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Going in Our Favour

From: "Will Chaucey" To: Subject: Going in Our Favour Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2008 23:32:09 +1000 Baba "Toma're ja'na'i pran'a'm shato shato..." (PS 1300) Purport: O' Baba, O' Cir Maha'n, You are that eternal and great Entity. O' Baba, O' Shubhavrat, You are the One who has taken the vow to always do auspicious endeavours. Baba, by Your grace I am not encumbered by any pride. Keeping aside all vanity and not concerned about my own ego, I surrender unto Your lotus feet. Baba by Your grace I pay my salutations to You again and again; I do sastaunga pranam [1] hundreds and hundreds of times. Whatever I may be in front of other people, but, O' my Lord, in front of You my mind is simple and straight like an arrow. Baba, You are everything for me and I surrender completely at Your alter. Baba, O' Cir Amalin, You are that pure and blemishless Entity. Baba, O' Ana'sakta, You are perfect in Your vaera'gya-- renunciation. Baba, You are the source of all auspicious thoughts and ideation; You are the embodiment of all hope and aspirations. O' my Dearmost, I desire to have You at Your lotus feet; I desire to remain under Your shelter. Baba, with Your otayoga, You fill everyone's heart. You make a personal link with each and every unit being-- with each and every jiiva. You come in the depths of my heart. Baba, with Your protayoga, You look after and care for everyone collectively. You watch Your entire creation at all times. Baba, Your compassion & Your causeless love always remains ever alive within each and every person. Baba, You are my everything, I surrender at Your lotus feet again, and again, and again-- countless times... NOTES FOR PRABHA'T SAMGIITA #1300: [1] Sastaunga Pranam: As we all do sastaunga pranam multiple times each and every day-- before and after sadhana, before kiirtan, after Guru Sakash, before sleep etc-- then it is helpful to know what Baba has given about this special mudra. In this below guideline Baba directs us that sastaunga pranam represents both simplicity and surrender. Baba says, "Sa's't'a'unga pran'a'ma is a symbol of simplicity. It is to be done only to Ma'rga Guru. It signifies surrender to the ideology." (CC-1)
Namaskar, Right now there are so many crude forces at work: Extreme Islamic clerics, capitalist bloodsuckers, war mongers, terrorists, rapists, internet thieves, sexual predators, lethargic & apathetic "citizens", and so many static agents. By seeing all these anti-social elements, those who are pessimists will invariably think that society is rotten to the bone and that there is only distrust, malevolence, duplicity, and greed etc. Such pessimists think that even though Baba has come, still there is no hope of making the world better. This is their tainted outlook. However, if we study the science and meaning behind this yuga sandhi-- transitional period-- then we can get the real picture. If we understand how transitional periods work and what are their characteristics, then we can easily understand that the whole thing is going in our favour. Because although there are many bleak things going on, at the same time there is a deeply positive flow also. So both go hand in hand: Negative and positive. Ultimately though the advent of Taraka Brahma, and hence the start of the transitional period, means the victory of those benevolent forces. That is Baba's special teaching which He states again and again. Here then are some thoughts on this topic and others should also contribute their ideas as well. So this is the era of extremely positive ideas and extremely negative ideas and that is why it is the golden era.
In the past 60-70 years, there has been a tremendous clash between uplifting and degrading ideas. On the plus side, people are more open minded than every before. Racism and sexism have been mostly defeated. People are more health conscious. Cigarettes are nearly outlawed and meat-eating is waning. People have the desire to work towards a common goal. There are so many cooperatives, peace groups, and service agencies trying to make the world better. Many good things are going on. All this shows extreme positivity. On the down side, however, exploitation is at its height. The vaeshyas have everyone tied up and stuck in their capitalist trap. In addition there are wars going on in every corner and the spilling of blood is rampant; due to pollution the whole environments is suffering; and by and large the entire society is getting sucked into carnal pleasures. All this shows extreme negativity. So in the last half-century or so, there have been some very positive developments and some very negative developments. In sum, we can say that there is a clash between ideas: Good ideas vs negative ideas. That is the extreme state of affairs. Baba says, "In a transitional period, when one era is about to end and the next one is yet to dawn, a critical situation arises in social life." (AV-23) So it cannot be denied that there is a distinct clash going on between virtue and vice. Baba says, "Particularly in a transitional period, there is a sharp polarization. People get divided into two blocs. Some pray to the Lord, and some discredit Him." (AV-23) So the clash of ideas and the conflict of motives, is one undeniable characteristic of this transitional period. And the pessimists cry out that the malicious forces will snatch up the victory. But we know this is the golden era because of this very dichotomy: Extreme positive and extreme negative existing side by side.
