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No Reason To Lose Hope

Date: 17 May 2009 23:48:16 -0000 From: NJK Majumdar To: Subject: No Reason To Lose Hope BABA "Phuler ha'site chile, manoma'jhe a'ji ele..." (P.S. 1898) Purport: Baba, You came in my mind today and You were smiling like a magnificent flower blossom. You know that I love You even then why do You remain distant. Baba, I do not call anyone other than You. In my mind, nothing else has the place; You are my Goal. You are my everything. And I do not think about anything else besides You. In spite of all these things why do You remain forgetful about my existence. Baba, I understand this heart-breaking and difficult liila of Yours. You take my mind and play Your painful game of hide and seek. Sometimes You make me laugh; and sometimes You make me dance; and sometimes You make me float in the tears. Baba, after a long time You have graced me and come in my mind today...
Namaskar, With tensions rising and differences growing in our Marga, it may be difficult to envision our Marga rising to greatness. However, by Baba's grace and with our rational approach it is a certainty. Sincere sadhakas feel assured and know in their heart that by His fathomless grace Baba has already done all that is needed for the establishment of eternal peace and righteousness. He has set the vibration in motion. Thus none should lose hope thinking that Ananda Marga ideology will not manifest fully on this earth. It will. It must. That is His vow. As His jiivatama, all we need to do is hold firm to His feet and abide by His guidelines.
With His holy advent itself, Baba has taken the great samkalpa (vow) to infuse spiritual effulgence and root out all staticity from the mind and atmosphere of this globe. And one way He grants this is by leading people along the path of liberation. So when Sadguru accepts anyone as a disciple, that is a great thing. We are all most blessed to have this opportunity. Because HIS acceptance of a disciple means taking charge of that very sadhaka and caring for their welfare with His own hand. That is why the assurance which Baba has given in the Supreme Command is in the favour of all His disciples. And what an extraordinary assurance He has given-- guaranteeing liberation. Each and every Ananda Margii who is doing 2 times sadhana daily has been blessed with this divine guarantee. So the role of Sadguru is to guide the disciple from the beginning up to the last point, liberation & salvation. And not only show the path of enlightenment but lead the disciple along that path, each and every step. In true sense, as we know human beings come on this earth to achieve and realise this one singular goal-- Parama Purus'a. And Parama Purusa Himself comes in the form of Ta'raka Brahma to lead the way and execute this task. And that is what was exemplified & accomplished by Lord Shiva, Lord Krsna, and now with Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. So His advent itself is very meaningful; and, at the same time the day when He started guiding others is also a very significant date. We know that Ta'raka Brahma comes on this earth to liberate one and all from all sorts of bondages: physical, psychic and spiritual. And this is not just a utopian idea; it is the established eternal truth. Some, those who fail to consider things deeply, foolishly think that Baba did not fulfill His vow to establish dharma. And that before achieving this, He left. They think that is why we are facing this entire crisis nowadays. But those who have some sense or deeper understanding, they know that the functioning of Parama Purusa in the form of Mahasambhuti is always done according to His liila. That means it is not easy to calculate or decide what way He is going to play His make His divine play.
For example, what Lord Shiva did, Lord Krsna did not do; He executed His holy tasks differently. So then what Lord Krsna did, why would Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji repeat those same things. The point is that HE follows His own pattern and the pattern of Mahasambhuti is not whimsical. We may know or we may not know the reason, but there is some reason. But even with our little understanding-- with what He has graciously bestowed upon us-- we can imagine something. We all know for sure that during Lord Shiva's historic advent, SadaShiva Himself fought directly with the demons. Means He was physically fighting side by side His devotees against any and all negative forces. Reason being was that time His devotees were so primitive in their understanding so they needed Lord Shiva's direct involvement. Means they were not going to understand anything than Lord's direct physical help to save them from the hands of demons. And then during Lord Krsna's time the situation was different. He did not need to fight physically in the Mahabharata. That is why He playfully gave His word that He will not fight for either side-- Kauravas or Pandavas. So instead Lord Krsna became the charioteer of Arjuna and psychically HE guided everything. In actuality then, the Mahabharata victory was nothing but Lord Krsna's blessing. It was not the magic of Arjuna's bow and arrow. Otherwise after Mahabharata war, how is it that Arjuna got defeated by those simple village folk, 'Bhiil' people. That is why it is understood that the magic was in Lord Krsna's blessing. Even Lord Krsna did not Himself fight during the Mahabharata era.
