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Darned if You Don't

Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 21:30:34 -0400 To: AM-GLOBAL From: Patrick Russell Subject: Darned if You Don't Baba "Prabha't-ra'ge sina'n kari, ele tumi anupam..." (P.S. 4276) Purport: O' Parama Purusa Baba, You have come on this auspicious occasion of the new dawn. You are incomparable. You have come here. Now You are next to me, close to me. By Your exquisite grace please remain close to me because I want to do sastaunga pranam to You again and again and again. Whatever things that belong to me I want to offer at Your lotus feet. With Your auspicious arrival everyone is dancing in ecstasy. The animals, birds, shrubs, and plants-- all are enjoying and dancing on the occasion of Your august arrival. All are having Your close proximity by Your grace. Baba You blessed me by coming close to me in my ideation, my sadhana and my dhyana. Baba, You are grace personified. Please grace me with kevala' bhakti. So that my mind should always remain focused and pointed on You-- one pointed love...
Namaskar, Today, and all the way since 1990, our various organisational "leaders" and our various e-mail forum moderators proclaim that 'pointing out' is not allowed. They moan and groan and whine that 'raising awareness publicly about wrongdoings is against the social code and sinful'. This is their knee-jerk reaction and fallacious statement. Because in truth-- by not pointing out wrongs-- it is they who are the sinners on this very matter. About this Baba is perfectly clear, and indeed adamant.
In His very important chapter 'How to Live in the Society', Baba guides us that it is our assigned duty to point out the negative actions of other Ananda Margiis-- whether Wt's or family margiis. This is Baba's explicit directive. Because it is by this way that we can build up a monolithic AM society-- free from disease and defect. Baba says, "All A'nanda Ma'rgis, when they see other Margis acting against the principles of yama and niyama, must make them shun this habit either by sweet or harsh words or by dealing even more strictly. Thus they will have to make the society strong." (GHC, 'How to Live in the Society') According to Baba then, pointing out the black spots is part and parcel of our AM way of life. It is a mandatory duty for every person in our Marga. In case there is an iota of doubt in the mind of any of our so-called leaders or e-mail moderators, here again is Baba's clear-cut mandate about pointing out. Baba says, "Henceforth I direct every Ananda Margi to keep strict vigilance on other Ananda Margiis to make them practise the principles of yama and niyama." (GHC) Thus there is no scope for some groupist primadonnas or touchy e-mail moderators to say that in AM one cannot point out the defects of others. No one can has the right to say that pointing out should not be done. Nor can anyone try to argue or justify that pointing out is optional. That is also incorrect. Because according to Baba pointing out wrongdoing is an essential element of our AM way of life and it is everyone's job to do this very thing: To point out the defects and hence make the society strong. This each and every Ananda Margii must do.
So it is a indisputable fact of life that as Ananda Margiis we are to point out misconduct and injustices-- both in the greater society and inside our Marga as well. According to our Sadguru this is our assigned task; it is one of the things we must do. At the same time Baba describes what is sin. Because as we all know, in our AM system sin comes in two forms: (a) Doing destructive deeds and (b) Not doing our assigned deeds. Here below Baba explains further. Baba says, "Sin is also of two types. An action of yours that brings harm to others and brings about your own downfall is called pa´pa [sin]. In this kind of karma, harm to others goes hand in hand with your own degradation. Humans become far removed from Parama Purus´a by such actions. I said before that pa´pa is also of two types - pa´taka and pratyava´ya. An action that should not be done but that is nevertheless done, is called pa´taka. And an action that should be done but is not done, is called pratyava´ya. For instance, one should not steal; so if anybody steals, that will be pa´taka. And if one knows full well that nursing a patient is good, but refrains from doing so, that will be pratyava´ya." (DKG, 'Bhajate Ma'mananyabha'k') By the above we can easily understand that not doing things that ought to be done is a type of sin-- it is pratyava'ya. And here again Baba clarifies this crucial matter. Baba says, "That which is not done but should be done is called Pratyava'ya." (PNS-12, 'Sin, Crime, & Law') Thus when Baba has forcefully entrusted us to point out any wrongful thing in our Marga and if this is not done, then that inaction (pratyava'ya) is sin. Period. There is no other way to characterise the situation. Some may foolishly think that pointing out should not be done or they make think that pointing out is optional, but that is just their own hot air-- nonsense. By saying such things they are encouraging sin (pratyava'ya) and indeed they are sinners themselves, according to Baba.
