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Date: 08 Nov 2009 07:41:58 -0000 From: "Liiladhar Karn" To: Subject: Svarshastra Baba "A'sha'r a'loke ele, bha's'a'r atiit tumi, a'ma'r duhkh-klesh bhula'ite..." (PS-1754) Purport: Baba, You are the embodiment of hope, inspiration, and bliss. Language is wholly incapable of expressing Your greatness. Baba, in this poignant moment, You have come here to remove my agony and sufferings, and to wipe away my tears in these dark days. Whatever accumulated degeneration and negative things were there in my mind, You removed everything in one blink of the eye. Baba, this is Your grace. Baba, nobody except You is mine-- to whom I can relate my pain. You are the only entity in this universe who is mine, to whom I open my heart and express everything. Indeed there is no one else in this entire universe except You, to whom I can tell the inner feelings of my heart within these three worlds, tribhuvan. O' my dearmost Baba, You are the nucleus of all effulgence. Please grace me by singing the song of divinity in my ears. Baba please come close to me. I have prepared one freshly blossomed flower garland for You which is full of fragrance. And I am waiting for that auspicious moment when You will come, and then in a lonely place I will offer that garland to You. Baba, You are my everything. And with Your arrival all my sufferings have gone, because I have gotten You. This is exclusively Your grace...
Namaskar, In their day to day life, mostly the common people do not have much awareness about the practical process of breathing-- or, more specifically, the proper use of nostrils. They are not aware how the nostrils fuction and how the nostrils can be utilized to enhance their life.
In the teachings of Tantra, however, one special science is entirely dedicated to the proper and correct use of the nostrils. And this teaching is highly advantageous and helpful for us -- as it details how we can best do the various works and activities of our daily life. Reason being that whether these activities & duties be physical, psychic, or spiritual-- each is highly linked with breathing, and in particular with the nostrils. So within the practice of breathing and breath control, there is a particular science which explains, outlines, and describes which nostril should be used for physical work, mental activities, or spiritual practices. And most margiis are well aware of this ancient science first propounded by Lord Shiva.
When Lord Shiva first introduced this science of breath control He named it as svarashastera. And this science clarifies which nostril is to be used when; how to change the nostrils, and all the related points about breath control and nostrils. Baba says, "The process of breathing, depending upon whether the breath is flowing through the right nostril or the left nostril or both nostrils, influences people in various ways. It was Shiva who determined what kind of activity should be performed, depending on which nostril the breath was flowing through...He set down specific rules and regulations as to when one should undertake physical, psychic or spiritual activities. He further instructed when and in what circumstances one should do asanas, pranayama, dharana, dhyana, etc. This science, which Shiva invented and developed, was known as svarashastra or svarodaya-- the science of breath control." (NSS, 95 Edn, p.25-6) So Shiva was the first to propound the theory of breathing and use of nostrils. And Baba has revealed all the practical aspects of this in various our books and discourses-- including a special chapter in the Acarya diary. Because the point is that using the proper nostril has a big effect on the entire body. So whether doing arduous physical labour, or when taking food, or while doing asanas, or when involved in school examinations & study, or while doing sadhana, and even when experiencing samadhi. In each and every one of these activities, proper breathing through the nostrils have a keen role to play. Sometimes a particular nostril should be dominant or used exclusively and other times it is best to have both working simultaneously. And being aware about this science is most helpful and beneficial.
This svarashastra, or science of breath control, plays a tremendous role in each and every life activity. As a case in point we can look at the process of eating. The ingestion and digestion systems play a very significant role in maintaining human health. Because if the physical health is good then one is able to move ahead in the psychic and spiritual realms. And if the food is digested properly then the mind can think clearly and it is also highly beneficial for sadhana. So digestion is very important. And this entire process of digestion is intrinsically linked with breathing through the proper nostril at the right time. For example if one is drinking water or taking any type of fruit juice etc, then the left nostril must be working. But if anyone is eating solid food, then prior to, during and after the meal the right nostril must be dominant. Otherwise food will never be digested properly.
Some non-margii types may be thinking that all this is very strange because they never paid any attention to the use of nostrils, but even then their food was digested nicely. But if they look carefully then they will see that within their unit structure, automatically, the whole science of the use of nostrils is happening-- unbeknownst to them. Ultimately it is just like how breathing goes on when one is sleeping or how the heart works even if one is not aware about its functioning. Similarly the same thing happens with respect to the nostrils. That's why when one feels hungry then automatically right nostril starts functioning. So during the time of food only their right nostril is working. Then in that case their digestion will be alright. Of course the problem comes for those without good digestion. Then they will see that when they eat, their right nostril is closed-- or working less. But as a last option there are techniques of positioning the body whereby the proper nostril can be activated. In which case those with poor digestion will be highly benefited.
So not just with eating and digesting food, but in all the spheres of life, the nostrils have a big role to play. When reading or studying then the left nostril needs to be dominant. But if while reading the right nostril is being used more then the mind will be fickle and less focused. Whereas having the left nostril open will enable the mind to be more concentrated. And during sadhana it is best if both nostrils are working equally-- yet if one is a little stronger then it should be the left nostril, not the right one. Thus in all the spheres of existence the use of the proper nostril is an important thing and highly benefical. And it yields a positive result also. Baba says, "This svarashastra did help the people later to solve many problems in their mundane as well as spiritual lives." (NSS, '95 Edn, p.26)
Some naive people may be wondering if using superficial measures to control the nostrils are needed, or not. But the answer is no-- one need not do things like stick cotton up the nose to try and block the left nostril in order to make the right one dominant, or vice versa. This is not the way-- rather that will be harmful.
This entire science of svarashastra is highly imporant and happening deep within the subtle processes of the body. So naturally, all this occurs within the internal workings of the human structure. Means it is not just that it is happening at the tip of the nose. Rather it all happens automatically-- deep within all this is going on. Because when the body is in a proper state of balance and health then automatically the proper nostril will be working according to the type of activity one is involved in. If anyone is not so accustomed to or less aware about this then at any given time they can test which nostril is working by placing their finger(s) just below the two nostrils while exhaling. Then one can feel the air flow and it becomes quite evident which nostril is dominating.
And the next letter on this topic will talk more about the inner science behind the use of nostrils. Such as the three nadis, i.e. ida, susumna, piungala; how they are related with the cakras; how they are linked with higher sadhana. Plus how, in general, all this transforms our life practices and duties. As well as what techniques to employ to prompt the needed nostril to open.
Our life is three-fold and we are fortunate Baba has told us all the key points for each and every aspect of human life. And by following them we the have the best opportunity to develop and grow-- in all the realms of life. Accordingly the use of nostrils also has a big effect. Some few may naively think this is an insignificant point, but in our practical life this science of nostrils has a grand role to play.
Baba says, "The force that guides the stars guides you also." (AV-3) Namaskar, Liiladhar
*************************************** Think About This
Lord says, "The person with whom you live with all the warmth of your life will ultimately desert you - it is a cruel game. Confronted with this grim reality one should be very cautious about selecting one's goal. One thing is clear - the Supreme Entity alone should be accepted as one's goal...This is extremely important." (APH-6, p.395, Calcutta May 10, 1981)

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