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Bait of "Holy Land"

From: Amriteshwar Verma
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2012 21:31:56
Subject: Bait of "Holy Land"


"A'ma'y niye toma'r e kii khela' dine ra'te ogo prati pale..."   (P.S. 459)


Baba, the divine liila', which You are playing day and night along with me, is unforgettable. I am ensconced in that very divine flow. Even if I try to forget it I cannot. Again and again I come back in Your close proximity to offer You a garland, under one pretext or another. Baba You are so gracious.

Just like my shadow is always with me and constantly remains by my side, in similar fashion Your divine vibration is saturated in each and every pore of my existence. By Your grace, I feel Your eternal touch all the time. Baba, You have saturated & fully drenched my heart with Your divine nectar. You have done everything.

Baba, whichever direction I look I always long for and search for You. Why have You made me like this, I do not know. My mind is not in my control; it always yearns for Your close proximity. Baba, in this divine play of Yours, You have bound me in the bond of love. What type of divine liila are You playing and involving me in. It is beyond my imagination and expression. Baba, only I can think that it is Your divine grace...


This topic is extremely important this time of year as one group is keen to draw as many people as possible to their holy land next month. By now, most understand that the entire concept of there being a holy land is bogus.

Here is more logic for your ideological arsenal.                               

Baba says, "The main purpose of spirituality is to discover Parama Shiva who is lying quiescent in every human existence, and to establish oneness between Macrocosm and microcosm, between Cosmic Being and human beings, being jiiva'tma and Paramatma." (Neo-Humanism Nutshell - 2, p. 44)

Almost all the dogmatic religions misguide their followers by proclaiming that the Supreme Entity is in some far distant holy place - not within the reach of the common person. But Baba teaches us that the Supreme Entity Parama Purusa resides within. And that is what He is guiding us in the above teaching.

Similar to those dogmatic priests etc, now a few top-level group leaders in Ananda Marga are going against Baba's teaching by infusing their own holy land dogma. Nowadays such crafty exploiters are busy trying to turn our Ananda Marga into a religion. They have created so many holy lands and on one or another occasion tried to confuse innocent margiis and bring them in their clutch. As we all know these "holy lands" are in Kolkata, Jamalpur, and so many other places.

So our duty is to follow Baba and not be misled by those religious exploiters. The following teaching Baba guides that very point.

Baba says, "Very often, ignorant of real spirituality and goaded by religious dogma, people undertake long and hazardous journeys to places of pilgrimage, sometimes even selling their earthly possessions like houses, cultivable land, etc to make the trip possible. They hope to attain virtue by taking a holy dip in sacred rivers. It is needless to say that this causes a loss not only of energy, time and money, but brings much trouble and no spiritual gain. This is one of the glaring examples of the lack of prama' in the spiritual sphere." (Neo-Humanism Nutshell - 2, p. 44)

Each year around this time huge propaganda goes on to convince naive people to reach to the so-called holy land of Kolkata to attend the dogmatic Mahaprayan (MPD) program. We should not allow even one innocent person to become their prey. Rather we should propagate Baba's teaching that Parama Purusa lives in the heart of each and every devotee. One need not to rush here and there to find Him -  doing so is an utter waste and ultravarious to our spiritual approach.


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