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Smudge Marks on our AM Books

From: "DharmaForAll" Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 23:22:08 Subject: Smudge Marks on our AM Books To: AM-GLOBAL Baba "Uttal sindhu utkrami tumi, esechilo mor ghare..." PS (1077) Purport: Baba, after crossing the wild tidal wave, You have come into my heart-- You have come to my home. Baba, You are traveler of the solitary path. Even after encountering so many negative situations, You did not get overcome with fear. You did not get scared; nothing could terrify You. According to the basic necessity or protocol I did not have any of the necessary arrangements, so I could not receive You properly. My grief-stricken mind was full of longing for You, and my heavy heart was saturated with the tears. Baba, I have not done anything for You. In vain I was just revolving around only mirages. With the new sun and strong call, by holding my hand You showed me the direction-- You graced me by taking me onto the right path. Baba, You have come into my heart; it is nothing but Your divine mercy & grace...
Namaskar, Our AM ideology is unique and contains all the answers to all the questions in this universe-- both philosophical and factual. Naturally then it is of utmost importance to publish Baba's divine discourses in a clear and conclusive manner. This is absolutely necessary. However, these days there is a glaring defect permeating throughout all our AM books that is diluting Baba's discourses. A defect which is being inserted by our very own AMPS publishers & editors. Specifically this critical error concerns the use and translation of Sanskrit shlokas. Given the gravity of the situation everyone should read the following and write in with their opinion as well.
Before jumping directly into what the editors have done, let us first examine Baba's perspective. Because it is His opinion which is of Supreme importance. The key point of this entire issue then is to understand Baba's explicit intention behind the use of shlokas in His discourses. And by Baba's grace He has provided us with a crystal-clear explanation about this. In His historic "Author's Note" to the Hindi edition of Subhasita Samgraha part 2, Baba has issued a statement regarding His use of shlokas. The basic idea of what Baba writes in His Author's Note is as follows.
'I (Baba) am not the interpreter of the Vedas, rather my purpose in using any shloka is to explain and put forth Ananda Marga ideology. The shlokas I have selected from the Vedas are used with this expressed intention. Hence sometimes I expound upon a shloka far beyond than what was the original meaning of the shloka; and other times I may use or explain only one word of a shloka when the Vedas have given a lengthy interpretation of that shloka. Because again My purpose is to set down the tenets of AM ideology, not explain the Vedas.'
Thus in His special Author's note, Baba clearly states that in His discourses His intention is not to explain or write a commentary of any shloka per se; but rather, He is using those shlokas as a means to illustrate His AM philosophy.
By all this there are two basic points which are paramount: (1) In His discourses, Baba is using the Sanskrit shlokas of the Vedas as a springboard to explain His AM ideology. (2) Many of the Vedic shlokas are full of wrong and dogmatic teachings which Baba does not wish to include in His discourses. Sometimes He openly corrects the Vedas and many, many times He just ignores the various dogmatic interpretations of those Vedic sermons and instead explains about the dharmic perspective of AM. Unfortunately, a few jinanis on the editorial staff in our AM Publications Office have their own way of doing things which goes against Baba's unique and special use of shlokas. In that way a few jinani editors have grossly polluted our AM books.
While the mistakes certain jinani editors have made is laced throughout countless discourses, here following are some clear-cut examples for everyone to review. These below editorial blunders are from the discourse 'Twice Born' printed in Ananda Vacanamrtam part 30. In this important discourse Baba is carefully highlighting the importance of AM diiksa-- the initiation into Ananda Marga. Baba begins the discourse with this full shloka:
Janmana' ja'yate shu'drah sam'ska'ra't dvija ucyate; Veda pa't'ha't bhavet viprah Brahma ja'na'ti bra'hman'ah.
Thereafter Baba puts forth His unique teaching that initiation into the tantric cult of Ananda Marga is what makes one a human being. Baba explains the second half of the first line of the above shloka in the following way.
Sam'ska'ra't dvija ucyate "After one is initiated, one becomes dvija, human." (AV-30, p.27)
So Baba's teaching itself is that AM initiation marks the beginning of one's human existence. But in square brackets [] the editors made their own silly insertion which goes completely against Baba's explicit teaching. Because about that same part of that very shloka the editors explained it in the Hindu dogmatic way by literally translating that shloka. Here is what those jinani editors wrote in their silly little square brackets:
[...Going through a renewal ceremony, the person become a dvija...] (editor's insertion, AV-30, p.25)
This is the gross error which those editors inserted into Baba's perfect discourse. So Baba has given this entire discourse to highlight the speciality of AM initiation and to tell that it is AM diiksa which allows one to begin true human life. Yet side by side our jinani editors inserted the misguided interpretation that in order to become human one must undergo the dogmatic Hindu renewal ceremony. Thus Baba is trying to put forth the dharma of AM by highlighting the importance of our AM diiksa but our own editors are polluting His discourses with dogmatic Hindu teachings. This makes the entire discourse appear confusing and even contradictory to readers.
