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Groupist Financial Schemes

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 23:47:16 -0000 To: From: Subject: Groupist Financial Schemes Baba "Esechile a'ma'r ghare kon se pu'rn'ima'y..." (PS 4075) Purport: Baba, by Your divine grace You came to my house on one full moon night. It was such a memorable and unforgettable occasion. With Your infinite grace, in song, in dance, and with the pull of the heart, You made me lose myself in Your divine splendour. Baba, I became fully enthralled and captivated by Your exquisite beauty. Baba, by Your grace on that special full-moon night You compassionately listened to all the inner feelings of my heart. You intimately understood all my suffering. Baba, by Your grace You gently removed whatever pain I had. With the august presence of Your sweetness, on that very full moon night, You created one beautiful époque in my life. Baba, it is beyond my understanding why You suddenly went away-- leaving me all alone. Since then so many seasons have passed in waiting for You. Now after such a long time, that distant memory of Your divine arrival to my house on that full moon night has become completely covered by the thick fog of time. Baba, please be gracious and come to me. Please do not forget that You are mine and I am Yours...
Namaskar, It is well understood that an on-going schema of the various groups is to make money for their selfish cause-- for their agenda to grab the power. All are involved in this. Here below is a look into the matter.
Up until 1990, the financial structure was clear as a bell. That means it was all quite traceable and orderly-- everything being where it needed to be. Not only that, but what works that were done were 100% dharmic, i.e. for the welfare of all. That is why margiis from around the globe were giving whatever amount of money they could afford to give. Because everyone had deep understanding that in Baba's kingdom, justice was being served. However nowadays things are moving along in a different rhythm.
It is an ongoing problem in our Marg these days, that certain groupist leaders get caught up in their selfish plans and programs and resort to pressure that under one or another excuse Margis must give a heavy donation. And when one sentiment fails to overpower Margiis and field WTs, then without delay those in charge created another sentiment which is pleasant to hear. And in the end that brainwashes or at least pressurizes the listeners, that something great is going to happen. When in fact this sentiment has been given just raise to money. Over the past months, pressure to donate has come under the name of a variety of court cases and building projects like this or that tiirtha in Jamalpur or Tiljala. Thus either to post bail etc for those who have been jailed from the B and H group camps or to increase their pile of bricks, huge money is being requested. So here the matter arises that, as Margis and field workers we must think carefully whether donating money is the best service we can do in the current time.
Many margiis have expressed what they see to be a tragic aspect of the crisis in our AM today. That is, that from the side of both H and B groups, their program with margiis has only one apparent purpose: Inspire margiis, for their own selfish ends. First captivate Margis' minds with cheap sentiments or pleasing Baba's stories. Or, any court case. And then inspire them to dedicate everything. And here 'dedicate' does not mean mind and soul. Dedicate means pocket dedication. "What you have in your bank, just you dedicate. Nothing more is needed." If you look in the past, then you will get hundreds of such examples which happened already. Every Margi knows that when Dada Sarvatmanandji gave the slogan of building the memorials in Ananda Nagar and Tiljala, then he gave a similar sentiment. And in a manipulative way he created the negative wave by playing on margii's devotional sentiment. In that way huge money was contributed by Margiis for these projects. But never has transparency of accounting for those projects been shown. Where the money has gone, only Baba knows. In the same way, as mentioned above, over the last 16 years money has been collected for tiirthas. Such as those tiirthas designated by the respective groups in Tiljala and Jamalpur. And still collection for these tiirthas is going on-- as this is an endless race.
From their direct supporters, each group openly asks for its own group's support. That means, B group asks from B supporters and H group asks from their supporters etc. But those who are in power or were in power, in addition they always give some ear-pleasing, high ideal of neohumanism or unity point, to mobilise the margiis. Means, to inspire the margiis to give money to them in "Centre". In practice, however, those in power themselves do not follow the ideals which they used to mobilise the margiis. Instead, they do just the opposite. Busy in their group propaganda and group monopoly. And in the past if anybody raised their voice against the groupist behaviour, then those very persons were treated as "troublemakers". And removed from the mainstream. Irrespective of who is in the administration now or who was in the past, they always tried to misuse all money and power for their group or selfish interest. But now already 19 years passed with these wrongdoings. So general margiis and WTs have experienced a lot. Cheap slogans and high-sounding lectures are not going to overpower anymore. Now Margiis are very careful. Margis are alert to what is going on, and are seeing the situation on the scale of Baba's teaching in Caryacarya. Because they have seen that in the name of collecting money for schools or food distribution or disaster relief, all those funds get sipphoned towards some groupist court case. Millions of Rupees and hundreds of thousands of dollars get diverted in this way.
Baba says, "Do not be misled by anyone's tall talk. Judge merit by seeing the performance." (CC-2, p.14) So here the main point is, that performance or conduct is the scale by which Baba wants us to judge. After seeing the way requests have been lavishly made for Margiis' money over the last 16 years, and how this has been used in a narrow-minded group fight for power in the Marg. Then any Margii can easily see that such requests for Margii donations are negative and crude, and are just tall talk. In this time of darkness in our AM organization, when we are not aware into which hand our donation will go. We do not know what will be the utilisation or misutilisation of this money. Then in this situation, donating money to the negative hand will be against dharma.
In "A Guide to Human Conduct", Tapah chapter, Baba's teaching is enough to guide us for clear vision. Baba says, "Tapah devoid of discrimination is bound to be misused. The opportunists will misuse your energy by extracting work from you to serve their selfish ends, and at the same time this will deprive the real sufferers of their due services from you." (GHC, p.36) The above teaching of Baba is clear, that our money or donation should not go in any wrong hand. If our donation is misutilised, then we have to reap the negative consequence along with those wrongdoers. So we have to be very careful. In this situation there seems no any other way than to do some social service work locally. And not to give any money where transparency of accounting is not there and distrust is all around. And not only that-- we have seen that money has been misused for the past 19 years, with no sign of change.
Anyhow with Baba's grace, this negative phase is not going to continue much longer. Margiis and rational WTs are getting united, and when Baba's grace is there, then victory is sure. By this following Baba's blessing, everything will be alright soon. Baba says, "By your collective efforts let Satya Yuga be established on this dusty Earth as soon as possible. May you be victorious." (AV pt 7) Namaskar, Mahesh
Until there is a transparent accounting system, many Margis in and around the various sectors have been commenting that there should not be money given as donations because it is unknown how the money will be used. But once in the future a transparent accounting system is in place and money is being spent for dharmic purposes, then we must donate money because Baba has entrusted us with this, our AMPS organization.
Here below are but a few of Baba's strict guidelines with regards to scooping up donations and keeping black money. Baba says, "No worker can keep unaccounted money (black money) with him." (WT Rules) Baba says, "Each amount of collection should be deposited properly a drawn after submitting requisition." (WT Rules) Baba says, "No worker can accept any money without giving a proper receipt." (WT Rules)
Selection of Males and Females
Baba says, "It is very beneficial for society if people of sublime intelligence and brilliance reproduce more off-spring. The responsibility of rendering proper nourishment to the progeny of such persons will have to be taken by society and the government itself." (PNS-13, p.47)

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