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New Slave Culture in WWD

Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 22:38:51 -0400 To: From: Maya Devii Subject: New Slave Culture in WWD Baba "Tumi a'ma'r a'tma' maner a'dha'r priyo sarva'dha'r..." P.S. 4588 Purport: Baba, You are my soul; You are the base of my mind. O' my dearmost, You are the base of everything. Everything is depending upon You; everything is revolving around You. In life, in death, in both these things You are existing all the time. In my life You are everything and after my death also You are everything. Baba, You are the sun of the day, and the moon of the night. Baba You are the stars, nebulae, & galaxies-- You are everything. Days and nights come and go by Your order. Baba, You are the controller of everything. The first time I experienced Your divine effulgence in my life, then I lost myself completely. Baba, with Your divine effulgence please remove all my samskaras, all my negativity, and make my life successful. Baba You are my Soul of souls, Heart of hearts-- You are my everything. I surrender myself completely unto You...
Namaskar, A disturbing situation has developed in our Marga, and in particular within WWD. Top Didis and strong-arm Didis are moving around with huge retinues and using new and lower posted Didis as their servants, even slaves. Below are explicit details as to how this is transpiring as well as solutions for how to move ahead and solve this critical issue. We all want our Marga society to be restored to its dharmic manner, so when a whole section of workers, i.e. certain Didis, are being reduced to mere slaves of the so-called elite, then this demands our immediate attention. Exploitation and dharma cannot co-exist. Tragically, at present, exploitation has grabbed the upper hand, especially with regards to our Didis.
To understand the situation within WWD, it is important to see how exploitation takes root, in general. Baba guides us that there is one common ingredient - nay requirement - in order to exploit any individual or people. And what is the ingredient: Impose an inferiority complex. Baba says, "A subjugated people suffer from an inferiority complex towards the sovereign elite, the ruling class. When India was a dependent colony, many Indians used to describe the members of the ruling community as God’s children, obviously due to their deep-rooted inferiority complex. Most of them wondered: “Will India ever see the light of freedom? When will we ever win the struggle against the ruling class?” This shows that the entire indigenous community was a victim of inferiority complex." (AFPS-7) Just as the indigenous people of India were made to feel inferior, same is the case with so many peoples of the world. Blacks in South Africa and in the USA were not allowed to sit on buses or use white bathrooms. And countless other restrictions were imposed. This had a severe effect on their mind and blacks were made to feel inferior - and thus became prime candidates of exploitation. In such a state, they could not progress. Baba says, "Suppose a very dark-complexioned boy is called a “nigger” by his classmates and even his teachers. This certainly depresses him and blocks the expression of his capabilities. He thinks, “I am inferior. I am downtrodden. I am ugly.” Similarly, those who are born into so-called low-caste families are criticized for being of low birth. People say derogatorily, “Ha! What sort of education can such low-caste people expect?” As a result, their minds contract and their progress is thwarted." (AV-7) So this imposition of an inferiority complex is rampant. It goes side by side with exploitation. This inferiority complex can be imposed on the point of wealth, race, caste, language, gender, or one so many other factors. As long as one person or people feel that they are not up to the standard of others, then they are prime candidates for exploitation.
In our WWD, the inferiority complex is based on post. If one has a high post they are respected and if one has a low post, they are made to feel unworthy. There is huge intimidation factor involved. So what exactly is going on? Certain Didis with top posts like Didi A'nanda Dyotona (Global MU), Didi A'nanda Nitimaya (Global Med Care), and Didi A'nanda Prabha' are moving with huge retinues. That means they go everywhere with huge pomp and show - with a big caravan of Didis who fearfully attend to their every need and wish,and obey their every beckon and call. Seeing this, new and lower posted Didis feel that Ananda Dyotona Co are very important and far above them. In this way, more and more regular Didis are pulled into the current of exploitation by these big three Didis. When in fact these three Didis (A'nanda Dyotona, A'nanda Nitimaya, and A'nanda Prabha') just use their retinue and status to push down others, not for any noble work. To this end these top Didis have created a gang where they rule by force and fear. They use lower posted Didis as washerwoman and for all kinds of menial and degrading things. Lower posted Didis are forced to wash all their under garments and that is just the beginning. They are forced cook, clean, carry, salute, and cower in front of these top Didis. Because should they not become the slaves of these top-posted Didis, then A'nanda Nitimaya, and A'nanda Prabha' will physically abuse them. That is why all the field Didis refer to A'nanda Nitimaya, and A'nanda Prabha' as, Osama Bin Laden and Al Jawaharii, as the two biggest terrorist of Al Qaeda. And about Dyotona', all know that she is the grand master exploiter of WWD. So the lower posted Didis are getting abused and treated as menial servants. And this is happening in all the groups. In B group, Didis are not even allowed to talk. In H group they are allowed to talk, but Dadas will not listen and the top Didis will abuse them later in private, or in public. Only in EC such things are not happening. Because EC people have not clout. They have no structure, no one to supervise, and no one to rule. They are dreaming of the golden day when they will get their own team of slaves. Just like paupers dream of the day when they will have a huge corporation and can exploit their own laborers. So in Ranchi, things are just terrible as these big three Didis are bullying everyone into submission.