Even worse is that in this very short 4 page discourse the editors make this same type of mistake again and again-- thereby undermining Baba's dharmic message throughout the printed discourse. This is their so-called contribution. That is to say, every time Baba mentions that part of the shloka in this discourse then He gives the dharmic meaning. Each time Baba explains that it is AM initiation which make one a human being. This is the teaching He has given and that is one of the main guidelines of this entire discourse. Yet side by side whenever Baba gives this special teaching then the editors again insert their own words in square brackets [] which go 100% against Baba's teaching. Follow this next sequence: Here on page 26 of the discourse Baba again repeats that portion of the shloka.
Sam'ska'ra't dvija ucyate
But look what the editors have done. Instead of just printing Baba dharmic words which follow the shloka, those editors inserted the dogmatic literal interpretation of that shloka. In their square brackets [], the editors wrote:
["going through a renewal, the person becomes dvija"]
Thus once again the editors spliced the discourse by adding the false idea that it is the dogmatic Hindu ritualistic ceremony which makes one a human being. This is their crude insertion. When in that very place Baba Himself gives the real meaning: Baba says, "After a few years, after five years, when one is initiated, one becomes dvija." (AV-30, p.26) So on the one side Baba is telling that by taking initiation, getting a tantric Guru, and learning AM sadhana one becomes a human being. That is the beautiful perspective of AM ideology and that is what Baba is explaining throughout the discourse. Yet, adjacent to that, the editors are adding their own comments in square brackets [] stating that it is the Hindu ritualistic ceremony full of dogmatic prayers etc that makes one a human being. Indeed it is in this crude Hindu renewal ceremony that one first wears the dogmatic sacred thread. That is the import of this Hindu renewal ceremony. And that ritualistic affair is what our editors are highlighting. Thus in our own AM scriptures our jinani editors are telling that wearing the sacred thread is what makes someone a human being. This is the nonsense that is gong on in our AM books. Now see the ridiculous way that the editors printed this in our AM books. First comes the part of the shloka, then in square brackets [] is the editors dogmatic remarks, and then comes Baba's dharmic explanation. "Sam'ska'ra't dvija ucyate ["going through a renewal, the person becomes dvija"] and after a few years, after five years, when one is initiated, one becomes dvija." (AV-30, p.26) By reading the above version which is printed in our AM books, the whole thing appears absolutely ridiculous. Because what the editors are writing is completely contradictory to what Baba is telling. Yet those editors printed their contradictory statement right before Baba's divine teaching. This is the lunacy that is happening with our AM books. Baba has graciously given the humanity something that is totally dharmic and our jinani editors are inserting their own garbage in between Baba's statements. In that way our AM books are getting ruined. And people new to Ananda Marga as well as outside scholars will wonder why there is such confusion and hypocrisy in our very own AM scriptures.
The next question of course is why is all this happening. Why are the editors doing like this. All that can be said is that jinanis like our AM editors are so full of themselves and so proud of whatever little miniscule fact they have learned that they cannot refrain from putting their fingerprints on each and every page of Baba's books. Their dirty hands are everywhere. It is just like how animals leave their footprints wherever they walk. Or even more fittingly, goats and dogs must urinate and defecate wherever they go. It is their chosen way to make their mark-- to claim their turf and announce their arrival. Thus dogs and goats pass stool on each and every patch of earth which they visit. This is their unseemly and smelly habit. Likewise, our jinani editors have the dirty and foul tendency to leave their garbage on each and every page of Baba's pristine discourses. By this way those jinani editors can proudly announce that 'I was here', 'I was here' etc. This is their inane and awful habit. In that case how are they any different from those goats and dogs. And that is why today, Baba's printed discourses are full of thousands of useless and harmful editorial notes in square brackets [] which completely undermine the dharmic message which He is giving. And this applies especially to Baba's perfect use of those Sanskrit shlokas. Baba is using that shloka to give the dharmic teaching of AM ideology but our jinani editors are slipping in their own dogmatic interpretation-- each and every time. This is the "great work" they are doing with Baba's books. They are putting their dirty hands all over Baba's discourses and our AM books.
Once again we should remember that AM ideology is unique-- it is not just the rehashing of old ideas. Baba says, "Ananda Marga is not only new but something quite different from the established ideas." (PNS-11, 'Ananda Marga: A Revolution') Baba says, "Ananda Marga is a revolutionary concept of life altogether different from any of the present or past ideas. It is a change which is independent of the cyclic changes due to the passage of time. It does not practise anything which is not new both in approach and practice." (PNS-11, 'Ananda Marga: A Revolution') Thus Baba the Taraka Brahma has come onto this earth and given something which the humanity has never seen before. His AM ideology is something perfect and entirely different from the ideas of old like those outdated Vedic shlokas etc.