Others may tout that 'I have never killed a man or stolen a piece of bread' and based on that notion they may think that their life is sin-free. But if they have not come forward to point out wrongs and injustices, then they have committed bucket loads of sin. And that type of sin of not doing what ought to be done (pratyava'ya) is worse than committing a crime (pa'taka). This is Baba's strict assessment. Baba says, "Pratyava'ya is worse than pa'taka." (DKG) And not just once but in numerous places He repeats the same warning. Baba says, "Pratyava'ya is more reprimandable than pa'taka." (AV-8) So those goody-goody types and weak-minded souls who refrain from pointing out defects in the society are the worse type of sinners. They are incurring huge mountains of negative samskaras in their life and they are inviting hoards of negative microvita into their existence. Because those who fail to point out the problems are themselves the home of the worse type of sin. Their future is bleak. So for one's own welfare, pointing out the defects of others has to be done. Otherwise the one who fails to do this becomes a veritable sinner and they are thereby inviting all sorts of harmful reactions in their own life. And, of course, by not pointing out the problems in the society, then the society also suffers. So by committing pratya'vaya-- by not pointing out wrongs and injustices-- then that is the cause of both one's individual downfall as well as the collective demise. None are encouraged to follow this sinful path of inaction or pratyava'ya.
While there are any number of cases from the present and past history that depict what happens to a society when pointing out is not done. And those we will certainly look at. But at the same time when the example of our own AMPS is staring us right in the face, we should take a look at this first. Since 1990, whether it was the Sarvatmanandas or the Rudranandas or some other groupist faction, so many piles of injustices have been done. Some heinous souls threw Baba's original Bhukti Pradhan election rules in the trash and instead created new fake rules; various group leaders have wiped away margiis rights; they distorted so many of Baba's discourses including His historic 'Ananda Marga: A Revolution' discourse; they have created their own fake Ananda Vaniis; they ruthlessly expelled and sidelined so many innocent and well-intentioned margiis; they have harshly victimised good people who wanted to clean up our Marga; they have created so many dogmatic tiirthas; and the list goes on and on of negative things which various groupist elements have done. These things are all sinful (pa'taka). And side by side various goody-goody email moderators, and various shoe-shine ACB members, and various boot-licking fake family acaryas have all along been saying: 'Don't point out'. This is the ludicrous and crooked mantra which certain opportunists have been repeating in order to protect their own position. And the outcome of such type of pratyava'ya-- not pointing out-- is the mud bath our Marga is presently experiencing. When selfishness, group interest, and sin all get rolled into one until the whole society is riddled with strife and bursting into flames, or thereabouts. And that is what we are all seeing today in our Marga. All because a few opportunists did not want any wrongdoings pointed out. Because of that, the whole society is rotting.
Here is Baba's strong warning to such persons. Baba says, "Those who shirk duties and responsibilities do commit a great harm to society. It is this lack of dutifulness in our country [India] today that has caused great retardation in different spheres of life. It has also caused spiritual degeneration. One should perform good actions regularly, should do sa'dhana' properly - these are the dos which everyone is expected to perform. Those who do not pay heed to these responsibilities do indulge in pratyava'ya." (SS-19) Thus whether one fails to do their sadhana or whether one neglects to point out the defects in the society, in both cases they fall in that sinful category of pratyava'ya. This is Baba's unambiguous decree.
Of course the mass of margiis only want to follow Baba and ensure that Baba's teachings are properly implemented. This every sincere Ananda Margii feels in their heart. And sure enough more and more we are seeing margiis and field workers pointing out the defects in our Marga. This great work is going on little by little-- and will increase all the more so in the near future. Because with love and benevolence in their heart every Ananda Margii wants to build up that great neo-humanistic order in our Marga at the earliest. And for that pointing out the defects is needed. This everyone now understands. Only those few email moderators and groupist gorillas who want to hide their injustices are missing the point. Such persons are ignorant, selfish opportunists. And their future is no future at all: grim and bleak.
