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Baba Story: Murder of Boy & Play of Samskara

Date: 15 Jul 2010 22:46:08 -0000 From: "Hariish Dev" To: Subject: Baba Story: Murder of Boy & Play of Samskara Baba Note: The sound file of the below PS is on the AM-GLOBAL blog, You can either listen to it there or download it for your collection. "Toma'r katha' a'mi bha'vi ba're ba're..." (PS 270) Purport: Baba, You are everything for me; You are my most intimate One. By Your grace I think about You always-- and how You love me. Baba, You always care for me-- in good times and bad, always. In my life You grace me and save me , always. I think about Your love and affection again and again. O' my Lord, You love me so much. Baba, You are the only one who truly loves me. Besides You, no one loves me the way You do. Others love is conditional; Baba, only You love unconditionally. Worldly love is based on selfishness; Your love is boundless and selfless. Mundane love is for one's own happiness, not for the sake of someone else's welfare. Only Your love is pure, without expecting anything in return. Baba, I always think about You and Your compassionate love. I cannot ever forget You. Baba, when the long night finally ends and the morning glow of the crimson dawn begins, I feel Your touch and Your nectar in that light. Baba, no matter how difficult the challenge and no matter how big the obstacle, invariably You are there to guide me and give me hope. You solve each and every problem that comes in my life. Baba, You Yourself are the solution and by Your grace I feel Your compassionate touch; that is the soothing balm in my life. Baba, I think about You always and how You love me so much. I cannot ever forget You. O' my Dearmost, when any problem is about to occur, then by Your grace I always remember that You are there to look after me. When in dark times, the evening sun is waving and calling and wants to tell me that I am never alone; You are there to look after me. Whether in darkness or light, happiness or sorrow, no matter what the circumstance, when any difficulty arises I always feel Your grace and know You are there to care for me. By Your grace, this sense of surrender is with me me always. I always feel that You are with me and will resolve any problem that arises. Baba, You love me so much; I remain always under Your shelter. O' my Dearmost, I think about You always and how You love me so much. I cannot forget You...
Namaskar, Below is a Baba story told to me by one Dada after one of our weekly dharmacakras while he was posted here in Udaipur, Rajasthan in 1970. The story is about one young margii who does not believe that samskara theory is real and the story depicts the dramatic way in which Baba convinces him of this truth. So this following account shows how Baba taught that young margii the veracity of samskara theory. Note: The following is recounted in the first person, in which case 'I' refers to the young margii who is skeptical about our AM samskara theory
One time I was blessed to go on a fieldwalk with Baba while He was in Ranchi. On this particular occasion, we were doing fieldwalk in one remote forested, jungle area-- outside the city limits. While on our walk, far off in the distance we could all see a village farmer moving along a footpath. At some point, Baba looked at us-- i.e. the small entourage that had been fortunate to join Him that day-- and then Baba asked me to walk way off towards a far distant tree that was along the pathway where the farmer had been walking. Immediately I heeded Baba's instruction and walked the few hundred yards over the to tree. I looked around and noticed that around the tree the ground was extremely hard due to summer's heat, but that underneath the tree itself there was a small puddle. I then marched back towards Baba, and, upon His request, I reported to Him what I had seen. Then Baba looked at me and asked, 'Did you see anything in the puddle itself?'. As I hadn't taken notice of this, I immediately headed back towards that distant puddle underneath the tree, and, once there, I noticed that there were seven large black ants floating in that puddle. They were those big type of black ants with large heads that are connected to their body by one thin, spindly, thread. But now those ants were just floating lifelessly in that shaded puddle beneath the tree. Once again I returned back to where Baba was and upon His request I told him about the seven ants I had seen under the tree. Baba responded, 'Very good'. And then He proceeded to tell one special story.