That is why Baba guides us that when He uses those shlokas it is only as a stepping stone to give the dharmic teachings of AM. Baba is not trying to explain the dogmatic meaning given in the past about those shlokas. That is not His concern in His AM books. Rather His sole intention is to put forth the seamless ideas of Ananda Marga. And everyone reading Baba's books should understand this very fact. And indeed everyone does-- except those jinani editors. That is why again and again those jinani editors are sticking in their square brackets [] and pasting the literal dogmatic meaning of those shlokas into Baba's dharmic discourses. This is the tragedy that is happening on each and every page of our AM publications-- all of Baba's discourses are getting stained in this way.
In His below guideline Baba warns us that AM scriptures must remain perfect and that those responsible for printing those discourses must carefully guard over those discourses. Baba says, "The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be totally flawless. And the pioneering personality must be a strict and benevolent guardian with unyielding conviction." (NSS p.200, Edn 1995) Unfortunately, nowadays in our AMPS, the very people in charge of publishing Baba's books, i.e. those jinani editors, are of a different mold. Due to their defects and silly habits they are unable to live up to Baba's stated standard. They are unable to guard over His discourses and keep them flawless. Those jinani editors are unable to do this. Rather they themselves are responsible for destroying our AM books. Here again Baba warns us that there should not be any weak point or "loophole" in our printed AM teachings. Baba says, "There must be an excellent and all-embracing philosophy, in which there should be no loophole in any sphere." (NSS, '95 Edn, p.196) Unfortunately wherever Baba has made special use of those Sanskrit shlokas etc, then those jinani editors have wrongly inserted contradictory statements which undermine the value of our AM books. This is the horror going on in our AM Publications department these days.
By Baba's grace He has blessed us with all the teachings and guidelines to create that brilliant human society. So we should keep them as is because only the teachings of AM are the answer. This is His divine blessing. Baba says, "A'nanda Ma'rga is that path of progress, and that is why A'nanda Ma'rga is the only alternative for the preservation of human existence and civilization." (Tattva Kaomudii-1, 'Q & A') Namaskar, Dharmaputra
There are countless instances where our jinani style editors have inserted wrong explanations of those Sanskrit sutras into our AM books. Indeed if anybody looks they will see those square brackets [] in so many of our books published since 1990. For example in that very same discourse of AV-30, Baba has given the proper definition of who is a vipra, but that too those jinani editors ruined. Here is the original sholka:
Veda pa'r'ha't bhavet viprah
And here is Baba's perfect explanation: Baba says, "After initiation, if one becomes an intellectual, one is to be treated as a vipra. Veda pa'r'ha't bhavet viprah." (AV-30, p.27) Thus Baba is telling that only after getting initiation can an intellectual be a true vipra. But now look what those jinani editors wrote in square brackets:
[...By studying the scriptures, a person becomes a vipra, an intellectual...]
So those editors are telling something completely different from Baba. Because Baba is guiding us that to be a true vipra one must first be initiated into AM sadhana. That is the main prerequisite for becoming a vipra. In stark contrast, our confused editors have made their own silly insertion that to become a vipra one only needs to study those dogmatic Hindu scriptures etc. This is what they have printed in our AM books. So see their dirty ways of dealing. About this entire topic much more can be written and there are countless examples of such mistakes. Suffice to say here that this misguided jinani practice of inserting bracketed statements [] to "explain" the Sanskrit shlokas should be terminated immediately. Those editors must stop what they are doing and all past mistakes must be rectified.
There are various group camps so there are any number of people who might be behind this editorial problem that is ruining our AM discourses. Thus who exactly pushed the start button and began this awful campaign of inserting brackets [], it is difficult to say. But one thing is certainly clear: Dada Acyuta'nanda's name is listed as the editor of so many of our AM books-- including all these discourses and publications noted above, so if Acyuta'nandaji did not personally commit these gross errors then he surely might know who did. At least we can ask him and see what he says.
*************************************** Health Guideline: Diet Related
Baba says, "For proper digestion, fill the stomach half-way with food, one quarter with water, and leave one quarter full of air." (CC-3, 'Procedure for Eating') Note: Every conscious margii follows this above point but sometimes for certain people it becomes difficult to follow. Especially at retreats or during feasts this rule is not so strictly followed by some. Whereas in everyday life when they are in their own home this is not a problem. Anyhow, the above guideline given by Revered Baba is highly significant and we should follow it.

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