Basically, there are two groups in WWD of Ranchi administration. One is led by this trio of Ananda Dyotana, Ananda Nitimaya' and Ananda Prabha'. These Didis are followers of Nigama'nanda. This is the goonda group in WWD. They believe in muscle power. They verbally and physically accost junior Didis. Members of this group are mostly from our Children Homes. Means those Didis whose mother tongue is Bengali and Orriya and were living in our children Home are the members of this exploitative group. Other Orriya workers who came from houses are either members or supporters of Giita' Didi group. This Ananda Dyotana Didi group is very harsh with other Didis. Actually Didis who were living in children home easily become member of this group but those who came from regular families have a big problem. Of course, over the years, so many good & righteous persons have emerged from our AM Childrens' Homes - just a small minority have not turned out properly. And it is those who are ruling WWD these days with an iron fist.
Didis A'nanda Dyotona, A'nanda Nitimaya, and A'nanda Prabha' function literally as gang leaders. Because in gangs, people follow the leaders out of fear - not out of love and respect. Those junior gang members are aware of what hell their leaders are capable of, so they follow them out of fear. Same is the case with junior workers in WWD. They have witnessed first-hand how poisonous and cruel the top Didis are. So they follow them and act as their servants because they know how horrible those top Didis can be. It is all based purely on intimidation. That is why it is like one gang. In contrast, sadhus and dharmikas lead by their pious conduct so people follow them out of love and respect - not out of fear. But in WWD, fear is the order of the day and in that way so many Didis are suffering silently. Perhaps the cultural seed behind this is that in India there is a long history of having servants and lower caste people do work for the elite. This is part and parcel of the hierarchy in traditional Indian society. It is part of life. Thus when so many Indian Didis grew up seeing this in daily life, then they may feel that what is happening to them it is not so unusual. This is one theory. When in truth, Baba does not want anyone to be exploited on this earth - let alone anyone exploited in WWD. I do hope I am wrong about my analysis as to why these Didis have almost accepted their plight in WWD. I hope I am wrong because the need is for them to rise up and crush their exploiters. And again this is happening in all the groups. And in the near future all the details about the hell going on in B group WWD will also be exposed.
With regards to the Ranchi side, these cruel Didis - A'nanda Dyotona, A'nanda Nitimaya, and A'nanda Prabha' - have no proper conduct of their own. Just they have their post, power, and brawn. So when they see any Didi with proper conduct who is sincerely interested in following Sixteen points and spiritual practices like sadhana and Prabhat Samgiita, then they will seek out and destroy that Didi. They make life miserable for her. This is their awful approach. They are just like dogmatic Hindu sannyasis who drink and smoke but still demand that others do sastuanga pranam to them. Likewise these ruling Didi want the same thing. They want blind respect based on their post and indoctrinate new and young wts into worshiping them because of their high post. So the whole situation is a mess and so many of our Didis are really suffering at the hands of these exploiters.
As we all know, Baba teaches us to lead with love. That is the proper way to control and guide junior workers etc and in that way one will always be fair & dharmic. Whereas if one controls others by imposing an inferiority complex, then they can rampantly exploit their juniors. So the true way to establish control and eliminate indiscipline is by establishing AM principles. Then people will follow out of inspiration, reverence and love, and they will want to emulate all you do. That is the way to create true discipline according to Baba. Baba says to see one's conduct not their post. But none of this is going on in our WWD, nor in the whole of AMPS. Instead groupists and gang-like Didis are ruling by torturing and pushing others down.
