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Crocodile Wants to Eat Trousers

Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 23:28:19 -0000 To: From: Richard Cross Subject: Crocodile Wants to Eat Trousers Baba "Toma're dva're pra'rthana' kare nijere kari vaincana'..." - P.S. 2660 Purport: Baba, praying in front of You to get some type of boon is a type of ignorance and foolishness on my part. Baba what You like, You grant for me. Because what I should desire even that I do not know. I do not know what are my needs. By Your grace I understand that my intellect is insufficient to decide about my own needs and requirements. So the only the way is to surrender at Your lotus feet. Baba, what You like You do according to Your desire...
Namaskar, We know that Baba's discourses must be printed properly. To achieve this end, everyone must be pointedly aware about the latest strategy by certain publications personnel. Specifically, through seemingly benign examples, the Tiljala camp wants to convince margiis that it is okay for them-- i.e. the Tiljala publications team-- to deviate from Baba's spoken word. In response, we should be extremely alert about the consequences and ramifications. Because, in essence, Tiljala is asking for license to reword Baba's discourses. That is the freedom that they want. Yet we are all aware about what hell this B faction has done-- from 1990 up to this very moment-- to AM scripture and Baba's teachings. The Tiljala machine deleted the paragraph about margii rights from AM Revolution; they invented Fake Ananda Vaniis; they tore down BP rights and authored the Fake BP Manual (1997); they were the first to use expulsion as a weapon; they single-handedly destroyed the ACB; they wrongly inserted 'translated from the original Bengali' in the title page of every AM book. All these crimes and sins the Tiljala camp has done. Has anyone forgotten this? So now when they are requesting license-- i.e. asking for margii permission & approval-- to deviate from Baba's spoken discourse when printing AM books, then we must be 100% vigilant not to fall prey to their plea, i.e. their trap.
In a few short sentences, here is what the B team is requesting. They say that since the style of speaking varies from the styling of writing, therefore they (Tiljala) should be able to "improve upon" the style of Baba's spoken discourse when they are printing AM books. And to demonstrate their point they give this very mild example: Baba spoke: "So the love is -- here in case of Parama Purus'a and the -- and His progenitures, the love is mutual." And then here is what they wrote in the book: "So in the case of Parama Purus'a and His progeniture, the love is mutual." By this extremely harmless example, then we all might think, 'Sure B group, that sounds fine, go ahead and do what you need to do. We trust you. Print the discourses according to the writing standard of the day'. This is the very casual way we might respond. Until, we remember who we are dealing with, and what we are dealing with. The 'who' is B group which has committed countless atrocities and crimes against the Marga; and the 'what' is Baba's divine and holy discourses which are the panacea for the humanity. Thus, we should be extremely careful and not get duped by their plea to deviate from Baba's spoken words..
Realistically speaking, oral expression is different from written expression. That we all know. So when printing the books we should take this into consideration. BUT, BUT, BUT... Side by side, there MUST, MUST, MUST be an "as is" version of Baba's spoken discourse for all Ananda Margiis to reference and refer to. It could be as easy as an online file for everyone to access. But this B group does not want to do-- they just want full license to change to their heart's delight. The fact remains that we need to be able to see and verify first-hand what the changes are. Otherwise one change will happen with one printing, and then another change will happen with another printing, and slowly slowly the very essence of Baba's teachings will be lost. Don't believe it? Well that is exactly what occurred with Lord Shiva's teachings. Those priests made one change after another until Shiva's original teachings were entirely gone. Only by Baba's divine grace-- because of His book 'Namah Shivaya Shantaya'-- do we now know what Lord Shiva's teachings are. Prior to that, the ruling Hindu priests distorted Shiva's teachings into a whole pile of empty rituals and harmful dogmas. And B group is perfectly capable of doing the same type of mess. After all, they invented dogmatic tiirthas; they conceived of the dogmatic Mahaprayan program by declaring that 'Baba is gone'; and they have ruined countless AM books and discourses. Indeed, they are the only groupist faction to have manufactured so many dogmas. That is Sarvatmananda's specialty: Creation of dogma. So if anyone-- like the Tiljala team-- wants to publish Baba's discourses using "a polished written form", then it is an absolute necessity that an "as is", word-for-word version of Baba's transcribed discourse also be made available for everyone to review. Then we can ensure that the written version properly parallels Baba's original spoken discourse. Otherwise it will be too easy for groups like Tiljala publications to divert on a totally different tangent. They've done it before and they can and will certainly do it again-- if we are not careful.
