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'Outsourcing' Publications Work

Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 22:46:38 -0400 To: From: Pradiip Subject: 'Outsourcing' Publications Work Baba "Shun'echi tumi dayalu, ka'je keno anya dekhi..." (P.S. 2125) Purport: O' Parama Purusa, I have heard that You are the merciful one-- why then by Your work and by Your action do I see something different. For You my eyes are showering; my days are passing in calling and longing for You. Baba You know that I love You. Although I am meagre but even then I am Your atom. The pain of the unit is the pain of the Universal; the pain of the atom is the pain of the Cosmic. Don't You understand this simple truth. O' Dearmost, please go on doing according to Your desire. Only my request is that You keep me along with You. The pain and grief of my heart cannot be covered. The suffering of my heart will not listen to Your various justifications and excuses; it cannot be appeased by the mere jugglery of words. Baba, I want Your proximity and closeness. Baba, in the scriptures and by seeing Your glory, I heard from other devotees that You are love personified and merciful. And that You are caring for others. So many good attributions You have. But when dealing with me I see something totally different. Here I am crying in longing, and You do not care. Why like this? Please grace me and come close...
Namaskar, It is commonly known that at present, in one camp, some high-ranking Dadas are employing non-margii translators from the general society in order to publish our Ananda Marga books. That is how they are getting the latest round of Baba's books ready to print. And this seems to be their plan for the foreseeable future as well. Such an approach raises two knotty questions: (1) Why is it that outside people are needed to do this work-- i.e. why is it that up till now our Publications Department has not been able to create and sustain a dedicated team of margiis and LFT's etc to involve in this dharmic endeavour? (2) How far can paid non-margii translators be trusted to do the work properly when they are not doing sadhana and are not committed to Guru and His divine teachings? Those are the main issues which this letter aims to address. As always, everyone should write in with thoughts, comments, suggestions, and recommendations.
As we all know, Baba's books are our AM scripture. And this is the first time in human history that we have the opportunity to properly preserve the scripture of Mahasambhuti. In the past, both Lord Shiva's teachings and Lord Krsna's teachnigs were decimated by the ruling priests etc. This time things can be different. Everything can be kept in tact-- "as is". We have the unique chance to keep all of Baba's books in pristine condition. And this will be a tremendous boon for the present day and future humanity. So preserving all of Baba's discourses through the proper publication of Baba's books is of utmost importance. Since it is only by His teachings that humanity will be able to progress. This every single person in AM knows; there is no need to convince anyone of this.
The question naturally arises then that why is it that from 1990 up till now the Publications Department has not been able to form a dedicated & reliable team of Ananda Margii volunteers to engage in this most noble endeavour of translating and publishing Baba's books. After all, margiis have a deep desire to have Baba's books; margiis are also dedicated for the establishment of Baba's mission; margiis have a long history of noting down Baba's original discourses; plus, there are so many other positive elements. Everything seems to be pointing in a most favourable direction for creating a solid team of margii translators etc. Then where did things go astray? Why is there no committed cadre of Ananda Margiis associated with our Publications Department?
We all know that when there is a family feeling and people are working cooperatively towards a common goal-- like the publication of Baba's books-- then that generates a collective vibration that propels the work forward by attracting more and more people to the project. This is the way it works when there is mutual respect and concern for others' well-being. That is how a team gets formed. And prior to 1990, it was all working in this manner.
Unfortunately, since 1990, this spirit of coordinated cooperation has been severely lacking in the working style of certain top Dadas. For that reason, over the last 17 years they could not assemble a cohesive team of Ananda Margiis for this most important project of publishing Baba's books. Because when, with their devotion to Baba, margiis did come forward to help in this endeavour, then top Dadas just treated those margiis & LFTs as 2nd class citizens or as their lackeys. In their 'higher-than-thou' manner Dadas would eat sumptuous meals in their private kitchens and oversee the work from a distance-- stopping in here and there to give orders for a moment, and then returning to their cozy existence while margiis and lfts were just left to manage amidst difficult working conditions etc. This was the way it was happening. In such a repressive atmosphere totally devoid of mutual respect, it was utterly impossible to develop that neat, cohesive team that is so essential for the successful continuation of this important work. Because those top-dog Dadas did not have an ounce of family feeling towards those margiis who were coming forward to help. And in that starved & imbalanced environment, the whole thing lost its momentum. This type of tailspin was going on not just in Publications but in countless AM departments. And the residual effect is that the AM Publications Department could never get its feet on the ground and move ahead. Rather it just lagged farther and farther behind until now there seemingly was no other recourse than to hire non-margiis to do the job. That is the pathetic scene which has transpired.
This then begs the question, can non-margiis be trusted to do this holy work of translating and publishing Sadguru's divine discourses? This is something we all must seriously consider & evaluate, at least for a moment. Then surely the answer will instantly flash into the mind.
To do any great work-- like translate and publish Baba's discourses-- commitment and dedication are needed. And that commitment and dedication must come from within. That means one should be involved with their heart and mind. And from 1955 - 1990, that is the way the translation and publication work was proceeding in AM, by His grace. Devoted margiis and acaryas attended to all aspects of publishing Baba's discourses and they considered such work as being part of their very existence. It was all done out of their love and dedication to Ista. And to some or more degree this continued for sometime after 1990-- until everything & everyone just got too suffocated by the crude dealing of those Dadas.