Here Baba warns us of one for the grave problems if this is allowed to continue. Baba says, "If they [junior workers] constantly feel such uneasiness, their pra'n'a shakta or vital energy will be disturbed. Consequently their vital force will be weakened. In such circumstance a sort of psychological crisis will occur in the collective mental body as well as in the individual mind. This will result in the emergence of inferiority complexes which will cause debility in the human mind. Those people [who are] suppressed lose their moral courage, initiative and power to protest. Ultimately a defeatist psychology develops in them, and as a group such people face the prospect of total annihilation." (PNS-13) TO make our WT cadre and or Marga proper, we must infuse the spirit of fight and determination within those exploited Didis and convince them they have a right to rise up and live without being abused and tortured. Side by side, huge pressure must be exerted on those ruling Didis such that they will stop their crude ways.
By Baba's grace, we are on the cusp of wiping out all such exploitation and will soon restore integrity to WWD and all of our Marga. Such ruling Didis will no longer be able to destroy the lives of other Didis. Baba says, "A human being has but one task: to remove that which is harmful or detrimental in society. As you march along your path of movement you should oppose those people who work against the collective interest; you should raise the slogan, 'Human exploitation – No more, no more!'". (PNS-8) Namaskar, Maya Devii
Here is more information about these ruling Didis. A) Didi Ananda Dyotana' is Global MU and Children Home Secretary. Many say that she goes overseas with photos and other details of children home boys and girls and collects huge money by getting wealthy donors to sponsor our homes. But then Dyotona Didi pockets and eats all the money. Our children's homes do not get a penny. No account it takes of the sponsorships, rather she keeps it all as her personal money. Many many times she goes overseas for this "work". B) Didi A'nanda Nitimaya' is Global Medical, food and Care Secretary. She is the person who is the most vile and merciless. She takes money in RDS etc and if some Didis have no money then she does not give them food. This is a serious problem these days. That is why going to RDS is like being in a torture camp. Simple Didis are made to starve and undergo terrible treatment at their own RDS in Ananda Nagar. C) Didi A'nanda Prabha' is the laukik sisiter of Nitimaya' and she has one very dark affair that she tries to keeping hidden but everyone knows about it. Without any hesitation or warning, this Didi slaps and abuses junior Didis.
All in all there many things going on in AMPS where top acaryas are infusing an inferiority complex on junior workers. Such tricks have run rampant since 1990 in order to turn AM into one dogma and allow crooked workers to control fully. They do not want anyone, especially their juniors, to question the conduct of priests. For proof of this just look at what happened in TC. They are not sitting on equal seats with their trainees - not during meals or during dharmacakra. Whether at the Didis training Center in Bangalore with Ananda Madhu Dyotona where she was sitting on the head of her trainees or in Varanasi where Ragamayananda exploits his trainees to the bone without teaching them one ounce about dharma. By this way, trainees grow into junior workers who are ready to be expoited without question. There are many other things to say on this most sad and tragic topic. In the next letter more will be written.
***************************************** Limitations of the English Language
Baba says, "In Sanskrit the term Mantra means Manana't talrayet yastu sah mantra parikiirttiah-- 'Manan means 'inner suggestion', 'repetition within'. And Tarayet yastu - 'after this manan, when that entity liberates you from all metaphysical, all psychic and suprapsychic and also from all spiritual bondages, then it is known as mantra: Manana't ta'rayet yastu sa mantrah parikiirtitah." "Whereas the English term incantation just means 'repeating something again and again'. That is incantation. So incantation does not lead to liberation. Whereas the repetition of mantra leads to liberation. So incantation and mantra are not the same thing." "There is no proper English word for the Sanskrit word mantra, but we use the word 'incantation' for mantra but it is not the proper word for the Sanskrit word mantra." (Morning General Darshan, 14 Nov 78, Silchar, W.B.) Note: If one repeats, 'Tom, Dick, and Harry', 'Tom, Dick, and Harry' again and again, then that very repetition is an incantation. But repeating 'Tom, Dick, and Harry' will not lead to liberation. So that is the essential difference between incantation and mantra. Because the repetition of mantra leads to liberation.

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