In case you are curious just to see how far the Tiljala camp might deviate from Baba's original discourse, here are two clear-cut examples for your review. This gives a small window of what they can do behind closed doors or when given the license. BABA ORIGINALLY SAID: "[For the last one century they say, and] within the scope of humanity or humanism, comes the entire human beings, entire human beings. But it is not sufficient and this explanation or this interpretation, it cannot quench the thirst of developing human psyche. Why the love and affection of developed human beings, developed human mind, should remain restricted within the jurisdiction of humans. Why it should not include within its scope entire human beings, the entire world of animation, including plant life. They are also living beings and come within the scope of animation." (31 May 1983, Ananda Nagar) THEY WROTE AND PRINTED: "Neohumanism includes within its scope not only human beings and animate creatures, such as plants and animals, but all inanimate entities as well, for the scope of Neohumanism extends down to the smallest particles of sub-atomic matter. What is Neohumanism? Neohumanism is newly-explained humanism. “Humanism” and “humanity” have been very popular words for the last century, but only human beings have come within the scope of humanism and humanity. This explanation [of the concept] is not sufficient – it cannot quench the thirst of the developing human society. Why should the love and affection of developed human minds be restricted to human beings only? Why should it not include all living beings, including plant life? This is the new explanation of humanism – Neohumanism – for within Neohumanism the entire animate world is included." (NHNS-1) By the above example it is quite clear that those publishers veered far from Baba's original word. Quite far. It is so far that when listening to the discourse one cannot even follow along in the book. Rather it looks like those publishers are writing their own essay on the topic-- not printing Baba's original discourse. This is a perfect example why an on-line, "as is" version of Baba's original discourse is a must. Without that we have no way of knowing what they are doing. And in a few more editions, such groupists will declare that 'expulsion is legal in Ananda Marga' or some other type of dogmatic code. All done in the name of "polishing" Baba's discourse. Now here is another example of what Tiljala is capable of doing-- i.e. how far they can deviate in word-- and ultimately spirit-- from Baba's original teaching if given license. BABA ORIGINALLY SAID: "It is said that, eko varan'o bahudha' shakti yoga't. Bahudha' means, 'multifarious'. Bahudha' -“bahu” means, 'many'. Now, that singular entity who is colorless, and who is above all fetters or pa'shas, He creates so many entities, He is a singular entity but His creation is not a singular one. There are so many expressions, so many vibrations, so many colors and so many lives. And He is doing all these things with the help of so many faculties of binding principles." (12 April 1979, Kolkata) THEY WROTE AND PRINTED: "Eeko varan'o bahudha' shakti yoga'd -- bahudha' means that which is divided into many or innumerable parts. That singular Entity does not have any colour. He transcends all fetters and bondages. He is the causal matrix of the manifold entities. He is the nucleus and very source of the various expressions, vibrations, colours, and shades of light. He has been creating everything through that power of His to create multiplicity, or that propensity of His to create manifold bondages, that is known as Pra'krta shakti or Pra'krta Ma'ya'." (AV-10, p. 117, 2007 Edn) So here again we see that the printed text swerves far from the words and terminology which Baba Himself has employed. Such publishers need to remember that the true aim is to print a refined version of Baba's discourse, and not write their own essay on the topic by bringing in so many auxiliary terms and including so many other sentences and phrases. Let us also remember that Ananda Vacanamrtam part 10 (AV-10) is one of the Tiljala's camps cherished books which was printed just a few short months ago in 2007. Yet in this very so-called gem of a publication, their printed discourse deviates immensely from Baba's spoken word. It was as if they felt the need to change EVERY word-- as if they could do it better than Baba.
And again, when Sarvatmananda Himself deviously produced the Fake BP Manual of 1997 which granted Centre the so-called right to eliminate countless margiis from the BP voting process etc, then there is no telling what hell he will do to Baba's discourses. After all, he was also the one who snipped the paragraph about margii rights and removed it from Baba's AM Revolution discourse. It is not that suddenly Sarvatmananda turned over a new leaf or has become pure as a baby. He is the same culprit who is unwilling to admit any of his past sins and crimes in AM. Just he now is trying to portray he and his Tiljala team as a bunch of saintly do-gooders, when in fact their entire history shows themselves as being a bunch of hell-raisers. Thus there is no way that we should grant B group license to deviate from Baba's word.
