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DMS Round-Up

From: "Manindra Singh" To: Date: 07 Jan 2008 22:41:09 -0000 Subject: DMS Round-Up Baba "A'j prabha'te a'lor pa'the nu'tan phuger ba'rta' dile..." (P.S. 2001) Purport: Baba, today in the dawn You came and gave the message that a new era is approaching. You told me to open my eyes and see how the darkness has faded away. And that humanity has gotten liberated from the serpentine noose of ignorance, staticity, and dogma. The humanity which was stunned by exploitation, injustices, and the tortures done by demons, today that very humanity has developed the inner strength to kick out those demons and get free. O' Lord, You are the charioteer of the chariot of effulgence, and You have come here to guide everyone towards the Cosmic Goal. In addition You have also brought a basket of hope and inspiration; and that You are showering that upon everyone. Baba, You came and sang the song of hope and showed us the path towards enlightenment. What was needed everyone got from you. Baba You came in the dawn and gave the message of the new era-- that of neo-humanism...
Namaskar, Here are some point of note regarding the recent New Year's DMS. 1) There were many police like other years in DMS. The organisation had to pay 75000 Rs. in fees to police. 2) Vishvadeva'nanda-- (whose tenure at PP has been declared illegal by the Purulia Court as the Court has told that Vishvadeva'nanda can't function as PP till the completion of the case of PP election)-- gave his speech. He was referred to as varishtha purodha' (Senior purodha') by the Ranchi administration b/c it was illegal to announce him as being the Purodha' Pramukha. 3) The Unity group dadas and didis were present in AN but they did not try to enter in DMS pandal. When some didis went to Chowk near Pandal then Vishruta'nanda who is gunda of Nigama'nanda abused them in filthy language like Randi (Prostitute) and used f...... word for didis. 4) Many margiis standing on the chowk were openly abusing purodhas for disunity of the org. No one dared to oppose margiis for that. 5) Vishvadeva'nanda is acting like Shraddha'nandajii who acted like he was sitting on Guru's gaddi (seat). Vishvadeva'nanda is also not doing Saustanga pranam, he did not raise slogan of Parampiita' Ba'ba' kii jai. He never did Kiirtan with margiis or he did not come to do kiirtan in Kiirtan pandal. Margiis were surprised and asking each other that when Vishvadeva'nanda can hear kiirtan singing going on in Kiirtan pandal then how can he refrain from coming and doing kiirtan. It shows that he has nothing to do with kiirtan and he is hypocrite. That was what many were thinking. 6) When Vishvadeva'nanda was coming in RDS, he was acting like he has become something else. He was not present in the hall when workers were singing PS or doing kiirtan and sadhana'. At that point he was still siting in his room near the hall and only after this spiritual aspect was over would he enter the hall in Namaskar mudra. He never did Sastaunga pranam in RDS in front of Ba'ba's Pratikirti. He was coming doing Namaskar to Baba and everyone and then sitting on his beautifully decorated chair. He never told a single word in reporting session. He was just sitting with smiling idol. In the last he was going in his room and all workers had to raise slogan Parampiita'; Ba'ba' kii jai. This all was just ridiculous and Gurudroha. Many did not like this. 7) At 12 at midnight of 1st January (thursday midnight) B group got charge of pandal. Certain Ranchi regime persons tried their best to stop margiis from being in the pandal for B group DMS, but margiis did not stop in the pandal. 60% of margiis left Pandal in midnight. And other large amount left the next day at noon time on 2nd January. B group had only less than 500 margiis and some tribal people of AN. B group was distributing free food even then margiis did not go to B group DMS. Just a few, less than 20 margiis, went to B group DMS with Goenka jii of Bengalore. Once again it is clear that these senior members of either group are not really interested in unity. By Baba's grace this will all turn around soon when ideology, and not groupist power, becomes the main theme of the day. Namaskar, Manindra
*************************************************** Population Growth: Really a Problem?
Baba says, "Does a population problem actually exist? This issue should be considered in the perspective of two vital factors - the availability of food and the availability of space. Today human beings have enough resources to manage their food. Planet Earth is rich enough to feed a far greater number of people than the present population....[So] The tragedy is that there are enough resources to supply proper food to all human beings in the world, but the defect lies in the present approach of the existing socioeconomic systems." (PNS-13, p.44)

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