Such that now the work is being "outsourced", or "passed on", or "parceled out" to external agents who get paid by the hour etc. In that drastic situation, how is their work going to be up to the needed standard. Because they are just paid staff or "hired help" who have no inner link with Baba. They are in it for the money and money alone. And this has never been our way in AM. Sadhakas do out of love for Guru, not for a paycheck. That is how thousands of service projects & works have been done up till now. So now, suddenly, when they are paying non-margiis to do the translation work, then it is totally out of character for our Marga.
It is just like if in one unit, a wealthy margii decided to hire a whole bunch of non-margiis and pay them to work as wholetimers in his particular unit. Such non-margiis would be purchased to do initiations, preach the ideology, serve others etc. Does it not sound ridiculous. Could such persons be trusted to carry out the work of being a wt on the crude notion that they were getting a paycheck. Certainly not. Despite the paycheck, those paid "wts" would fall flat on their face. Because they have not the slightest idea about Ananda Marga nor any connection with Guru. Or, let's look at it from the opposite direction: It is just like if Christian priests hired a whole bunch of Ananda Margiis to translate their scripture. Of course we could not do a proper job because we do not have the slightest interest in their dogmatic preachings. In that case, how could we work tirelessly toward that aim when our heart and mind are not connected with the work.
Similarly those paid non-margii translators are not in any position to do the delicate work of translating Sadguru's discourses. It is a very fine work that demands a deep, heart-felt link with Baba and His teachings. So when such non-margiis do not understand even the most fundamental ideas of Ananda Marga, nor our AM vocabulary, nor are they interested in our AM way of life, then how can they be entrusted with such important and subjective work. Given their inherent deficit, they will surely misinterpret the spirit and ideas of Baba's discourses and / or confuse our dharmic AM terms with the dogmatic Hindu definitions etc. So from A - Z there are any number of reasons why such paid non-margii translators are totally unfit for the work of translating and publishing Baba's divine discourses. Because simply knowing the language is not enough. That is one of the lesser ingredients needed. First and foremost, one must be deeply connected with Baba with their heart and mind. That is the only way to carry out His great work. Failing that it will all go astray. And indeed, in the history of AM, Baba always used wts and margiis for the propagation of AM ideology-- not any paid non-margii types. Never. So now, all of a sudden to pay non-margii translators to do AM publication work is a trustless plan-- even laughable. Their work will be a mess and there will be countless mistakes made that will take years and years to fix. This is not at all the answer. Unfortunately that is the murky dealing that is now going on in our Publications department: This most sacred work of translating Baba's discourse is being carried out through the foolish approach of hiring non-margii translators. And, on the top, those Dadas paying those non-margiis are bragging around as if they have discovered the golden key. Reason being that when those Dadas themselves have no interest in the work then for them hiring any Tom, Dick, or Ram and Shyam off the street sounds like a glorious plan.
However Baba says that dharma can never be propagated by money or any other crude means. Ours is and always has been a "man-making mission" because only by having proper devotees can the message of Ananda Marga be propagated. Baba says, "From place to place, from age to age, the elixir of immortality has been flowing forever. Through the medium of human structures this message of immortality is transmitted onwards..." (A'nanda Va'nii #66) So Baba's divine guideline is that dedicated human beings-- not hired help-- is the way to propagate His divine mission. Hence, outsourcing AM work by hiring non-margii translators will never yield any proper fruit; rather it is only asking for trouble and more trouble. Communist infiltrators may get hired and seize upon the opportunity to sabotage the work and mundane Joe's will just be doing it for the paycheck. In that case, the outcome is bound to be horrible. Because history proves that all along it is only through the dedicated efforts of Ananda Margiis that the AM mission could move ahead, by His grace. Because ours is not a mere capitalistic enterprise. We are trying to create a nuclear revolution where we transform the very seed vessels of this materialistic human society into a God & dharma oriented flow of human movement. And that cannot be done by hired help. Rather, only through our own noble efforts can the work move ahead and by that way more and more AM sadhakas are bound to come forward and dedicate themselves to this glorious task. And by His grace surely it is going to happen. Until those top Dadas recognise this fact and until those top Dadas embark on this work with respect and family feeling for the margiis, then there is no hope in creating that needed team for doing the job of translating and publishing Baba's books. Always the work will lag behind and be riddled with mistakes. And that is the inevitable outcome of paying non-margiis to translate Baba's divine discourses.
By Baba's grace, those who are connected with Him will establish His mission on this dusty earth. Baba says, "So you have to come in contact with your Supreme Father...You are all sa'dhakas, you are all spiritual aspirants, you will have to do it. And I know certainly you will be successful in your mission." (AV-33) Namaskar, Pradiip
All AM sadhakas should give their thoughts on this as well as share their past experiences of doing Baba's work-- either in the field of pracar, publications, Prout, education, etc. This will help encourage the needed collective feeling to build a dependable team of AM translators. We should not live in the day-dream that non-margiis will do our work and establish Baba's mission. Rather standing tall we should recognise that His work is our work and only by that way will AM spread its wings on this earth and beyond. May we all come together on this very point. It will bring about the exponential growth of AM, by His grace. Parama Pita Baba Kii-- Jai!!
******************************************** Baba's Warning
Baba says, "Human civilization is not one flower, but a beautiful garden with innumerable flowers of so many scents and so many varieties...We should take proper care of this garden of civilization -- we must take proper care of each and every flower. If we do not do this there will be clashes, there will be imperialism. The owner of a piggery should not be allowed to use this garden-- the immoral pigs will uproot the trees and everything will be destroyed." (AV-30, p.95-6)

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