag. I think that this is why many involved in smuggling throw away their dress due to feelings of humiliation.
Now is the time to recall the meaning of our Marga. The dress of our wts is not yellow, black, green, or blue-- it is saffron, the colour of sacrifice, which means serving and helping others. And because our Marga stands for sacrifice, that is why our flag is of saffron colour. So in all respects, our Marga and our Wt system are based on the spirit of renunciation. But tragically this has been lost in this present era. A few very naive people who do not understand service, sacrifice, or the fundamentals of our Marga such as the meaning behind the colour of our flag and sannyasi dress, may cringe at hearing all this and become angry or even furious. But those who know that our mission stands for sacrifice-- i.e. to serve other-- they will appreciate the guidelines of madhukarii and ajagarii vrttis because after all this is our Guru's teaching.
So it is the duty of us all to not let these depraved conditions to continue as is. We should ensure that the spirit of renunciation is restored in our Marga. Because this is Baba's divine teaching. We should adhere to our flag and the spirit of service and sacrifice-- for the welfare of others. We must not forget that we have three treasures one of which is our flag which stands for sacrificing to serve others. Baba says, "...Be great by your sa'dhana', by your service, by your sacrifice." (A'nanda Va'nii #20) Namaskar, Divyajyoti
Here below are but a few of Baba's strict guidelines with regards to the financial affairs of our wholetimers. Baba says, "No worker can keep unaccounted money (black money) with him." (WT Conduct Rules) Baba says, "Each worker will separately maintain the clear account of receipt and expenditure of his personal allowance and organisational money." Baba says, "Each amount of collection should be deposited properly and drawn after submitting requisition." (WT Conduct Rules) Baba says, "No worker can accept any money without giving a proper receipt." (WT Conduct Rules) All these above rules apply to the overall practice of aparigraha, and without that one cannot be considered to be a wt or sannyasis, in the proper spirit of the term. We should ensure that our Wts should follow all these rules because then people will give money in support of our AM service projects-- otherwise not. And now the public does not give so our wts became businessman & smugglers. The whole point is that there should be financial transparency and fiscal responsibility. That is Baba's overall directive.
Only by strictly adhering to Baba's divine teachings will we get victory. Going against the spirit of aparigraha by chasing after money and losing sight of the spirit of renunciation will not yield any fruit-- only it will invite misery, frustration and torment. By Baba's grace once again the true nature of our Wt cadres will be restored very soon. *************************************** Spiritual Inheritance Baba says, "The sentiment of spiritual inheritance and Cosmic Ideology will keep people united. It is true that this spiritual sentiment will not be helpful to the formation of a nation inside any particular country, but it will definitely unite the entire planetary world and even the universe into a nation. Then there will be only one nation - a universal nation." ('To The Patriots') ***************************************

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