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Baba Story: Jamalpur to Entire Globe

Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 18:52:44 -0000 To: From: Manomohan Sanyal Subject: Baba Story: Jamalpur to Entire Globe Baba
Namaskar, We should all learn from this following Baba story.
In the early days when Baba was working in the Railway Office, Baba used to talk to His coworkers about His plans and programs for changing the humanity-at-large and the entire globe - in order to serve and help the suffering people. Hearing this, some of His co-workers who were not aware of whom Baba is, told Him, "What You are telling is very important and I have great admiration for these ideas about social service, but without the requisite means what can we do." In reply Baba merely said, "I am putting forth ideas and I will continue to talk to those who come around Me. Those who are interested will carry out these works. So I will continue to talk to others - I feel that to be My moral obligation."
Here the point is that Baba Himself never indulged in or gave credence to their talk about what is or is not possible or about how steep the odds are etc. He did not give value to their pessimism. Baba just kept to His ideological platform and vision - keeping His aim fixed on His plan. We know that in due course Baba created a vast organisation that is executing His grand plan and that organisation will grow and by this way His ideology will be established in due course. We should always keep this story in mind when confronted by obstacles in the form of nay-sayers etc.
There are many right minded people in this world who want to do good things but they do not have ideas. So our duty is to go on propagating the ideas and sincere and right minded people will go on implementing those things. We should not think otherwise. One should never invite any type of pessimism while talking about ideology. The aim should always be lofty. It is totally different how far one single individual can do, but we should not lose the goal. Baba's ideals are the goal of AM education and all other efforts like dharma pracara, social service projects (bother temporary and permanent), Prout, neo-humanism, schools and so much more. A few pessimistic people who see only the organisational may think Baba's ideals are too radical to establish in the present environment. They mistakenly think that can only be done only in the divine world. This is their pessimistic way of thinking. But let us remember this. Before 1990, who knew that the USSR will no longer exist. The central idea is that we should go on propagating the idea without compromise. In the right time the right minded people will come. When we propagate Baba's teachings then even non-margiis get moved by the idea as it touches their heart. In turn they start so many organisations and movements to propagate those concepts.
Furthermore, we all know the story where Baba says that, "If you do not do the work then I will get it done by others - non margiis even animals." And to some degree this is what we see going on. On various occasions when talking about Prout, Baba simply told us to propagate the name Prout and the rest of the work will be done - even done by non-margiis. Since AM started, so many AM ideals are being propagated by others because they saw what we were doing and read about Baba's ideas. Then they started to implement those teachings also. Fon instance, when AM started then intercaste marriages were totally rejects by the society at-large, but now it is so common and so many have begun following our example and preaching to others to do the same. If we do not propagate or if we compromise on His teachings, then Ananda Marga ideology will be lost. So at least on the level of our discussions we must not compromise. Baba says, "I am always an incorrigible optimist, because I know that optimism is life." (AFPS-3) Let this be our way - certainly then our success is assured. With deep respect, Manomohan
Thousands of years ago people were dreaming of flying - we see proof of this in texts like the Ramayana and those Puranas. And in the due course in the 20th century this idea came to fruition. Likewise in AM we have the plan that this education system, Prout, social service projects etc should come into form but if we do not plan then it will never happen. We can see how many have started propagating the Sanskrit language and now the number of Sanskrit speakers are in the hundreds of thousands. That was not happening 20yrs back. Yet Baba wanted to propagate Sanskrit and now He is doing this by other organisations. Here the idea is that Parama Purusa fulfills His desire by any means. Everything and everyone is His creation. And by that way He can and will get the job done. We should not create pessimists. When we talk anything on the internet then even non-margiis will pick up the topic and start propagating as evidenced by the recent growth of Sanskrit and the animal welfare movements - and so much more like environmental activism, deep ecology, human rights, dignity of women etc. Baba's ideas are unique and we should go on propagating, then margiis and even non-margiis will get attracted and propagate it. If we look around it becomes quite apparent that the very ideas which Baba started propagating are getting implemented throughout the society. Here are some examples how our AM ideals are getting propagated as others take interest in yoga, cooperatives, meditation, social service, vegetarianism, and ecology etc.
The ideas of Ananda Marga are based on bhagavad dharma. In this day and age, some Wts feel that it is easy to compromise and remain sloppy in following Baba's guidelines, but we should be careful. If we do not follow His teachings then one wrong tradition will be started and the humanity will be benefited by the teachings of Taraka Brahma. Yet it is these teachings which are so highly needed for the society. So we should not be shy in propagating AM ideals. Rather we must work hard perfectly exemplify His rules, regulations, and guidelines. The slippery slope - of not following AM teachings - is easy but not safe. Once again let us remember that we should always follow the path of optimism, and never indulge in pessimism or negativity. If our schools are not in line with and / or compromising with Baba's educational ideals then we should raise the matter and create the necessary pressure that they should follow 100% Baba's teachings. Never should we appreciate the status quo. We should talk the plus points and encourage everyone that one day all the teachings and guidelines will be implemented. Our aim is to move in the direction - regardless of what others say or do.

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