And this time Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji did something one step ahead of Lord Krsna. It seems HE wanted to teach His disciples that Guru's physical presence is not needed. To execute the task, His blessing alone is enough. Sadguru's blessing is all-powerful. Because at time of the Mahabharata era, society was comparatively of lower standard than today. That is why in Mahabharata Mahasambhuti Krsna Himself was present during the battle-- to encourage and guide the people. But this time because the standard of devotees is far higher, so Baba wants to teach His devotees that His grace alone is enough to establish the task. One thing that may need reminding: That when Arjuna was confused, then Lord Krsna showed him and gave him proof that even before the Mahabharata war, all the warriors have been killed. Means that was Lord Krsna's will. So what Lord Krsna thought in His mind, it took a few days to take shape on the physical plane. But after taking physical expression, then everyone saw that dharma got established. But in true sense dharma was established then and there when Lord Krsna thought. We all know that the Lord comes here on this earth as Mahasambhuti to establish dharma. And establishing dharma does not mean physically fighting with a bow and arrow against demons. Lord Krsna established dharma by virtue of His samkalpa. Hence human beings could see after the Mahabharata how dharma was already established before that. Same fashion Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji has established dharma by His mere wish. And then according to Him when the work of His physical body is finished, that has signified that dharma is established-- and in the due course we will see it physically. And of course all the while He is still living in each and everyone's heart eternally. The whole idea being that Baba has fulfilled His samkalpa, and for that reason dharma is established. Now the question is: Why is it not visible? And as we all know the answer is very simple. First thing is that it will take some time to take physical shape. Second thing is that whatever energy He has given us He wants to see whether we are utilizing or not. So He has fulfilled His vow of establishing dharma and now all that is left is for us to adhere to His prescepts so that vow will become visible for all to see. But above all because He took samkalpa that is why dharma is already established. So no one should worry unnecessarily that the vision of our Marga will never come to fruition. Because what Baba has promised, He always fulfills. And when He says that the Lord comes to establish dharma, then when He came in the form of Mahasambhuti, then certainly before leaving His physical body He established dharma. Please read Baba's guideline: Baba says, "No one need harbour any doubt that Parama Purus'a exists to promote the well-being of all created beings. If He was not concerned about the welfare of the living unit beings, He would have remained in His unqualified stance forever and would not have manifested Himself as Ta'raka Brahma or Sagun'a Brahma. But He did manifest Himself in this way and has just showed His intention of promoting the well-being of humanity. That is why He has given the assurance:"
Paritra'n'a'ya ...
"Now what is the necessity for His repeated advent into this world? To ensure human welfare." (PNS-11, pg 59-60) Namaskar, Nagendra
Note 1: Baba's Blessing is always with us:
Baba says, "Utilizing the vibrations created for eternal time by Shrii Shrii A'nandamurtiji through janusparsha and varabhaya mudras, take yourself and the entire universe ahead along the path of all-round welfare. Omn Shanti." (CC-1, 'Concluding Words')
*************************************** Eternal Guideline
Baba says, "When once you develop your love for Him you are not weak, not helpless and not alone. The victory is with you. Remember Him and march ahead - victory will be yours. You have not to be afraid of the worldly forces. Those who enjoy the highest force of Paramapurus'a are sure to succeed. Victory will surely be theirs. Victory to you all." -Jaipur DMC, July 1967 (SS-19, p.24)

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