The Tiljala camp's desire to be able to "polish" Baba's discourses is just like one man-eating crocodile that only "wants to take a bite out of your trousers". In the name of chewing on your trousers, that man-eating crocodile will inevitably devour your whole body as well. With his blood-thirsty ways he will chew on your every ounce of flesh and bone to satiate his ravenous hunger. Likewise, the Tiljala faction (i.e. B group) has shown an unending desire to manipulate Baba's teachings for their own groupist control and power. And now they may sweetly and gently plea, 'Oh, I only want to smooth over Baba's spoken word', just like the crocodile innocently asks if he can ' just take a bite out of your trousers', but in the end we know what is going to happen. Just as the crocodile will devour you completely, similarly B group will totally swallow Baba's dharmic discourses and spit out a bunch of their own dogma onto the printed page. This is the very bumpy & disastrous road our Marga will travel should we grant B group license to change Baba's spoken word.
The ultimate answer to the situation is that no matter what happens, an "as is", word-for word, on-line version of the exact transcription of Baba's discourse must be made available to all Ananda Margiis. Ok, we want to print a polished book to show the public, but internally we must be aware of each and every syllable that gets changed, lest we invite disaster and destruction into the sanctity of Baba's teachings. Because without an on-line, "as is" version to keep them honest, then these B group monsters are liable to do anything & everything for their own lust of power. This is not just a guess; by seeing their past actions that is the reality. What hell they did to our Marga when they were in power cannot ever be forgotten. Yet that is what B groups hopes will happen. In that sense, they are just like the Nazis who simply deny the genocide that took place in the WW II era and instead want to wipe the Holocaust out of the history books forever. Similarly, B group never asks for punishment for all the hell and dogmas they invented after 1990 when they were in power. They just want to wipe that away from the history books and memory banks of Ananda Margiis, without ever rectifying themselves. But we cannot forget. Thus, now when they are not in power, and they try to present themselves as a bunch of cream-puffs who merely want to change a word "here or there". Then we must not get sucked into their fiendish trap. And the ultimate answer is: PROVIDE AN "AS IS", WORD-FOR-WORD, ON-LINE VERSION THAT IS AN ACTUAL AND PERFECT TRANSCRIPTION OF BABA'S SPOKEN DISCOURSE. Once this is done, then and only then we can agree to the "polishing" of Baba's spoken word for the sake of creating a modern standard book. Because then we can see first-hand if the publishers went overboard or not. Remember also for years and years B group did not care an iota for the integrity of AM books, only now they are under pressure because Ananda Margiis around the globe are insisting and demanding that things be proper. Without that pressure from Margiis, the Tiljala camp would simply resort to their sloppy and dysfunctional ways. Hence, pressure is needed and that pressure is an "on-line, as is" version of the spoken discourse. I think by now everyone understands that this is the only acceptable answer.
By Baba's grace we must never forget His divine guideline. Baba says, "The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be totally flawless." (NSS, Disc 14) Namaskar, Ramendu
Acyutananda is B group's little puppy dog who they send out into the world to deliver their message with regards to Publications work. The Tiljala heads are a bunch wolves-- this we all know-- so in their conniving ways they send their little puppy dog, i.e. Dada A, out into the street to deliver their message, hoping that this way it will be accepted by the people. Because it was only yesterday that Dada A posted his plea (i.e. B group's plea) to get permission or license to change Baba's spoken word. And as proof of his deceptive ways and malintention, Dada A requested that his plea only be posted to the Spanish network and not any other network. He reasoned that margiis in other parts of the globe do not care about the printing of Baba's divine teachings. But is that really so? Is it that the margiis of Delhi sector do not care about Baba's books-- nor do the margiis of Berlin sector or Manila sector, or any other sector. It seems that if Dada A's intention was pure and honest then he would want margiis all over the globe to know of the glorious way in which he & the B Brigade are going to print Baba's books. But this he does not do. Rather, with strict wording he is desperately indicating to people to only share his letter on the Spanish net-- not any other. As if other margiis are negative; when in fact the truth is that the only thing that is negative is his rotten plea to be able to change Baba's original spoken word. So we should all beware of Dada A's puppy dog manners and remember that there are a bunch of wolves behind him pushing him out into the street to deal with margiis. Here is Dada A's exact directive about not circulating his letter: "I am sending this message only to the Spanish list, because that list is concerned with Publications work. I am not sending this to any other list." (Thursday, July 24, 2008 11:44 PM) No doubt the Spanish speaking margiis are extremely sincere in wanting Baba's discourses to be properly published, but does Dada A think that margiis in all other sectors do not also have interest. Or what is the reason for his secrecy. Better he should tell.
For more information how B group seriously distorted their recently published edition of Ananda Vacanamrtam part 10 visit:
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Baba says, "Man can do nothing. Living beings cannot do anything without His support: that is, when a human's desire and His desire coincide, then only does the human desire become fruitful, otherwise it is a sure failure. When the jiiva's desire coincides with the desire of Parama Purusa, then it is successful, otherwise not." (10 September '78)

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