Baba told that long, long ago there was a famine going on in northern Bihar in Sasharam district. And in that district there was a joint family comprised of many cousins who were living together on their paternal property. One of the cousins lived on that land with his elderly mother. His father had already died so it was just he and his widowed mother. But the deceased father had 3 or 4 brothers who also had children and those children were the cousins of that boy. During that famine, a land dispute arouse amongst all the cousins. Or rather in their greed, the many cousins became jealous of the fact the young boy whose father had died would inherit his father's entire share of the property. So those nefarious cousins decided that if they were to kill the lone cousin whose father had died, then they would all inherit a greater parcel of land. In their devious way, they began thinking and plotting in this way. And, by and by, with their evil intentions, those cousins decided to execute their plan. So one night, when no one was around, those 7 sinister cousins cornered and that lone boy, i.e. their other cousin whose father had died, and they ruthlessly twisted his neck and snapped the spinal column. Then in the dark of that very night, they took the boy's lifeless body onto one bridge. And in the lonely silence of that night they tied stones and rocks around the boy's feet, legs, waist, shoulders, and head, and they hurled the dead boy off the bridge and his lifeless body plunged in large river down below. Because all the rocks were tied around the dead boy, his body remained down in the depths of the river, and did not rise or float to the top. Not a soul was witness to the dastardly crime that had taken place. The boy was missing and no one knew why. Neither the police could solve the mystery, nor the local magistrate, nor any village authority-- not anyone. It was totally unknown what had taken place. It was a total mystery why the young boy had disappeared. The widow was mourning the loss of her young son and indeed everyone in the village was distraught about the disappearance of the boy. To hide and disguise themselves, the sinister cousins also feigned sorrow and they sheepishly looked here and there 'in hopes of' finding their lost cousin. This was the way the scene unfolded. And in the end, no one in the village or district could figure out what really took place. As the drowned boy's body was submerged in the depths of the large river. Hence, those seven sinister cousins were quite pleased with what they had done and they were feeling quite proud and victorious that no one had been able to solve the mystery. In that case, in the due course, they got their wish and they were all able to inherit a greater parcel of land. And those seven cousins foolishly believed that they were totally free and that there was no way they could ever be caught for the heinous crime they had committed-- as no worldly authority had any idea about the murder that had transpired. Indeed the lives of those seven sinister cousins passed, and no charges were ever brought up against them. In fact, they all lived long lives and eventually died due to old age.
Then Baba began to furthermore explain that although no police detective or village authority could solve the crime. And although there were no witnesses to the injustice that had taken place, even then Parama Purusa and Parama Prakrti were fully aware of all that had transpired. And through Her samskara theory, Parama Prakrti was ready to deliver justice. Baba went on to explain that the seven black ants that had drowned in the puddle were in fact those seven sinister cousins who had murdered and drowned that boy on that dark night. Baba told that because of their heinous act they had been reborn as black ants. And Baba also foretold that those sinister cousins would pass through the tortures of millions of animal lives as various insects and bugs etc. And in this life they were just starting that bleak journey as black ants. And on this very afternoon, as black ants they were walking on the forest floor beneath one tree-- they were moving delicately with their big, heavy heads and spindly bodies. When all of a sudden, one village farmer innocently walked by while embarking on his daily work. The farmer felt nature calling, and in the heat of the sun that village farmer proceeded to pass urine under that very tree where the ants were walking. And in that isolated, forested spot, that innocent village farmer made one big puddle under the tree and on that fateful afternoon those seven black ants drowned in that urine. The seven black ants were those seven sinister cousins and the village farmer who urinated was the boy whom those sinister cousins had murdered and drowned all those ages ago. This is the way that Parama Prakrti and her samskara theory works-- all told by Baba. Baba continued to describe how the village farmer had not incurred any sin for what he did. Because he was merely abiding by the laws of nature and there was not an ounce of malice in his mind. In fact, he was totally unaware that seven black ants had drowned in his urine. And Baba told that the village farmer will progress along the path of pratisaincara and will again get human life in his next birth. In stark contrast, those seven black ants will have to undergo all the pains and struggles of animal live for countless more incarnations. That was Parama Prakrti's way of administering justice to those seven sinister cousins who plotted and killed their young cousin. At that point Baba told, 'So you see if anyone does anything in this universe then they have to face the consequences. So everyone should be very careful not to do any misdeeds and even the good deeds one does one should offer to Parama Purusa. After all whether one is bound by an iron chain of their misdeeds, or the golden chain of their virtuous acts, still a chain is but a chain and a sadhaka should not be shackled by any such chain. Rather through sadhana and prescribing Brahmahood to all one's actions, one will become free of all samskaras and attain liberation.' This was Baba's grand and colourful story about samskara theory and by that way I, the young margii who was on fieldwalk with Baba, became convinced about the reality of our AM samskara theory. Note: Here concludes the first person account of this story as told by the young margii.