Above all else, however, Taraka Brahma's presence is what defines this transitional period. He has come and infused His grace and given the teachings and for that reason alone the virtuous people will get more and more strength and inspiration to move ahead and become victorious. All optimists, all Ananda Margiis, understand this divine truth. Baba says, "The transitional point between the two flows is called yuga sandhi. And each one of the particular flows of a society is known as an "epoch" in English, yuga in Sanskrit. One particular epoch ends and a new one follows. One set of ideas and values ends and a new set begins. At the transitional point, human beings become confused: they lose the ability to discriminate between dharma and adharma, what they should and what they should not do. At that moment, the advent of a great personality becomes an imperative necessity... teach people what dharma is and what adharma is, what to do and what not to do, and which path would bring the highest fulfilment in their lives." (NKS: Disc 16) So by the grace of Parama Purusa, due to Baba's holy advent, the current clash between the crude and the positive results in the formation of a bright new society. He creates a distince shift in human consciousness.
So the stage is set for the victory of dharma. Even then human beings must move ahead as this grand liila unfolds. We have to do something. Toward that end, Baba has given us His neo-humanistic teachings. On numerous occasions, Baba has openly declared that neo-humanism is our special weapon to win over the negative forces. Because in this ultra-modern, transitional period, there is a fight going on between one mentality and another. Physical might and warfare is the not main thing. The clash of philosophies is the key point. Those with more logic and rationality will convince more people to join their camp and that will be the measurement of victory: the acceptance of ideas. And since neo-humanism is the most rational, the most psychological, and the most benevolent philosophy on this earth, those who adopt this stance have the greatest weapon available. That is also Baba's teaching about this transitional period: That the benevolent forces will get victory by using their chosen weapon of neo-humanism.
Even then, none should think that in this transitional period human beings will get this victory on their own. None should think it is due to their own individual and collective efforts. Nobody should not be so blind. We should understand what is going on behind the scenes. Here is one analogy to make the point more clear. In the springtime, flowers bloom and blossom and in their own way those flowers think they have bloomed and blossomed due to their own achievement. Little do they know that Mother Nature has created all the conditions such as the right temperature, sufficient water, healthy soil, radiant sunshine, and on and on. So those flowers could only bloom and blossom because Mother Nature changed the environment into springtime. All the while though, those flowers remain oblivious of this truth. Human beings though should not be so blind. During the transitional period, Taraka Brahma creates the favourable environment for dharmikas to prevail. He infuses the vibration; He sets the example; He gives the teachings; He sets all the wheels in motion. Everything He does. It is all His divine grace. And by that way the mentality of the people is changing, ungergoing a great shift. And then on the tidal wave of His supreme benevolence, sadhakas march forward and wage a stunning campaign over the degrading forces. So even then, some blind person will think those human beings were the cause of victory. All along however we should remember that the victory belongs to Him-- it is due to His grace. We should not be like those flowers and remain oblivious about how the conditions-- how His grace-- allowed us to prosper. It is all due to His supreme benevolence. That is why Ananda Margiis and the united moralists will be victorious. Baba says, "You should always bear in mind that victory does not mean the victory of weak human beings-- it means the victory of dharma, the victory of Is't'a. Intelligent people who move firmly along the path of dharma and sit on the lap of Is't'a are destined to be victorious. In this case also victory does not belong to such people - victory belongs to Is't'a." (SS-12)
