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Oslo Crime & Neo-Humanism

Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 21:33:29
Subject: Oslo Crime & Neo-Humanism
From: Jiivendra Deva




Due to the lack of pracara of neo-humanism, so many solvable problems remain unsolved. It has been 30 years since Baba propounded neo-humanism, but still the general populace is unaware. Because of this, humanity is not moving forward, rather backward.


For instance, last summer one white supremacist, motivated by racial hatred, killed 77 innocent teenagers at a political camp in Norway.  At present, this mass-murder trial is underway in Oslo. At the same time, throughout the west, and especially in Europe, there is a rise in extremist, right-wing rhetoric - and even political parties.


The current leaders are unable to address and solve this matter in a comprehensive way that will lead to the growth of society. Such leaders think they can control the situation only through punishment. But that alone is not the solution.

Those who commit racial hate crimes are tried in court, punished, and given hefty sentences. But this does not solve the problem; it merely heightens the hatred of those anti-social elements. It is like adding gasoline to a fire.


A new approach is needed. And that approach has already been given by Baba:
(1) punishment to criminals and (2) education about the defects and horrors of racism, in conjunction with the beauty and charm of neo-humanism. This is the only practical way to proceed. That is Baba's two-pronged method.

And we must propagate this widely.

Because some think that harsh punishment alone will deter and scare people from committing hate crimes. But that is not true. A shift of heart and mind are needed. And for that, the teachings of neo-humanism are a must.


Human beings are not animals and cannot be controlled only by punishment. Humans are sentimental, emotional, rational and logical beings. We need to be given teachings that satiate the heart and satisfy the mind. Every human being has a mind, and that mind needs answers.


When addressing matters of hate crimes and racial attacks - which are quite common nowadays in the west - then as outlined above the two-pronged approach is needed. Punishment should be meted out to the wrongdoer, and, side by side, the teachings of neo-humanism should be given to counteract racism in the greater society. The world is ready to go beyond the narrow boundaries of race, ethnicity, caste and gender etc.

In a psychological way we should discuss the origin of humanity and explain how we are all connected to one another. With that groundwork, this problem of racial hatred will be resolved.

All along, the divisive, fissiparous tendencies (i.e. the path of analysis) of humanity should be discouraged. And those unifying principles (i.e. the path of synthesis) should be encouraged.

When people are aware of their origin and understand that we call come from the same source, Parama Purusa, then all superficial differences (race, caste, gender etc) will vanish.


Only the two-pronged approach of Ananda Marga - punishment and neo-humanistic education - can lead the world away from hatred and racism, and build a loving feeling toward  all to form one universal human family.

Jiivendra Deva


That does not mean that we should give a "free pass" to those preaching dogmatic, illogical, and outdated ideas. This applies to the activities of both fundamentalist Muslims, and Christians, among others.


People often talk about the term tolerance as being something great. They say, "Have tolerance for others." But, in truth, tolerance is not at all a lofty sentiment. People can harbor very negative feelings towards others, yet still "tolerate" them. And anytime they may erupt and attack. So tolerance itself is not a high ideal; it does not reach the inner portions of one's heart and mind. Our approach is not that people should merely be tolerant of each other.

For example, if in your kitchen a mouse or raccoon enters then you may say that, "I can tolerate this so long as it does not eat my food." That gives the message that you do not like the situation but you can tolerate it. This means you have a negetive feeling toward what you are tolerating. Such a senitment should not be used toward human beings. This word - tolerate - is not appreciated in family life or with friends. If it is used, then others know that you hate that person, and by exercising tolerance you refrain from attacking them. Or it means that someone is doing bad things and irritating you but you control your anger and do not attack them. That is also tolerance. That type of feeling is not at all ideal. No one should preach: "We should tolerate others." In Ananda Marga we do not support such an lowly outlook.

According to the tenets of neo-humanism, we should strive to cultivate a truly loving feeling towards all, and see them as brother and sister. Then all feels of hatred and aversion will completely dissipate; that is the effect of love. Whereas with tolerance, that does not happen. So neo-humanism extends far beyond the rather static meaning of tolerance.
PS Intro: This song describes the feeling of one higher stage of devotional

"Prabhu, toma'y kii kahibo a'ro..." P.S. 447


  Baba, oh Prabhu, I love You so much. How can I express the deep love of my heart to You. Words alone fail to describe the feeling. With my vocal chords I cannot express the grace which You have showered on me. Baba, You have permanently drenched me in Your ahetuki krpa'. Since I have gotten You in my life, my life has become meaningful. I do not have any other type of longing in my mind except You. Baba, by Your grace, my mind is running always towards You & You alone. Baba, You have made my life blissful, in all the ways. It is just as if my whole existence is full of nectar.

  O' my Dearmost, the cimmerian darkness has vanished from my life; those black days have gone far, far away. There is no longer any trace of them. This has all happened since the divine effulgence descended in my life by Your grace.

  Baba, according to Your tune, melody, and rhythm, I am dancing. My days and nights, and my entire life, have become just like one bouquet of songs. Not even a wee-bit of dilemma or confusion is existing in my life. By Your infinite grace my mind is perfectly straight. This is all because of Your boundless karuna' (divine compassion).      

   Baba, O' Parama Purusa, my whole existence - my body, mind, and prana - is vibrating with the spiritual waves which You have generated by Your sweet touch. Baba, I have gotten You by Your grace. You have graced me immensely. Baba, I fully surrender myself at Your lotus feet...

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