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Re: Dada's Books: Are They Misleading

Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2012 21:35:44 -0000
From: "Krpamaya Deva"
Subject: Re: Dada's Books: Are They Misleading



~ Part 2 ~

(Note: This is the second letter in this series. A link to the first letter has been appended below. - Eds)

This letter is related with Dada Keshavananda's book, "Mere Rahasyamay Baba" (2010, Hindi), and the god of death story. In short, Dadaji heard Ramchij tell Baba a story about his experience with death. Seeing Baba's reaction to the story, Keshavanandji wrongly concluded that the god of death really does make mistakes and sometimes grabs the wrong person at the time of death.

Years later, in His published discourse, Baba narrated this same exact story - the whole entire account of Ramchij's experience with death. And Baba gave the answer as well: Parama Purusa perfectly manages this cosmological order, including death. He never takes the wrong person at the time of death. All of this is printed and published in His discourse, "Yamara'j Ki Katha'" in Kolkata on 24 Feb 1980.

In that discourse, Baba has narrated the entire story of Ramchij's experience with death, and Baba has given a crystal-clear explanation. But Keshavananda Dada did not read that discourse, so in 2010 when Dadaji published his own book of Baba stories he falsely wrote that Parama Purusa makes mistakes and takes the wrong person at the time of death. Yet in His 1980 discourse, Baba Himself patently rejects this assertion.

"In the culminating section of that discourse, Baba directly states that such mistakes regarding death never happen. Baba tells that Parama Purusa is in control of each and everything in this vast creation in His divine kingdom, and that one faculty of Parama Purusa is that of Yamara'j - god of death. Hence since the Divine Controller Himself is the Yamara'j, then Baba directly states that such mistakes about the wrong person undergoing death never, never happens. In the kingdom of Parama Purusa such oversights never occur.

Thus, in His clear-cut, precise manner Baba unveils the truth about such types of mistakes, i.e. that they never happen. All this is clearly given in Baba's discourse-- "Yamara'j Ki Katha'" in Kolkata on 24 Feb 1980." (From Dada's Books Are Misleading #1, posted on 16 Oct 2012)

By this, it is quite apparent that Keshvananda Dada does not take the time to read and study Baba's books, otherwise Dadaji would have gotten the right answer. Then he would not have thought that Parama Purusa makes mistakes in his role as Yamara'j - god of death - and takes away the wrong person at the time of death. If Keshavanandji did not suffer from this misunderstanding, then he would not have published that story so erroneously in his book, "Mere Rahasyamay Baba" (2010, Hindi), on pages 46 - 48.

Sometimes certain Dadas suffer from the myth that they know everything about Ananda Marga and Baba's teachings. For this reason they stop studying Baba's teachings and unwittingly preach misnomers and dogmas for years and years, not realising that they are wrong. In this instance, that certainly seems to be the case with Keshavanandji.


Some readers may think that this is just an ordinary mistake and not a big deal. But it is more than that. It is the case of a supposed leader - someone who is an avadhuta and longtime PA Dada - not understanding a key component of Guru's teachings and then preaching that mistake to others and publishing it in his book. In his own limited way, Dada Keshavananda drew up his own conclusion.

Is this not reminiscent of one famous parable.

Once there were three blind men standing around an elephant. They each grabbed hold of a part of the elephant and formulated their own conclusion. One blind man touched the elephant's leg and concluded this is a 'tree'; the next blind man held the elephant's tail and said this is a 'rope'; the third blind man grabbed the elephant's trunk and said this is a 'hose'.

This example of the three blind men and the elephant has also been given in one of Baba's discourses, "The Science of Action."

Unfortunately, that is Keshavananda Dada's position with regards to the Yamara'j story (god of death story). In his own way, he heard the god of death story and arrived at his misunderstanding, just like those blind men touching the elephant.

After Ramchij told his near-death experience and Yamara'j story, Baba's intention in smiling and remaining silent was: "I will tell the answer later on" - and He did. In His 1980 discourse, Baba told the exact answer. He recounted Ramchij's entire story in detail and then gave the dharmic answer. And it is all published in His discourse. So Baba's approach is 100% complete. There is no room for guessing or misunderstanding. We need not interpret, think, or decide. Baba clearly recounted the entire death story and affirmed that Parama Purusa does not make such mistakes concerning the death of a human being. He does not plan on taking one person but mistakenly grabs someone else at the time of death. Parama Purusa did not confuse Ramchij Ahir with Ramchij Rajawa'r'. Baba is very clear about this in His discourse.

But Keshavanandji never checked Baba's book so he never got the right answer. That is why all these years later he is still telling the story incorrectly.


The thing is when PA Dada Keshavanandji misunderstood Baba's reaction of the Yamara'j story then such a mistake can happen to anyone. After all, PA is around Baba 24hrs per day - 7 days a week - so naturally PA will develop a strong understanding of Baba's way of communication. Even then PA himself is susceptible to not properly understanding Baba. And that is proven by Keshavanandji's wrong manner of interpreting Baba's reaction to the Yamara'j story.

So when such a dramatic misunderstanding can happen in the mind of PA Dada then surely it can happen to other Dadas. We should always think 1,000 times when hearing a Baba story etc to ensure that the story and teaching are in concert with Ananda Marga ideology.

Unfortunately, some Wt's have their own illusion on various points and they do and say erroneous things in the name of Baba. Sadly, that's exactly what happened with Keshavanandji.

Almost 40 years have passed since Dada Keshavananda first started telling this story. Someone should kindly forward him this series of emails so he can get the right answer, correct his book, and finally start telling the story properly.

The overall point is that Parama Purusa's mind is very, very vast and human beings have a limited scope or understanding. Rather than drawing a conclusion using one's own small brain, they should strictly study Baba's teaching. If Keshavananda Dada had done that, this entire incident could have been averted long ago. As it stands now, his book is wrong and it needs to be corrected.




"Tumi kato liila' kare ja'o, ke bujhibe kii bha'vana'y..."  (P.S. 3164)

Baba, there are varieties of liilas which You go on playing. Who can understand the mystery behind all these. As You like, You do. You are dancing in the flow of Your liila and that same flow makes everyone else dance too. Everything is happening according to Your desire.

Baba, You have been ever-present since eternity; and You will remain up to infinity - emanating with Your unbroken flow. Through Your ota and prota yoga, You remain with everyone - always. You are ever-effulgent in every nook and corner, in all the directions.

Will this unit mind ever be able to understand Your glory with its own strength? Baba, You Yourself are the ultimate shelter. You have blessed me and made me understand all this. As You told, accordingly I will go on fully utilising all the strength and capacity which You have graciously give me. This is the path upon which You have guided me - and I will go on following this, by Your grace.

Baba, my final desire can only be quenched when I receive a wee-bit of Your grace & assurance that no matter what I will never forget Your lotus feet...

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