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Baba's Special, Eternal Teaching

Date: 26 Dec 2007 23:17:09 -0000 From: "Bhavanath Rajpal" To: Subject: Baba's Special, Eternal Teaching Baba "Tumi utta'l sindhute na'co, utta'l sindhute na'co..." (1182) Purport: Baba, You are expressing Yourself as the dance of the high tide of the roaring ocean. You have taken the form of the ocean waves. O' my dearmost Baba, in this condition it is impossible to hold You. It is very difficult to get close to You. Baba, now everybody wants You; but You are not easy to get. People run quickly towards You with the desire to get You. But, shaken with the fear, they return back because Your vibration is ferocious and rough like the high tide of the turbulent ocean. Baba, only when You really want to be held can it be done-- otherwise not. O' my Lord, when I was searching You externally in this material world then I was studying the shastras, and I was listening to discourses given by various scholars, and I was running from one holy land to another. Any place where people claimed You were, there I went-- externally searching for You. But by all these methods I could not get You in my heart; I could not realise You as my own-- as my very close. Baba, in the end by Your grace You have made me understand that You are hiding in the inner recesses of my heart in a very sweet and intimate way. By Your grace You have taught me that only by searching You within could I make You my own. In this way You have blessed me. O' my dearmost Parama Purusa Baba, You are ever-gracious... Note about PS: In the above song, through the symbolism of the 'high tide', Baba is expressing that at the time of Dharma Samiiksa, or Personal Contact, or in reporting, then many people-- margiis and Wts-- wanted to go close to Him. But at the same time they thought that it is too dangerous because Baba is scolding and abusing everyone too much. So with that fear and anxiety many persons did not want to be in His close physical proximity. So that is one sense of the meaning of 'high tide'. And of course now every Ananda Margii understands that the only way to have Baba in a close and intimate way is through meditation, in one's dhya'na. == BABA'S SPECIAL, ETERNAL TEACHING == Namaskar, As the New Year is upon us, we should once again remind ourselves of the unique import and sterling nature of Baba's divine messages: A'nanda Va'nii. Below are two special aspects of Baba's sacred vaniis. Also included in this e-mail is some news about the current DMS gathering in Ananda Nagar. Here following then are some reflections about Baba's original and true Ananda Vaniis. Please also write your thoughts and opinions. #1. ANANDA VANIIS ARE OF ETERNAL VALUE As Ananda Margiis, we know that Baba has always utilized each and every day to bestow upon us innumerable new teachings and countless special guidelines. Often that has come in the form of a discourse or Prabhat Samgiita or field walk etc. In that way each and every discourse or Prabhat Samgiita song is dated and marked where it has been given. Of course, though, every bhakta clearly understands that the given discourse or Prabhat Samgiita song has eternal and permanent value. No one thinks that the discourse was only useful on that particular day when it was given and that thereafter it has no relevance. None think in this manner. Rather we all consider that the discourse which Baba has given is a universal teaching that transcends time, space, and person-- and that the attached date is for record purposes only. In that way all Baba's divine teachings can be organised in chronological fashion yet retain their own original integrity timeless quality . Hence the matter is straightforward & clear. Unfortunately, though, Baba's original and true Ananda Vaniis are not getting treated in that same dharmic fashion. Because although Ananda Vaniis are eternal in nature and universal in application, some persons are limiting the relevance of a given Ananda Vanii to a particular date and year. They think that every Ananda Vanii is of January 1 of such-&-such year or of Ananda Purnima of such-and-such year and that now it is outdated. This is their misguided outlook. So in that way Baba's divine and timeless Ananda Vaniis are not getting their duly deserved eternal status. Yet just as Ananda Sutram is of a universal and timeless value, same is that case with our Ananda Vaniis. They can be referred to and studied again and again just like various sutras, but this is not being done. Means Ananda Vaniis are not respected as being an eternal guidelines; rather some off the mark people wrongly consider Ananda Vaniis to be limited to a particular time and place. Yet just as the sutras of Ananda Sutram are treated as key points of AM philosophy, in the same way all the inspirational guidelines which Baba has given as Ananda Vaniis deserve that same sanctified status. But instead they are often treated as or reduced to something temporary or passing. As if the Vanii of 1st January 1961 no longer applies to today's world and that that Vanii itself is just a point of history-- nothing more. When true devotees know that all Baba's Ananda Vaniis are eternal guidelines, applicable to numerous situations. So that injustice has been done to our Ananda Vaniis. Overall then we must work to restore the proper sanctity and reverence of Ananda Vanii. Nobody tries to relegate Prabhat Samgiita or Baba's discourses to a specific place or person or date-- thinking that they are antiquated. Similarly we cannot blame that Baba's original Ananda Vaniis have gotten old like one outdated crusty newspaper. But some are doing like that-- so that should be corrected. #2. ANANDA VANIIS HAVE PURPORTS All along it was has been the standard practice for Baba's discourses to be translated into as many languages as possible-- but never was further explanation given about a particular discourse by Baba Himself. Classes may have been offered later on by this or that acarya, but Baba never would deliver a discourse and then directly afterwards give further explanation about that very discourse. This was not done. Reason being that His discourses are already explanatory in nature and contain numerous stories, analogies, and descriptions in order to make the matter perfectly clear and understandable. In contrast, with His Ananda Vaniis the case is totally different. They are pointed, distilled teachings given in