Here in plain language Baba clearly describes our path of movement. Baba says, "Sadvipras are those whose all efforts are directed towards the attainment of Bliss. They are strong in morality and always ready to wage war against immoral activities. Those who strictly adhere to the principles of morality, are ensconced in sacrificing service (Tapah) and are ready to wage war against immoralists are sadvipras. Only those sadvipras are safe from destruction and extinction who can work for the welfare of the human society. Therefore, it becomes the prime duty of everyone to make themselves and others sadvipras." ("The Future of Civilization," Cosmic Society, 1967) Thus by pointing out the defects and injustices-- by living the life of a sadvipra-- our AM society will become that clean pristine house that is a model of righteousness for the whole society to follow. So anyone and everyone should give up the nasty habit of pratyava'ya, i.e of not pointing out the defects, and instead become the living image of a dharmika-- one who is ready to raise the battle cry against injustices. This great transformation is now happening in our Marga, much to the chagrin of certain groupist elements.
By Baba's divine grace all are moving ahead according to His wishes and not falling into the rut of pratyavaya. All are ready to advance courageously keeping Him ever in mind. This is Baba's grand blessing. Baba says, "I will therefore only tell you to move forward and Parama Purus'a is certainly with you. And the evil force, what is it? If Parama Purus'a is the sun, evil force is a firefly. Then what is there to be afraid of in a firefly? Is anybody ever afraid of the pebbles on the track? They move ahead throwing them into the drain with the strokes of their feet. This indeed is the fact. Move forward, live without fear. Continue your movement forward. What more should I say? I have nothing more to say." (SS-19, p.71) Namaskar, Parama'tma
Here are more of Baba's teachings about pratyavaya, or not doing what one ought to do such as pointing out the defects. Baba says, "Pa´pa means "to do that which should not be done". For instance, stealing is pa´pa, telling lies is pa´pa. In addition to pa´pa, there is another word - pratyava´ya. Pratyava´ya means "not to do what should be done". For instance, parents should educate their children. If they do not, they are said to have committed pratyava´ya. In some countries, parents are responsible for arranging the marriage of their daughters who are of suitable age . If they do not, they are said to have committed pratyava´ya. In common parlance, pa´pa means both pa´pa and pratyava´ya. The common word pa´taka [sin] thus has two branches - pa´pa and pratyava´ya." (NKS, Disc:18) Baba says, "Regarding the special meaning of pa´pa: Pa´pas are of two kinds. In the social order, there are certain vidhis and certain nis´edhas - certain dos and certain don'ts. "You should do this, you should do this, you should do this, you should do this" - these are the dos of society. These dos are called vidhi in Sanskrit. And there are certain don'ts - "Don't steal, don't do this, don't do this, don't do this." These don'ts are called nis´edha in Sanskrit." "What if you go against the vidhis, for example, "feed the poor," "serve the ailing humanity" (these are all vidhis - "Do this" - that is, positive orders)? For example, if you are to serve ailing persons but you are not serving ailing persons, then you are going against a vidhi. To go against a vidhi is called pratyava´ya. If you are not serving a man in distress, then you are committing pratyava´ya." (AV-31)
******************************************** To Understand "Yoga Psychology"
Baba says, "According to general belief, psychology is a part of general science, and should therefore not be included as a part of philosophy. Thus psychology has been accepted as a branch of science in the West. But in A'nanda Ma'rga, psychology has been included as a part of philosophy. Moreover, according to A'nanda Ma'rga the scope of psychology is wider than what is usually accepted by psychologists. (APH-4, p. 260) Note: To understand Yoga Psychology means our AM book- "Yoga Psychology". Generally people think that psychology means some type of dry subject, or utopian idea, or something that does not have a link with our higher Self. This dogma got started because the western so-called philosophy of psychology is dry. It does not have any link with the Supreme Entity. In true sense such a crude approach to psychology is nothing but like dry desert sand. That is why we find with most of the western psychologists that a screw is loose. Excuse me, but this is the fact. In contrast, Yoga Psychology is completely different-- it is a high thing. So it is our duty to remove the confusion in the mind of non-margiis about the subject of "psychology".

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