So in this transitional period, Taraka Brahma-- the Parama Purusa incarnate-- brings victory to the dharmikas. And this below story beautifully illustrates this point. During the fall of communism in the late 1980's, our Sadguru Baba posed the question, 'What was the reason behind the fall of communism?'. At that time there were many, many workers and margiis present. But no one had the answer and no one was giving any reply. To break the silence, one worker innocently put forth one guess. And that wt said, 'Baba, it was because of Prout'. Then to everyone's astonishment, Baba said, 'Yessss'. So that was surprising for everyone. Because at that time Prout was still in its infancy and nobody could imagine how Prout could have toppled the mighty pillars of communism. But when Baba told 'Yessss', then everyone present understood it must be true. Because bhaktas understand that each and everything that happens on this earth-- especially during this transitional period-- is due to the divine grace of Parama Purusa. If He wishes Prout to be the cause of the fall of communism, then it is so. However, all along pessimists will come up with their own plan and reasoning and they will never admit that Prout was the cause. Instead, they will give their own faulty logic. It is just like how those flowers bloom and blossom yet never give credit to Mother Nature. They think they bloomed and blossomed on their own. Yet it was Mother Nature that is the real cause-- the real doer. But those sadhakas who have a glimpse of an understanding about His grace know that His wish and His blessing is everything. He is the cause behind all the great changes going on during this transitional period. What He wishes and what He plans, that is the cause behind all. Baba says, "PROUT came in 1959, but communism collapsed in 1989. If PROUT had not come, communism would have lasted 30 to 35 years more. Now communism has to quit the field." (PNS-17)
So the central point behind this whole letter is that in this transitional juncture-- in this transitional period, in this yuga sandhi-- there is a huge clash between positive ideas and negative ones. It is a fight between mentalities. And pessimists always think that there is no hope and that the future is bleak. Ananda Margiis-- those imbibed with optimism-- clearly know that the presence of such degrading ideas foreshadows the victory of the benevolent forces. Without the manifestation of very crude thoughts and hypocritical exploiters etc, then there cannot be the great clash needed for the victory of dharma. So from top to bottom the transitional period is a very positive development and ultimately those armed with His divine teachings will defeat the negative forces. And underneath it all, His divine grace is working. The existence of extremely polarising forces bring that great victory. This divine truth we should never forget as we carry on in this transitional period.
By Baba's grace, we will all soon see the grand victory of dharma. We are so fortunate as all the factors are pointing in this highly positive direction. Baba says, "You have all been born in such a transitional period and have assembled here today. In the future, the honest and virtuous people of the society will respond to Your call and will unite. The same polarization is taking place now as occurred in the past: the honest people are with you and will remain with you; the dishonest people will oppose you now and will continue their efforts to block your progress in future. Whenever there is a war between dharma and adharma, you are sure to be victorious. You are not alone - dharma is with you, the benevolent intellect is with you, and I am also with you." (AV-7) Namaskar, Vinay
Who is Guru Bhai
Baba says, "The desideratum, the terminating point for yogiis is their Ista and they move towards their Is't'a." (SS-12) As per Baba's above divine guideline, all aspirants move towards their Ista and in various places Baba states that those aspirants who share the same Ista are Gurubhai-- i.e. disciples of the same Guru. So all in Ananda Marga are Gurubhai; all are disciples of the same Guru, Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. Consequently, such persons who see Nirmegha as their guru fall into a different category. Those in ASM are not our Guru Bhai. Because when Nirmegha of NY is their guru and when Nirmegha delivers her own discourses on 'Yama & Niyama', Prout, and on so many topics as if her voice is the voice of guru, then how can we call such followers of Nirmegha as Guru Bhai. We cannot. Because their so-called ista is not Baba. Rather those in ASM pray to the hypnotic Nirmegha as their guru. Hence those in ASM are not our Guru Bhai; they are not our fellow disciples. Rather they are hypocrites because they falsely claim that Baba is their Guru. If is just like a bunch of meat-eaters claiming that meat is good for one's health. So it is not that ASM is "one of the groups" of AM; ASM is not like B or H etc. Not at all. Because as crooked as the various groups like B and H may be, at least they accept Baba as their Guru and they see His teachings as being Supreme & Absolute. So those various group leaders are our Guru Bhai. We cannot, however, say the same about those in ASM. They are something totally outside the Marga since their Guru is Nirmegha, not Baba. Hence those in ASM are not our Gurubhai. What we can say is that those in ASM are our brothers and sisters just as followers of Islam and Christianity and various criminals are our brother & sisters. That much can be told. But we cannot call such ASM type of persons as being Guru Bhai. Because their guru is someone else-- not Baba. None should be confused about this critical & fundamental difference.

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