concentrated form-- hence they demand further elaboration and explanation. For this reason Baba Himself was delivering purports for His Ananda Vaniis during DMC itself. As many are aware, Baba's Ananda Vaniis are only a few lines in length and Baba Himself would write it down in His own handwriting. And then that very Vanii was read aloud at DMC in all the languages. Directly afterwards Baba Himself would give a line by line explanation of the Ananda Vanii. This would happen for half-an-hour or more. So you can imagine how much He used to say. So He Himself would give the initial explanation and thereafter others were invited to speak and share their understanding of the Vanii-- and during that period Baba would often interject in order to lovingly guide the Margii speaker. But always the system was that first the Vaniis would be read in the various languages; second Baba would provide His own explanation or purport; and then others were also called up to comment and say something. This was the regular pattern. All done in this fashion because Baba's Ananda Vaniis are so dense and intensely concise. Altogether His Ananda Vaniis are similar to the Samgacchadhvam mantra, Guru Puja, etc in that a discourse is needed to provide the meaning of the mantra. Likewise Baba was giving extended purports of His Ananda Vaniis to provide further insight about their meaning. So by this way we can understand that Baba's original and true Ananda Vaniis are very concentrated and very pointed. Treating them as ordinary discourses is not at alll appropriate since Baba used to give explanations or purports for those very Ananda Vaniis Overall Baba's Ananda Vaniis are similar to the case of Prabhat Samgiita and Ananda Sutram in that Baba has given purports for each of these three genres. Baba's original Ananda Vaniis are about inspiration and moving ahead whereas Prabhat Samgiita comes within the scope of aesthetic & supra-aesthetic science and Ananda Sutram is our philosophical treatise. But all three are similar in that they all fall in the same unique category-- as they all demand further explanation such that Baba Himself has given purports for all these three teachings. In contrast this quality or concentrated approach is not there in the quotes of His regular discourses. Hence when groupist leaders take a few lines from one of the standard discourses and falsely present that as an Ananda Vanii then that is terribly degrading. Rather that is nothing but a Fake Ananda Vanii. And those doing this are culprits since they are degrading the real status of Baba's true Ananda Vanii. Finally when the Author (BABA) has given a title of a particular discourse then by altering the title and by bringing in quotes from regular style discourses but calling it as an Ananda Vanii. This is all non-sense as one cannot give a quote as Ananda Vanii. Because Ananda Vanii's are in a totally different league. Plus call them as Ananda Vaniis is against Baba's system-- and against Baba's desire. CONCLUSION Baba is Parama Purusa and all He has given is apta vakya-- eternal truth, so why should some things be discarded or marked as being outdated or be replaced by something entirely Fake. Rather we should celebrate the dharmic quality and everlasting value of Baba's original Ananda Vanii. BABA'S BLESSING Baba says, "If you think that you are the child of Parama Purusa and have come to this world to accomplish the job assigned by Parama Purusa, that you are never alone and that you are a small baby always sitting on the lap of Parama Purusa, why should you be afraid of anything? There is no reason to be afraid of anything." (PNS-7, p.63) Namaskar, Bhavanath NOTE 1: A CALL FOR PURPORTS OF ANANDA VANIIS All know that Baba has given purports for Ananda Sutram & Prabhat Samgiita-- as those purports have made it into book form. But nowadays the purports of Ananda Vaniis are not at all being recognised. Some got recorded and some not. But none are being recognised or referred to. When surely many years worth of Baba's purports of Ananda Vaniis were recorded and heard by one and all in the DMC pandal itself. So these explanations should be accepted as discourses. A call then must be put forth to recover and print those pristine purports which Baba has given for Ananda Vaniis. NOTE 2: DMS NEWS Both groups are fighting tooth and nail to gain legitimacy from the courts that their group alone should be the only ones to host DMS on Dec 30, 31, & Jan 1. In that way they are using up large sums of margii's & wts hard-earned money in order to cover all those exorbitant lawyer fees etc for their groupist court battle. Because now both are claiming that is their date is the commemoration of the first DMS. Like this their bickering and group clash is going on. Altogether it is no different from those dogmatic Hindu priests argue over which day is ekadashii or which day is Ram or Lord Krsna's birthday. Until they end up following two separate dates and then just end up quarreling about that. So now both H and B are dogmatic and both have lost the feeling of neo-humanism. Indeed they never stand up for maintaining the integrity of Baba's teaching and discourses etc, but for their groupist interest they have a lot of energy to expend. So now all kinds of infighting, court cases, and hair-splitting arguments are going on. All for their own selfish agenda. But gradually everything will be ok because Baba has already established dharma and it is a guarantee that all negative forces will be rooted out from the face of the earth. Because 'Dharma raksati raksitah'-- Dharma protects those following dharma. So true dharmikas cannot be harmed but fake people will be rooted out & exposed. In that way Baba's divine grace is working. ************************************************* Rising Up "Ghuma'ye theko na' a'r ja'g tvra' a'rt ma'navata' d'a'k diye ja'y..." O' brothers and sisters, let us no longer remain in slumber. We should get up without delay. The crying humanity is calling us; the people are in desperate need of our help, support, & service. We have to give the proper response by waving the flag of neo-humanism and thus usher in the new dawn-- whereby humanity is united. Taking Baba's divine Name, we have to remove their cry and suffering by forming one human society. Let us not delay-- the situation is urgent... (PS 4872) *************************************************

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