The only other point to tell is that the young margii on the fieldwalk who was skeptical about samskara theory went on to become a Dada, and it was that very Dada who in 1970 told me this entire account one day after dharmacakra here in our unit in Udaipur, Rajasthan.
By Baba's entire story, we can understand that samskara theory works throughout this entire universe. Whether or not any mortal being is witness to a particular deed or misdeed, always, each and every time, Parama Prakrit is present to work the magic of her samskara theory. In that case, no one can hide or escape from their actions in this universe. Baba says, "You are free to act, but you are bound to undergo the reaction. The moment you do an act you acquire the possibility of its reaction. Simultaneously with the performance of an act is being done, the seed for its reaction is also sown and its consequences have to be undergone. There is no escape from it. It is not within your right to get rid of it or to escape its fruits and consequences." (SS-1, 'Yajina and Karmaphala')
By Baba's grace, He has given us all the key how to live in this world yet remain free from incurring any samskaras. By this way we are sure to attain eternal salvation, by His grace. Baba says, "You must not run after any psychic weakness, you must not cherish any psychic weakness. You must not go on remembering the sweet memory of your past. Your only goal is the Parama Purus'a and your only motive is to satisfy the Parama Purus'a by your action. Don’t do anything bad, and offer the good reactions of good works to Parama Purus'a." (AV-14, 'Action & Reaction') Namaskar, Hariish
************************************** Police Can't Solve
Baba says, "You can help someone to become good by making him understand, but no one becomes good through the application of force. You may persuade, you may bring them onto the path of righteousness by helping them to understand. This you can certainly do. If the sinner is engaged in sinful acts or keeps moving ahead on a sinful path, you can prevent that person from doing so by the application of force. But you cannot rectify him in this way." (AV-10, p.190) Note: These days around the world a one-sided approach is taken by governments regarding law and order. The administration makes rules and gives the duty to police and military personnel to enforce them. However, as per Baba's above teaching, this is not an effective way to create a proper society. Because when only fear tactics are employed and when members of the general public are not properly convinced, persuaded or educated about what should and should not be done, then people cannot be rectified nor become good citizens. Resorting only to the fear of the police and jail, crime is increasing. People do not commit crimes when they think the police are present; but do resort to criminal activity when think they cannot be caught. So the fear of being put in jail is not the solution. First the inner desire needs to be cultivated about duty of a true human being and member of society. That is what is meant by persuasion. Thereafter, when persuasion and education has been done, governments can apply fear tactics and force to create law and order. By this two-fold approach of persuasion and force, there will be order in society. Same is the case with Ananda Marga also. We should know the logic and reasoning behind why AM rules are beneficial then the inner desire will naturally develop to follow those rules. Otherwise, just out of a fear of God, authority or police, order cannot be established; people will not follow the rules. Before '90, many Dadas did not have conviction or desire to follow the righteous path. Under fear they were obeying, and when that fear moved away (according to them), they became fearless and their true color showed in the form of groupism and all kinds of heinous acts. Whereas those who were inspired in the core of their heart to follow AM teachings, such workers and margiis progressed on the path of spirituality, and did not get degenerated.

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