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A Clear-Cut Difference

From: "Karl Lowry" To: Subject: A Clear-Cut Difference Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 22:08:45 -0700 Baba "

Namaskar, Our AM ideology provides perfect analysis and explanations in all the directions. As margiis we should be familiar with all His teachings for both our own growth and development as well as to clear the matter with others. Here is one matter that is commonly misunderstood. For us however, we should know the clear-cut difference.
All margis know that the a'tma' witnesses the mind. As a witnessing entity, its activity involves just that-- witnessing what is done by the mind. That means the a'tma' watches all those actions, good or bad, done by the mind. The a'tma' sees those things but it does not get affected in any way. However the opposite is the case with the mind. The mind gets completely affected by all its various activities and actions. Baba says, "Mana eva manus'ya'n'a'm' ka'ran'am' bandhamoks'ayoh... Mind alone is the cause of the bondage and liberation of human beings." (AV-1, p.26) Hence the mind is the cause of its own bondage, and mind is the cause of its liberation. When the mind is affected, the mind acquires samskaras. So the mind changes -- it elevates and descends, expands and contracts -- on the basis of the actions which it performs.
Of course the a'tma' and mind are attached. But the a'tma' never gets affected by its environment. It does not get changed in any way. Because the a'tma' is just a witnessing entity. And that unit a'tma' is also witnessed by Parama Purus'a. So 'witnessing entity' -- the word itself -- means that a'tman does not do anything. It just witnesses. But because it is living together with mind, for that reason it looks as if it is getting affected. But it is not. For example, if you are standing next to a site where some negative work just as a robbery, is going on. Those who are sitting distant, they may think from their distant vantage point, that you are also involved. But you did not do anything. You are just a passive onlooker. This is the very situation we find with a'tman. And Baba gives some examples of how it is working. Baba tells that the a'tma' is like a stage light on a stage. If there is a drama being performed on the stage, the stage light witnesses it. And if there is nothing happening on the stage, the stage light witnesses that. Similarly, when mind is in action doing something, then a'tma' sees that. And if mind is inert, doing nothing, then a'tma' sees that too. Another example is "upahat". This is a Samskrta term. Here it is explained by Baba that the a'tma' is like a mirror. If you put a red flower next to the mirror, then it looks like the mirror got affected. As, the mirror turns completely red. But it is not actually red. If you remove the flower, then the color is gone from the mirror. Similarly is the case, with a'tma'n. Many sinners are there, virtuous persons are there, great persons are there, bad persons are there. All sorts of positive and negative people exist in the world. But in all the cases, no matter who they are, their a'tma' is the same--blemishless. Because it is only the unit mind, not the soul, that gets affected by human action. The mind gets tied up in negative things and positive things, according to the nature of the action. Where mind is merged into Parama Purusa, then there is no sinner and no virtuous. That is one particular sloka, given by Baba.
So the main thing is, that mind is the entity which gets affected. The mind is what gets brought up and down-- which gets elevated or degenerated, according to the nature of one's thought and action. In that spirit, the mind is the entity that does sadhana. It is mind which ideates, 'I am Brahma, I am Brahma'. And when mind becomes pure, then it becomes one with a'tma'. So the mind gets transformed. Whereas, A'tma' is always the same. It never changes. The entire process of spiritual progress on the path toward Him- that process is experienced and undergone by the mind. If today the mind is dirty, tomorrow it will be cleaned. And ultimately when various minds merge in Brahma then they become the same. But until the unit mind is not cleaned, it remains distorted. This is due to samskara. And one has to suffer one's samskara. Or by the grace of a great Entity, these can be exhausted. Or, when one does sadhana and Guru's grace comes, then one is constantly involved in thinking of Him. And then ultimately mind becomes one with Him. In this way, the whole process of purification and moving towards the Cosmic Hub happens with the mind. A'tma' just watches. It cannot be affected.
In Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell-3, Question and Answer chapter, Baba tells that a'tma' gives the inspiration to get peace. Baba says, "A'tman can only provide inspiration or prerana; that is the only action it can perform..." (APH-3, p.196) The a'tma' always inspires the mind to do good works. If one's samskara is not negative then one can listen to the call of the soul. And the mind takes action on the basis of that inspiration. Otherwise, if one's samskaras are too negative then their mind cannot hear the inspiration of the a'tman. Means the mind fails to take action for its spiritual development. Baba has given the example of the magnet attracting the iron. But if that iron is dirty, covered with mud. Then the magnet may not be able to attract it. Similarly, so much inspiration is coming from Parama Purusha via the a'tma', but there are many who cannot pay heed. Due to this, such people's mind does not get any inspiration to move ahead.
Here is another example of the unchanging eternal a'tma' or soul and the changing, restless mind. In Ananda Marga there is no such thing as "crude soul". Only "crude mind". Because the soul cannot be crude. It is always the same, pure and blemishless. Now, one can say, "According to his samskara, samskara is attached with that soul". But it does not mean that the particular soul gets changed or affected by dint of that connection. It is just like, gold which is lying in a pool of mud. The gold is completely pure. Nothing happened inside the gold. But because mud touched the gold, that's why simple people think that the gold became muddy, or blemished because of the mud. But inside nothing happened. However in the case of milk, if milk is touched by mud. Then the milk will get infiltrated by the mud. So that is a different thing. Because it is susceptible. But gold is not susceptible. Same way, a'tma' is not susceptible. It is just witnessing. So some things are susceptible to infiltration. And others not. And a'tma' is that sort of thing. It remains pure, as it is.
So this is the situation. A'tma' gives inspiration to mind for engaging in higher pursuits and attaining infinite peace. Those who have good samskaras hear that call. And by that way their mind gets opportunity to change and progress. And all the while the a'tma' watches, an unchanged eternal witness. A'tma' is blemishless and unchanging in nature; whereas the mind which takes action and is constantly affected by its own actions. Hence there is clear-cut difference between a'tma' and mind. But one, possibly two persons have their own confusion about this. All that is explained in the notes below.
Baba says, "I have told you that you are never alone in this world-- the Entity that guides the stars guides you also." (AV-3, p.63) Namaskar, Kamalanayana Note 1: There are many terms which have been dogmatically created, due to lack of understanding as to the impervious nature of a'tma'. Terms such as maha'tma', dura'tma', papa'tma', etc. But this is not the way. Because a'tma' cannot be affected by virtue, vice, or sin. Baba says, "We sometimes use the words maha'tma' [great-souled], dura'tma' [wicked], pa'pa'tma' [sinful], pun'ya'tma' [virtuous] and so forth. However the a'tma' [soul] can never be great or wicked, nor can it be sinful or virtuous." (SC-2) Baba used to make jokes, that maha'tma' is not a good term. 'Mahan' means 'great', plus a'tma, equals maha'tma'. But the point is that a'tma cannot become great. The a'tma of an ant, and the a'tma of a human being, the a'tma of great souls and the a'tma of sinners. All a'tmas are the same. Distortion came in their mind only. Some entities are elevated, some are not. Some are sinners, some are virtuous. All these are qualities of mind. Note 2: Of course throughout Baba's grand ideology He provides crystal-clear explanations of all these topics related to a'tma' and soul etc. One excellent section in particular is 'Life, Death, and Samskara' chapter & others from Idea and Ideology Book and then many chapters from AM Elementary Philosophy also address these things. And if anyone knows other good references then they should also tell.
For those who would like to learn about the objectivated mind, kindly refer to this letter:
******************************************** Honey is Eye-Medicine
Baba says, "Floral nectar can be collected from lotus and is very good for all kinds of eye diseases, including retinal detachment...To extract the honey, you have to employ the same method as doctors use to extract blood. This is because many ants and insects feed on the honey. A syringe can extract it without getting clogged up." (PNS-16, p. 33-34)

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